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I'm a Cancer woman and I've been with me Leo man since I was 14! Leo men are very loyal and I love how he treats me! Its like im the queen! And I think this is an amazing match because cancers love making their men happy and have no problem complimenting our Leos. Leo's are also very loyal which is good for some insecure Cancers.

I am a true Cancer woman... I love my Leo man but, some days he makes me crazy and I cry a lot , he says I'm to emotional.... LOL... ok I know I am, But I am slowly but surely opening his heart to the world of emotions.

I'm a Cancer women and I've been with a Leo man for almost a year we have our petty arguments from time to time but once we have made up its a beautiful thing and he hurts my feelings sometimes but I have learn that to accept him and his ways but besides that he is so sweet and passionate and I love him so much and he loves me the same but he coming around to being the person I need him to be

I was having a relation with one Cancerian women last year, but she left me and engaged with some other person, I m a Leo man, what is the possibility of her coming back to me?

I am a total cancer/pig. There is a Leo/snake (he is very much a Leo, I'm not sure about the snake part. He has some traits) I am in love with. He doesn't know I exist ,its like he's famous or something. Is there any chance (if he notices me) that'll feel the same way or at least close to it?

I'm a Leo guy, and my biggest problem with Cancer ladies is that they're soooo intuitive that they assume you (the Leo) know what they're thinking! This is a major problem at the start of the relationship, as they assume you know they're interested in youÂ… when in fact you have no idea!

To any Cancer ladies hoping or trying to get with a Leo.. Try to be a little more obvious at least until you know for sure that he knows you're interested!

I've been with my Leo boyfriend for almost 13months and yes I am a cancer. We fight a lot and I also cry a lot but us cancers have to remember we are to emotional and I so agree about our Leo men treating us like queens! I love everything except the fighting in our relationship and he has grown to become very protective and not in a good way it's almost harsh and mean...that's what I need help with.

I am a Cancerian, I like a guy who is Leo. I think I am in love with him. We went out so many times. But I am confuse if he feels same about me. He is always busy with something. If I don't call he wont bother calling me. I don't know what to do? I am fed up with it. He totally ignores me. I am about to say enough and move on with my life.

ok im a Cancer women and I was talking with a Leo man. we love sharing affection in public.. that we get so lost in each other that we don't care what people think. but he loves attention especially from girls and I sometimes question if he really likes me. He says he does but sometimes I just don't know.

I'm a Cancer women and I'm dating a Leo men... we cancers have to be patient.. one of our problem is that we call so much and if they don't pick up we get mad right away and all we want to do is cry and give up.. u have to tuff up and suck up the tears.. I know we are very emotional but don't give up, go fix your self up and go hang out and have fun.. I guaranteed u he will calling the least u expect it... besides me...my relationship with a Leo men is the greatest thing I ever had compare to other zodiac sign I had...

I am currently dating a Leo man and its been about a month and I already know that I am totally in love with him he is soo attentive and he knows how sensitive I am he already has the ability to tell when I am upset...I know that I can be really clingy, I have been in my past relationships soo I have been giving him loads of space and yes it is true when I least expect it he does call and tells me how much he misses me...I must say its one of the best relationships I have been in EVER!!...word of advice, flatter your Leo man loads.. treat him like a king.. give him loads of space almost to the point of ignoring him... text or call him when he least expect it jus to say ur thinking of him and ur missing him! lol...n he will b urs!

From my personal experience, Cancer and Leo match is pretty awesome. I am a cusp baby (Cancer-Leo) and I know a few Leos who are friends of mine and we're tight like glue. Its better if Cancer women have a lil' bit of a Leo's trait so the relationship is a good one. I have a huge crush on a Leo-Virgo and I personally feel that he and I will progressively get a lil' closer. Its all about knowing who your partner is...

I am a Cancer woman in love with a much younger Leo? Statistics, anyone?

No statistics here, but I do think that older Cancer women are hot, and I'm a young Leo, so it can't be that uncommon :)

im a Leo man and I have a crush on a Cancer woman. I get the feeling she likes me to but our current situation wont allow us to be together. do you think its worth it to wait it out?

That really all depends on what the obstacles are in your current situation. If you're both married then it's kind of different than if say you're just busy working or something.. One thing I've learned about Leo men is they're impatient! That can be a good thing but it can also make them very reckless and irrational at times. What you see as a minor inconvenience she might be seeing as a major deal breaker. Or not..

