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I was with a Leo for six and half years and from my experience it ended badly Leos are too stubborn for Gemini's!

As a female Gemini, the chemistry with a certain Leo guy is frustrating... We used to be so close but now he only talks to me if I'm the first to say hello. But he talks plenty if I approach him first... Is this a good sign or a 'just friends' sign?

Honestly that's a friends sign. Leos are notorious for going after what they want at any cost. They tend to be too aggressive and forward for many partners. If he was interested you would definitely know about it.

Sounds like he's just being polite, outgoing and friendly. They can charm the birds from the tree's - but that's not quite the same thing...

I'm a Gemini female and my boyfriend is a Leo I think that we are the perfect match for each other because our personalities are similar we get along very well. I just started noticing how much my boyfriend loves attention it's all about him in love so I try n compliment him all the time but it's like he want everyone to look at him all the I know especially other girls it's starting to get on my nerves I don't know how to tell him. I mean he's is gorgeous but it's suppose to be for my eyes only.

I don't know if you should believe what the star signs say. I dated a Leo man, and I truly am all the things they say 'you should be to seduce the Leo', I am that naturally: confident, interesting, hard to get...whatever. We fell in love, short and sweet. and then as soon a small problem came up and his persona as the perfect charmer was threatened he ran off and hasn't looked back since. his persona was more important to him than the reality between us. He didn't love me. he enjoyed me

To the poster above - isn't that exactly what the star signs say about Leos biggest fault???! They're self centered, fall in/out of love easily etc. You might want to start believing in them after all lol =)

I'm a Gemini female and my boyfriend is a Leo I think that it cannot be perfect match, cause Leos are very conservative and they accept what they want. After 6 years relation I am really frustrated cause he forbid me to accept any party , any picnic any place.

From the perspective of a Gemini woman, the Leo man welcomes the attention of others. The Leo man can be self-absorbed at times. He is charming, fun, and affectionate. He is intrigued by the Gemini woman because she challenges him socially and intellectually. If the Leo man is interested in you Gemini woman, he'll let you know. The Leo man can be deeply spiritual. If you're interested in a Leo man, get to know the person, not the Lion.

I m a Leo male. I think Gemini woman is very silent and other side Leo is very clever Leo can past his life easily with Gemini but about Gemini woman I don't no

I'm a Gemini female and my boyfriend is a Leo. our relationship is give and take.. he gives me love, I give him too. give me care, I give him too. I need attention and he do.. we have lots of similarities but differences require to make sure everything will go well. if we both %100 are same.. we will not find it interesting anymore. However their is 10% differences between us.. we live happily so far. I didn't pay attention much to start and all of that in relations, but I get to know the person. they said Gemini will not finish a project if she start it. that's not me I could kill myself work day and night to finish and submit before deadline.. so not everything is correct ^_^

6 years I have known my Leo man and I must say, I haven't been able to fall in love with another man as I have with this one. I'm still in love with him and what's bad, no matter who I'm with, I will find one thing wrong, dump that person and back playing patty cake with my Leo.

I'm a Gemini woman and everything is so beautiful with us until a problem comes along and instead of talking to me about it, he disappears. I mean literally, I would not hear from this guy for 6-8 months then he resurfaces like NOTHING happened!!!!

He has done this THREE TIMES since 2004 when I first met him at work. Our timeline: I went back to work from a leave in February 2004. He was a new hire, we met and started dating in March 2004. All this the same year. We went to Key West and met his folks in April, moved in together in May, he lost the job in June. July-September he had then quit (or lost can't remember, Leos are beautiful liars) 5 jobs.

The sex is what kept me sane till the landlord started coming around more often and I realized great sex cant pay the bills so, I kicked his ass back to Key West in November.

We have been back and forth dating each other since then and recently now, on our third stint. LOL it's crazy but when they say Gemini and Leos are compatible, once you have developed patience, compatible is more like "made for each other". We both have similarities that complement one another and the personalities are like watching kids play in the sand box. Truly entertaining if it's a Leo you really want to settle down with.

I believe he is seriously ready to settle down with me this time though. By this time, I know him so well, I know when he on that bullshet again and can readily tell when to leave him be. OH if a Leo man really wants you, he will move heaven and earth to get you.

