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Recently my life has been in a bit of an upheaval. Like most other times I look back at experiences to see if I missed something, missed some kind of message or plot that could assist me now. I've also been relying heavily on the spiritual side of life, just to keep myself sane.

My current boyfriend is a Scorpio and I know this is the Leo thread so I will just say everything that I have read is one hundred percent correct. The same goes for the Leo on Leo. Looking back every relationship I truly remember, the kisses I can still taste have all been Leos as well.

Something about the Passion of both signs combines to create something so beautiful and bold I find myself thinking about what I had very often. Most of my Leo on Leo's came around when I was still in my early years of High School and the same was true for my counterpart. I think we were just too young of too strong of people to be done. Also I think it had to do a lot with our flamboyant-ness. Always set to be the center of the crowd whether we meant to or not, I think the jealousy of school got in the way.

All I have to say is that If you get a chance to be with a Leo and you are one as well, make sure you know yourself. Make sure you are someone who can communicate. I haven't forgotten the utter passion that any one of these relationships have given me, but with extreme passion comes extreme emotions. Every break up shattered my world, loosing a partner like this is hard. Start slow, stay faithful keep up communication and love each other like every day was your last. I guarantee that you will never regret entering a relationship with another Leo. The passion of Love is what Life is about.

Leo men and Leo women as you see their a few experiences because they are still roaring and roaming the worlds jungles and to busy to add to this site , I'm a Leo woman and I have been in a pretty deep experience with a Leo man back in 9th grade and it last about 9 years we both married other people but we are still friends today and he never forgets my Birthday we are both divorce now and he always try to get things going again but I refuse I will not go backwards but we are still close ....

Yes! This has to be about the quietest page on this site. I was wondering why? I'm a Leo man courting a Leo woman and would love to read more experiences. I'd post in a heartbeat if I had something useful to share! I was dating a Libra and learned a lot on that message board here, which is much more active for whatever reason.

Thank you for sharing your experience meanwhile. Best of luck to you both :)

I have been dating a Leo man for a while now. I am a Leo also. He's the quiet type of Leo (rare). But I see myself in him at times. He loves compliments! Sex, is much better than I expected. Pass, Leo relationships sex was almost like war. Both of us wanting to run the show. I think for a Leo Leo relationship to work we both have to be mature. And one of us have to back down to let the other shine.

I'm a Leo women who has been dating a Leo man for over a year now, were both close in age, he's 29 and I'm 28..In the beginning it was rough, we butt heads allot, as time progressed we started to understand each other, and learn for this to work we have to compromise for each other.. allot of times I let him be in charge, just because I know he likes that...Anytime I need him he is there, and anytime he needs me I'm there for him....sex is great,,,,which I know we have to be carefull due to both parties love to have sex....ummmmm hardest thing for us is to commit to each other..meaning I come first in his life when it comes to other females and same for him in my life....we just are not ready to give up are freedom yet, and give each other 100%...but I think if we do decided to one day be togther..I think we would workout great if we tried

I'm a Leo and a guy I dated for a while is a Leo, honestly of all the people I have ever had the chance to meet no one was energetic, honest, and passionate like he was everything about out relationship was fun and we were always doing cool things and trying new things. The trouble came when I found out he wasn't being honest About another girl he was seeing (who was a Taurus), the dishonesty made me not trust him and the lack of trust made him resent me, so our relationship ended, but by far he is still one of my favorite people and every time I see him it's always they most passionate-fun-loving energy. Leo, Leo matches are awesome

I'm a Leo girl and I'm talking to a Leo guy we are really connected he confides in me and I confide in him.

He's a great person nothing really sexual yet... I just don't feel for him like that.

I am a Leo woman dating a Leo man & I have truly found my soul mate. we r both july leos and the passion, energy & excitement is like nothing else I have ever experienced with other signs(aries came kind of close)

we had an instant attraction when we met, quickly became friends, and shortly afterwards became lovers. the sex is always intense and is getting even hotterwith an emotional depth thatis beginning to grow more intimate. I think this is a great match .

