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I feel that next to Aries ,the Leo man is the next best thing for us. Very harmonious as long as you stroke his Big Cat pride on a daily basis. If they are close to the pure type of Leo man they are very manly and us Libra women need a manly man with a macho side.

To the poster above: I'm not really sure that's to do with him being a Leo. A lot of guys are very wary of being trapped by women via pregnancy. It's possible he had a bad experience with that previously, and it's now an alarm bell to him.

Your best bet might be to get some, and then casually let him know...

To the Libra woman asking about how a Leo man feels about a Libra woman. I'm a Leo and met a Libra woman a few months ago. The moment my eyes met hers, I got hooked. The grace, elegance, intelligence, sensuality.. unmatched. Unfortunately, due to distance and our busy lives, that was the only time we met.

We only communicate via email or occasional phone calls (I initiate usually). I am divorced, and she's in the middle of one. She is literally on my mind in every waking moment. She's been in my dreams couple dozen times.

The one time we met, her body language clearly showed her interest. Given that, and since my attraction to her is monumental, I decided to pursue her.

On her birthday just couple weeks ago, I mailed her a surprise gift - a living breathing red rose, accompanied with a vial of the purest rose extract, wrapped in satin.

We talked after she got it. I told her how I think about her. She stated she was caught off guard with such gift, and she only wants to be friends for now. I think my chances are ruined.

In my mind, I have a fairytale, literally, of me and her.

I wanted to engulf her with the mountain of passion I have for her. I guess I have to look somewhere else.

I'm a Libra woman who recently met a Leo man. The chemistry between us is amazing. He told me he felt like he could tell me anything. He gave me some secrets he'd never tell anyone on the first date, so I'm feeling pretty special :)

I feel so utterly comfortable around him. He's a romantic, which I totally adore. In fact, it feels like I've known him for much longer than have done. He understands me on a level which I've never felt with anybody else. We both can relate and understand each other's point of view and values. By the end of the first date, we were already acting like we'd been together for quite awhile!

I'm totally looking forward to what the future may bring with this Leo man. I've never met anyone else like him :)

To the Libra above. December is not too long to wait. I'm a Leo. It is good to make a Leo wait a little. If he's truly into you, he'll be planning and thinking through how to make the trip more romantic. Enjoy it. In my case, unfortunately, the Libra woman I fancy wants to be friends only for now. She's going through divorce. I'm not sure if she means the 'for now' literally, as in maybe in the future, or she's just turning me down nicely. She remains a dream. Enjoy your Leo.

I have a HUGE crush on a Leo guy too. We were talking and texting for a while. and went out like twice. but dare I say it only a booty call. I wanted more... but recently he told me he's interested in someone else. :(

my first boyfriend was a Leo. we went too fast so we were too deep into something we couldn't start again or fix. but it was perfect.

awesome astrological pairing ;)

How much can a Leo be enamored by a Libra lady? how about near to death? I was enamored enough that, after 3 months from meeting her, I'm driving absent minded, thinking of nothing but her. I go through a red stop light and almost get broadsided, not by one but two cars. If it wasn't for God's mercy, I'd have had major injuries or died. I lived through it to say to her 'happy birthday'. She doesn't know about this.

Im a Leo gal and my Libra and I dated 8 months and my Libra jumped ship because they couldn't be devoted emotionally and could not take emotional responsibility when they hurt me. Dear Libra...if you want to act single and want us to hang with exes, or when I come home from a business trip you would rather hang with your ex...go ahead. An insecure Libra is a nightmare. If they are lazy and lack goals...mark my words...

I'm a Libra woman, and I have a "meet and greet" with a Leo man on Friday. I feel more confident now after I have read this, thank you all for sharing your experiences.

to the Libra that went through her Leo's phone. Sincerely and continuously apologize to him until you see his sunny smile. You'll know you're sincere if you feel his smile melting you. Then never ever do it again. Leo man.