I'm a Leo male I met this Gemini girl back in high school, and still talk 2 her this day. we are not a couple but whenever we have sex I don't never want it 2 end she treats me like a king! the oral sex is spectacular, and no matter how mad we get at each other she always find her way back 2 me!!! : ) only time she gets mad at me is if I'm with another girl, she often tells me she loves me but we cant be together. But our sexual experience with each other is extraordinary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm a Leo male and I went out with a Gemini girl and we dated for one year in a half. The only problem was that we were far away from each other and I only got to see her when ever I could. Well anyway, I broke to the east from Chicago. Then things started getting complicated cause she thought that I was going to come back and so as I was too. Our relationship was good. We shared joy and laughter; and when we argue it didn't last cause seconds later we were laughing again. Three months later after I moved, she started telling me that she was tired of waiting. So I didn't argue with just because for the simple fact that I was missing her a lot. But a week later after we broke up, I found out from somebody else that she was already dating somebody for a month before we broke up. I still love her and care for her, but after how I found out how things went down, I don't want nothing to do with her probably no more. I never cheated on her, never treated her wrong, never did respect her, never called her a Bitch, and never took nothing away from her. But that was her decision and I just let it go. She will always be in my heart. If we were together, we would've had the greatest moments and the greatest relationship that I would've ever had. I miss her, but like that say, only time will speak for its self. But is a brand new year; and there's one only thing to say, the champ is here.

I feel like I can relate, after reading all these stories.

Well as a Gemini female, with my Luck, the two guys that impacted my life we're both Leo males! How ironic!

The first time I really got involved with a Leo, it was established that we were a couple, and it happened pretty fast. I don't know if I'd call it passion but it was lust for sure! He was caring but extremely stubborn! Everything had to be his way. Self centered with a high sex drive. He loved to show me off to his friends. Things went down hill when he's pride took over. He know's he messed up, but because it was he's fault, till this day he refuses to even say hi to me. Goes to show me what kind of person he was.

Second time I got involved with a Leo, was much more meaningful. I actually fell in love with him, something I don't tend to do. I'm not going to lie, I played games with him in the beginning because he didn't spark my interest until I got to know him. Nothing else seemed to matter because I was living in my dream land. Girls always were around him, making me think.. (or perhaps that was my insecurity speaking).. that he was seeing other girls. Everything was very passionate between us, and for a while we had to manage with distance. We were not in an official relationship but it sure felt like one. The last time he came to see me, it seemed that I was much more into it than he was. They way he kissed me told me something was wrong. And I was right, because apparently he told me that we could not establish a relationship because we are so far. Talk about a hypocrite! Because apparently he is with another girl in another country. He claims we were just friends but it sure e did not feel like that before. Anyways.. I approached him several time because I was so in love with him. He even set up a scheme one summer with our mutual friends to have some coffee, offering to pick me up. I ended up going, but took my sister with me. Seemed like it disappointed him.. but I was not in the mood for his games. We're cool, still hurts a bit.. but as a Gemini, I just want to live my life to it's fullest.

Hi im a Leo man and im having trouble communicating with my Gemini girl coz well we just graduated and now we are separated, I tried to call her everyday but every time I call something happens like she's too busy coz she's working or bad signal or she's afraid that her sister is gonna scold her if she answers the phone and at night if I call her I still couldn't talk to her coz she's too tired and sleepy. I really miss her so much :(, its like my world is crumbling to pieces w/out her

I'm a Gemini girl...I am in a relationship with a Leo guy...but keep all positives aside,,, one bad quality of Leo is they are really indecisive...they don't have power of decision...and being a Gemini and a girl am more firm in my decision making thing...being a man its difficult for him to accept me.. and take a stand for me....and am a girl n am ready to face anything just for him....Leos are really a mystery!!! A Gemini Girl...;(

OMG!!!!! Wow what an attraction. He is married and so am I. But the chemistry is there.....don't know what to do...any suggestions????

Im in love with a Leo Man and Im a Gemini woman and I feel like he does not show me enough love, he says that im insecure

and although he shows me, that its never enough, he also has a

tendency to ask me about past guys ive been in relationships with and gets jealous himself ,any advice on making our bond stronger?

I just started to date a Leo, I am a Gemini woman.

I am a die hard zodiac sign believer. His birth date is July 26 which is right on the cusp am I right?

I started realizing he is a lot more like a Cancer man not a Leo. The way he acted how sweet he was everything was amazing just like I didn't even have to try to make our love work, like it was never ending. But, possibly a bit dull.

