Leo man one night stand, or more?

I was attracted to a leo man, i am a virgo woman. he would flirt with me all the time in class and would constantly drop hints he was into me. We
finally got together one night, but ever since then he ignores me.. what is he thinking?!? Was it a one night thing or what?

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Chalk it up to experience
by: David-admin

There are a number of possible explanations, and few of them are Leo specific. Many people do this occasionally, though it's more frequent with men than with women. One reason is the difference in viewpoint. Guys tend to look at the first sexual encounter(s) as part of the "getting to know you" phase of a relationship. "Try before you buy" etc, while women tend to assume they herald the start of a committed relationship. Many guys don't have a problem walking away if they decide the overall package isn't what they want once they've seen it all.

My point here, is not to assume that it was the sex that sucked. Many guys know in advance that the sex would have to be fairly Olympic to compensate for other bad elements.. yet they still want to sample it before making a final decision.

There are also plenty of other possible reasons. Some guys are already seeing other people, some are just looking for the conquest etc. The bottom line, no matter what the reason was, is that you're just going to frustrate yourself by trying to guess.

The best approach is to chalk it up to experience, look on it as a warped and indirect compliment, and move on with your life. Ironically, doing this is also far more likely to attract him back than any form of questioning or sulking will...

It sucks, but you'll be hard pressed to find a woman, or man, who it hasn't happened to at least once. It's just a part of life, and as with everything else, beyond a point you can't control it, just how you react to it.

My virgo experience
by: Anonymous

I am a leoman and my first short term partner was a virgo man. I was planning to come out without a hetero experience and flirted in a gay site for a few months prior to meeting him. I have to admit a few things that were important to me about him were incorrect, highly exaggerated such as his age, his sexual stregth, his mood. We leos are more relaxed, laid-back or ganized usually but probably not the way virgos are. If I am with someone whom I like, I would try to please the person if it means sort of delaying or giving up on some other leisure activities. This virgo I met had plans and would follow them strictly. He would ask me to meet him at his place which meant I would drive quite a long distance in my limited time in order to spend an intimate night over, he would simply make me beg for it which I found highly inconsiderate. He knew my desire of sexual satisfaction was highly important in my connection to someone but he would always have made it very difficult. Eventhough I initiated sex, spent most of my energy to put him in a mood and even have done things that I probably wouldn't in other situations, he was just so difficult. The sex was good though very very brief. He bragged about how sexual he was but short sex became very lousy sex. Simply, someone hands you a candy and then as soon as you take a taste for a second, he takes it away from you and you say "WHAT THE HECK!"

We leomen usually take the lead but that's also the case for a virgo in my brief encounter. There is always tension and their push into the leadership come through sort of as if I am not exist. I was able to talk to a few more virgos but nothing intimate and I happen to see the same thing in them. Even in their talk, it's sort of "yeah you might think you are the king but I don't give a damn" sort of attitude. I don't really care as much who is leader or leads the way as leo always believe he is a natural leader anyway and no need for anyone's approval for it though I think we are highly considerate of others in most cases unless some critical decision needs to be taken then we think one should seriously consider it.

With virgo, it's a competition that forces me invest my time on encountering it rather than investing that time to please my partner.

I just thought being with a Virgo didn't work for me and it doesn't seem to me I can mentally get along well with them, either though there is always courtesy and respect in the relation. I have to admit when I meet a virgo, I know I am inviting conflicts and I have strong dislikes about conflicts thus no, it doesn't work for me.



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