Leo man never pops the question

by Waiting4Love
(Kuala Lumpur)

I've known this typical Leo guy for about a year now. Although just a year, we are really fond of each other. I like him and he likes me too. Well, I can see it through his gestures, sweetness and all the things he tells me. But I've been waiting for more than 6 months now. He does everthing except a proposal.

I realise that when I keep going after him, he keeps cool. But when I get tired of waiting and start avoiding him, he comes all the way to meet me, saying he missed me. Gosh, it's so difficult to understand them.

In my case, I had to start giving signals. Eg, a hug when we meet and before going apart. Once I've started, he seemed comfortable. But I feel like I shouldn't start it. He's the man here.
So, I'm still keeping in touch with him, be nice, and keep hoping that he 'sees' me one day.

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by: Leo's for me

Hello. I agree with your point, I am a virgo female dating a leo male and whenever I talked to him, I would drop those occasional hints that I liked him. It still didn't work and he didn't asked me out. I had to go up and ask if he was into me but seeing that I am a shy virgo it was a bit difficult although he did admit, he admitted it in a way were he didn't even have to say "I like you". It was almost like a puzzle. Then he admitted later on in the relationship that he becomes naturally sweeter and more open with someone he is with than someone who he's into. Hope that helps.

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