I'm a Libra woman and I started talking to a Leo guy a couple months ago. We met online and got along perfect. We finally met and hung out a couple times and I have never felt so compatible to guy as much as him. Unfortunately he is in a very well known band and it scared me to think that I felt like I couldn't trust him. He would then tell me that I was just using him because of the band and that girls always did that. ( I am not a groupie or have ever wanted to date a musician ) It would irritate me and make me feel like I wasn't good enough sometimes because of his ego. I decided to write him an email when he was in Europe for tour and tell him how I really felt. He didn't write me back for two weeks and then when he did he said that he "didn't deal with that stuff good." It really hurt me and confused me because all I told him was that I didn't care that he was in a band and that I really liked him for who he was. After that we argued and never talked again. All I told him was that I sincerely like him for the person he was and have never met anyone like him. Am I wrong? Was I a crazy bitch? I thought Leo's liked when you complimented them. And it really sucks because I still can't stop thinking about him. How do I it?!!?

I am a Libra woman. I have two best friends one male one female both Leo's. I absolutely adore them both. My male friend dated one of my college friends so he was off limits to me (in my crazy mind). We have known each other for 15+ years and close friends for 12+ of those years. He is amazing. When we first hung out together, we stayed out until wee hours in the morning and after he walked me to my door, we ended the night with a 4-hour telephone conversation. That night I learned everything about him, his favorite color, and his dreams and aspirations. I knew from that day forward that I would spend the rest of my life loving him as his friend I think! Come to find out that day I unknowingly talked him to the airport where he would spend the next 8 years overseas for work. The best thing about our friendship is that I get to see all of the good and bad of a Leo man. He is a strong, successful, loving man but he does have his flaws. Leo men are nonchalant; what Libra woman think is a big deal they simple shrug off, for example, I may e-mail him and he will e-mail me back days later, it goes with text and telephone calls. This has me questioning our friendship and his love for me constantly. A few times he has come into town on emergent business trips and did not call me and let me know he was here, I heard from a mutual friend which once again made me reevalatuate our relationship. Sometime I fell as if I love him more than he loves me and that our friendship does not mean as much to him. He can go weeks even months without calling or e-mailing me where I think about him at least once a day. I am constantly reevaluating our friendship. I am very much attracted to him...He is like my dream man but since I know him, how he operates, I feel like I would be setting myself up for heartbreak.

I am a Libra woman who has been in love with a Leo man for a few years. I recently told him how I felt but after a few months he met someone else on line and seem to want to keep me on the side. Why would he do something so evil to me? He behaves like he has split personality most of the time. He never says sorry when he wrongs me. He wants to pick up pieces without apology each time he decides to come around.

I am a Libra teen. so I met this Leo guy at work, and at first I was not attracted to him. Then after awhile when I see him around town he always stares at me...and then when am at work with hiim,he usually helps me with things but he doesen't talk first..i usually start the conversation....but he talks a lot with the other collegues... What's up with that?

So I want to know if he likes....or how can you tell a Leo is attracted to you?

I have definitely had good chemistry with Leo men. Currently I am "dealing with" a Scorpio Man, reminiscing on how wonderfully I clicked with the Leo. For some reason, me and the Leo male just seem to work out. It's not a dreamy union, but one which is very much down to earth and easy for me to grasp without going too fast. Unlike my current Scorpio Sweety, who swept me off of my feet, and now has me hanging in limbo--only 5 weeks later.

I am a libran girl and I was attracted to a Leo men, they aren't worth the hassle, they are users and abursers!!!! they treat you like crap and they will end up hating you! for no reason at all! they are cold and warm people, they don't care, they only want 1 thing and thats it, I am a nice libran and I said hi to him a few times and all he does is say nothing back! don't even bother with them, they are a waste of time! you end up losing that chemistry with them., I use to work with 1, and we got along, straight away the chemistry was there, but after I started working with them and we had that fling, we both totally lost it with each other, we started arguing like cats and dogs, they end up being obsessive and controlling and abursive towards you and try to make other people hate you like they do! you will see it, they never like to lose a game towards a Libra girl! i've warned you girls, watch out and be careful!

