Leo man having a baby with a Scorpio woman

I'm a Leo man. I've just married after 2 years of relationship. From the start till now , most of our time together we spent it by arguing. As a Leo man , I do agree we have ego n quick temper but we also tend to put aside our ego fast if something were to happen to our family or partners. We also don't like to drag our temper. Its true I'm quick tempered but I'm even quicker to forgive.

To be very honest, I really cant find any good qualities or characteristic of a Scorpio woman. But one thing for sure they have that charm that make the Leo guy feel that we may regret it if we let them go as they are made for us. As I can feel that they are actually very loyal but the contradicting part, they always try to show us that they are not, as they just want to fight against our ego and make us jealous. We are jealous but our jealousy level is not as high as compared to a Scorpio's jealousy that is, 80% more.

I agree to the fact that some of u call us magnetic, we are the social type, but try to understand we are loyal and we are also the responsible type of character. We can really make anyone like n trust us but the hardest one to make them trust us is the Scorpio women.

Having sex with them is wonderful. They really know how to please a lion. I just like having it everyday.

As an advice to keep this relation going, Leo guys out there, have more patient. As for Scorpio women, stop being jealous. Always tell yourself, Leo men are faithful and always think about the nice & good things that they have done. I'm sure if u really focus on it, u can find many good things rather than bad things. And u may even realize that some of the bad things about Leo men is merely just your imagination. Its actually not even reality. If u are a Scorpio woman, u will definitely understand what I mean.

However, no matter what, how difficult our relationship is, I really love my Scorpio woman N hope we will always be together forever. Now, not only I have to live with 1 Scorpio woman, in about 2 weeks time, our scorpion baby son will be born...meaning I just have to be more patient living with TWO Scorpios in the same house....

NB: Do comment if u have different views or perspectives towards what I've written. Thank you…

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scorpian girls are scared to be hurt
by: Anonymous

Well i think you should think of Scorpio woman's perspective more. Most Scorpio woman have been betrayed or hurt in the past which has caused them to become bitter and mistrustful towards people (especially men). They take a long time to heal and even then, they won't forget.

I've met a two Leos before, both were quite flirtatious towards me. The one I had feelings for ended up "failing" my "tests". We started off with a great chemistry and he would always start talking to me first...we talked with each other quite a lot.

However, I found out that he was going out on a lunch with another female friend so he didn't have time for me that day. I know that it's only a friend, but as scorpians, we don't give a sh*t whether it's a normal friend or not because our past hurts has triggered that automatic jealousy button to hit whenever a guy we like mentions another girl.

Nevertheless, he kept on being honest and started telling me more about the friend of his when I obviously would rather NOT hear more about it. So don't assume that scorpian girls may seem fine and indifferent when you talk and flirt with other girls because WE ARE NOT FINE even if we insist that we are. Afterward, you simply wouldn't be trusted that easily again and we tend to just give you the silent treatment until you acknowledge your wrong (making Scorpio girls insecure).

I know it's a bit too much to bear, but just think that scorpio girls have a hard outershell with soft/vulnerable inside. The outershell is only built to protect them from more scars and pains caused by their loved ones.

I can't take it anymore!
by: Anonymous

I started talking to a Scorpio women about five moths ago and I am at my wits end, I'm so tired of thinking about what she is thinking about. It's like a never ending emotional roller coaster ride. I treat her with nothing but respect and all I get is the coldness. She doesn't open up I never know what's going on in her heart I get bits a pieces of her feelings, never a straight answer from her. but we have this unique love for each other its almost feels as though we've known each other for years. The chemistry between us was amazing now though I'm feeling like shit we haven't talked for 3 days and I have no idea what happened. She said not to long ago that she is jealous of my best friend who happens to be a female. The funny thing is she knew I had a female best friend. I feel mad at her for no reason maybe because shes mad at me I don't know but I'm not cracking this time. I'm a leo and I don't give in my I feel my heart is being toyed with because it seems like it's one big game for her or a test to judge who I really am I don't know what it is but I don't have to time to get hurt. I poured my heart out to her and I think that was a huge mistake. but whatever this is me and I like to be liked by ALL people even girls if she can't handle that o well. I can't change my nature. Scorpio women are to elusive for me. It's sad because we had this spark like no other and even she said the same thing that i felt like I've known you for years, but to what end? I work 1 day with her on Sundays and I always wait in the parking lot for her and we get coffee so she was late so I went into work, The reason I did that is because I was on vacation and I didn't see her for two weeks you'd think she would be there on time. So we acted like nothing happened it was good but cold. To me Scorpio women are vindictive.

