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I am a Pisces woman with a Leo man, and its been a wonderful experience so far. we do have fights, so far nothing huge, but the bouts are there regardless. He gets frustrated because I refuse to share my feelings with him all the time, and I get frustrated when he gets so cocky it becomes inconsiderate, and when he gets himself into debt. But I tell him I'm worried about him, and that's why I get upset, so he'll know I'm not just nagging him.

Even when we're fighting, I love the time, because something gets fixed, and he's a great listener whenever I get in my moods of ranting. He never forgets to tell me he loves me, and I always return his affections. I'm also aware that I have him tied around my finger, and he admits he'd bend over backwards for me.

we've been together for 10 months, and at times when I'm insecure he's always tells me that I'm the best thing that's ever happened to him. Praising him for his strength in handling strange predicaments is something that comes in handy when he's down, or I know he needs the uplifting.

and just so everyone knows, I'm the one that dominates the relationship, and he follows my lead without a complaint and he even says he loves it. So although my sign is the weaker one, I know Pisces can take charge, even over a stronger sign like Leo. He does get jealous about random things, and holds me on a pedestal, which is exhausting, and he tries to control aspects, but I normally tell him I don't care, and I like the way something is, and he'll leave it be.

I believe we're truly a wonderful match, even as Leo and Pisces, as long as we understand each others needs.

I'm a Pisces female currently dating a Leo man. We've been together for over 2 years, a VERY ROUGH two years. Honestly, I don't think we are fit for each other.

In the beginning it was magical, yet there was always something lingering that just didn't feel right. Leo men are VERY self centered and love people to cater to them and make them feel important. Pisces give everything, and love doing so. So it seems like it should work then. But when you give your all and rarely get anything in return (not even a smile or a thank you ever), it really starts to change the way you look at someone.

Pisces don't like to feel taken for granted or disrespected. We don't require much. Even just a smile goes a long way with us. Now days, I don't give him as much and do for him as much anymore, and he demands it now. I've spoiled him. I know we are not fit for one another. I've tried to let him go a few times. But he hangs onto me tightly. He says I'm so good to him that he'd be crazy to let me go. Yet he refuses to bend at all to make me happy, no matter how much I bend for him.

The Leo's pride gets in the way. They are control freaks and like to be in charge. He has two personalities. He can be very sweet or completely the opposite. Usually the sweetness only comes out if he feels he's losing me. When I give into him, the sweetness disappears and he returns to his normal self, which is very hard for me to get along with most of the time. Also, the sex is usually pretty bland.

Leo's are more interested in laying back and receiving pleasure than even giving a thought about whether you are enjoying it. I love him and I hate him at the same time. Pisces women and Leo men don't understand each other. It's really a mentally and emotionally exhausting effort to try. If you haven't already been entangled in this love match, then don't even try it. It's full of headache and heartbreak.

Sorry to any Leo men I may have offended. I know you are not all exactly like this. I've just dated two Leo men before and the results were basically the same.

Im a Pisces dating a Leo...I have been dating him for 4 months and before we started talking 8 months ago.. the relationship is worth it but like every one it has its problems...the attention they crave can at times drain us but the love they also show is what we want. I wouldn't trade him for anyone else

Im a Pisces woman and yes Im currently with a Leo man. There are many different opinions going around about this... different pairing. Well lets go back to the beginning...

It all started out late in the summer and you know how you meet people when you have common interests you share, well we got to know each other very well as time passed on. Sometimes he would start "harmless" flirting and say it meant nothing even if he was already with someone. A few months passed and we started getting closer and his flirting was starting to work its magic on my mysterious Pisces heart...After time I found myself daydreaming over him and a few weeks later we were together. =)

At first our relationship blossomed and it was steamy and the most wonderful experience I have ever felt...Sure we had problems from time to time but we've always been honest with one another no matter what and I admired that many times over again about him. But after a couple weeks I started to feel as if he wasn't the same person because I was everything for him and as soon as I felt like I had o end it he worked his charm on me again...Every single time I was upset he would turn into the famous romantic Leo everyone knows and loves...

Finally after another month passed, I talked to him about the problems I felt were getting out of hand like his lack of affection and how he hardly ever said, "I love you" anymore. It didn't take long for him to see his...mistakes and he admitted to it willingly. A month or so passed and when we finally started to talk again he was like my prince charming...without the horse ._. Anyways he turned out to be sweet, compassionate, open, honest, protective, less grumpy, he smiled more, he always makes me laugh, he understands me when I have a problem, he's always been there for me, through thick and thin...We've been together for almost a year and I think sometimes if there is a lil understanding in a relationship it will work out very well just as long as your both equals and open and understand each others needs...He even thinks because of my being with him I've changed him for.

Is Leo man suitable for piscean women?

Taking a wild guess I'd say the whole point of this page is to share experiences so you can decide that for yourself! If someone just posted an answer of 'yes' or 'no' then hopefully you wouldn't believe it.

I'm a Pisces woman who married a Leo man.

Our relationship was nearly perfect in the beginning. It was love at first site, truthfully.

We started out as friends and one day he confessed his love to me out of the blue. At first I said "no" because I was afraid due to a recent breakup with a Libra.

Anyway, we eventually got together and were very passionate for each other. Leo's are VERY passionate and excitable! -about love, life, sex, romance, and even anger. Don't make them mad, they will growl, hahaha.

After 3 years I really started to notice that things were not going to work out between us. I think he is unusually emotional for a Leo but I could be wrong. In the end, his mood swings became too much for me. We were both very moody and would get on each others nerves. Though he was very in love with me and would do ANYTHING for me within his grasp - it just didn't work.

His emotional outbursts became too frequent and too public - often embarrassing me in front of family/friends. After 3 years of marriage we both realized that it was not meant to be. We broke up 4 months ago but are still best friends. We spend a ton of time together.

I think our marriage could have worked out IF we were able to keep our moods in check. And if the Leo is willing/able to make a decent living.

Well I have been dating a Leo guy for about 3 years now and it was really a rocky road and emotional war for me as we argued a lot and then we made a lot, so our feelings were here there and every where. He was and is my prince charming and I love him to bits for his sweet and amazing personality . The trick to make a Leo Pisces relationship to work is to just love each other , understand , and be patient with each other as emotional outburst could trigger at any time. One thought that just triggered my mind was that we almost broke up so many time but when you really think about it was for dumb things and sometimes we have to give in more than we get out and a little secret is to say I LOVE YOU cause that makes the heart grow fonder.

I am a Pisces woman, married to a Leo man for 11 years. Our relationship is based on our intense desire to be great parents to our 6 kids. Even though we love each other very much and would never want to hurt each other, many times I feel we are missing a deep connection and stay together just to avoid hurting the other person.

Because of our similar childhood situations we are both committed to having the best life possible and I love how my Leo man will stop at nothing to have fun and try all of my new hobbies/interests. (of course this was accomplished by years of my tears and pleas for him to understand me) He works very hard in his military career (with me by his side keeping him in check) and his children ADORE him.

The only problems we come across are when I want to be adored. He likes to adore me, but only as a reflection of himself. I have to work very hard to be my own person and through most of our marriage have felt very little romantic chemistry or sex appeal for him. The sex is good physically, but it leaves me feeling empty and unloved. One of my favorite jokes about a Leo is... What does a Leo say after making love? Damn I'm good.

I have spent many years the brunt of his jokes about my inability to "make it" in this world without him. The other problem we have is his boasting. He can't tell me something that he did without changing the story slightly just to make himself look better. In my mind and heart, this is dishonest and it detracts my love from him. He is a very good man, but I feel, as time goes on, that he becomes better and I become more crippled. His interest is not really in helping me become a better person through our marriage, but rather, keeping me at his side. It's like he's saying "there is no reason for you to shine, I can shine enough for the both of us." even to the point of stealing the moment away from his children loving me. This leaves me feeling empty and does not make me love him more and he just cannot understand this.

We were young when we got married, have many similar life experiences from childhood, have similar goals, have a great life together, but I would still say we are not entirely compatible and our relationship leaves me wondering what is wrong but I have a difficult time putting my finger on the problem when it arises. As far as Leos go, he is very patient esp. considering the fact that I try to convince him that he doesn't love me on a weekly basis lol

I am a Pisces female and I am dating a Leo man right now. and only thing that I can say is that it is very enigmatic! I mean one minute it's love, and the next minute it's the opposite...like he's pulling me by force. it's so crazy, though. I have nothing else to say because we've started a relationship September 26, 2009....and until this day, it's crazy. but I can say that his love for me is real and he have changed my aspects on guys when I've always ended up hurt. he understood that I was afraid, yet he do have a temper. he doesn't talk about his problems which makes it more frustrating.....to be continued....post more later.

I'm so very confused on these Leo men.

Do they usually come back after they've broken things off?