Until we started getting sexual he changed, took charge, is very demanding, knows what he wants. I was shocked to find that I have a sweet, sensitive Cancer man when I need him most. But, I have a hot, aggressive (in a more than good way) man in the bedroom.

He is very creative and open he knows exactly what I want. It blows my mind. I don't know whether to believe him or not but, he often forgets things he says during sex. It confuses me because I will bring it up reminding him how sexy he is and he, looks at me very blunt and says "Did I really say that?"

And I am stunned. It's like he is a shy guy when we are out and about, but when it comes to the nitty gritty he knows nothing of shyness. I'll tell you it sure keeps things interesting.

Wish me luck!

It's very sad to read all these bad experiences...

I'm a Gemini woman and have been with a Leo man for 3 1/2 years. It's wonderful. Neither of us are perfect, but we are perfect for each other. We have very similar principles and beliefs, and ideas about life and family. And the rest we compromise on.

We are both aware of the typical characteristics of our signs, good and bad... but that's irrelevant. If your partner cares about you and your relationship, and vice versa, you will both do what you need to overcome any issues. Basically you both need to be in the right "place" in life. And living together or at least in the same city helps tons in any relationship.

If you're interested in a serious relationship, keep reading. Based on some things I've read, here are some things I found have worked with my Leo guy:

Fellow Gemini's - you are good at communication...feel the Leo out, ask him/her questions and then give them time to think about things...men especially need time to think about things. After awhile, bring the topic up again and be open to seeing his point of view. You may need to help the Leo dig a little to understand why he thinks what he thinks...but if anybody can do it, it's the Gemini.

Also, let your Leos know right from the beginning that you need freedom and independence and don't tolerate jealousy or possessiveness. But make sure you don't make him jealous on purpose...that's just not fair.

And give your Leo partners TONS of affection. They're worth it.

Leos: our Gemini minds run on super-speed. Be patient with us. Be there for us...especially if we need to talk...sometimes just by talking things out with the person we trust the most (our Leo partners) we figure things out. You don't have to come up with a solution, sometimes you just need to listen. Listening to what your Gemini has to say is VERY important to the Gemini...if you brush off their efforts to communicate with you about what's important to them and what they need, the relationship won't last long. You may think you're the king...but you must nurture your queen :)

Oh, and we love affection too.

Basically, it's the little things that count...

Treat your relationship and your partner with respect and thoughtfulness...

Also, don't forget to consider the rest of your partners birth chart...

Hope this helps...I think it turned out a little long, but this Gemini gal had a lot to say! hehe

I'm married to a Leo. When we were good we were super... and when were are bad we were ugly, but the good thing was that ugliness didn't last for long.

But one time it did last for a long time and we drifted apart, though living in the marriage. Leos would never be the first one to walk out, unless there is another woman.

during those bad times I got emotionally close to another man, and guess what he's a Leo too... :-)

my brief romance with the new Leo man has brought back the spunk, charm and love back in my marriage and everything is falling into place.

TIP -- do not try to share the spotlight with him. He'll push you out... instead create your own spotlight with own circle of fans. Fawn over him and he'll smother you with love, care and compassion.

you are good with your words.. just keep talking nice and sweet things to him and he will purr back into your arms...

every problem with Leos can be dissolved in the bed. Sexually they are the best in bed.

I (Gemini) have recently started seeing a Leo man, OMG the chemistry is amazing. We never stop talking or touching. We live with a little distance between us so we don't see each other often with work and children.

He has been involved with an Aquarius woman in his recent past that he has said wanted more than he could give and she is now "stalking" him. Do Leo men let go of past relationships before starting a new one, even when everything with the new one seems perfect? Am I wasting my time and feelings with him?

hi,i'm a Leo male. it was fate for me and the Gemini girl to meet, as it say's the two signs are destined to meet. speaking for myself I am still in love with her and all of her many qualities. I have had to create separation from her because of her dependency to a low self esteem always having to verify herself by garnishing attention in a provocative way, espesially when she was drinking alcohol

which seems to be a common thread with geminis.she's has changed my life forever, turning me into a more complete person. the Leo Gemini match is great, like everything else we have to grow with each other,together.best wishes to all the beautiful,intelligent,witty,creative Gemini women

I am a Gemini woman, dated a Leo man in high school. He was always blowing me off, felt like we were just friends, but I really liked him, dated for 1 1/2 years. I got tired of his crap, stopped talking to him.