i've been seeing a Leo man for a few months. I'm intellectually stimulated and we have much in common. BUT the sex is very incompatible. My moon is in Scorpio and i'm all about passion. He's very dominant in bed and doesn't respect my needs :\ He's very well endowed and doesn't know how to use it. sex is awful-


sexually frustrated Libra

do you really think every Leo is identical in bed? These articles are generalizing, and there are always exceptions when you're only considering sun signs. Too many other factors in someones birth chart to simplify things too much. It's still interesting to see the common things

been seeing a Leo for 6 months. broke it off last night cause all of his roomates told me about him cheating on me with MANY women while I wasn't there. I guess he figured they wouldn't tell on him. This isn't the first time he cheated on a girlfriend either I just found out from them. He denied everything and lied to my face (ego thing?) I'm completely shocked.

but this is a blessing in a way...

he had horrible financial problems. dad still pays his rent at 27. Was too lazy to go to his college classes twice a week and never left the house. Sex wasn't that good neither. I'm deffinatley better off, but was willing to make it work. It was a learning experience more of I guess. Next time i'm going for an aquarius.

my Leo man for a month didn't buy me a birthday present, even though he made a lot of comments about the present..but on my actual birthday and birthday party.. NOTHING .. what's that about?

In my opinion Leo's and Libra's are the whores of the zodiac, so in fact if they encounter each other, than good for them. I believe this is karmic payback for how they have treated all the other people in their lives. Especially Libra women, liars, whores and users. Leo men will never be faithful unless it is to a Libra who will completely screw his ass. LoL! they both deserve what they get!

I met this Leo guy at university. Am a libra.When I saw him I felt really attracted. He was a real gentleman.He was handsome ,cute, sweet, smart, and had many girls and guys around him. He used to stare at me a lot around and I used to pretend I wasn't looking. But I did in his back. There was some serious sbut hy attraction between us. After a couple of years, we hooked up on Facebook. And I remembered back..Am sending him messages from time to time and am flirting and praising some other time, because I know leos like it.However..rediculously..he talkes to me only when I send him,knowing exactly, he is single and looking for soomeone..I like him but I stopped.To hell with him! We Libra girls also have huge pride.

Everything started out great...huge ego, strong, forceful, protecting, entitled and jealous but all in the ways a true Libra lady likes. I fell for him instantly and he did everything he could to ensure he ruled my heart but then things changed he would get mad for no reason and not call and I was the one always apologizing. We argued way too much to have not seen each-other in years and only talked online or by phone. We ended things so many times over the past 6 mos but 1 of us always broke. Finally we meet and it's great after I leave him and we talk in the coming weeks he's distant and is not responding to my calls or text. So once again I am done chasing him and do have my pride but am secretly hoping he is missing me like I'm missing him.

To the guy who sent a live rose: I have to admit that was a pretty nice gesture... and if a boyfriend had done that for me (being a Libra), that would have won him major points... but if it were too soon it may have put her off a little.

Im a Libra woman who has been dating a Leo man since 2007 and we are happy with lots of good sex, he is a romantic

attentive, caring, hardworking and fatherly man with a big

ego and I love it. we laugh and shop together I love him and he loves me back. we may have a disagreement about something small but we bounce right back as if nothing happen, we take care of each other, he doesn't complain and I love to do things for him to make him happy, our relationship is on fire, we talk about getting married and having a big family.. its all about getting the right Leo man and being the right Libra woman and thats us..

I'm the guy who sent a Libra woman a living rose. Well, I found out that she left abruptly, and now she's some 8000 miles away. The most intriguing part is that I dreamt of her leaving on 'short notice' about 2 months before she actually left. That is only one among many dreams I had of her that became true months later. Life keeps on going.

I know she was flabbergasted by the gift, but hey, this is how I am. Now I think back and, literally, laugh at myself.