I met my Leo about a month and a half ago, at a mutual friend's birthday party. And to be honest, it was like love at first sight! He is so charming and wonderful. Exchanged numbers, talked for a bit, then went on a date. The first date was amazing! And from then on, we were dating. Every date was just so fabulous, I was blown away! He took me EVERYWHERE! We ate out wherever I wanted and the list goes on and on...every time we had our bonding moments, I always felt like I had such a deep connection to him because I finally felt like myself around him. But, one night, after a month into dating, I told him I was "falling for him" and that I just wanted to let him know. I also told him I'm not expecting an answer or anything back, I had just wanted to tell him. The very next night, he broke everything off. Out of the blue, those exciting adventures and sweet nights went flying past me. He said he just doesn't have those feelings anymore, and he just couldn't handle it. I don't know what that's supposed to mean because throughout the time we dated, I would have never suspected anything like this happening. His best friend didn't see it coming either. At this point, we haven't seen each other since. I miss him sooo much! I literally was at my most happiness with him, and it's just all gone now. I don't get it? What do I do?

There is nothing better in the entire cosmos than my bayyybieee who happens to be a Pisces. I adore her beyond all comprehension and we love each other beyond anything and the feelings are mutual :)

I plan on loving her till eternity and beyond. There's nothing in this world that I wont do for her.

I wuuvvvvvv you Poohkie :)

Beebo & Poohkie forever :D

I laugh when I read some of these experiences because I completely relate. As a Pisces woman a Leo man finally caught me after three months on the hunt. We've known each other for 7 months and have spent nearly everyday together. When Leo's are committed they will commit, and everything will move fast. We are already living together. I was hesitant about the pace but it is working out for us. Pisces are weak to make decisions and he makes them for me, which I love. Other things I love...

1. Will always take care of me and will DO anything for me

2. Showers me with flowers and gifts

3. Always wanting to talk about and fix the issue at hand

4. Though he likes the attention of other girls, I know he will end up at home with me.

There are definite downfalls, as in any relationship.

1. Arguing in public (which is soo embarrassing for me)

2. I definitely feel like his trophy girlfriend that he flaunts around.

3. Leo's can be snobbish, one sided and biased (maybe that just my boyfriend :)

4. Aims to please everybody especially close friends.

5. When they have money, they'll spend a good portion of it looking good.

I hope this helps anyone trying to land a Leo...I think with any guy...they love the chase, so probably shouldn't sleep with them right away and if he is committed, he will have no problem showing his love and affection.

Good luck!

Oh Leo Men. I am starting a relationship, so I'm probably not the right one to make any sort of comparison yet. We met in one of our college classes. He says that he thought I was funny and sweet, and he loved my ass. I liked that he was confident and talked about everything that he felt like, unlike all the water signs that I have dated. Water signs dance around everything. I fell so hard for him charming me. It made my fragile little Pisces ego feel so good. The sex is also phenomenal. My god, I didn't know it could be that good. It is kind of a fight to see who is better. That is my Taurus moon showing. I think he is great, but we agreed not to fall in love. This is just a thing until one of us decides that we don't like it. I like that. I jump into commitments too fast, because I want to be in love so badly. He and I are comfortable not calling our relationship anything, and not making tying each other down with the whole love thing.

Regarding Leos coming back after it is over...


I am a Pisces woman who met and dated a Leo about 6 years ago. We had a great time going to the movies, staying up late talking until the wee hours of morning, going to dinner...I even met all his friends and they even told me I was the first girl he had ever brought around. I felt so flattered by this, but still I never wanted to push anything with him because our time was so great. Mind you, I was only 19 turning 20 at the time. He was 26 at the time.

Then New Year's Eve came a few months into our relationship. We went to his best friend's house and as we were driving home, we got lost...it took us 5 hours to get home! After that, he stopped calling me. I knew it couldn't be because we were lost driving around that entire night. Well, a few months later was my birthday. He called and told me he wanted to take me out for dinner...I waited and waited...he stood me up! I was already sick of it and my feelings were hurt. Then, Halloween came up and he called me again and invited me out to a party...he stood me up that time! I was done with it completely. For whatever reason, my Mom kept saying how she liked him and she knew he would come back...but we could not figure out what was going on with him to be acting so damn weird!

So, I move away to Europe for school a few years after this incident. He contacts me via email. He starts telling me how he misses me and of course, I let him know I'm now in Germany. The emails and instant messages become more frequent. Now, when he was standing me up all the time, I never confronted him because he would just ignore my calls and I wasn't so concerned, even though I knew I really liked him. I just didn't find it necessary to get mad. Finally, over the internet chat I say "You really hurt my feelings. You stood me up all those times and I don't want to talk to you anymore." His reason was that I was "pressuring him" and that I "purposely got us lost on NYE."

That was the most absurd excuse I had ever heard! So I just went with it and kept randomly hearing from him on and off.

In 2008, I returned to the States. By now, I'm living in another city. He invites me to see a concert with him and buys me a plane ticket...I stood him up. There was no anger or words about this...ever. Then, he invites me again for NYE coming into 2009. I ignore him again. Then, the emails start becoming more frequent until he actually has the audacity and guts to call my mom and get my phone number from her. I get a call from him out of the blue. Not only does he invite me to stay with his family in their summer home in Florida, he flies out to me and then we fly out there together. I just agreed for the free trip anyway :)

At the beach, he finally opens up his feelings and becomes a new person. Since then, he moved to my city to be near me and has been the best, most obedient boyfriend ever.

I know I was lengthy in my post, but the bottom line is that the Leo male (especially the quiet ones) might seem to be testy in a way but in the end, they will only do things when they feel "it's the right time." I strongly believe his feelings toward me were always genuine. He was quite secretive as well. But now, I've seen him around his friends and his family and this guy loves to be the center of attention even though he is quite personable and emotional. The other key point is that I call all the shots. I am a very jealous Pisces. I tell him what to do and he really likes doing what I tell him...I am not demanding but loving. They like to make themselves useful and they are really thoughtful, just sometimes they take a looooooooong time opening up :)

Well... I am married to a Leo man for almost five years now... and everything everyone says is soooo true.... I am just now molding my Leo into the man I want him to be,.,, but of course doing this ONLY by flattering him Always.. and making him feel as if he is a God!!! that is what I have learned.. they need LOVE and attention always.. and they like to act like they do not like it but they looooooove when you show affection towards him especially in public. Yes he loves for me to dress up and ook my best all day everyday.. but throughout the years he has started helping me around the house and with the children... does show e more attention.. and really appreciates what I do now .. he even says it.. it is just that he knows I take good care of him and he knows I put up with High mat. LOL!!

I am a 21 year old Pisces girl who just recently started a love affair with her former best fried, you have guessed it, a Leo.

We met at University and for 3 years we were best friends, we told each other everything, we supported one another, we never let a day pass without saying one good word to each other but we never considered the idea of being gf&bf, although all our friends thought we were.

then one day, out of the blue when I was telling him what a jerk my boyfriend was and how he was hurting me again (that guy was a Libra...) he could not stand it any more, took my hand into his and told me. look, I am sick and tired to hear how boys use you as their door-mat, I want and know that I can make you happy, if you allow me. I just gently kissed him because I was unable to speak.

we spent new year's eve together and I feel like I am living in a magical world ever since. he is the most caring, attentive, sweet and sexy boy I could ever ask for and he treats me like a princess.

so, girls if you too are looking for a fairytale...just ask him if he is born under the sign of the king

An amazing date of a Leo with a Piscean that I can't describe with words.

I wasn't sure under what section to post this one but since the web designer mentioned that the interpretation of signs pretty much the same for both gay and non-gay people so I would like hear the opinion of gay-Pisceans if not Piscean girls about Leo man.

I am a Leo who strongly carries the characteristics of a Leo-man and briefly I think of myself as a pretty good guy; very caring and fun-loving.

I hooked up with a Piscean guy at the beginning of the new year with whom I have a great age difference (in my opinion) though the date has blown my mind off. I have had the most amazing night ever with him. I can't describe with words. He was a wonderful guy in the sack and simply we didn't talk much prior to meeting. He seemed very quiet after our initial phone talk. He asked if I would like to talk on the phone, I called but it was only for a minute or two. I asked him if he wanted to know anything about me. He simply said "no." We met, I took him to a cozy restaurant in the neighborhood turned out to be his favorite food. We initially planned to spend a few hours intimate moment if there was any chemistry. He spent the night with me. It was the longest intimate moment I have had pretty much all evening and night through and some more in the morning. I couldn't get it out of my mind.

I knew he felt the same. Anyhow, I got an e-mail and he wrote "thank you for the amazing time I had with you and would like to have the experience again." I was happy the feelings were mutual. Then, no phones, no e-mails for a few days. Although I don't ever chase after guys, I simply wanted to give up on my pride and send some txt messages and e-mails the following days. He was so happy that he received text message from me, he said in his text message. Though I was sort of trying to find out whether he was going to be around for the weekend to get together, he already said he would be working so needed to go to bed early in our last message exchange on that day which was about a week after our first date.

The following week, I got a message from him saying he would be going on a weekend trip out of state which was going to follow for a week vacation but he would like to stay in touch and wanted to spend time with me again. That's all.

While he was on vacation (out of state), I didn't want to bother him, giving him space and privacy though I noticed him checking the sites regularly through which we met. I would think "you know one should drop a message or something-but no." Meanwhile, I came to this website to learn more about Piscean guys as I have not dated a Piscean before but one or two very good friends of mine have been Piscean which I didn't remember at the time.