14 years later, we ran back into each other through a mutual friend. We are both from the north, but lived in Florida, (get this...) only an hours apart. We are now living together for 5 months, engaged to be married. He treats me like the queen I am. I never knew him to be such a great guy, loving, caring, very affectionate, drops everything for me, romantic, and never ever wants to lose me again. I feel the same about him.

He says we were destined, soul mates, meant to be. I feel the fire. It feels so wonderful to be loved by him. Gemini and Leo make a great couple.

He says he has been searching for me for years. I wanted to run into him so many times.

Key is to never let him walk all over you.

Look I can't even lie to you Ima Gem and in all these stories I haven't once heard that any of you Gemini women have given any of these men children. One thing I always read about Gemini women is that we don't want children. I have known my Leo man for almost 4years now and we have to girls together a sag/cap, anyway I met him on the St. Patricks day and through the crowd I saw him and it was like love at first site. I men I was late an everything and I stopped to talk to him. And I think him being the Leo man he is loved that cause , like everyone knows they love there attention.

We'll we had an active relationship before the kids I mean we did some pretty cazy things and always fun. I wined and dined that m,an simply because I love to serve or at least I like to play that role with hjim. I guess he just brings that part of me out anyway....

When I first got with him he was working, and as soon as he felt he wasn't getting paid enough for the hard work he did, I mean this man wanted the promotion he deserved bad. Not to say he didn't deserve it.,.... But the man quits his damn job and never went back... to working that is....

So me being the gem I am I am unorganized free spiriterd and messy a lot of the times. But I have been taking care of myself since I was 15 years old and have had a job ever since and I am us to taking in people from runaway girls to hungry people The Lord has put that spirit in me and I love to use it.... But Its like he knows I am going to make sure our kids and him don't have to want for anything

The love we make is strong and passionate and gentle and I let him take control and when I do ohhhh buddy ... lets just say it feels like thats the person I should making love to for the rest of my life...

We cry together we argue and I always let him have his way.... He controls how I raise our girls and whenever theres anything about me he doesn't see fit he will tell me to change it and not let up....

But if I say anything about him needing to get a damn job, take care of me, protect me from his mean carzy sag mother, have my back, and work with me and not against me Im crazy insecure, tryna control him , and I just hate when he has fun or when he is busy...( those are his words)

Now All of these things are going on and we are not even together, he asked me to marry him before and I didn't give him an answer cause we werent together and I was with someone else. and Now it's like He loves me but he wants to to make these great changes and he still aqfter all this time after our kids after all I give don't feel I am ready....

So any suggestions because I love this man and far from contary belief no matter where I go who I talk to I kep coming right back to the same thing which is my love for him. and it's like no one else is right and I have put myself away from people cause he expects me to not see anyone eventhoough we're not together... he gets so jelous and protective and hurt when I do... But I love to talk like any gem and I love to be around people and I love to flirt and it's getting hard. What shall I do

Mommie Gem

I'm a Gemini women with a Leo man almost 7 years. He cheated on me with a Leo woman in front of her professing his love to her. Throwing away my dignity & was selfless of at least giving me privacy when he ended things instead of being dramtic with me being a unwilling casted member of his play: Overture of his love to the new women. I worked with this other married women who smiled in my face every day while messing with who I thought was my man. I don't know why after they went to the extent of running behind my back to be together within a few weeks afterwards they supposedly was finished. What use to be my Leo wanted me back. States the incident brought him closer to me. The incident only distant me from him. I'm now ice cold, unforgiving, we can have sexual relations but its nothing more to me then a romp in the sack. 3 months have passed we continued to live together during & after everything. I love him but I no longer love him the same. I only want to end th ings & get away from far as possible. I mean to him everyday once in a while his generosity passifys me but I can't let go the feeling this well never be real for me anylonger. Secretly I'm planning to move out. I now talk to other men & enjoy phone sex. He's upset, However I haven't been with anyother men in person besides my ex Leo. I'm waiting for when I'm single.

OMG!!!! OMG the chemistry is truely unbelievable...both of us are married with kids but I am totally drawn to him. I don't know what to do. Guess what? my husband is a Leo as well but with this guy it was sparks flying all over till you start thinking about reality. Intially, I think both of us felt the chemistry but now I think reality has set in...Donno what to do.