I'm a Leo guy with a Leo girlfriend, we were born 2 days apart in August. In my quest to end up with the best possible partner, I've been with every star sign 3 times each and everyone was great apart from Cancer girls... My current Leo girl is amazing and I'm waiting for her to calm down a bit more..(i'm 32 she's 26). She's naturally very full on and left to her, we'll be married tommorow but i'm being cautious. The sex is in another league compared to all my ex's but, i'm trying to look deeper than that.

I'm torn between her and my ex (a taurus), she hates this. My only gripe with the Leo is the tendency to be lazy and the taurus's tendency to be cold.

As a Leo woman, I can say that being with a Leo man is nothing short of an exciting ride! I've been with two so far, both great men.

The first of them was my best friend. We hardly argued, but were always competing. I blame our youth and flirtatious ways for splitting us up, but we're still good friends.

The second... this one was the explosive mix that was mentioned above! We argued everyday. We were practically sex addicts when we were together. Never dull. We laughed, watched movies, and even held conversations, all while having sex! (and it was AMAZING!) Unfortunately, he couldn't handle my stubborn ways and my ego was far bigger than his. To this day, he can't be around me without wishing we were still together. I know this much because he told me so.

I am a Leo women and I have dated a Leo man. although the relationship was a lot of fun I needed someone more mature. I am a total Leo woman so I enjoy having fun, but with him it was a little too much all of the time. we eventually broke up because he was cheating on me. Leo men love attention and they will go out looking for it from any woman.

I am a Leo woman and am currently in a four year commitment to a Leo man. I have had experiences with multiple Leo men and for the sake of adding info to this page I will write about them.

#1) this Leo I first met around age 13. I just moved into his neighborhood and he took me on his golfcart, drove around recklessly, and I fearfully asked him to stop and let me out. He accelerated while I was half out of through cart and I fell and broke my wrist. At the time I was not psyched. A few years later however, I saw this Leo and he was looking damn good. I was drunk at a high-school party and tried to hint at my interest.."hey.. wanna go talk in that dark room?" He said "why don't you tell your friend to meet me in there". Diss. Of course I tried again on a few more occasions but met the same response before I finally lost interest because he obviously was not feeling me. Then, a few years later, I was at another party, and I know I was looking good. Some jerk made a very rude and forward pass at me and after I turned him down, the Leo guy approached me saying the exact same thing. somehow it had an entirely different effect on me coming from his.mouth and one thin g vrry quickly led to another and before you know it I was sleeping with this guy practically every weekend for like.three years. It really was a great situation for me.. I thought he was smoking hot, he gave it to me good even though I would get frustrated by him never going down, and because I was already numb to his earlier rejection, I never got hurt if I saw him with another girl. We had this great understanding between us and the sex was some of the best in my life.

#2) Leo number 2 war the only guy, aside from my current boyfriend, who made me lose interest in sleeping with Leo #1. He was a badass that the whole town had heard of and gossiped about. He had a hot younger brother who I had actually met first and felt instant attraction to. A few months after meeting the younger bro, I ran into Leo 2 and said excitedly "hey remember me?" to which he looked me cold in the eye and burst out "I don't know you bitch". I was scared and actually hoped to never see him again. A few months later I did see him at a party where he seemed interested in my frirnd. I could care less about it but then he called her one day and invited us both to his house. Once there I found myself really feeling a connection with him. We had so many things in common that I could just feel so natural around him. Although at times I was slightly nervous and scared around him about his temper, I felt like I would do anything to be with him. I lost a job because I wanted t o sleep with him almost day and not go to work. We would have such slow lazy sex and nap together all the time. I felt secure in his arms like he was my daddy. However, he never told me how he felt about me and at times he would hit on girls right in front of me. It hurt really bad and I would call him a million times begging him to be with me when he expressed less interest. I really pushed him away but I knew that when we did share thos good times together, I could feel that he liked me. Once again I doubted if my intuition was right or if I just wanted him to like me so badly that I was misinterpreting his behavior in my favor. I will never know how he truly felt. It ended pretty badly and after it all I'm pretty sure we both dreaded the thought of the other but really my dread was just a lame cover for my beat up ego. About two years later I saw him at my work and we both turned away pretending ee didn't see the other. A month after that he died in a car accident. I felt many mixed emotions about it all. I will always remember him and think of him. One final thing is that he too never wanted to go down. It's like my personal issue with dating Leo men.