Anyhow, He has been back for a week now, and no messages. I understand that Pisceans are very quiet and probably "daydreaming" while they are in their own world alone. On the other hand, I have pride as a Leo-man but for this guy who took my breath away, I would give up on it a little if I can only see a sign though I am sorry I can't chase this fish if he wants to play "hard to catch" game with me. No need, after all, this is supposed to be bout having fun and having intimacy (sexual encounter with friendship at best for the moment) as he knew my intention prior to meeting and I also told him I haven't hooked up with anyone for many years for the simple fact that I have another (partnered) friend who comes with benefits whom kept me sexually highly busy.

Well, I simply am not sure about my next move. Any opinion, advice of other Piscean gagmen or ladies are greatly appreciated. I am rational so the compatibility ratings may not mean so much but the information given on the site by the astrologist and forum participators pretty much says that it may be good to consider them.

Thank you in advance.

Leo man

I received a surprise call last night from my Piscean man. I was sooo happy. He said he was on vacation which I was aware (just that he visited internet site where we met but never send an e-mail during that time although he said he wanted to stay in touch) and then he had some medical issues he had to deal with. He was talkative surprisingly), flirtatious, and he did say I intimidate him except during we had sex. He said he would be very comfortable once we get together again and wanted to see me this coming weekend and asked if it would be okay for him to call me while I am at work (sounded like I might be getting regular calls). I learned about Piscean guys here so I have made compliment and unusually admitted how much I was into him and that I found him very sexy and handsome. He was happy. We'll see...

Another great date with him! He was a lot more comfortable and friendly when we met. I took him to a nice place for dinner. He was flirtatious while I was driving. I told him he should probably stop it before I change my mind and we go home right away. :) When we get home, we have NOT get out of the bed for 20 straight hours. We didn't even get a chance to really eat except I offer him a cup of coffee and the slice of cheesecake we bought after the dinner. We had simply an AMAZING time together.

its almost been 3 months since my Pisces woman and I have been together. EVERY moment we have spent together was worth every second. I cannot get enough of her. that may be my Leo affection speaking for me but I couldn't care less. I love her more than anything in the world. I feel we carry some of the most important traits that make us very compatible together. I hope to see myself in the future with her for a VERY long time!

Love you Taty!!!

I'm a Mermaid (that's supposed to be a joke... I'm Pisces) and I've been dating a Leo man for about 3 months now. We just seem to be perfect for one another. Little things confirm that every day. I think he's the only person I can spend hours speaking to without getting bored. I hope that these feelings linger for as long as I remain breathing. He's truly my light in this world and a great companion.

I love you Tony~ And even though I say it all the time: you're wonderful. That's the best way to describe you. Just...wonderful.

My boyfriend (Leo) and I (Pisces) have been dating for a few months now and everything is going wonderfully. We met several years ago and then lost touch for the most part, a quick e-mail every 6 months or so. Both of us had a abusive relationship during those years of little contact. I had finally given up on dating because it was always a awful experience for me. Then my Leo wrote me apologizing for not answering my last letter, I wrote back and we had a few weeks of at least a letter a day. Then he asked if I wanted to go on a date, I said I'd love too and we went out 2 days later. This is going to sound really girly, but, it was the best date I've ever been on, he was sweet and charming and gentlemanly. I'm usually a very distant person, I don't like to get close to people or have them close to me and I'm not open at all. But he doesn't pressure me, he listens, he's not uncomfortable if nether of us are speaking. He told me he loved me on our 5th date. And wasn' t upset when I bungled my answer( it was really bad lol). Neither of us are very good at making decisions so we take turns picking what to do. And the temper thing I've been hearing about, yes he has a temper, but he is very much in control of it and it is not much worse than mine. And he isn't full of himself, he doesn't demand my attention or love, I give it freely, and complements, he likes hearing them I suppose, but not as much as I do lol, he showers me with complements and gifts, I have trouble accepting them sometimes but I still like hearing the things he loves about me. We don't have a lot of things in common I suppose, we both have basic likes and dislikes tho. But we've both been willing to learn about the others interests, participating in things we would have never even considered before. Like I have horses and garden, am a cook and read a lot. My man, he likes guns, scary movies, never had ridden a horse before, HATES veggies and well, lets just say he loves the microwave :D, he plays videogames. But we've been attempting to meet halfway on all of these. I had him on a horse in the first month, and he say's he likes it well enough as long as I'm with him :). And he has taught me more about guns then I thought there was to know lol, which wasn't easy for him I'm sure lol.

I'm kinda rambling on so I'll stop now :)

im a Leo man dating the girl of my dreams (Pisces) she's perfect by all terms of the word. and yes she has me on a leash, I like it when she takes control it makes me feel good to know she's happy with what she's doing. she has me wrapped around her finger, I would climb mt. Everest just so I can write ''I love you'' for the whole world to see.

I always surprise her with flowers, and romantic events. because even though she hates surprises, she love's the fact that I will always be there for her.

I love you

I'm a Pisces woman dating a Leo man. It's a long distance relationship as he lives 75 miles away. Our first date was amazing and we couldn't get enough of each other for the first month after. Then, he started getting nervous that things were moving too fast (he is recently separated) and I agreed and understood. Slowly, things picked back up again and we now talk every day via text, phone and IM. Here is my problem...the sex is absolutely outstanding. We both agree probably the best ever. However, it seems to be the focus of our relationship. He is very sexual and almost every conversation ends up with that as the topic and focus. I finally sent him an email making it clear that I needed more "substance" and was beginning to feel like just a booty call. He assured me that was not the case, saying how much he enjoyed every minute we spend together dining, watching a movie or just talking. Though I felt better about things temporarily, nothing seems to have changed m uch. Yes, it's flattering to be told how beautiful, sexy and appealing I am, but I need more. He rarely says anything flattering about my personality, intelligence or anything else of substance. It's beginning to annoy me. We've been dating almost 3 months, see each other every wk or two and talk daily but I don't see the relationship progressing in to anything outside of a great sexual chemistry. Today, he was at it again. and after trying to have a normal conversation with him and him not hearing a word I said because he was preoccupied with "his interests", I told him it was becoming annoying. His response was.."I don't like it when you get like this" WTF? Being a Pisces, I found myself apologizing for upsetting him, but after thinking about it, became angry. I mean, why was I apologizing for HIM being insensitive and hurting my feelings? So, I've written him a lengthy email telling him exactly how I felt. I don't know what's going to happen now. will he see my side of things or just consider it "drama"? (that's what he calls ANY conflict whatsoever). After reading the above posts, I don't know that I really care about the outcome. Maybe Leo and Pisces are not a good match. After all, Leo's are notorious for being insensitive. and Pisces is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. I'll let you know the outcome ;)

Ok, follow up on my over sexed Leo man. Since the last email I sent, he has calmed wayyy down with the sex conversations and is actually speaking to me like a normal person lol. He seems to feel a little awkward, trying his best not to mention anything sexual at all...but, at least he's trying :) I'm spending this weekend with him, and all of our conversation about it has been where and what we plan to eat, what movie I would like to watch, what I would like to do. you know, NORMAL things. Sex has not really come up at all outside of talk of snuggling and cuddling on the couch and having me there to wake up next to him. Now That's more like it! I anxiously await the weekend and hope this lasts. thanks for listening. Oh, and I think the key here, as with any other relationship is...COMMUNICATION!

im a Leo man dating a Pisces woman it'll be 1year 1 month exact on April 18 2010 the relationship is very rocky break up a lot of those but I still love her very much will do about anything for her and I always felt she should get anything she want but always on the edge of an break up she thinks im not faithful there's no trust at all for me and I trust her a lot still insecure at times reason being cause she tells me every single day how much she thinks im cheating and that's she's so sure of it so I think what reason could possibly stop her from cheating on me if she think im cheating that much I've cheated before once only because we broke up I went with someone that same night and me and her got back the next day and I never really broken up with the girl but I stop calling her I didn't wont to hurt anyone's feeling in the process) but she say she'll never scoop that low and so I had her put it on da bible that she never would...im always giving her attention telling her how much I love her and how beautiful she is so compliments never stops but I still find her complaining bout how I don't love her but she says it's just a front but when she complains doesn't seem like just a front...they say Pisces make good lawyers and lawyers lie a lot on the bible in court and she wants to be a lawyer so how should I know if she lying or not...she also think she runs the relationship I have no problem with agreeing with it. it seems she more of an Leo than I am...but I also have my moments I seem to distant myself from her when I don't get what I want. I throw fits start arguments on purpose stop being nice stop compliments and stop calling so much. I'll call her like once or twice a day.) but all ways seem to make up and fix things. she lets me be the man in public. and yes we have already decided that we wont to get married on her 18th bday...I love her to death with all my heart and will always want to be with her she my everything...(currently temporarily separated)


never date a Leo Muslim. pompous pompous pompous. most fit the characteristics of a psychopath. please Pisceans, look up the characteristics of a psychopath. all Pisces are viewed as weak, forgiving and gullible. first, I am 10 years older than this Leo, who is 24. for months, I mean months...I would see him and say hello and goodbye....simply be on my way...my gut told me do not go any further than this...but I decided to disobey my instincts and now I sit here, typing this experience while this Leo man, who yes...stood me up...is out and about with my money and his "friends". I told him he can get his other girlfriends to buy his cigarettes.