Hi, I'm a Libra Girl and I recently added a Leo Guy as my friend on Facebook, he doesn't go on much but we BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), I don't know him as in I have not met him face to face but I really like his personality, his heart and he is just gorgeous-looking and I know in my heart that he is honest and true. My dilemma is that being a Libran, I don't go out that much and when I do it's usually with family because I don't like being alone, I am shy and most people have said that I have really good head on my shoulders but typical of a Libran I overthink and I really don't want to scare him away. You can tell when he's moody in his messages and in the short time that I've known him...I really feel like he is the one. He came very close to asking me out or suggesting we meet but I guess because it was a big family gathering he did not say anything. I feel like I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve and he's afraid or maybe tentative about meeting since the channels we've met through are not really conventional as such. "Will he ask again?" I need help Libra Gals with Leo's and Leo Guys, your thoughts are welcome as well...

Everything you want to know about a leo, Ok everything started out great...he had a huge ego, strong, forceful, protecting, entitled and jealous wasn't allowed to talk to any other guy except for him, but all in the ways a true Libra lady likes. I fell for him instantly and he did everything he could to ensure he ruled my heart but then things changed he would get mad for no reason and at little things if things didn't turn out the way he wanted and he would not talk to me and I was the one always apologizing and not him. We argued way too much at work we have not seen each-other in years and we don't even talk on the phone or online he has hidden away from me. There was so many time we wouldn't talk to each other, I had to move to the other factory just to be away from him cos of anger issues but 1 of us always broke. I have tried talking to me, but for me not doing anything wrong by him, he hates me and I mean he truely hates me, for what???? he's a very distant person but I can't help that so I leave him be and he will not respond to me so I don't really care anymore, it's he's lost So once again I am done chasing him and do have my pride but am secretly hoping he is missing me like I'm missing him.

Well, I am a Libra woman and I am crushing hard on a Leo man. We work together and I am much older than he is. I Ihave been working with him for five months and have been lusting over him for about two months. Well, after months of us just saying hello to each other, I got up the nerves to start getting to know him. He was very receptive and warm about that. Well, we kept getting to know each other, talking about football, other sports and weekend activities...until I bought a very fun video game and I told him about it. I could tell that he was interested. Well, soon we found ourselves together playing the game. I actually got him hooked on the game too!! Although nothing has happened at this point, I value our little friendship so much. What I like more than anything is that he cares about my feelings. If I tell him I don't like something or that he has done or said something that bothers me, he will stop immediately. I like the fact that he at least cares abou t how I feel. For me, the sexual chemistry is so strong and sometimes I can barely stand to be around him too much because I get so worked up. As much as I desire him sexually, I have to say that I cherish our friendship of spending time together, talking and texting. I wouldn't trade that for anything!!!!

Libra Women & Leo Men are absolutely not made for each other.. In the beginning it was beautiful, until I found out he,was living a lie.. I was with my ex Leo man 2 years who was lazy, a liar & a cheater... We have a daughter together who he doesn't even take care of.. He doesn't work... He always feels like you owe him something... He treats his mom like crap.. I truely hate him... The sex was good though...

Leo's are the best. Go get one

Leo GUY WITH THE ROSE: Omg!!!! How freaking sweet dude! I'm a Libra and I definitely would award major points for that one. See libras, we're all about balance. If you're gunna do an extreme gesture, ya gotta balance it out with a more subtle one. Like when you gave her the rose, a comment like "this reminded me of you.." -signature, without "love__" or anything. Oh yea, you would have us eating out of the palm of your hand with that one! Just too much can come off less sincere for some reason. Ya gotta learn to balance your masculinity and affection that's the trick! Super cute though! x

No no no. My past two x boyfriends who happened to be the only serious people I dated were all Leos! I don't fall easily but when I fall I fall hard! The first one was the absolute love of my life but he ended up being so jealous! Always started fights with me and cheated on me tons of times! Hence the jealously. However, we had the best connection as friends and our personalitys just clicked so well. The one after that which is the most recent x was one of my best guy friends at first. So I was very scared to start a relationship with him because I did not want to ruin what we had. He convinced me otherwise and I had never been happier in my life. He was so charming, loved to show off and have nice things, and would do the absolute cutest things to make me smile. When I was sad he would do anything to make me laugh. He was amazing to say the least, that was until we were not with eachother. He was so flirty like the last one and ended up cheated on me to! I feel tha t you have to be with leos at all times. Its like they forget what they have when they are not with you. To say the least the feelings I had with this two people which I have never expierence before leave me to say give it a go but remember when its good its real good and when its baddd it is REAL BAD. I wont even get into anymore details!