I am all Cancer Woman in love w. a Leo Man. We got into a fight about his insecurities. One of the problems is that he is mean and even though I tell him to stop. He continues until I hang up on him. He lives in a different state than mine. He says, he wants to marry me and on the last fight I said, Good bye and now he claims. He will change on his own will but not to live him. I don't believe a person can just change because they say so. He seems genuine when he says I am sorry. He was so angry he insulted my mother and I a Cancer cannot let it go so easily. I love him to death been apart is killing me too but I will not tolerate him talking about my mother. He swears he will never do that again. Can I trust this man?

Hi everyone. I am a Cancer woman recently reconnected with an old coworker of mine Leo man. Saw him for the first time in 8 years. The chemistry was so good we had sex that very night. He had to go to work the next day so he left my house early Saturday morning. As he was leaving my house he asked when he was going to see me again. We were supposed to hook up after that and 4 days later I still haven't seen him. He never calls me & when we do text I'm the one texting first. We made plans to see each other and he text me saying he was really tired from work and he would come the next day. I still haven't heard from him. Did he just use me for sex? Why would he even make plans with me to hang out again? I'm so confused.

I am a Cancerian woman and this article fits me to a bill. I am also in Love with my Leo Man. I say dating a Leo is the best thing ever. He is definitely "THE ONE". Yes, the Leo Man is very extravagant in taste, the problem we are having he wants a big wedding and I want a small intimate one. He will probably win, it is a small thing to give into since he is a great, great man. He has no problem with my shopping, and as long I am all dolled up he does not mind the upkeep. I say if you Cancer women find a great Lion keep him. So, you have to give a few extra compliments, and dress up on the weekends while you are home. Just Do it and you will be the happiest women alive. Hey, he pays the bills, I never need or want for anything. all I have to do is, cook, clean, be cute and throw a few compliments his way, that is a small price to pay. I always tell him daily how much I love and appreciate him, I stroke his ego, why not. He is 6 foot 4, bald and gorgeous and just sweet to me oh, by the way he treats my son like his own and treats him very well. Leo men protect their family to a fault, no one can say or do anything to me, he hates for me to cry or be sad, and he always finds a solution to make me happy same for my child. So, Cancer ladies, we love to cook, and keep house for the most part, and are very caring and Leos love it. We are emotional and that is the price they have to pay to get and keep our affection, but if they love you they are gonna make sure you are happy. Go ahead, spend their money, be cute and don't forget stroke their ego, flatter them, you will have a very content Leo Lion at home and ready to keep you happy. Most Leo men love feminine, girlie women.

I have to say that my Leo man is good to me!! Other then that he likes to talk to a lot of women. Sometime I think he just does it as a habit. But then he surrounds me with gift and he tells me he loves me! :) he is 2 years older then me, so he's always around me! BUT I WILL ALWAY'S LOVE HIM. ;)

currently getting to know a Leo man I met. we had a lot of chemistry on the first date. so much chemistry we actually slept together (as a Cancer woman, I have NEVER done that before) but the vibe was so strong. I thought it might have ended there but nope he called and stuff to check on me later the following day. I'm following the advice here and not being my usual Cancer self and clinging to him (i.e. calling, texting constantly).

im attracted to his confidence and how much a man he is, lol. however, I know he has a sweet, sensitive side. on the date we walked to the lighthouse by the beach and he held me. jeesh, it sounds corny but it was such a sweet ordeal. you know how us cancers can get mad sappy. he led me around, held my hand...I enjoyed his company a lot. I really hope to see more of him in the future. I have a good feeling but im going to do my best to play this by ear. love the site.