I was having a great week....but he called and actually had the nerve to bitch about me not calling him...yet he told me he needed his space.

my advice to all Pisces....get a clue....we live. we die. life is too short to focus on such foolishness. I am going out tomorrow night. and I am finding me a brand new man...and it ain't going to be no cheap, insensitive, loud mouth, no class Leo. yeah...the sex was good...but I am better than tawdry sexual propaganda. my sex is good.

instead of me crying for 4 weeks like a Pisces broken in 2...let that asshole cry forever.

-Pisces 76 out-

I am a Pisces woman dating a Leo man and in the beginning we had really poor communication. I am really shy and I wouldn't come out and ask him the things I really wanted to know and my imagination would build assumptions and create tall tails around why things were a certain way with him. Dating him has forced me to face my communication barriers and be more vocal.

Hey everyone! THIS IS THE BEST MATCH! as a Pisces girl I have never found another mans sign so compatible with mine until I met my Leo man he made me fall head over heels in love with him from the first day.. he was so smooth with his words and actions. he shows me the greatest time ever from the first date everything was so fantasy like and magical so to speak. The first kiss we had felt like it was the first time anyone has ever kissed me. simply amazing! and about love life under the sheets he is definitely a wild lion.. rawr! there is a reason why they call them king of the jungle. and non the less we Pisces girls are freaks...He takes me to another world behind closed doors .it's known cats like fish and he can't get enough of me I love you baby!

Dated a Leo for 5 months. From the beginning everything was fine. I woke up put of a sleep and called his name and he didn't answer so I said that Jerk left me in the basement. Found out that he was around the corner heard me call his name . So I was laughing and asked did he hear me call him a jerk he said yes and what did it mean. I said I don't know just a word so he looked it up and said to twisted and etc. A week latter he called and said he could not go on vacation with me because I called him a jerk . I was hurt because we played around all the time and all of a sudden he gets serious . I feel it was something but he will not communicate with me at all. I didn't want to loose him over something so minor. I never knew Jerk also meant silly and stupid. I would have missed that on my spelling test (smile) I wonder if he will get any nerve to call or write and communicate with me. I am not holding anything against him because I believe in talking things out and clearing the air

I am a Leo man and I have been madly head over heels in love with this Pisces woman for the past two years. We dated for 6 months, in which there was definitely many highs and lows. Our breakup tore me apart. Over the next year and few months, we did not speak, yet she never left my mind. there has not been a day that I do not think about her. During our time apart, we took different roads. She dated someone else for a year, while I could never find someone who made me feel how she made me feel. I pushed many girls away, and became, for lack of a better word, a man-whore. I did not become emotionally attached to anyone, because I was too afraid of getting hurt. For some reason, she still never left my mind. In March, a month or so after she broke up with her boyfriend, she messaged me and we began talking again. She is a Pisces, so I don't always know how she feels. It drives me crazy, I know I love her, and I constantly try to show her so, but I don't know how she fee ls about me. I would like to think that since she keeps coming back, that she really does care but I just don't know. When we get along it is the most amazing feeling in the world, but her moods seem to change for no reason and I am compulsed to find out, which seems to make things worse. We have had plenty of fights, but we keep making up. I want this to work, and reading other's posts does help. How we communicate is the key and is what I am working on, and I think it is improving. Any advice from Pisces woman would be great, thank you.

I'm a Pisces woman who was dating a Leo man. We were dating for a few months then I told him I had to let him go for a bit because his mother was getting in between us and that school had to be number one for a bit.

He thought I was lying about all of it.

It's been a few months now and I'm still trying to get him back.

I don't know what to do. He keeps telling me he doesn't care and that I should just give up.

But, he keeps replying to me so I can't give up. He keeps telling me I'm worthless but I don't believe him.

I don't know what to do.

What could I do to get him back? What words to say? I'm willing to bend everyway for him.

It seems to me that there are a couple different views on the Leo man with a Pisces woman. I am a Pisces gal and I am currently "dating" a Leo. He wanted to make it official, but I've been hurt (worst choice: Gemini) so I said it was too soon. I am now regretting it because I do want to be exclusive. Anyway from what I know Leos are gentlemen. He's willing to spend money on you and he acts like he's all that, but does actually need a lot of compliments and needs to be reassured that he's amazing. He also takes amazing care of his family and is very loving. We'll see where this takes us. :) The only thing I'm worried about is that as a Pisces I need a lot of love and attention and I wonder if he'll have enough time for me considering he spends a lot of it with his little sister. He's very protective of her and has the need to make sure she's always okay.

I'm a Pisces woman who for a brief time (2 months) dated a gorgeous Leo. He captivated me from the first time I saw him, and everything unfolded very naturally between us. It was unexplainable how attracted I felt/feel for him.

We are different in many senses, but we found a way to conceal my playful-dreamy side with his logic side view of life. We both enjoyed it a lot, and he seemed very intrigued by this romantic Pisces.

But now, after a series of unfortunate events in bed, it was shown he is not over his ex. So I decided to walk away from him, for I can't be with someone not willing to open sexually nor emotionally to me.

He said once he would "fix" this matter and flip the page, he would come and look for me, for he would never forget me.

Any previous experiences girls? Should I really expect him to return, even if in a distant future?

I have always considered rather believed in that the best match for a fish is a scorpion. I am a fem fish who had a rough time with two sturdy scorpions. I love them still, and will do till I die because each of them evoked some good traits in me to be a better person. Fishes with Leo well, I am surprised but its more than satisfactory. Its really hard for me to believe that how these fiery lions makes us feel. I think just like a woman engulfed with his manly antics and love. I would suggest all the fishes and Leons to go for it, its a risk worth taking.

I am a Pisces woman dating a Leo man and for the most part I feel like I'm walking on egg shells. It started on year ago around his birthday and we never really went on any dates and he never really courted me I just invited him over to hang and watch movies and stuff and he would come. I'm a home body and this worked for me in the beginning and then I started noticing things about the way he treated me that felt strange.

The first thing is he never kissed me on my lips. He would kiss my neck and passionately kiss me anywhere else on my body but never on my lips.

Secondly he never talked about much with me. Very shallow brief conversations with no depth or meaning.

I didn't have sex with him the first 6 months because he wouldn't kiss me. And he started coming over less frequently I noticed because I think he got fed up with me not giving in....

Then finally around my birthday in March decided that I really wanted to have sex... not because of him as much as for me. I turned the big 30 and I had spent the last 3 years of my twenties waiting for Mr. Right and he never came. I started feeling like maybe I should just get in the game and having sex would help me to feel sexy and date more.

So I invited the Leo over and seduced him with elaborate costume, music and dance. He still didn't kiss me but we had a REALLY GOOD time. he's probably the most passionate lover I've ever had.

Months went by of great sex but I started to feel cheap. With him not kissing me and us not doing anything but have sex I decided I just didn't want to do it anymore so I retracted my original contract that had no strings and asked for a renegotiation. I told him that I wanted him to value me for something other then sex and I wanted us to go places and do things together and talk about different things.

We had our first kind of argument that ended in a make up withing 15 minutes of a so called break up and that night he invited me to his place for the first time and we had sex again without kissing but this time I had the guts to ask him about it... he told me he hadn't kissed anyone in 3 years because he doesn't like to kiss on the lips and told me he just didn't want to kiss for right now. Then that night when he walked me to my car he gave me a kiss goodnight ON THE LIPS. I was pleasantly surprised and although it was just a peck.

Now it sounds crazy when I think of it, speak it or right it to be soo happy about getting a kiss on the lips from someone you've been intimate with for 2 months and seeing for 8 months but it was a big deal.

We got a lot closer a lot faster and we started communicating almost daily and he was coming buy more regularly for about 2 weeks until I got laid off.

I LOVED my job and at one point it was the center of my world but the only thing I could think about sitting in the office getting handed my resignation papers was my Leo. Something in my heart just told me that our relationship couldn't progress with this layoff.

On one hand I had always been a really independent woman, I own my house, my car and did all these things really young and most men find me intimidating and to independent. I thought wow maybe this will give me a chance to be a vulnerable woman and let a man be me rock for a change.

Well when I texted the Leo he was surprised and he said he was sorry. I asked him if I could come by that night because I didn't want to be alone and he said he already had something to do. Three days went by and I was very sad and rejected and he never called to check on me. On the fourth day I texted him and asked him if I could see him and he said yes but something about the tone of his texts didn't seem right.

I went to his house hoping to have someone to talk to and someone to reassure me. I just wanted him to tell me how smart and pretty I was and how I was going to make it and 30 minutes in he said quote "Your very sweet" "I don't want to hurt you" "I can't give you a relationship and I can tell that's what your looking for" "I don't think we should have sex anymore" then he asked me to leave.

I left and because that week I had to give my phone back to my company and change my number I just never called him again. In my heart (ego) I couldn't bring myself to call or text a man my knew contact information that had just broken up with me.

Two months passed and I had moved on for the most part and given up on my Leo. I erased his number so I couldn't call him and he didn't have my number so he couldn't call me.

The part of the story that may be the missing link is that 1 week before he broke up with me I introduced him to my male friend that has been staying with me for a couple weeks. This friend is really like a brother and he's suffering from an alcohol problem and he just had a death in his family.

One day my guy roommate and I are getting out of my car and my Leo pulls up. We talked briefly and he told me to check my email and then left. When I checked my email there was a long email about how much he missed me, how much I meant in his life and how he wanted to make sure I was ok. He said that he really valued my "friendship" and I was one of his closest dearest "friends."