Hi, I'm one of the great Libra girls!! I had my first great Leo boy last summer, and we still talk and are like best friends... (That's my thing, I remain very close with all of my lovers) Now though, after going through five somewhat shallow relationships last year, I think I am getting to a point where I have foud someone I truly want. He's a Leo guy, and weve known each other for about 4 years. We made love once last year after a get-together, and I've had a special place for him in my heart since I met him. A few days ago we were video-chatting, and he confessed his love to me, and I to him- It was exhilarating! We are planning on going on a trip to Australia this fall, and I cannot wait to make love with him again... Tonight we chatted about having sex, and he was so turned on by my fantasies, It made me really excited!

All I can say, is that as a Libra woman who is constantly drawn to many Leos, itis definitely the way to go! I love my Lion!! Rawrrrrr

I am a Libra woman and I wanted to share my experience with a Leo man. My first love was a Leo, we met in 7th grade and began dating in 8th grade I believe. He was my first true best friend. I have to say I fell in love with him long before his true Leo colors came out. I read Leo's are dying to be in the limelight and love to be the funny guy and etcetera. He was always funny in a charming way but he was shy and insecure and that was what drew me in as a Libra. He was always very gentlemanly and kind and we had a wonderful relationship -besides the bickering. We bickered about the silliest things, several times a day. I ended up breaking up with him because I was over come by a strong series of crushes and I felt too unfaithful mentally to be worthy of him. After we broke up he slowly changed into the spotlight dominating, humorous guy- however only from cruel jokes at the expense of others. I find he may have been a better best friend than a boyfriend- but it was very good while it lasted. Make sure your Leo understands your sensitivity!

I am with Leo man and I am a Libra women. I feel that at times the Leo man canbe too dominating and always wanting to be right, and then I am also the same, we fight endlessly as I guess both of us have very strong personalities and hate being wrong. When we are good, we are very good, and love to spoil each other and splash out on beautiful things, dinners, drinks etc, but when we are bad we just cant seem to see eye to eye and he thinks that I change my mind too much and it confuses him. Sometimes I find him too much of a show off and that hurts my feelings.....would love to see this relationship last but also have my doubts and feel I need someone a little calmer that will compliment my personality.........although at the same time I feel like I cant leave him because there is something still there holding me close to him?

Iv dated a leo, but it had a pretty awful ending because he was overly obsessive, wanted to control my entire life yet didn want to let anyone know about is... I think it was an of case but still it was worse than I could handle.

And now I'm here again, iv met a Leo guy but the problem is he doesn talk... I can't tell what's going through his mind! He initiates conversations half the time but then just doesn say much... I have to keep asking him stuff or the convo just dies out, I'm just bout ready to give up... Wt fo you'l think?

A lil piece of advice on getting that Leo you want,

Have you heard the story where a lion had caught a hare, but then saw the deer and so dropped the hare and ran after it! Well that's how they can be in real life. So the moral over here with our lovely Leo men is, its better not to get caught :p

I met a Leo recently and we hit it off almost immediately, about a week later I finally realised he was kinda into me, the moment I reciprocated that was it! :p he just started acting like he wanted to be the one chased now my Libra mentality isin't gonna let me run after someone maybe its cause even we have a good dose of ego lol so now I'm back to treating him how I did in the beginning and well he's back to being all over me, I'm not sure what I should do next but I know showing him I like him is not gonna take it anywhere!