#3) I don't want to say too much about Leo 3 because I hate him. I know it is horrible to feel that way towards someone but he has disrespected me too many times in my life. My exboyfriend cheated on me and I promptly webt to.rebound by sleeping wih this jerk. One thing I can say about my experiences with Leo men is that they all lose respect for women that put out without much work. This guy is a perfect example. I only hooked up with him when I was desperate for sex because he was so well endowed and handsome. He knew it and was a total jerk who slept wih.my friend in my bed one night and tried to rape me with his friend another time. To be honest he intimidates me to this day and if I ever see him again it will be too soon.

Overall a common theme runs through these interactions with Leo men and it is that I always make myself desperate to them and they never really appreciated me for anything more than sex. At the time I was practically addicted to sex though and I blame.myself for giving them a bad impression of me. I was however very attracted to their cocky.attitudes and Leo 1 and Leo 3 were strikingly handsome with large penises. I also always felt distant from all of them like I never knew the real man inside the ego.

And now for my current man, Leo #4)

When we first were introduced I was not particularly attracted to him but we were friendly. He dated a lot of my friends in school and so I was even less into him. We had mutual friends and he left to the army while I was fooling around with the above leos. After I gave up on Leo 2 I really wanted a boyfriend. I went back to the cheating ex with no luck and as fate would have it, I ran into Leo #4 randomly on my 19th birthday. I definitely felt attraction at this point and we started talking very soon. I felt so comfortable with him and decided I wanted to be with gum

OK so I'm a Leo guy, bit older and hopefully a bit wiser ... recently dating the most gorgeous purring Lioness (12 years my junior) and I can only say 'We Rock'

There's none of the usual drama people seem to allege is present in relationships with a Leo, we seem to understand one another intuitively but have made a commitment to 'just say it' if there's any uncertainty or questions need answering. And, though it is early days yet I know I'd be very happy to see this become a lasting relationship... and yes, I know, if the wheels come off and I get dumped then it'll hurt like hell!

But damn it all - if you don't love fully you don't love at all I say!

Wish us luck and all the very best to you guys also!

As a Leo Lady, I am loving, loyal, lucky. sometimes a bit lazy, all heart, very sensual, passionate, affectionate, honest, ethical, caring, and shy. Been talking a long time with a Leo Man I adore & am fine with letting hin lead. Looking forward to the day we move beyond friendship to a deeper dating and then intimate relationship. I know the sex will be off the charts. As a Leo female, I do not sleep with a man right away, or I lose respect. I know he is the same way, so we are moving forward slowy which is fine cuz I'm in this for the long haul. I have searched far and wide for years for a Leo mate & finally found him, so I'm nuturing this relationship well. Crazy about him & I know it will last a lifetime & beyond. We understand each other well - funny, but now we are both a bit shy, only beause we haven't broken that "ice" yet. At first I was afraid of just how much I feel for him but I know it will be ok. I flirt when I can & look forward to more of that for and ow. He is the best.

I was wondering how signifcant the planet Mars is in a womans chart. example one Leo woman has her Mars in scorpio, and is married to him, the other Leo woman has her Mars in gemini, and is living with that gemini, even though from what I can ascertain from her the match seems unlikely to last, she's not only a very powerful leo, but a powerfull fire sign placement of planets in her chart. any way ive often heard and read that the planet Mars is the type of man a woman is attracted too, even if it doesn't last. would like some more info on how this planet affects a womans choice of lovers or marriage partners. anybody know of anything in this regard?

Leo X Leo= Amazing

I've been with my Lion for about two months now. It's one of the slowest moving and most passionate relationships I've ever been in. We've hardly gotten to second base in this time, but his touch is enough to drive me crazy. Plus, after my last relationship (Taurus male) and the one before (Sag Girl) the slow and steady pace is somehow more of a turn-on. We're both august Lions, maybe a week or so apart. So far there's been no drama and out playfulness just works out perfectly. No Complaints from this Leo ^^

I'm a Leo woman just divorced after 10 yrs marriage with a Leo man. Its not all about the sun sign. My husband was just not an honest man and had the tendency to be messy and disorganized. He was however accomplished and handsome and the sex was always good even if we werent! But unfortunetly he fell all to easy to the attention of other women. I finally got fed up with it because I am very honest and hate to feel second best! And refuse to share my husband.Good luck.

