leo man cheated got busted and dumped me

by amanda
(atlanta , ga )

I ve been with my leo for almost a year, he ended up cheating on me , by using a dating website that i caught him on long time ago , then he said he would delete it ,so i believed him , then i started feeling like he was lying so i went and made a fake pg on that website and , i talked to him , the whole time he told me how he is single and been single for 3 months now, while i am talking to him i am also calling his phone he has not answered then i texted him saying its an emergency when he picked up i told him he was talking to me the whole time he was so surprised that he just ended it , i asked him why , he couldn't answer, I still care for him but i hate him so much for lying , What should i do next , i would like to know if he is even thinking about me , does he feel bad etc?? thank you

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by: Julie

What sign are you?

Sorry you went through this. Total horrid behavior.

be patient
by: Anonymous

Thats what they do when th ey know the hurt someone, as well as he probably feel violated, because you tricked him, so the easiest thing he could do to avoid the contact you, so he doesnt have to deal with your emotions as well ad yours, give him time to get pass everything, dont call him and dont bring it up, he knows he hurt you, if he loves you, he will work on making up to you, only if you allow him to, if you reject him he will not, and he will find the next best thing to try and forget you...if you love him, forgive and forget

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