Leo man dating a Scorpio woman

Im a Leo man, and I've been dating a Scorpio girl for 3 months. It's true I do get jealous and I don't care, I know she is too but seems to hide it. It really gets me pissed when she straight up wants to get me jealous. But anyways I love her with all my heart and I know she does too but for some reason she doesn't like to show it. Which is stupid. This Scorpio girl has actually cheated on all of her past boyfriends which obviously makes me feel a little insecure. She said she changed after I broke up with her and broke her heart. (we got back together a couple months later). I just wish she could take me more serious and pay more attention to me. I love her but not her Scorpio personality. Leos are the best and Scorpios maybe the worst of all signs. All they have is seducing and arguing skills.

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Are you serious??
by: Anonymous

I am a Scorpio woman and read your posting. First of all, don't think for a minute that your little scorp lady is not jealous and just because she is "not showing it" does not mean it is not there, seathing underneath. Second, it is obvious you have captured her heart if she bothered to come back to you after you dumped her...really stupid girl...but she must really love you. As far as you feeling she doesnt give you enough attention, perhaps you should stop being so selfish and do something nice for her. Scorpio women are very loyal and typically faithful as long as they feel their mate is deserving. Why dont you consider the fact that maybe you are not showing HER enough attention...? If you did so adequately, I am sure you would not have any worries about her cheating on you. I dated a Leo for 10 years and am now married to one. The worst thing he does to me is whine and moan and expect me to baby him in the limelight with nothing in return. If he would be more loving and affectionate towards me then things might be better for us. Take my advice,that is, if you want to keep your scorp lady happy and pleasured. Sounds like you have a lot of work to do there, Mr. Leo...good luck...

Ha ha
by: Anonymous

I am a scorpian women, and this makes me laugh. You're right, sometimes we do only show our seducing and arguing skills. We're not really great at expressing how we feel, especially if we deeply care, because the more we care the more we feel we will get hurt, and when we hurt we die inside. You have to understand scorpian women are deep and intense, and we really really want to express ourselves although we struggle, unlike leo men who are creative and express quite easily. I have a lot of scorpian women friends and most of us have gone through a lot from an early age, more than some go through in their life times. And we feel every bit of it. We try not to give ourselves away because deep down we feel like the only person we can depend on is ourselves.

I guess my advice would be to help her understand that you're not going anywhere, you love her and include her in you're interests. Seeing you inspired and making her feel invited in sharing your interests will inspire her, and to my belief feel inlove with you. Scorpian women love to learn, and yes we are sexual creatures but what turns us on is not only physical but the intelligence and also proud confidence you leo men have.

I am totally inlove with a Leo man, but unfortunately he is inlove with another now, and I feel like I wasn't enough, which I think goes back to knowing I should have only relied on myself. The Leo man is inlove with someone who sounds very confused and not even sure about him. Which is frustrating for me a scorpian knowing how greatly I care about him and how well I would treat him. But because I love him, I'm supporting his feelings towards her, and letting him know how much he is worth, but I won't go on to tell him how I feel about him - even though I so badly want to express it. I realise the outcome won't be in my favour so I don't bother.

Scorpian women have a very analytical mind, which is where our suspiciousness comes from. But you're scorpian women would let you know if she doesn't want you, so unless she has expressed this, which we are suprisingly good at expressing what we don't want - pathetic I know, then I wouldn't worry about it. If she says she has changed she probably has. Just don't give her a reason to wish she hadn't bothered changing.

Just learn to have fun with her again and stop worrying about the jealous bits which will eat u both up! Be inspired together and everything else will follow. Now any advice to get over a Leo man? He is so awesome it makes me sad

by: Leo Man

advice to getting over a Leo man is to not pay him any attention....you said that you still encourage and support him in his new relationship which means you communicate with him often....well.....dont make yourself so available to him cut back on the communication. Its going to be hard at first but after a while you will start to get used to not talking to him.



by: Anonymous

lmao!! (seducing and arguing skills)... i agree..

not true
by: Scorpio78

Scopios really don't have to seduce, they are naturally born attraction getters. Honestly, I hate arguing, I like to understand and compromise. I walk away from arguments unless its a debatable one or challenging one. Leo if you feel insecure abt your scorpio girl, let her be, no heartache is worth all the trouble no matter what sign they are.

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