I am a Cancer woman I am sort of seeing a Leo (we are on a small break) When I first found out he was a Cancer I was afraid I had a long relationship with a Leo about two years ago and he crushed me I cant even tell you how badly he screwed me over it was hard for me to move on from that and I frequently got afraid of relationships so I almost just stopped dating but a few months ago I started seeing people realized I missed the attention so anyways... our first date together was MAGICAL I thought I would get annoyed with him but wow we spent all day together I didn't go home till three in the morning and not by choice I had to work but our second date was the next day and I don't know what happened I guess the night went a little to well and well we had sex which is so not like me! Afterwards we just snuggled and fell asleep together and when I woke up I realized we had not moved at all... crazy ironic things happen when I am with him and when I went home I was expecti ng it to come to an end but no he texted me as soon as he dropped me off I had just walked in my apartment and bam! he told me his bed smelled like a pretty little red head had been there :P he really wanted me to stay but I could not I had to work.... well I had another date with him which ended up with us in bed again and everything was fine till that morning I was trying to text his friend from his phone to tell him something and I came across a text about me saying I was easy I was very hurt and ended up confronting him later that day when I was at work we worked through it I forgave him but for some reason he held on to it four days later I had not seen him since I knew hw was busy with work but his texting became shy so I asked him if he just wanted to stop talking and he said he didn't want to loose what we have and he wanted to make it work I cant even tell you how shocked I was but still shy on the texting and everything almost two weeks from seein ghim I just showed up at his farm to see him and I stayed and helped pick berrys for four hours I thought we were fine we just were not showing any PDA in front of his family then when I went to leave he just hugged me no kiss nothing then I asked him why he didn't kiss me he said it felt weird because of the whole text thing! I just didn't understand I should be upset still not him! he said he just wants a break and to start over fresh but normally that means we are done I am pretty sure it was because I wounded his pride that he is doing this so ladies be aware when you are hurt about something he did think is it worth loosing him over? mine was not but just because he is prideful does not mean I will roll over and play dead I am tired of being hurt y men I forgave him and he still has not moved on

I am a Cancer woman in love with a Leo man... I love him so much and I know he does too but I always have a bad feeling about him I felt that he is cheating me with another woman. are Leo men cheater why do I feel like that?

also we have an unbelievable chemistry when I sleep in his house we make it two or three time daily.. he told me that I am the sexist woman he ever met but am wondering who is the sexiest woman in Leo eyes I meant what her horoscope?

I am 100% Cancer woman with an older Leo man. I have been with him for about three years now, we have broken up many times. even though we have split we always miss each other so much. he always finds a way to make me smile. he is very stubborn in his ways but at the end of the day he gives the best love I can ask for. my best advice to lovers out there take care of your Leo and tell him how great he is (that's why your with him right?) cancers have insecurities and to much emotions trust me I know just don't let him seem them they hate needy girls. if you give him his space and love him and his ego you will turn him from a crazy LION to a purring KITTEN in no time. don't forget to stroke him everyday he LOVES IT!

I am a Cancer woman and I have a boyfriend (also a Cancerian). I am attracted to a Leo man. This Leo constantly starts a conversation at work. Then he asked me out to the movies. He never fails to make me laugh and I've heard he doesn't talk much to people at work but he seemed friendly to me. So anyway, I don't know if he's interested or not. If he's serious or something. How do we find out if a Leo man is seriously hitting on you? in a good way...

Would a Leo male like long distance relationships. Would they rather you be near them so that they may get that center of attention. I am a Cancer and I don't mind giving the attention to a Leo near or long distance. If so, I haven't meet my male Leo yet. So, what a can I do to keep the communication going and interesting until we have meet.

As a Cancer woman all you have to do is keep you emotions in check. Give your Leo man his space, stroke his ego [I mean stroke it], cook, clean, look sexy all the time and you'll be in there like swimwear!

I am a Cancer woman and I've been with a Leo man in my younger days. We grew apart over the course of about 13 years but all of a sudden we connected again. I am currently in a relationship but the Leo and I have been talking and texting. Everyday I think of him wishing that I could be with him again. He seems to calm me down emotionally but the days when we don't speak, I feel like Im gonna go crazy! He makes me feel like everything will be alright and I really really want to make love to him again!

I am currently in a long distance relationship with a Leo man(: I am a cancer, of course and I ring true to the definition of caring, compassion and emotion. I have to resist my tendency to cling, especially since it's so hard being so far apart. He is a true Leo, extravagant, charming, funny, sexy.. It's so funny reading these things because they are all dead on with things that have gone on between us. He wants a huge castle wedding, I'd like a small, private one- preferably with just the two of us :P like a previous comment stated, he'll probably win. I'm content with just getting married to him(: My only issue is him not sticking around long enough to actually meet me. He tells me he loves me, and he sends me all these deeply meaningful songs and tells me stories about how he denies other girls and that he's liked me since day one and it's just gotten stronger. Is a Leo the type of man to lead someone on? Especially after I've shared with him my life, my hear t and everything I have to give.. I'm just afraid- typical Cancer, but I know that he could make me happy for the rest of my life and he would do his best to see that I was content. God I love him!

