Leo man FWB how to move on?

by mifunside

I pursued my leo guy at the gym. It was soooo much effort to keep the conversation going so early in the morning. As long as we were talking about HIM, life is grand. Its still that way now... over one year later. We are very very attached to each other. I LOVE HIM.

I don't know why sometimes. He has this hold on me that I can't let go of. I have tried three different times to walk away. Twice I went back to him after a week and the last time in June, he came back to me. He's like an addiction for me - we are addicted to each other. Never go longer than 5 days without speaking... I refuse to tell him I love him. If he doesn't say it first, I won't say it. I think he knows it. I feel it from him too.

We only talk about him. I laughed because one evening while we were out with a group of friends he made a grand effort to tell me that he remembers "everything I say". I looked at him and said he should because I don't tell him anything. -- I see him as selfish. If he doesn't ask, I won't tell. The sex is magnetic with him. I love how we connect... without talking. He's jealous but knows he can't be. I am of him too. I cringe that he looks at other chicks. He is self proclaimed lazy... and I run circles around him. As much as I want him forever... in my heart I know that I can't trust him.

Its his nature. I just hope that in the future when he and I finally decide to try and break it off, that I feel for someone else as feel for him. The funny thing is, I didnt really like him in the beginning... to much work. Now I do all the giving and get nothing. Someone please wipe the "SUCKER FOR A LEO" off my forehead please??

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