I am Gemini gal who has just started an amazing relationship with a Leo guy. We started off as fiends (friends who had an underlying attraction to each other hehe). We met in college, we ended up having the same class together. God, when I saw him, I remember thinking how absolutely beautiful he was. And, those sparkling blue eyes...Omg.

At any rate, he was so shy...But wasn't afraid to tell me that he thought I was so sexy. It made me laugh, how forward and direct he was! From the first day, we just had this lovely unexplainable connection. We exchanged Yahoos, Myspaces, and Facebooks lol. But..All we were was friends, good friends. And, not because he didn't want to be more, but because I was tied down to a very abusive man, who I had been living with off and on for 3 yrs, and also because this extremely sexy Leo is 4 years younger than me (I'm 25).

But, boy did he NEVER stop trying...lol. The thing about Leos is that when they want you, really really desire you, they will stop at nothing to havd you. So, he spent the next 11 months (yes, I said 11 lol) asking me out, trying to see me, be with me, whatever. I refused to see him for that entire 11 months. But, we communicated a lot through Yahoo and text. During this time, he became my best friend...So protective so caring. YES, he is egotistical, self-absorbed, but he never once bragged about himself. And, he was always more concerned with my life, my happiness. He'd want to know how school was going for me, if my life was okay. He even asked me to come live with him, when I finally told him I lived with my abusive ex (I refused).

He was always there for me, making me laugh through tears lol. His sense of humor is just amazing. We were like a bunch of kids. He was my best friend.

Then, in July of 2010, the bomb was dropped on me. Our relationship took off in a whole other direction. I wasn't even prepared for it. I finally agreed to meet up with him, so we could "hangout" at his house...Chill, drink, relax. That night changed everything between us forever. But, the sex was hardly magical. I felt like he was too aggressive, and rough (which I told him). Our body rhythms were out of synch, it was a disaster.So, I went home, and avoided ALL form of communication for over a week. At which point, he hunted me down (just like a lion lol), saying he wanted to take me out on a date. I let him, and once again, everything changed. We went to the movies, but things were different this time. He didn't try anything sexual with me. Instead, he just held me close to him, held my hand. Every once in awhile, he would just look over at me and stare into my eyes, kiss my hand. And then...He kissed me, and I wanted to explode like a firecracker lol! He kissed me the right way, slow and sensual, playing with my tongue, and all I felt was this intense heat, yet...We did nothing sexual.

So, to put an end to this insanely long story lol, it is now October of 2010, and we are still so hot and heavy! I left my abusive ex (with the help of family) after he severely fractured my left arm. But, guess who takes me to all of my hospital appointments? Yes, this warm-hearted Leo man :-). We spend every moment we can together, and its like things between us just get better and better with time. We go out, we chill at his house, we...Have mindblowing sex. Occassionally, he hogs all the attention from me lol, wanting me to hold him and please him all the time (which I love). But, I start to feel kinda neglected, so I tell him lol. And, he is always happy to switch the roles ;-). He's protective, caring, and jealous (so am I). We only want each other and he is like my fucking kryptonite. We are together now, but he will always be my best friend. I think that's what's so great about it. He's like my best friend AND my lover all wrapped into one :-). And, I am loving EVER Y minute of it!

Jasmine, the Gemini woman!

I'm a Gemini girl and I've dated two Leo guys. Both of them were very possessive, clingy, and jealous. I like to have a lot of freedom so I was annoyed by this. I find myself physically attracted to the Leo guys but after a while I get bored and annoyed with them. Although, now I am attracted to yet another Leo... Maybe 3rd time's the charm!

Gemini woman~leo man....well I just wanna say that after 24 years of loving a Leo man it has been total hell most of it cause see with a Leo no matter what they know it all and it's they way or really no way ...they wanna be controlling but beening an Gemini we just refuse to let that be .....we adapts to our surronding we act accordly to what ever I know also that us gemini's like spontanious leo's are more routine I think woud be a good word but anyways me and my hubby has nothing in common but for some reason we can't seem to see it (he can't)....but of course once again he knows it all ....u can know you is right and a Leo will tell you that uj ain't and will convince you of that now isn't that something but of course you just can't tell a Gemini that .....cause we know also but we will apolgize will a leo....not often if ever will... they rule they ever admit to been wrong...NOPE I think not just a somethin to give you a different view on my experience and yes agree they r efuse to let you go until they r ready the lion always what to do...lol

Everything was once perfect. Sparks flew and we both fell hard for each other.