I am a Cancer woman and I just met a Leo man and on our first date he opened the car door for me getting in and out the car each time diner was good conversation was slow more on my part as we were leaving it was sprinkling he gave me his shirt do you hear me he took his shirt off so I could use it to cover my head he ran over to the car pulled up to me got out and opened the door For me he was so sweet I have never had a experance like that he treated me just like a queen and I hope we have many more dates is my being quit will that affect anything

I'm a Cancer women and my boyfriend is a Leo and he is a great boyfriend very loyal and supportive in everyway. We spend a lot of time together and so far we have our moments and days. But so far I am totally inlove with him and he feels the same way =)

I am a Cancer woman and I just met a Leo man and on our first date he opened the car door for me getting in and out the car each time diner was good conversation was slow more on my part as we were leaving it was sprinkling he gave me his shirt do you hear me he took his shirt off so I could use it to cover my head he ran over to the car pulled up to me got out and opened the door For me he was so sweet I have never had a experance like that he treated me just like a queen and I hope we have many more dates is my being quit will that affect anything

I trying to mess with this Leo and I think he sooo cool like all we do is play these lil games with each other but he like's to flirt with other girls but alway's run back to me he likes me alott...to the cancer's womens leorocks they are cool they understand us and they also love to be complimented on tlk about how handsome they ARE boost they ego and talk about the size of his dick he would get really happy about that shit like he would love you for it and when yall in the bed all yall want to do is lay down and kiss and cuddle yall like each other !!!!!

I trying to mess with this Leo and I think he sooo cool like all we do is play these lil games with each other but he like's to flirt with other girls but alway's run back to me he likes me alott...to the cancer's womens leorocks they are cool they understand us and they also love to be complimented on tlk about how handsome they ARE boost they ego and talk about the size of his dick he would get really happy about that shit like he would love you for it and when yall in the bed all yall want to do is lay down and kiss and cuddle yall like each other !!!!!

I'm a Leo man, and not sure why, but the best relationship I ever had, was with a Cancer lady. the only time in my life I felt fulfilled, not so much on the sexual level but on the spiritual, wanted to spend the rest of my life with only her and give her all her soul would ask

I am a Cancer women falling in love with a Leo man. We are long distance right now and cant be together, but I am constantly thinking about him and he says he thinks about me a lot too. I am currently married and things arent too good ive given it my all before I end it. You know how us cancers are if we arent getting the love we need and we feel the detachment then we hibernate in our shells,but my Leo man makes me feel good and like most cancers he makes me feel like a queen. Ilove him and want to be with him what should I do?

I'm a Cancer woman dating a Leo man. He's wonderful. I just compliment him every day and tell him how much I love him and appreciate him and he LOVES IT. He's in the Army so were long distance and I never worry at all. I used to in the beginning but not any more. Leo's are suckers for love, and cancers have A LOT of love to give. Treat your Leo like a King that he is, and he will cherish you in many ways. He has no problem spending money. Problems that we have, I'm super emotional and can cry at the drop of a dime, and I hate spending money. As long as the Cancer is aware of their emotions a Cancer woman and Leo man can make a perfect match. We've been together for 2 years and have plans to get married in the future.

I am currently getting to know a shy Leo guy, I am a Cancer gal and we both work together. We are taking it super slow and building a friendship first...we have just started to hang out outside of work. Even then, because we are both fairly prominent and well known to our colleagues it has generated a lot of gossip...but we don't care we are just taking it as it comes. When we hang out he is very polite to me he doesn't pressure me or flirt with me like he does with most other women at work. We are always lost in our own laughter or fun and unaware of anyone around us. He opens doors for me and gives me his jacket or shirt when I am cold. At work he is extremely shy with me but outside we open up our deeper sides and share stories, and about our culture and families. Neither of us are ready to jump into anything yet but I am loving just slowly getting there :-)

im a Cancer woman still respectfully in love with a Leo man ..we met when we were 13 and it was nothing but an innocent crush and we dated & being the naive insecure child then I left him for someone else. though throughout all my relationships and his relationships we still are "one" at the end of the day to talk and confide with eachother. we never did nothing sexually..just connected on an emotional loving loevel for a few years now. Ive been in a serious relationship with a Cancer man only to be betrayed later on by him..i feel as if that trust can never come back again. My Leo friend knows all of this and only respects my relationship and gives me advice. Me and Leo know we love each other but that connection from when we were 13 to now is straight innocent & pure..i couldve nevr asked for more..being im in a rlationship with a decietful Cancer man..idk what to do..me and the Cancer man wanted to get married...but after his betrayal because of my "insecurities" I don't know if we could anymore..it was my fault he betrayed me..but I didn't lie and go to one of my exes & my Leo friend cant count right..because thats when we were 13 yrs old..we were like the bestfriends/couple ever..helpp!!!!!