It took me a couple days to respond but when I did it wasn't kind, sweet or forgiving. I told him that he turned his back on me when I needed him most of all as a friend. I told him he was selfish, self centered and egotistical and he turned a moment of my weakness and anxiety into a conversation about him and what he was afraid of doing.

He responded right away angry but sweet in still reassuring me that he cares for me deeply and he really does consider me to be a friend even if I didn't. So I called him the next day and invited him over just to hang.

He came we hung and we didn't have sex!!! He talked to me about life, his childhood, his dreams, his goals and even some of his insecurities. He was affectionate with me and he even gave me a peck on the lips...

then he disappeared on me for 9 days...

Then I invited him over for his birthday and I made him dinner and took him fore a romantic walk etc...

But when we came back home and it was the moment that we could be intimate he admitted to me that he didn't feel comfortable with my guy roommate being there with us even though he has his own bedroom. And in my heart of hearts I thought about the nature of the Leo needing to be the center of attention and I wondered if even the break up and his insecurities were caused by this male presence in my life.

My roommate is not my type at all physically, mentally or emotionally and he suffers from severe alcoholism and he's broke. I never considered that would be a threat to my handsome, sexy, confident well dressed high played Leo.

Last night although we didn't sleep together it was the first night we slept next to each other and we cuddled and He kissed me passionately on the lips for the first time. When he was leaving I told him to come back later for dinner and he said ok but then he never called and never showed. I feel like he will disappear again for like a week or two and I don't know what to make of it.

Does he really care for me?

Is he upset that I have a man living with me?

Am I too sweet and am I chasing him away?

Is this just the nature of the beast and I will have to get used to giving him his space?

I really care for him in a way I haven't felt for any man in years and if the problem is my roommate its not a permanent situation I don't plan on helping this guy out forever.

I walk on eggshells in the sense that after being broken up with when we weren't even in an official relationship and we weren't even talking about relationships when he broke up with me, I'm just soo scared now to show my feelings. I don't call him, and when I email its like once every 9 days and its killing me. I want to speak to him and see him.

Whets a little fish in love with a lion to do?

im a Pisces and I dated this Leo guy for 2 months, we were good together, went on a few dates, chatting online all the time, I thought things were good until he told me that he's met this other girl and he like her and at the same time, he likes me too. As hurt and devastated I was, I told him very simply that I cannot play second fiddle and stick around for him to decide who he wants. he didn't have much to say though and that was that, we've not seen or spoken to each other in over a month. although I only knew him for 2 months, I cared a lot about him and it still hurts.

Do Leo Men play mind games? How do you know if he really likes you? How long will a Leo keep you around before committing?

Pisces woman here. I have a Leo guy I've been dating and I'm convinced that we really aren't a good match. On the surface there is a lot of playfulness and fun. We enjoy each others company but if you look a little deeper we have really poor communication. He doesn't really understand me or my feelings. He doesn't really experience our intimacy at the level I experience it. he's very self absorbed and I'm sooo giving that I find myself asking myself what's in it for me? He always says thank you when I do something nice for him but he doesn't often do anything above and beyond for me and most of what I like about him are just the things that exist in his personality and not anything that he does for me specifically. I am emotionally attached but I wish I had someone that I had a genuine connection with to be attached to.

so im a Pisces girl and I recently began talking to this Leo guy who I grew up with but didn't really like him when we was younger cause he always had something smart and sarcastic to say so I went away for a yr and the first time we spoke when I got back I liked him I think he is sooooo sweet and cute but I only got one problem with him and its that our conversation is just too short I wanna know him know him but he barely give me anything to work with but besides that I can see myself with him he cool and demanding at times which I think is hot sometimes and I just want us to work and the only way that would happen is if we communicate but we just started so I don't wanna rush nor pressure him but I like what I see so far so ima hold on may god be with us

Pisces woman just broke up with a Leo man. I think there is some truth to what the article said about him steam rolling over my say so fairly effortlessly. I honestly don't even think he does it on purpose. It is his nature to be aggressive and demand what he wants and I just don't have the strength to argue... its exhausting

I am a Pisces woman dating a male Leo. The relationship is tender at times, fun, and respectful of our space. We are both very friendly people, so when we are a part of social get together we can enjoy everyone but find each other by the end of the night. I enjoy this aspect of independence. I wonder though if he might eventually feel insecure about this... Maybe I need to give him more attention throughout the night? He seems very sensitive but puts on a TOUGH exterior. It doesn't confuse me though because I can understand these two faces and adhere to it. I dated another Leo man and it ended horribly but for some reason this new man doesn't seem the same kind of a Leo, still hott headed but more logical. I respect reason, something that the previous Leo lacked. He would base everything off of how he felt in the moment. Drove me crazy! I love this new 'relationship'. I wonder though if this will not last and that this initial charm will wear off. Any advice on how I can keep it steamy fun and tender? Thanks

I'm a Pisces woman dating a Leo man. I'm not entirely sure why people say that it's almost impossible for a Leo and Pisces to work. I knew people said this before we actually started dating.

Sure, in the beginning before we had started dating, he could have been a little cocky and hard to work with.

But now, he's possibly the sweetest guy I have ever met. He buys me anything without me telling him to. He plans ahead, wears the things I buy him.

He's always, always telling me he loves me. It feels great.

He's never annoyed at me. There was one time, but I explained myself, and in the end, he blamed it on himself even when we knew it was my fault.

We never fight. We get a little annoyed, but we see each other in person and it's like nothing else mattered.

We plan for a great future as we love each other so much.

I hope all you Leo and Pisces couples work out. It's just so amazing for us :)

I am a Pisces woman who has been in love with a Leo Man for many moons now...it all started over 10 years ago, and it was mad lust for a few weeks, weeks that I will never forget the rest of my life! Unfortunate circumstances separated us (by 300 miles) for 7 years, and during that time we both had meaningful relationships with others. Three years ago, after returning to our hometown, we once again reunited....I felt the sparks the first night we seen each other again. At first we did this random, not exclusive, dating thing. We moved in with each other, both of us with a tremendous amount of baggage in tow, emotionally and offspring wise. It has been the BEST TWO YEARS OF MY LIFE! We fight like crazy at times, but love so intensely and are able to communicate so freely that it is so worth the work! My Grandmother told me once that good relationships are not easy! She also told me if we got along ALL the time, then someone is not necessary! And...sometimes, I just need to learn how to keep my mouth shut! Those three bits of wisdom, which have been shared with my Leo man, have kept us strong and loving. I want to get a tattoo designed featuring a lion and a fish....if anyone has any ideas..............

I'm a Pisces woman dating a Leo man. I posted here (above)several months ago about my "sexually aggressive" Leo. I reposted a few wks later, stressing how communication is VERY important. I see many of you lady fish wondering if their Leo man would return after a breakup. In my case, YES! About 4 mos. ago, he, out of the blue, just quit talking to me (he lives 75 miles away). No reason, no fight, nothing. Just stopped emailing, calling and texting..wouldn't respond to me at all. First I was confused, then hurt..and then MAD! A few months ago (yes, I deleted him from my phone, email, etc) he emailed me...just chit chat at first. After a few weeks we decided to see each other and it's been ON ever since. He's been absolutely wonderful, and tho he's tried to explain what happened before(fear), I refuse to discuss it. It's history and can't be changed. Tho he has assured me he would never do that to me again, I remain at a distance, keeping my guard up and not letting m yself get too emotionally involved. I continue to have casual relationships with other men, but he's my sunshine. Yes lady fish, they do come back. Question is, can it ever be the same? Only time will tell.

I am a Leo man and I have the sweetest Pisces girl everrrr!..there is always goin 2 be problems in a relationship but we hv learnt 2 listen 2 each others views and come to a compromise. we bend over backwards for each other (think I bend over more though..no homo). but ill do it 4 her and e time. I think we r a match made in heaven really. we hv been through a lot and we hv dealt wit everyting that came our way together. together we can overcome ANYTHING. lol yea I was forced to write on here by her..but what wudnt I do 4 my baby! she really takes care of me and im d center of her world..thats all leos really need in life you kno...2 be loved..and I get plenty of that from her. love you 4ever and ever princess! X0x0 :)

Im a Pisces chick currently in a serious long term relationship with a Leo man, and its been GREAT. The sky is NEVER the limit. my babie will do anything to make me happy. sometimes they take a lot of energy but I wouldnt trade him anyday. he's older than me, but I wear the pants in the relationship =] he spoils me, he's the best I ever had and he loves me for who I am. he constantly reminds me of how much he cares, he's funny, and there's never a dull moment! when he looks at me he sees beyond my cute face. he's ALWAYS there for me through thick and thin :)


Leo man here and my Pisces of almost 6 years just left me because she said I was laid off and sleeping all day (which is true) lol however we quickly found out it was for another guy who is younger than her they were talking for 2 days before she left me and they were talking about getting a place together and everything, will she come back? its been 32 days no contact

I'm a Leo man in love with a Pisces woman. This is different than all other attractions I've had with other girls. It honestly doesn't make any sense to me, but here goes. We've known each other literally all of our lives, almost since we've been born. Our families used to get together, my parents and hers were good friends, and I'd play with their kids, one of whom is the Pisces in question. One day, they moved several states away, and a few years ago they moved back, but to a different part of the state. She and I had reconnected some time ago, with what seemed like openness and enthusiasm on her part, but as of late it's been rather empty and... indifferent to the extent of ignoring me. I would think being friends for two decades should count for something, even if there's no attraction on her end. She was/is my first crush and I had thought she was the most beautiful and tender thing on God's green Earth since before I knew about the birds and the bees.