@ wits end
by: Anonymous

You obviously haven't researched scorpios at all.

1) we're never going to tell you everything. You will never know everything about us because we like to keep some things to ourselves.

2)Jealous is our middle name. If she's jealous that's because she's scared you love your friend more. As far as I'm concerned my leo can have girls for friends but he needs to love me the most, more than his own mother even. It's not an intentional inconvenience, it just means you have to prove your love (or show it better). We are not second best ever. Mine's best friend is a guy and I'm still jealous, although I'd never tell him that.

3)We're going to push over limit, testing whether you'll run or not. When we love it's all or nothing... do or die. I know, lame guys walked over my feelings a couple times and that was it. I built a fortress around my heart surrounded by thorns. My leo pasted with flying colors though. He fought through with his bright and shiny sword. And rescued me from my own prison.

4)Scorpio's period are vindictive. In fact we'll let you pick us up and pet us and then we'll sting the shit out of you.

wits end
by: Anonymous

1) I read Tarot I know Scorpios I thought she was different thats all.
2) I shouldn't have to "try harder" love comes natural people like people for who they are not for what they want them to be, not at all saying thats whats happening.

I don't like games period I'm not passing a test with anyone I am who I am what you see is what you get with Leo's sometimes thats a bad thing because we give our heart away and unfortunately people take kindness for weakness. I'm honest and as I said I poured my heart out for her to toy with my feelings. I never asked her for much, we Leo's like are egos stroked every now and then. She is a beautiful person and I love her as a friend but the coldness on the outside just isn't for me. I am a very warm hearted fun loving kind of guy. I expect more. AND we leo's want ONLY the BEST because we deserve the best. I'm a nice guy but don't turn me the wrong way. I know Scorpios are stubborn but Leo's are just as bad. She said to me that I cried when you didn't text me back in three days...Oh well how does it feel to be ignored. Not fun. I hate to be like this because it's not who I am but she drove me to be a ass. I always felt that women/Scorpios love a challenge scared to be with a nice man. The funny part is I know she really cares she has this gaze that burns a hole through my heart but dam tell me something, well we are good friends and I will see where this goes.

@Wits End
by: Anonymous

Sorry to burst your Leo ego bubble but, you don't deserve any girl if you can't learn to compromise and actually love. All relationships, no matter what the signs, will fail without compromise and understanding.

She doesn't trust you and thinks you're going to hurt her. You being an ass to her doesn't really help your case. You're just proving her right and making her close up even more. Clearly you do not understand that she's not playing a game, she's protecting herself. With the way you're acting I don't blame her. I'm honestly surprised she hasn't lashed out and stung you. You think Leo's temper is bad? "Heaven hath no fury like a woman scorned." Scorpion rage is unlike anything you could imagine. Leo's anger is like a flash fire, very hot but short lived. She'll hunt you and sting you to death as slowly and as painfully as she can.

If you can't understand that she's soft inside and just scared of you, you don't deserve the love she has to offer. Just because you're a Leo it doesn't actually mean you're entitled to anything you want. Once you realize this and realize she's got a lot of love to offer once you show her you're there for her always...then she'll open up.

I am a Scorpion Girl
by: Anonymous

Most of your comments are pretty much exaggerated.You almost portray us like the devil's mother. Just like scorpions, which is ultimately why we are given the symbol, there are some of us who sting with no or little provocation and some which attack only when threatened.