Ive been with two leos and both relationships were great ... But lastnight I went out wit a Leo and I was really shy he said he didn't like that I was so insecure. why Cant I see What he sees ....

I am a Cancer lady and a Cancer man lead me to my Leo love. My Leo is sweet and very manly. he makes me feel special. he sees another woman but I know he will be mine. I have pulled away and he comes back to me. he told me we could not have a love relationship. I accepted what he said and then a week or so later he told me he loved me. I knew he loved me all along. stroking his ego and being sexy works. give them space. our relationship is very emotional. don't forget to become their best friend they love being cared for and respected too. Cancer ladies give it time and a little space if he is meant to be yours he will come to you.

I'm torn about this Leo man I used to date and its been a about a year and a half since we've seen each other. I thought we were done but we recently starting talking again and sort of made plans to see each other. I'm not sure if it'll happen since we've made plans in the past and ended up fighting before meeting. It's been such a strange relationship. In the beginning everything went smoothly and I really started to fall for him. Then all of a sudden he disappears and that's when all of the fighting started. Actually I broke it off with him but also initiated the reconciliation but since then it was never the same. He became distant and not at all attentive like he was in the beginning. I've read on here and many other antedotes that leos have a have a habit of disappearing and reappearing. Is this because you've lost interest? If that is the case then why bother to reappear? I just hate the on/off hot/cold ways. Stay or go away but don't do the yo-yo dance.

I've read somewhere that they disappear to see if you'll chase them especially if they feel you aren't paying enough attention to them. Also, that sometimes they can't tell especially with us cancers on how we really feel about them. In hindsight I would have to agree but I don't realize that is the image i'm projecting at the time. We recently talked things through and he did admit that he felt he wasn' getting enough attention and couldn't really tell if I was into him or not. I did reassure him that I had strong feelings and that seem to please him. We are suppose to meet again but so much has gone wrong in the past that we ended up fighting and not talking. I'm not going to hold my breath on where this is going but just go with the flow for now. I just hope it works because I missed him since.

I'm a Cancer woman with an amazing Leo man for two years. He is handsome, generous, kind, humble and STUBBORN. All of the things that I love about him. This is by far the best relationship that I have ever been in. All things said are true....give constant compliments and allow yourself to be treated like a queen. He is a protective masculine type and I am the girly-girl. When I first began dating him I decided to do something different and not allow myself to get too wrapped up in him....I started dating someone else at the same time who I didn't really care one way or the other whether he liked me. (very difficult for the Cancer girl) BINGO! It gave my Leo man his needed space and although he has no idea that I was dating someone else he tells me to this day that one of the things he liked most about me from the beginning was that I am independent, confident and secure. I still cook for him, listen to his woes and am very attentive to him, but I rarely am the first to pick up the phone. I'll send him a text first thing every morning telling him to have a good day and stroke him a little with a reference to how handsome he is, but after that it's all up to him and he runs with it. I am truly blessed with a wonderful man.

I am a Cancer Woman who instantly connected with a Leo Man from online dating. When we met in person it was like we had known each other for years. I don't consider myself a phone talker, but we managed to spend 2 hours talking on the phone....before our first date. I went to his home for just a chill evening...and got more than I bargained for...I mean it was wonderful...a chill evening. The chemistry was/is strong. I didn't sleep with him but we kissed and he nibbled on my ear and neck in such a way I was breathing so hard that I needed to stop to catch my breath. Talking about the tremors...I could just feel the blood pulsating through my body. I am very curious to see where this new friendship will go. So far I am liking the control he has over the physical part of me.

hi I am Cancer woman. I was dated with a few man which is in a few different sign - my first was gemini, Virgo and libra. with gemini, we seems haven't good communication because Gemini having a playful attitude, changable, always suspicious, saying without thinking, hot tempered also enjoying-dirty-talk that I really hated it. when I was dated with virgo, they are so nice, sensitive heart, sweet, childish but very possesive, unforgivable, dependable and not really loyat at all when it comes to arguments. I almost tired with this kind of man. after that I dated with a Libra man - omg they are too clingy, childish, perfect cheater and lazy. I always asked myself : what the fuck of this!? I tried dated with all zodiac sign that astrologist said "compa ible with cancer" like capricon (workaholic, serious and all-the-time busy), Pisces (too mystical, sensitive and unpredictable), Scorpio (too nice, possesive, talkative, overly sensitive and jealous). finally now I date with my Leo man. he is perfectly suitable for my Cancer soul - protective, famous, loyal, nice smile, warm heart, generous, smart, love high end item, workaholic, stable and manly. before this I didn't realized it until I met him and now happily ever after. he doesn't hurt me in anyway, he generous to invest for my beauty needs. he just perfect. he knows how to treat me well - open the door for me, approach my parents and took care of my siblings. this is out of mind. I do appreciate him, he also. I love you -M