Fast forward to the future and, strangely, I find her much less attractive these days. Don't get me wrong, she's grown into a very pretty girl (and everyone considers her royal knockout), but I still cannot get her out of my mind. I'd guess it's more of a spiritual connection to her that I feel and less physical, almost like it's up to me to make her happy. Like she's almost a part of me.

Strange, you'd think I'M the Pisces here.

Hopefully, we'll grow closer again. Only time will tell.

Im a 21 year old Pisces and I really like this Leo man he's very charming and he seems to be understanding but something is telling me to stay away that im going to get hurt.... he's my type of guy though, I hope things can work out cause I really like him.... good luck everyone!

I'm a Pisces and my man is a leo.. we are very interesting about each other's side. we been together for 6 months close to 7 months on november 1st. we been planning together for eternal til the day we die. its very amazing about experience relationship. in may 1st I asked him out for the date and he looked very happy and would like to come visited over at my apt so I let him in and we are very romantic and very lovely in our eyes. we care each other so much and we had a lot of fun things to do together like we going shopping, swimming, movies sex etc.. but we both get in aruge about a lil thing thats not a big deal. everytime I get upset he always there for me everything what I need to talk to him and talk him out my feelings and he understood. he always get so sweet when he talk and be honest with me when he says: "i love you baby and I always will want you first cuz youre my number 1 in whole world there is no girl who I rather be with and youre the last girl on t he earth who I want to be with and youre the best girl I ever get in my whole life" and also he said " I want to be w you forever til the day we die and he want marry me next month on november which mean its very exiciting parts! I love his smile and he act so funny when something he get his way. when I get mad he always try to help me calm down and everything what he does. He is a lot to me more than anything in my life. when we are separated for 2 weeks. we cry a lot and we couldnt move on about each other and we have a very strongly connection feelings for loving each other's heart and I asked him to come and get me so he showed up then I ran to him give him so much loving hug and I wouldnt never let it go without his arm wrapped around my love. I cry so much he cry so much too. we are very deeply emotional loving each other so strongly. he does do everything for me when I don't feel like it and I helped him a lot too. we are very happy to be together. we will be together for a long time til the day we die.. im just letting you know its depend on different individual for Leo man and Leo man is not all the same type of what Leo man do or what does... same for Pisces woman.

Pisces girl here...was married to a Sag... but stayed for a Leo... find him quickly to be not very sensitive and very selfish. The sexual attraction is unbearable and something im not use to in a man. Something about him just makes me wanna lay on the bed let him ravage me completely while I moan his name....I want to do everything to please him, yet he doesn't seem to want to please me as much... I want eternal dedication... a King ... a man who will fight at all costs for me and what is right in the world... I think this Leo is to boring... he wants to remain together.... IM done.....I want to meet a scorpio...see how that is...

I'm a Pisces woman married to a Leo man for over 18 years now. He is the kindest,most loyal and most sincere person I have ever met.

I can say a 100% we will last till death do us part, and even then...

I am a Pisces women and totally in love with a leo.. Its been one hell of a ride.. We were together for one year and then broke up and now we are together again... Neither of us could forget each other in that one year.. and its been the hardest time I have ever spent.... Now , inspite of quarelling , we know that we are worse without each other and our love is so pure and unique.... I keep reading this combination( pisces- leo) won't work , but that is not true... I love you , can save a relationship. I LOVE MY LION , truely deeply madly and inspite of all the shit we have been through , being together is all that matters to us.. He is my prince charming , my knight in shining armour , he is my everything ( I sound like a poet , lolz.) But its true... Nothing in this world can be compared to what I feel when I am wrapped in his arms , he makes me feel nothing less than a Goddess...

I'm a Leo man with a pieces woman. She's 20 and I'm 21. But we're currently broken up right now. I love her so much, I feel like no one deserves to have her because no one will care for her and love her as much as I will. She isn't the smartest girl in the world which makes her decision making a huge issue for us. We must have broken up about ten Times. We're an on an off relationship. This time it was her who broke it off. She says she wants to be single for now. But I really don't want her to leave because I can't stand the thought of some guy taking advantage of my princess. I mean for some reason she can't let go of the bad moments we've had and just remeber how good times are when we're both happy. It was always great at first but as time went by arguments became more frequent. This drove us apart and I guess it was really both of our faults. When I ask her if she's sure she wants to break up she says she doesn't know. So I don't know what to do. Scared to lo ose my Pisces princess. I always been attracted to Pisces for some reason. I don't know why, so it's kind of obvious I'm destined to be with one. (lol) but I can see why I love Pisces girls, there perfect for leos. But I just wish my Pisces thought more with her heart. I'm also a little worried about this talk about so many leos not being able of letting go or returning after months or years. I don't want this girl to haunt me forever. I just hope I can make this workout. Or at least find my fish in the sea. I definitly know Pisces is my first and only choice.

Pisces girl here, there is one man recently chasing over me (pisces do swimming not running zzz hahahaha) a Leo man. although he is very different with guys before him. all I can say is he is sweet and he knows how to handle me. say the right things in the right moments. admit it girls, when we are down, we dun want a man that go down with us. I want a man that can lift me from the pit and that was exactly what he did even without being asked. so he really can handle me.. but it is too soon to say now. reading all you're posts make me kinda afraid of being hurt by any earth element again .. so wish me luck :) xx sha

I'm a Pisces woman dating a Leo man for the past almost 15 months. This is a rollercoaster ride that I love to hate. We met when we were 12 years old. He had a crush on me and swears that he went home on the 2nd day of 7th grade and told his mom that he met the girl he would marry someday. I never looked at him as a love interest in school; he was more like a best friend/buddy. I would cry to him about the boys that broke my heart and he would listen.

Little did I know that he was in love with me. We lost contact after graduation from high school in 1998. Feb of 2009 he sent me an email on Facebook. I was very happy to hear from him because almost 10 years had passed. We kept in contact online. I went to church for the first time in a while on Mother's day of last year, guess who was there sitting right across the way...my Leo Friend!

I was shocked and happy. From that moment on we kept in contact through email and I gave him my number however we he didn't call until July! We hit it off instantly. Peas and carrots again just like we were kids. Instead of him being young and geeky he was now tall dark and handsome. He was a bit rough around the edges but it didn't matter.

He shortly after confessed his love to me saying that he has always loved me and I was the girl of his dreams. I was swept away. We talked everyday all day, even when I was at work we were on the phone. I told him he would be the talker of our family and he told me that he would marry me someday.

Well it's been almost 15 months; these are the pros of our relationship:

1. He's very verbal and has a easy time expressing himself

2. He buys me flowers and other little things just to show that he cares

3. He tells me I'm the most beautiful girl in the world even when I don't feel that I am

4. He loves God and Kids

5. He is strong and very masculine

6. He isn't afraid to show his emotions (he will cry when he talks about how much he loves me)

7. He will drop anything to be at my side if I need him (most times)

8. He is a protector (not the best provider yet)

9. He tells everyone about me (calls me his wife)

10. Prays for me and pretty much loves me unconditionally


1. When he gets mad he lectures me...this might go on for days at the time if I "do something wrong"

2. He says sarcastic insensitive things all the time that really hurt my feelings even when I ask him not to.

3. He doesn't realize that he is insensitive and says I'm just a softy and he's just joking.

4. He can be overbearing and wants to monopolize ALL of my time. I need space and he doesn't understand that.

5. He has fussed at me in front of my friends, my parents and a few friends do not like him at all.

6. I think he can be lazy at times when it comes to bettering himself financially; he said all we need is love

7. He continually says I'm too depressed and unhappy and he's always happy and thinks he is always right. He says I bring him down from his good mood.

8. He is very talkative and when I don't talk that much he gets mad. He says I never talk which is NOT true.

9. He has high expectations and when I don't reach them I have to hear a sermon about it...it pushes me away but he won't let me go ever.

10. He's a big guy so he seems mean at times, it's like he has 2 sides, the roaring lion and the little kitten.

So that's my roller coaster. I love this man, he's my best friend, my supporter and my biggest cheer leader but he stressed me out so bad. I cry a lot but then we make up and it's bliss again. I wish I could be as happy and arrogant as him but I'm just me. I can't be him. He doesn't get that. He thinks that the world revolves around him and because I don't blow up his ego he feels slighted and then here comes the roar.

He has a lot of qualities that I want in a husband but the other parts make me want to cut him. I don't know what to do. Some days the roller coaster is fun but I lot of times I just want to get off.

I am a Pisces woman with a Leo man. Have been for 4 years. We have a wonderful life and a beautiful little girl. Things have gotten rough but every relationship has it's hard times. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I am a Pisces women and he is a leo. the relationship seems to be great. of course we fight every now and then but its good afterwards since we get to talk things out and usually make up.