And like the rest out there have said, don give in soon... I really think their right!

My ex was a leo, and we broke of on pretty stupid terms but overall for some of us librans, their the one! :)

I absolutely adore my Leo man, and I can't see anyone else for me ever!! That's not to say that he's perfect, but that our ways of working things out are perfect for eachother....he's very bossy and demanding, and his ego - sheesh! it dwarfs everything else about him! But I can handle all that :-) And he's completely worth it!! On the up side, he constantly tells me how wonderful I am, and how lucky he is to have me; he loves to touch me and rub my arm or back all the time; he hates when we are not together (possessive - but I thrive on it!); he loves buying me things I want, but am hesitant to buy for myself; I could go on and on!!

My advice to Libra women would be firstly, take great care with the fragile Leo ego! If you wound that badly enough, I think he would never recover, and lose his love for you. If you must criticize him, do it so carefully and quietly. Also, when we argue, I get the best results by letting him storm off angry and come back to me when he cools down (sometimes it takes a few times!) He needs to believe HE is the one who is deciding to change, not that I am making him. When I am angry, he hates when I quietly express my anger (by not talking to him, instead of yelling at him), so that's the best way for me to get him to listen to me and care about why I'm upset. Resolving things with him can be a long process, and sometimes ridiculous. I roll my eyes to myself (NEVER to him!) about his silly ego and pride alot, but I still play that game with him to help him come around, and my reward is that he is so devoted to me! He calls me an angel on earth - what could make me more happy?!! :-) He knows he is difficult (he's almost proud of it), and he appreciates and values that I love him in spite of that.

Another plus for me is that he is very impulsive, and I have had so many exciting experiences that I never would have had without him (I can never make up my mind!). He's also the cure for my procrastination!! LOL -- I have all the great ideas, and he has the determination to get them accomplished!

I can see how some Leo men would be prone to cheat - they love new, exciting things and can get bored easily. My man isn't like that - he's more loyal than most, and forward women irritate him (he likes to be the chaser). He loves attention, but he wants to decide who gives it to him and how much!!

I would say that the Libra woman's response to that should be never let him think he's totally "caught" her, so he doesn't get bored with their relationship. Think of it like a game, and follow his lead to see how much "chase" you should give him. Remember, some Leos are very possessive. I express my love to him mostly with hand-squeezing and glowing smiles. He looks happiest when I shyly smile at him after he tells me how special I am - it's like he wants to direct my love for him too!! (and I let him! LOL) I do tell him I love him, but I don't use too many sentences, or he starts to lose interest (but not love) - just a quick "you are the best man for me", "I'm so lucky you picked me", "I'm so happy with you". He loves being my hero, my savior (from an unhappy, lonely life).

When I get annoyed or hurt by his impatient or gruff attitudes, I go sit in another room until he comes to see why I'm upset. Sometimes he's angry at me, and he has to leave and come back again. But he will always end up saying sorry, and making amends, and I ALWAYS forgive him (that makes him willing to say sorry next time - there will always be a next time with him!! LOL). His sorry's are the best, because by the time he is ready to say it, he really means it. And I NEVER overuse that power to influence him when I'm upset - I save it for the important things he has hurt me about. I let a lot of things go, realizing that he has some real weaknesses that he needs me to love him in spite of, and that he can't always help.

I find my Leo man is a complete contradiction - equally strong and vulnerable! He requires extra care and effort, but his love and devotion have made me the happiest I could ever be, and I know he feels the same. He is worth every bit of it!! :-D

I'm a Libra woman and my boyfriend is a Leo man..I love him so much.we never have.a dull moment.