My Leo man or kind of if you want to say, has said the sweetest things to me at times, although it has taken a pretty long time to get him to that point, but then all of a sudden he will get very nasty, aggressive and even a little vicious with his words when he does not get his way or seems to be jealous about something or someone. See, he is seeing someone else as to us not really being exclusive, but seeing each other a long time; Now I started to see someone else myself and this is his attitude now. This is also my 3rd Leo in a row, so I do have enough experience as to how they are and how to treat them and how to figure them out. I think this one, deep down, is a good guy and he covers it up by becoming, Mr. My Shit Don't Stink and It's My Way or No Way. I just don't understand why he is the way he is if he does not want me to be his #1 and why he feels he needs to be my #1, since I did tell him that is what I wanted all along, but he decided no. Is he kidd ing me? He gets mad and vindictive because there is someone else in my life now while he has someone else in his! Want their cake and eat it too. But I guess that is a Leo for you. When you have enough they know and realize and admit how dumb they are because of course, it is their loss. I'm just glad I know how to get under his skin. Lol

Not a good match...leo is arrogant and selfish...we had chemistry, but that was all...lots of figths, breaking up, crying, just very intense, insecure, combination....finally I decided to lkeave after 2.5 yrs...

now I am with taurous for the last 2 yrs, we rarely fight, no breakups, he brings up the best in me...very easy relatioship...very loving and stable...

I am so happy I didn't marry leo, they are just tooo selfish and arrogant, for us sensitive cancers...

I have been with a Leo man and it was good at the first point of our relationship,we had a love like ive always wanted, he had the long hair and the tattoos. He was very faithful to me and I believe he did not go behind my back and do anything of a cheating sort. He did however become more and more unpredictable mood wise. He had started drinking a lot and I delt with that all my childhood by my father, I told him I wouldnt do it. He got the hint when I ended our 3yr relationship by leaving. I litterally had to start all over with my little girl. Now he's almost worse then ever on the jelousy and mistrust.. I love him a lot but just simply cant put up the unknowing shift in mood that he can do and then expect everything to be ok.. somy life is BEAUTIFUL MISERY (brandy emal)

m cancerian woman recently I fall in love with Leo man. he was very sweet & treat me very well but after 2 months of relationship he started involved himself in his work and gave me not so much imp. he started giving imp to his work, his sleep. if I called him he got irritated and vwe had lots of fights with each other in last month and now at the end we ended our relation. but I do n't want to break my relation with him because I love him so much. now a days we are not talking to each other even we are running from each other. how I can again get him in my life.

I'm a Cancer woman with a Leo man our chemistry is through the roof. We never fight about anything serious. He is caring, loving, and so sweet! I love him so much and he says he loves me!!!

I'm a Cancer woman with a Leo man and we have a 20 year history. We met in high school, I was 15 he 16. He took my breath away & I knew I wanted hiim to be my husband. I lost my virginity to him on his 17th birthday. we would run into each other 10 years later, we were both involved with other people and I ended up pregnant from a Capricorn. Leo was there for my pregnancy but in the end I guess it was all overwhelming. I was having another man baby, he was taking care of a 4 year old son., wasn't working, & wanting to be a rapper. We lost contact again for 7 years when we ere reconnected through facebook. He had been looking for me just like I was looking for him. I was about to engage a well off, older Libra man when Leo came back. I broke up with Libra because I knew in my heart, Id been waiting for my Leo man to return. Well in this year, I have met his entire fam. He and my son get along great. He just about lives with me now....just about...he won't be getting a key until I get my ring!!!

Im a Cancer chick (22 afri-amer) gaga over a leo(20 white) rawr baby!!! Let me just say ive felt love before ive had passion but NEVER before like him my king. We met @ work and at a co-workers party he made his move. Our eyes always locked @ work and im so attracted to him it makes me nervous. We got missing at the party & he kissed me in his truck (Neither of us were drunk) . We made out and got lost in each other I woke up in his arms and saw him staring at me (hes so sexy) the party was over & his friends were standing outside the truck. He made them get in the back (pick up truck) so I could sleep in his lap while he dropped them off home. I like him so much it scares me. I slept with him that same night. It was amazing and even though im not ready for a relationship my heart wants him. I want him and ive been so happy whenever he's near. However im still healing from a broken heart and so is he. I don't want to bring any baggage into his life but I hope he ends up being mine.