I am a Pisces girl and I'm am getting to know this Leo boy. I'm 17 he's 17, im black he's white and we both like each other very much. He's really funny, always has me laughing and smiling. He's always complimenting me every minute of the day lol. He's just the sweetest thing. I love his confidence also. We haven't had sex yet, I'm a virgin and I dnt plan on sexing someone I'm not IN love with. He makes me feel loved and wanted and that's exactly what I want from a significant other. We both share similar issues dealing with our family and stuff and probably that's what makes us so close :). He's always there when I need him and is constantly telling me he's thinking about me 24/7. I have a lot of love for him but I'm not in love with him yet ;) We are not in a relationship yet either, but I would love for him to be mine. He has told me that he loved me before but I think it was in a playful way because he really does have a lot of love for me -- so the feeling is mutual. :D

I am a Pisces women and my man is a Leo in every sense of the term.... We broke up and even after 1 and a half years we never really got over each other. We are back together again and though its not been easy , I would want nothing else than to be by his side at the end of the day. He is my everything. We are holding on to each other because we know we are worse without each other.... He is the most charming , caring , loving person and he is simply adorable.. He will always be the king of my jungle... My little kitty cat.... meow meow

I am a Pisces woman with a Leo man. we have been together (boyfriend and girlfriend) for about almost 5 months. our relationship has been up and down, mostly half and half. its like when I am with him I hate him and when im not I miss him. we have been off and on. but we always fight about the stupidist thing ever! anyway he is nice caring and hates to rush things which I love. and he always says in the future we will be together but all I say to that is you never know.

I am a Pisces girl and he's a Leo guy. im 17 he's 18. ee've beem dating for almost 2 months but we've been talking for over 6 months. I love him, he loves me. I have my insecure moments but he's always there to make things better..im always there to give him advice. we balance each other out. although we are young we both feel like we were made to be together. its like we've heard that we were incompatible but I don't see where that comes into play. we don't argue, weve had one major argument...his pride is just ......its got in the way. overall we are very happy. we have a relationship where we can talk all day and never get tired of one another. we enjoy being around each other and hates the time we are apart. I think leos and Pisces can be compatible. all leos and all Pisces arent the same.

I'm a Pisces girl & um I'm in love with Leo. I really love him. Its just the best relationship. The way he makes me feel when I'm around him. I feel like I'm not really on earth but somewhere else when with him. Yes he's hot headed, loves attention & is rude at times. There was a point when we broke up cause I had left out of country & he cheated. I think we stopped talking for about 6 months & when I finally came back from my trip he told me how much he missed me, loved me, wanted to get back together. As much as I wanted to be with him something just wouldn't let me because he had cheated lots of times before & I let it slide & this time I was tired of all those fights & just wanted to stay away. I missed him too there was never a day I didn't think about him but I just didn't want to give in. We had so much fights just trying to get together cause I wouldn't give in & he wanted me so badly. Then after another 6 months fighting & trying to get back together we go t back together. He showed me so much love & so much more. To tell you the truth there was no one perfect for me out there but him. He was my first love & always be. He has showed me so much more to life & althought its almost going to be 1 month now after that 1 year breakup we still think that we didn't cause we really could'nt get over eachother. I really love him & I just hope everything works out for the both us. We want to get married :) inshallah that happens also. Pisces & Leo are really made for each other but you just have to understand the other partner. That's it! Bye & iLoveyou baby!

I am a Pisces woman. I have not had an official relationship with a Leo man, but I have had one. So here is my experience. I feel like he gives me the attention that I love so much but I feel like it's a trophy wife type attention. He often called me "wifey" to his friends behind my back although we were suppose to only have had a sexual relationship. He is twice my age which to me was the reason I did not want to pursue the official relationship. He was an attention hog, for a man he tend to be overly sensitive for attention. He did buy me things and try to make me happy which is why I tolerated him for so long and I think if we were within age it may have worked but, overall I feel like the Leo can be a bit too aggressive for me, a Pisces is very emotional and sensitive and I don't like arguments. He has a hot temper and that is a no no for me.

Pisces woman, and Leo man. His attitude's so unpredictable, unhappy w so many things and asking for too much. most petty man i've ever seen on earth. he wants the kind of daily concentration on him every sec, which is impossible. Too aggressive and possessive. unwilling to talk things out to match an agreement. he always insists that he is the right one, the one who's giving out the most and taking in the least. even though I know that i'm partly to be blamed at times, but it's really irritating that he never admits his mistakes, and like to push all the blames on you. one more thing, he is so hard to please, so hard to satisfy. and that is why he thinks that he's the one who gives out the most! I did my part, and tried my very best. but he really asks for too much. on the other hand, he's so lousy at pleasing people as well, lacking of ideas and creativity, which I always let him off because I feel that at least he tried. we are still together, but its really saddening a s I see this relationship as one with no future. I tried to solve the problem, but his persisting attitude ruined everything.

I am a Pisces female in a realtionship with a Leo for 6 years not really into signs but I can say without god on my side in prayer this is the man of my dreams. I truly thank god for him everyday. the key is to shower him with love and attention and make him think he is the king, communication. yea he is a hot head, moody but humble in the most important thing is that he balances me out, no longer I am a emotionally drained opposites do attract. pray it will work out I love my king.

I'm a 20 year old Pisces who seems to attract Leos left and right.

As friends, I absolutely adore them; they're fun to goof around with when you need a friend to just kick back, lay back, act like a kid with and keep things light. Plus, they always have such a silly sense of humour and a contagious ball of energy that can keep you snared and entertained. Moreover, I love that they love to look good and they enjoy dressing up - they're such fun shopping partners, to be honest.

As lovers, though, I don't really like them...they aren't my type at all; they demand to have their egos stroked, they demand you to bend to their will, they demand everything their way, they want you to do all the work, they want you to do all the little things like the calls/texts/outing plans/etc. In my eyes, that makes you very selfish and arrogant, even though I know they're not like that at all...they just don't have that door mat-selfless streak us Pisces folk possess, and especially do not possess a sense of empathy & sympathy; I really understand why my guy friends get confused with me when I get upset at them for not being the ones to start the call, the text, etc. Oh it starts off that way; with them showering you with attention and you returning the same ardour of attention, but the minute they know you're absolutely loyal to the, they just stop bothering with these little things that really matter (to me at least) in a friendship.

In short, as far as boyfriend/husband material goes, I think I'd rather put my hand in a grinder than take them on...they're really nice people, but they're very exhausting and demanding and pretty hypocritical; they claim I'm selfish if I stop calling/texting when I constantly point out to them that I'm the one doing all the work, and it's very draining since I've got my own priorities too.

Is there a reason for Leo men to find Pisces women attractive? I don't really think it's our weepy/sultry/sensual grace...because these guys love cocky and confident woman, which is why I get along well with Leos as friends (because no romantic feelings, ironically enough, makes it very easy for me to be relaxed and cocky and not all bothered by what they think of me - which - ironically enough - is what keeps drawing them towards me).

Is there a way I can maintain my friendship with my Leo guys without having that awkward "I like you/do you like me?" strange rift from happening? I always make it clear that I'm not interested in a relationship. I never ever flirt with them or give them any reason for them to think I'm interested in them romantically. I guess I shouldn't really be sacrificial and all motherly and doting when they're going through a rough patch and need some help, because maybe the misinterpret my kindness as something else? I'm not quite sure, but I'm always alert and careful with what signals and cues I'm giving off...and yet -- argh! :P

It's just a very confusing scenario to be in, to be honest. I don't want to hurt their feelings, because each time I reject them as kindly as I can it really hurts them and then they get so pissed off and angry at me...

He's a Lion and I'm the Fish. Never in my life have I been this happy. I was married to a Libra for a very short time (horrible) and then entered into a 13 year journey into the mouth of hell with a Pisces male.

My Leo has demolished the pain and baggage that I harbored from that dysfunctional mind screw that I allowed myself to be subjected to courtesy of Mr. Pisces in a matter of months. He is sincerely the most beautiful person that I know. He has helped me become a more beautiful person. He LOVES ME. We fishes know that all we want is to belong to someone and be loved and appreciated... well this Leo has delivered big time. Based on some of the posts here it seems this pairing can be a hit or miss. I can say in my case it is pure perfection. He is the best sex ever (he loves to relinquish control to my deeply imaginative erotic talents)and I want for NOTHING. He listens intently and considers everything I say. The man kept a journal of our courtship (including all of the romantic text messages we sent to each other). I let him rule and he worships me. I'd rather be a Goddess than a Queen any day.

I have always found Leo men to be very sexy but out of control. My childhood sweetheart was a Leo and for years that is all I attracted. They all have the same thing in common, they love to have the spot light. Well I am a Pisces and I like to be admired just like my Leo man. that is a problem. great lovers but what else?

I'm a piscean female and married a leonine three months back,after dating him for eight months. He demands continous attrntion from me,likes looking around pretty faces yet loyal to me,does not want me to go out of shape,spends lavishly for me...in return often i've to handle his mercurial mood- Some of the typical leoninie characteristics. But let me remind all the readers that We're not perfect! and there is nothing called as PERFECT MATCH. It could be complementary. Marriage is about respect for the difference & accpetance with each other's flaws 'nd goodness.