Hey Guys!! I'm a 19yrld sexy Libra. I'm a mistress of a Leo Man. We met thru someone and never seen eachotha. So I wanted 2c him and he always played games But was da one keep callin and askin 2 c me!!!! I got fed up wit da games so I wanted 2 cutt him off! He really didn't kno who he was dealing wit and how I can get any man I want!!!! So we tlked and I yelled at him and a classy manor and told him 2 get his shit 2geter den com holla @ me!!!! He was very quiet and adored by my dominating way. He say he promise 2c me and datz what happen. Once he seen me and peroson HE WAS HOOOKKEEDDD!!!! I was everything he was lookin 4!!!!! He say I had a gorjess bod beautiful face and we had sex so he say I had some sweet pussy*_* He also confess he was married and was scared ill leave him. He married 2 a Taurus 9yrs. I dn t feel ok wit dis cause I dnt do married men. But he was AtTTractive!!!! O jesus he's 40 but looks 30 He from jamaica and has a very sexy overbite and accent!!! His wife would be very je alous if she even seen him look @ a pretty girl like me. But after he let my home He Kept Callllllllin Me!!!! Even voice messages. I answered of course and I love our chemistry!!! He loves to dominate sex and I'm jus submissive. He ask how was his sex and I tell him I didn't like it;-) and we both laugh.. so I like him he's cool and I kno how 2 put his ass and his place! Any questions or comments?

I'm a Leo man that just lost an amazing Libra woman. I never felt like this toward a woman, not even my ex wife when we first met. Unfortunately I imploded with selfishness and turned her off and she dumped me. I'm currently trying to win her back.She is the most beautiful person I've ever met.

Leo man hung up on a Libra woman. Its hard to argue with the posters above that stated Libra women can be terrible. They are USERS, disloyal and downright mean. As a Leo, I figured it out and went dark on her. Every time I do, she comes back..... so we will see what happens. But their indecisiveness is maddening and they will use you until you're bled dry.

I am a Libra girl I met a Leo boy and he is a jerk he never stops talking about himself. he don't even know my name and he asked me out. except that he is so cruel:'((and don't forget Libra girls are sensitive) I don't know what to do. I think libra's best match is aquarius.

Hello: I was surprised to read about the guy (Leo) who dreamed of a Libra women. I had the same experience. I met her a few years ago, very informally, then couldn't get her out of my mind. She just kept coming back. I had a series of dreams about her. We're both attached but friends. She's incredibly alluring...sorry but women know little to nothing about romance...they are just dumb when it comes to it, totally goes over their heads...and they have no idea what a Leo man would sacrifice for them (and that's probably a good thing too).

My significant other clearly isn't your typical Leo, otherwise he would be easier to predict (just keep on the the praise...). I, the Libra, constantly feel I am in con control of the relationship, which I don't like. Moreover, I really miss the spiritual something in this union. I mean, he's a wonderful person and treats me like a real gentleman (never have I felt so respected, esteemed and treated with style and manners), but he's not very philosophical and doesn't really care about most "existence" issues I want to talk about.

this was the first time I met Leo man through facebook we have been messaging each other for several weeks. so I was like this is the right time to ask for a phone number. but he totally blew me off by saying that he doesn't like me that way and that I should be careful messaging strangers because it would give off a wrong impression... so I went off telling him that I i don't like him that way hiding the fact that what he said really shook me.. now we are just talking as friends but I still feel down about what happened..

I am a Libra woman, and I am so in love with a Leo man. We work together. I dream about him every night,and think about him all day. We talk and he flirts, but he will not ask me out. Seven months ago, I asked him out to a movie, and he just said he was a man. I want him so much. I do not know what to do. We are friends on facebook, and he is always committing on things I write. I want to be with him, but I don't want to scare him alway. I am 10 years older, and we know that. What can I do. I don't want to lose this man, I have been waiting for someone like him for a long time. Now he is in my sight and I don't know what to do to get past friend.

Leo && Libra make a great match , just like a Sagittarius && Libra . But at the end of the day Leo && Sagittarius are made for each other , just like Libra && Aquarius are made for each other .

Today is my Libra sweetheart's birthday. I'm a Leo that she works with, and if we were closer in age and if I wasn't married to someone else, I believe she would be perfect for me. Somehow, if we could get together I just know we would be great together. I love her. She's someone I could spend eternity with. If only I could let her know....

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