We loaded each other with compliments and compromises but in the end this flame grew weak and we went our separate ways.

So long as the other respects each others boundaries, and continues a line of fun for both signs it is a relationship sure to last long :]

OHHH my little leo... I am a Gemini woman. All my serious boyfriends have been leos. I love how persistent and honest they are. within the first week I met him the sparks were flying. I can't get my mind off of him but am scared of getting hurt by another Leo male as their wounds cut deep for me. Would it. Best to be honest with him?

I am a Gemini Woman who is married. One day, while working, I stepped into a lunch line in cafetaria. I looked up and saw a man staring at me. I stared back. After that, we could not keep our eyes off one another. I tried being married, but it was difficult. I looked forward to going to school everyday just to see him. He left a schedule, because he palyed basketball at a state college, for me to attend his games. Needless to say, I did not attend because morally it was wrong and I stayed away and the semester ended. that was in 1997. Then in 2005, I saw him again. My heart dropped. I still had that amazing feeling flowing through me. He was a counselor for kids. Fortunately, he worked with my kids. It was an excuse to see him more. After a while, I walked into a local bar, where he frequented with a staff, who worked with him. He immediately bought me and my friend a drink. My friend then stated to me that he was staring at me. I was tickled. He then began letting me go on field trips with him and the kids he worked with. I indulged. It graduated to him allowing me to come watch him play baseball. After baseball season, he asked us to come to his Football games. He is very athletic and beautiful. I melted when I saw him. One day the friend I was hanging out with got mad at me and told his girlfriend about us. She was furious and naturally things were uncomfortable for him when he went home. Lord knows what he said. But when we saw each other next, he was distant and anti-social. It did not stop me, because I was friends with all his peers from growing up. It became routine for me to go to every event he attended because I was invited. Occassionally, I would get my tickets from him. His girl constantly rolled her eyes at me. When I attempted to say hi to her she totally ignored me. UNDERSTABLE! However, we never kissed, hugged or barely had conversations. I couldn't understand what all the ruckas was about. Through the years, I still attended the games and the attraction was still strong. It was evident that he liked me. However, he never asked me to back off. I think his girl wanted him too but he couldn't bring himself to do it. Things must have been uncomfortable at home. One day, my husband found out. He called this man at work and asked him about the two of us. He laughed and said he heard from someone that I liked him. However she never pursued me nor did I pursue her. This man invited me and the girls I was hanging out with, the chance to go to Florida to see the guys play Football. My husband questioned him about it and he stated he did not know I was going to Florida. When he arrived, he said that is when he saw me. However, before we left for Florida, he told a reliable source that he was happy I decided to go. He also said, whatever happens in Florida stays in florida. I learned he was a cowardly Lion, a liar and only cares about himself. Sounds just like a leo. I stayed away for 4 years like I promised. 4 years later, I attended a function and just like in the past he appeared and it just seemed he moved closer and closer to me which bothered me because his girl was there too. I found out the two had gotten married. He still staring. Maybe he liked all the attention all them years ago or he realizes he can never have me. In essence, I reflect back and I loved everybit of it. I still get butterflies when I see him although he makes me furious. He took all the focus off himself and made me look like a stalker and a cheat. But if you confirm anything with him, he denies everything. LEOS LIE ALOT. Finally, I am ending this with, there is something intriguing aboout him that keeps me interested no matter what he does. Did I tell you it appeared we could read each other's mind. That must be one of the connections between a Gemini woman and a Leo man.

I am a Gemini gal and I am in deeply love with a Leo man who is 3yrs younger then me, he loves more then anything and he treats me like I am the queen of his world and he was honest but sometimes his deeds blows me and irritates me like anything, sometimes I feels like everything was finished in btw us and sometimes I feel like he was the 1 who I really need in my life forever, please suggest me what to do??

can the Leo man leaves his wife and children if he loves someone else?

I am a Gemini-cancer cusp female having the most amazing relationship with a Leo male. We are affectionate, loving, and attracted sexually to each other. We started out as liking each other and moved slow on the sexual part but wow the sparks are flying. We talk and have the best conversations. He is a very attentive and loving man.