I'm a Cancer and I'm in love with a leo. He treats me like a queen

I am a Leo Man and had a Cancer woman. If you are a Cancer woman, don't keep bringing up the past that you Leo man did wrong. My Cancer woman kept beating a dead horse. The love is great but she mistook a smile or friendship with another woman as like I was cheating. Leos are very friendly and smile a lot that doesn't mean we want the other person.I did treat her like a Queen and loved her so. I still do and will wait for her forever to come back to me.

I gave the Leo man all the space he needed. compliments, dates (yes I asked him) made me feel desperate. ( I felt like I was acting that way when all I wanted was to get some of my needs met.) very wishy washy. ( I don't know what is in his chart that makes him this way.) says I chased him. told him he is not giving not even in the love making department. sad but true. I feel like he stole my heart just to stroke his ego and see if he could get me. I decided I am going to see others. no I am not telling him. no point no commitment. real loser and good riddence. Girls leave him if you see it is not working and he won't meet your needs. we are too good for this type of selfish leo.

Cancer women and Leo men do not mix well. We are too sensitive, and they are too stubborn and insensitive. I would cry every day with my Leo. We were together for 5 years, married for 2 of them. It was the WORST TIME OF MY LIFE. I still love him (Father of my kid), but I am happier than I have ever been, and I am with a Tarus male. He is the best mate I have EVER, EVER had. If you Cancer ladies find you a Tarus male, never let him go!!! You will not regret it.

I am a Cancer female and I met Mr.Leo... and so far our relationship is developing (his words). He's everything I want in my life.. Protective, funny, charming, and definitely sexy... Our sex life is amazing.. he gives me exactly what I ask for and I do my very best to please him in return... Our relationship is getting a bit closer we do sleep overs very often.. A question came about if we should each have a special drawer for each other with items when we have our sleep overs, but he was a bit shaken on the topic at 1st cause he seems not to trust me.. but eventually he agreed on it.. However, the trust part is what playing my mind... he gets jealous seeing me talking to other guys...the funny part is I don't know if I can trust him either but I at least show him daily that I want to trust him...I give him the benefit of the doubt... How can I a Cancer make him a Leo trust me?? Should I take up on the advice like pet talk him, stroke his ego and give him space??? In a situation like this... what should I do.. I know he'll be a great man.. I just need him to trust me... I love him..

Cancer woman here, and my most rewarding relationships have all been with Leo men. Before I was even into astrology, most of the men I dated were Leos...go figure.

Currently in love with a Leo man that has been in my life for 7 years. We get along great. He doesn't allow my moodiness to affect him, is patient with me in every way, and very understanding of my territorial nature. He understands me SO well that I think he knows me better than I know myself.

Public displays of affection is no problem for either of us. My crazy cancerian nature totally appeals to his flair for the dramatic. Granted, our friends think we are crazy, but totally understand that we are perfect for each other. We NEVER tell each other no...and that works for us. We both are totally committed to making each other happy.

While there are things that both of us have to work on, we've already decided that we will spend the rest of our lives together. I would have it any other way. So glad Ive found my soul mate!

Im a Leo man who just got to know a Cancer woman. We went out on a date and she's really fun, sweet, caring not to mention gorgeous. I think im starting to like her but I don't know if she feels the same for me. We text non stop and she calls me sweetie and stuff. But I guess thats still not enough to know if she likes me or not. I need help!

I most definitely like a Leo man im a Cancer girl and uhh ahhh its like the most awesome feeling ever! um I think about him constantly, he is the sweetest, I always thought we were best friends and brought out the best in each other. my intuition about this is right on. I think he thinks about me just as much as I think about him and I alsaoo believe we both crave that attention and love that eacch fulfills? yess :) itll work..

I am a Leo man in love with a Cancer woman. it is the best relationship there is. we have been together for a few months she is beautiful and compliments me a lot. whenever she cries I always find a way to cheer her up. she is also very nice but sensitive like all cancers are. I treat her like a queen because she is so nice to me and she loves me.

