Leo man makes me feel safe and special

I have only been with him for around three months but have never felt so happy in my life. He wants to see me all the time and is never shy to show affection. He can be moody but I find it easy to pick him up with reassurance and humor. If he has been moody, he apologies shortly after face to face and then when we are apart he will send me a long e-mail detailing how bad he feels for doing such a small thing as being slightly moody. An extremely sensitive person!

He is very very romantic and one of the most attractive sides to his nature is his protective streak. Not possessive, but wildly protective. He, like many leos can I gather, makes me feel so safe and special.

I think the main reason that librans and leos are renowned to work together is their mutual need for affection. If you get a good Leo man, he is solid platinum.

Libra girls - find yourself a leo ;-)

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