I am a Gemini woman and only two men have ever made an impact in my life - both were Lions. In my experience the flighty nature of a Gemini woman really keeps the Leo on his toes and makes sure he stays interested but it mustn't go too far - I think Leo's are insecure and possessive and get jealous quite easily.Leo's need re-assurance and praise and need to have their ego's stroked almost constantly but, in return, they are passionate, loyal, hard-working and devoted to the woman they love. I believe a Leo man is a true man and the Gemini woman is a true woman and that is what makes for a great relationship.

I am a Gemini woman. My Leo husband left me for another lady. We clicked at first, but we did not want the same things in life. It's hurt. He said that I messed up his life. Course we have two kids. He does not care anymore of anything with me. we both lied way too much. But he said I am the one who is the devil and messed up.I am with a Cancer man now. Things are better.

I am a Gemini and he is a Leo. The chemistry was wicked from the moment he stepped to me, and he was a friend of my husband at the time and said "you are gorgeous". We had a very flirtatious friendship over the years and talked about our lives. I naturally stroked his ego. He never asked, it was natural because I liked him. My hubby was not attentive and a cheater and this Leo was everything I thought a man should be so it was easy to stroke his ego. I didn't know that would have him admire me more. When I left my husband, after 3 years of flirting and communicating, we finally got down and it was the best sex in my life. But my life was a mess and public and I was wild. We tried to stop seeing each other but couldn't. Even we he got a girlfriend, even when she became his fiance, even after he got married, he saw me 2 weeks later, after declaring he would never cheat on her. I am a awful woman for still allowing him to see me every once in a while. But he is actuall y the only man I'm in love with although I have a man. He is not him. This Leo never said the word love, and neither have I. It's like we have this understanding. To this day he calls me "his exact preference". What does that mean? It sucks being in love with a man that will never be mine, I feel as if I missed out on my soulmate being messy and wild and him moving on finding something "stable and reliable". But like someone said above maybe he don't love me, just enjoy me. Hm.

Im a Leo male and have had past Gemini relationships. to me its hit and miss with Gemini women, but I think it depends on there bday. I have noticed that if they were born in late may, I get along with them great and vice versa but mid june and I don't trust them at all. I was in my longest relationship with the one born may 27 but the one born june 14, forget it. I don't trust either of them now and they tend to go with Aries men best in my opinion. I know I am a Leo sun, Cancer moon, Scorpio rising. I find I get along with Virgo women the best. great in bed to and we just travel and do whatever.=).Again, those virgos born end of august to early september, I tend to mesh very well with but the mid september ones, its like its just sex and I get bored.

Im a Leo male and have had past Gemini relationships. to me its hit and miss with Gemini women, but I think it depends on there bday. I have noticed that if they were born in late may, I get along with them great and vice versa but mid june and I don't trust them at all. I was in my longest relationship with the one born may 27 but the one born june 14, forget it. I don't trust either of them now and they tend to go with Aries men best in my opinion. I know I am a Leo sun, Cancer moon, Scorpio rising. I find I get along with Virgo women the best. great in bed to and we just travel and do whatever.=).Again, those virgos born end of august to early september, I tend to mesh very well with but the mid september ones, its like its just sex and I get bored.

Im a Leo male and have had past Gemini relationships. to me its hit and miss with Gemini women, but I think it depends on there bday. I have noticed that if they were born in late may, I get along with them great and vice versa but mid june and I don't trust them at all. I was in my longest relationship with the one born may 27 but the one born june 14, forget it. I don't trust either of them now and they tend to go with Aries men best in my opinion. I know I am a Leo sun, Cancer moon, Scorpio rising. I find I get along with Virgo women the best. great in bed to and we just travel and do whatever.=).Again, those virgos born end of august to early september, I tend to mesh very well with but the mid september ones, its like its just sex and I get bored.