I'm in a relationship with a Leo man that say's he's changed from cheaating to being faithful. But sometimes iI think he starts argument to cheat or afraid of getting married.

I am a Leo woman and I don't advie dating a Leo man. I was with a Leo man for a year and a half. He was very funny, Loved attention (craved it at times) not a tite wad with money at all. The sex was amazing. But the thing is we were to much alike. We argued a lot. We both lied, had to be the center or attention, got jealous easily.

I am a Leo Lady who has been dating the Leo man of my dreams for over a year now. He balances me out. We are both two egotistic, caring, loving, loyal individuals. I have dated almost every sign and no one kept me on my toes like my Leo man!!!

I'm a Leo woman dating a Leo man, and this is my second leo/leo relationship. The first one was actually one of the best. We really understood each other and had much in common. Unfortunately, he was an alcoholic, so I had to step down from that life sentence. We are still friends to this day. The current Leo guy is 7 years older than me, is handsome, financially successful and a fabulous lover. We are a mutual admiration society in that regard. We do have ego power struggles, though, and this can get very old, very fast. My mom and dad were both leos, but one was an introvert and the other an extrovert. It worked well for them. There is no doubt that it is a fiery, dynamic match, but could burn out soon if we cannot find a way to share the spotlight.

I'm a Leo woman and have been drawn (at first unknowingly) to Leo men. After a while it comes as no surprise when they disclose that their birthday...and I discover they're Leo's. Kind of like ...it figures. One in particular has held my atention over 7 years even though at first I dismissed him because I was all too caught up in me. We've come very close to having sex but haven't yet. I can tell you that the passion is intense and that the hugging, kissing and touching have been more than enough to satisfy my intense cravings but I have a great desire for him nonetheless. At 38 I stay fit and am careful to take great care of myself. Am far less educated than he but I am successful and have more attention than I sometimes care for. He is 34 and his appearance is nothing short of regal. Full lips, strong hands, and at 6 foot 3+, the simple thought of him melts my heart. Neither of us is short on attention but I have caught myself fighting off the need to outshine h im. He is quick to regain control in his subtle way. With the strong termperment that I have, it takes a true master to do so. My heart yearns for him and although we were both single when we first met, we are now both married. This hasn't kept us apart by any means as we continously gravitate back to eachother. If I could ever do it again, I would have quickly defanged and declawed my lioness self. Yes, he may succumb to being unfaithful but I've dated and I've married even the most tamed. At some point, at any given moment, many men fall into the snare of another woman. For me, I would rather enjoy the heightened passion, chemistry, intensity and burning desires for all that it is worth. No matter how short the ride of a roller coaster, the intensity and feeling of being alive is much greater than the ferris wheel.

Well, Well, I have been looking and looking for what other people have to say about Leo on Leo love. For me I have had two experiences. I am a Leo woman and have had a relationship with another Leo woman and a Leo man. Both relationships were extremely passionate, with so many initial sparks and excitment. Both of us wanted to be the best...at all things. Sex, dates, anything. I havent been with my Leo male very long but so far it has been wonderful. I make sure I give him lots of praise, attention and affection. I tell him all the things that are good about him and joke when I am talking about serious things. He has such a quiet and reserved demeanor and it intrigues me. At the same time we both have so much in common that I feel an instant comfort, that I havent been able to find in other signs.

My Leo woman vs Leo woman experience started off well. The passion was there 10 fold but because of my wandering eye, it quickly went bad. She wasnt too fond of me looking elsewhere and things changed. We couldnt stop ourselves from hooking up because the sex was so awsome, but when one didn't text or call enough it was world war three.

I want things to be different between me and my Leo male because he seems to be able to give me everything I need. Im not used to letting another lead, but with him I don't mind.

Leo vs Leo love is an extraordinary experience. It feels like something out of a fairy tale and the way your bodies fit together is something to tell stories about. hmmmm. ok Im out. Thanks for listening!

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