Basically as a Leo, you have been associated with words like pride, ego, majestic and so on. Such words emphasis on how you display your feelings, which is in a straightforward manner.

We, being referred to as mysterious, secretive and so on prefer to keep our feelings to ourselves.

Don't try so hard to understand us. We have such inexplicable love for you, which is just beyond your comprehension. You will understand us though not directly but in due course of time.

You have also been known for you fidelity, because it is beneath your status to be discovered as a cheating behind someone's back. It is beneath your dignity. So, that will not be a problem for you.
But while having friendship with other women, please limit yourselves.

Show us how important we are to you. Dont try to make us jealous at any point of time. It may not end with just a divorce, it will be worse.

But when you really love us, we can of course read your eyes. And life will become all the more smoother.

All the best in your life.
Remember life is just not determined by your sun signs. Love is a step ahead.

Prove it that the Lion and Scorpio are a rocking pair!

Am gonna marry a Leo man. So far so good.!

My lady is a Scorpio and im a Proud Leo to be on her arm
by: Carmelo

Ive read through all the comments and I understand where people are coming from here because Leo n Scorpio are two complete opposites who are both filled with so much passion but only thing is Leo is the extrovert n Scorpio is the introvert.

Generally extroverts n introverts clash and often misunderstand one another's nature, but this pairing can definitely work! My sweet Scorpio wife is ALL I need and ever wanted in a woman. Its True, The attraction between a Leo man n Scorpio woman is phenomenal!! Its like heaven has opened up and answered my prayers. Forget all the mojo about Leo n Scorpio NOT being compatible, this doesn't apply to me and my lady, as far as im concerned.

Yes we have our ups and downers but she is still my number 1, always will be and vice versa. Its the type of relationship where if we broke up we'd still be loving and yearning for each others passion. Its sounds lovey dovey but I feel a way Ive never thought I could experience in this life. She literally completes this Leo and i'll shout that on the highest mountain top without a care in the world who see's me. Im in love, real love, finally! It doesn't get any better than a Leo man n Scorpio woman matrimony.

Blessings to all.

by: another leo man

That explains it to the T!! I also am a Leo man married to a Scorpio woman and the craziest part is we have a Scorpio son on the way!!

A Leo Man's Experience.. I hope it helps
by: nate from kc

Scorpio women love power. They are power junkies. I have a pretty Scorpio and I love her. She gets testy with me and sometimes she will remain testy for a long period of time. Let her realize that you aren't always this brawny man. She will try to immasculate you. It's okey. Just know she is with you because she see's something in you. Scorpios have a great eye for talent. She knows you are that man who CAN move mountains. But WILL you. What i do is focus on my life. Is my apartment clean? Go to bed early get up early even though i am out of work. BE ANABOLIC. When it comes to sharing about a scorpio female and male leo relationship, throw your personal right and wrong mental dialogue aside. What is effective? You must stay anabolic to stay in your position of power. These girls will immasculate you and when you don't feel like a brawny slab of meat let her know. But focus on you and how you are improving as a man. Don't base anything off of her reactions. She feels alot and is an addict to stimulus. Feelings sensations anything. And when it comes time to fight (it will happen) let her know when i feel less manly you bash me. my examples are X, Y, and Z. These must be real examples. Let her understand her errors and immediately bring up your errors. Remind her we are both human. That's how i would deal with it... if i were perfect. pursue your perfection regardless of how she feels about it. she will love that you are trying to improve yourself. you are leo and have endless growth potential. just be anabolic (eat alot), sleep alot and pursue you perfection (cough cough) excelence. I understand where you are coming from. The world will tell you you are wrong but you aren't. She is never wrong either paradoxically. Don't let her mean side mess with you. She really is a sweetheart i'm sure. Dont let the coldness get to you. ignore the ego talk and focus on you. It is what makes you happy and ironically makes your interactions fun. This fun is what she is lacking. You provide this. reply back and i will give you my personal email.

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