Gemini teenager (don't judge.) 17. I was in a relationship with an Aries man for about 10 and a half months. I thought he was my everything. We broke up and got back together many times. Eventually we broke up for good and I was in pieces to say the least. Wouldn't move or eat.... Long story short, it took almost a year and I am pretty much over him. And now that i'm venturing out again I have come across a lot of guys. And one of them I passed up because I thought he wanted a relatioship with me. I don't like pressure so I told him all I wanted to be was friends. And he completely blew a gasket on me. I felt bad so I let him say hurtful things. I didn't respond to them because I knew he was letting his anger out and respondnig would only make it worse. So after that we quit talking. I figured he didn't want to have anything to do with me. But since we hung out with the same people we caught up eventually. We got to talking. And realized we majorly mis-communicated. He wasn't ready for a relationship either. After we talked about it I was so amazed that we mis-communicated that badly. But after that we were so happy. We decided that since neither of us wanted to commit we set out a plan. Were going to be friends and know the fact that we like each other a little more and cuddle and what not. As long as were not cuddlilng with anyone else or talking. It's almost like a commitment, but without the pressure. We are both really happy. And the way we understand each other is amazing. We both understand each other so well, we think a lot alike. My Leo may be a straight up asshole at times. but I know he has a heart. He used to say some really harsh things and talk about being cold and about life, but I looked at him and said that's not you. I know it's not. It's easier not to care because then you don't get hurt. Caring is the hard part. Anyways, I'm happy with my Leo. I know he has a good heart.

I am a Gemini woman and I have dated 2 Leo men. Both, to my dismay, were extremely clingy, self-absorbed, and possessive. I felt tied down (both physically and emotionally) while dating both of them. Leo's may work for some Gemini women, but I will not be intentionally searching for another Leo male.

im a Leo man and was with a Gemini girl for about 2 months...everything was going well at first we seemed to have chemistry and want the same things such as relationship stability and one that would last...we had sex a few times and it simply amazing!! she loved oral sex...and Leo men love passion in the bed..gemini girls are great in bed...but then after a month the relationship became dull and uninteresting...we had nothing in common except the sex and had nothing to talk about anymore...she also loved to play hard to get but it would seem like she wasnt interested..and she would also never make the first move and leos love attention..and honestly if a girl does that with a Leo man he will just move on..and thats exactly what happened...in my opinion the Leo man Gemini girl relationship is just short term lust and infatuation rather than anything that would last long term

Leo men are charmers and smart but they love themselves too much to make a bigger sacrifice. I loved the Leo in my life and I tthink I can't love another as much as I loved him and Geminis don't fall in love easily. He has left a huge hollow in my heart, he left because of the distance but I wonder if any other man is ready to cross the oceans and mountains to be with me why can't he even though he said he loved me... I guess he did not love enough.

I'm a Gemini girl and deeply in love with my Leo guy since 4 years. best friends since 13 long years..i.e since 2nd std. ;) and happily madly deeply in love with each other evr since we got committed! guys! its not about the sign you are or even the moon-rising-blah blah you have! Its all bullshit! all that matters is the love and the understanding two people share....and the rest flows their way! I do love reading all this stuff coz they say 'we are perfect together' x .. (in the deep detailed shit of this horoscope thingy)... m sorry for the people who have had bad experiences...but look within.. may be you'll stop blaming the scopes then! LOVE TO ALL :)

Hi, I'm a Gemini woman and I'm interested in a Leo man. I met him a couple weeks ago when he moved into my apartment building on the second floor. When I first met him I wasn't attracted because he's 9 yrs. older (I'm 22). But now I'm head over heals! After talking to him 2 weeks straight in the back while smoking ciggarettes we would catch each other and chat (mostly me asking questions!) while getting to know each other. As I was talking to him I was noticing how laid back, kind, nice, fun, young-minded but mature, and interesting he is. Now I can't wait to talk to him and ask him questions and really don't care about the age diffence because his personality makes up for it! I have his number now but plan on having a friendship for a while before I tell him how I really feel about him and that we should date. Tomorrow we are going to a clubhouse together and will really be able to hang out! can't wait!

Him living on the second floor in my apartment building is awesome but it could turn out bad if we do decide to date or be in a relationship. See in the past (a few years ago) I went out with a Leo who was a year older than me and dealt with the same living situation, I met him in my apartment complex. It was good at first, very affectionate, we would have lots of fun with friends and go to parties and we would travel together, great sex, but immature. After 2 months he dumped me because he said he wanted space, a few weeks later I had to deal with seeing him date a bunch of girls and they would come and go in my presence. I admit I was jealous, but also heartbroken because I felt he lied. From there on I never felt comfortable living in my building. I ended up moving a year later to where I'm at now. I don't want the same thing to happen again, but I will watch for red flags or warnings from my ex Leo if I really wasn't giving him enough space etc. Because I really want to k eep this Leo for a long time :). P.S. And I think this Leo is here to last because I did an adult astrology report and it said I would be married to a Leo approximately at age 25! which is in about 3 years! I'm in no rush but I guess I have to wait and see if he is the one. :)

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