What in the hell is his problem? I love my Leo man to death but he is so busy chasing his rapper dreams that he doesn't work a day job even though his rapping career is over or shall I say hasn't left the ground. I'm all into following your dreams but damn he's almost 40. I'm an independent Cancer woman. I work, am a single Mom that pays all of my bills. He spends a lot of time at my house but I'm starting not to have any respect for a man who can't even help me with my rent if things hit the fan, can't help out with his kids...I don't mean to be judge and jury but my Leo father was the ultimate provider so I don't understand his complacency. I don't give him money or buy things for him in attempt for him quietly get the drift. How can I say get off your bum ass & get a job without offending his Leo pride. His attitude is really starting to make me pissed & once I'm at that point there is noooo coming back! HELP

I am a Cancer/dog woman, I have been with so many men's(sorry to be honest) but I never ever felt loved until I met a Leo man. He made me feel like a princess, he do everything for me though sometimes he is very stubborn. Sometimes I cry and feel hurt about some of his character but I still admire him. He is a very loyal and a big help for insecure Cancer. The only thing we Cancer need to improve is our sensitivity and being emotional. I love when I am down, he shared with me, he showed me sad faces and instead I become down for long, I have to get, stop crying, and enjoy life to see my Leo man happy too. It was great to be with Leo man. I love my Leo man so much and will take good care of him.

I am a Cancer woman and had been a lot of failed relationship due to being so emotional and sensitive. When I met a Leo man, he made me feel secure, protective, when im not in the mood he can turn me good mood, he can make smile. I never met a man like him. though he is very stubborn and don't want to listen, he will not respond in nagging but showed him so much love and attention, give him compliment for every things he made you smile, for every small things he done for u. I can say he is hungry for complements and once you feed him with real praises and compliment, he will adjust for u, for Cancer emotion and sensitivity. He was so great that if I see something wrong with him, I didn't tell him to change but I show and made him feel im hurt and the in himself adjust without ordering him or demanding him. For me, Leo man is the best partner for me. and even I die and will live again, I want to be with him. Maybe its because of compatibility between, Cancer/water dog and Leo/Earth Horse. Even numerology, number 3 and 7 is not bad. But all I can say is the my Leo man is the best in all aspect, in bed, as a husband, as a bodyguard..lol, and the best as a father. I love him so much!

Hmmm ...you will wait forever for her to come back? What are you doing to get her back? If you know Cancer women then you should know she will never make the first move. I should know since I'm still waiting for my Leo man to come back to me :( . And no matter how much I miss him I would never make the first move. Too much stubborness and pride from both sides is not good for making up especially since Leo is always wrong lol.

I'm Cancer woman, seeing a Leo man, reading through the comments there I can relate a lot to finding a lot of the things he says and does extremely hurtful. Sometimes I feel his mood swings put my changable wateryness to shame! I would say that due to other birth chart aspects and past experiences I am able to act more rationally then perhaps other cancerians to arguments and can control my reactions to the point where he is arguing with a brick wall. my concerns are never being able to open up to this person without worrying about the fact he will have extra amo if he does choose to hurt me. I try my best to keep his pride up there, give him space, care for him, everything I can give really, is it ridiculous to expect I might ever get the same amount of sensitivity back? Advice?

Hi I'm a Cancer woman and have been talking to a Leo man for almost two years now. Yes we've had sex already but we aren't together. I have fallen for this Leo yet, he does not want a commitment. I know he completely gave his heart to his ex a couple years ago but I think he is over her. How can I get him to commit without losing him because I don't just want to have a sexual relationship?

I am a cancerian woman.I was married to a Leo man for over 17 years. He's cheated on me several times, and was very distant after the first couple years. He wanted me basically to raise his children.(my step). His children was a continued problem throughout our relationship. Even through all this I love him dearly. The children are grown and want our time now, which it seems he don't need. Although we continue to see each other, he don't see our connection. It was so strong at the beginning. No matter how I tried he moved further away. Don't know how much more I can take.

I am a Cancer woman and have a Leo man after me. He's 15 years older than I am, but he wants me so badly. Im not sure what's going to happen, but for the time being, he is one of the best men Ive "dated". I think its tough on him because Im really not high maintenance. All he wants to do is spoil and take care of me. I like the simple things in life. He is an all around guy. A REAL MAN! And I know he would do all he could to keep me happy if I decided to be in a relationship with him. I really do like him and we have much in common despite our age difference. If we were to get into a relationship, the thing that we would both have to worry about is what our families would think. My past relationships consisted of younger men trying to get somewhere, and me being there helping. Now, I feel much more at ease and not have to worry about so much when im with this Leo lion. He really loves me, and I think my unintentional chase is making him want me even more. If I get wi th him I KNOW he would treat me like a queen for life! (BTW im 25 and he's 40).

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