Do read the zodiac signs. It gives a fairly authentic decription of a leonine male....probably you may get some help in dealing with their roars 'nd dramatic cries;) ...as it does helps me often

Hi there Fishes and Kings!

I have been dating a Leo for more than five months and it has been amazing: unconditional love, gifts, affection, plans for the future including having kids, intense sex...My only complaint is that he loves the attention of other women and always checks other girls out! It really hurts specially for an easily hurt and even sometimes insecure Pisces.

Do I have a reason to fear infidelity with him?

Please advise if you have experienced similar situation.

I'm a Pisces woman dating (if you wanna call it that) a Leo man. I wish I had a happy story to tell about how beautiful our relationship is and how much attention he gives me etc. The reality is (and you fishes know we hate reality) we just don't connect. I think this is partly because he always has his gaurd up. We've been dating for 18 months on and off and we spend 2 months on and 2 months off. We start off distant, get closer and closer until we are inseperable for one week and then he breaks up with me for 2 months. We do this over and over again. Atleast 3 times so far in the last 18 months. We take two steps forward and two steps back. In the end we end up NO Where fast. But I'm hopelessly devoted to him with every hair, fingernail, bone, flesh and molecule of my body. There is NO AIR...The time I spend without him I feel like I can't breath. Love obsession obsession love I don't know what you call this thing that surrounds me. I wish I could sa y us/we but most times I don't feel like we are in it together. Most times I feel like I'm just in it by myself. Its an even deeper loneliness to be alone while your with someone else.

I can't count on him for anything. If I'm down I can't call him. He broke up with me last on New Years Eve and we recently started talking again and my birthday came and I was soo afraid he was going to do it again on my birthday I stressed myself out. Its become almost like an emotional terrorism.

He said he feels like I back him into a corner with my demands and needs. I can tell he feels something for me, maybe as deep as what I feel although he expresses it differently then I do. I wonder sometimes why god allowed us to fall soo deeply in love with each other if we just don't get along with each other. I wonder why people always become addicted to the worse thing for them. Like i've never been addicted to vegetables and superfoods. Just the leo, just the consistently inconsistent pain and suffering of life, love and the pursuit for happiness.

In my life, I have no idea why am I so fated to meet Leo guys that I will like alot.And including my best friends are also leo.

I had this boyfriend for 1 and 1/2 years, I was his first girlfriend,he was nice.For the whole relationship, I dote him a lot , he shower me w care and concern.True enough Leo love to be served and treat like the king.You ll realise a lot of people demand for him .You will alwyas feel so lucky to be his one. Second month , he wasnt faithful and done something wrong. However ,he did a lot of things to make it up . Anyway ,Pieces had a habit showing too much jealousy .Leo re quite good at hiding their jealousy We started quarrel since the 9th month. But I can really say Leo is one the most faithful horoscope you can ever find,if they really like you ,they will love you and prove to you . After breakup with this boyfriend,I learnt that don't control or get jealous too much ,cause if its meant to be ,it will be meant to be

My advice to you ,dont do things that they don't like . You might not know wether they will choose to leave you or do anything to you secretly. Well balance in jealous.

The second guy I met ,I love him too,even we know each other for a long on cyber.We realise we hit off well within such a short frame too . We met up each other after four months.I know he s good looking ,just very reluctant to meet him though,kinda inferior. Our first date is on his birthday ,thanks God I am really lucky,he is high in demand among ladies and everywhere.But he treat me so nice.But we put each other fake date too.I know we care.I learnt thatt I should give him more time to open up himself.I forget about his bday gift.damn frign forgetful.He respect me alot,he call me dearest ,and memories stay

Lessons learnt: To be more caring, hold on to the ones you really love,he need attention more.

Third , I am pieces lady but in love with a Leo woman too.She is not girly at all. We know each other since five months ago,we started to become best friends. We enjoyed each other accompany .But other than anything ,we only quarrel in terms of work . I have been trying to give her unconditional love,didnt expect anything in return,I love hugging her in public. Thanks God she didn't push me away . seriously I am dying to know wether do she love me in romance level.cause we do jokes in the first place.slowly I realised I had fell deeply in love w her. we re able to forgive everything of what mistakes we do .We will definately compromise to each other, if quarrel gonna start. I always tell her that 'I love you ' to her everyday,I am giving all to her all my attention.I know there are a lot of girls that like her,I really do hope I can be her special only one that she love. The best relationship is actually those best friends who know they re in love with each other,but they still choose to remain as ''friends''

Everytime I heard of her stories,how the girls that she love before,hurt her,how they take care of her,I hate it when girls illtreat her or give too much attention to her.cause I feel that its part of my routine to take care of her.we told each other secrets.Ireally appreciate. I always tell her ,I will always be with you . I ve no idea my friendship turn to love.I love to showeer her w love etc

Although there re a lot of stuff that sometimes may wanna drift us away , but something is making me want to hold to her till the end, she is really down to fath , Good looking,one of the reason . I love you honey(:

Dear God,I hope we re meant to be. Do not offend Leo , you revenge might know they will build in the heart.beware.dont break each other trust

Wow! Reading all these posts gives me hope but also a little scary for me. My experience in meeting my Leo man (friend) is complicated. I met him In a dance class. First let me say that I am married, but in a very bad relationship and I am seeking a divorce. For the first few months I wasn't interested in him at all, but he obviously was in me. when the class ended he suggested that we continue to practice and possibly go out to lunch or breakfast sometime. I eventually told him about my situation and he saw that I had some self esteem issues, a little over weight and very unhappy. True to what I have been reading about the Leo man; he rode in on his white horse and has helped me through a lot of these issues.

He constantly says and refers to us as "just friends", but we talk everyday, see each other at least 4 days a week, go out dancing and to lunch and dinner which he pays for! He has asked me to go to Dr. appointments with him and has no problem going with me to mine. We have been seeing each other for about 6 months (as friends)and we have not so much as kissed! This man doesn't want to disrespect my marriage even though he knows what's going on. I have to respect him for that!

I catch him looking at me in that certain way and I am really falling for him. Just recently he told me that he was crazy about me but can't act on it because I am still married. Although he is very sweet and caring, I have seen that other side. Some times he says things that hurt my feelings. I have told him that it's not the message but the way it's delivered. He tries to change but it is hard for him.

I can't wait but also a little afraid to see where this may go. So far he is doing just about everything that I like that I am not getting in my marriage. I enjoy every minute being with him. What's crazy he is not my type. I like tall men and he is short and he is 6 yrs. younger than me! I guess it's that Leo charm Wish me luck people!!

Im a Pisces girl dating a Leo man and we have been together for one year and one month and honestly I love him with all my heart we went throuh three break ups the first one he broke up with me and later asked to get back together the second time we got into a big arguement over me accusing him of cheating and the third time he actually cheate but we have been through a lot and we are still together I love you honey bun!!!

First of all, I have read everything single post on this thread which is interesting and it shows how much I am interested in this mesmerising mermaid (Pisces Woman) as I am a lion (Leo Male) on the hunt.

We have known each other for a couple of years now, but we do not know each other that well cause we're interstates apart. I have always admired this beauty and on the surface we seems to have interests in common, but never really thought much of it because we're from different states and I didn't want a long distance relationship again. We met for the first time person to person last week and now I'm in a dilemma because ever since then she hasn't left my mind at all and I feel that I'm falling for her. She seems to be shy, quite, humble and emo for such a stunning girl which I find intriguing and seems to be a big drawing factor. When she feeling a bit emo, my heart just go out her so badly, I feel like just grabbing her and holding her in my arms and looking into her eyes and telling her that everything is going be fine.

But I still have doubts because I'm not sure how she feels towards me and also we do not know each other well as in the true, deep and meaningful stuff that matters... I don't know what to do? How should I go about this? Should I tell how I feel (such a big urge to let her know) and get to know her afterwards? Or wait and get to know first before expressing my feelings for her? PLEASE HELP

I am a Pisces women with Leo man of five years today. I have never thought to read about our different personalities but with all the ups and downs we have been through in our five year relationship I finally decided to figure out what is supposed to be compatable with me and what isn't, even after reading other sites I didn't want to believe we weren't right for each other because of the strong connection we have for each other it's almost like an obsession. When I read everyones stories I laughed and cryed, it was amazing to hear others go through the exact same scenarios with dealing with Leos, I always blamed a lot of his attitude on his past never realizing it was just his persona. They are extrealy exciting, emotional, and loving but the other side is arrogant, domineering, and manipulative.

I adore his passion for things but hate the embarresment when it involves issues I do not agree with. I'm sexually attracted to his adventurous side but I worry about what he's capable of if driven in a certain direction. I hate his lack of dedication but love how he keeps pulling me in. I wish he could be more attentive toward my feelings like I am his, I think it would make our relationship ten times better especially to know when to keep his mouth shut because we (Piseans) are emotional. His emotional side is full of arrogance so I don't believe it bothers him half as much as mine where I am more sensitive and we both tend to blow up on each other.

Gradually I'm learning to deal with our differences, we definitly feed off each other what he lacks I give and visa versa so I do not believe Pisces and leos are incompatible and they are actually great for each other but yes like everyone ealse says communication is the key! There has been plenty of giving up periods. Leos are stubborn and Pisces are dreamers, we would both rather be in our own perfect worlds then to discuss our failures.

I am a Pisces woman and dated a Leo man for 7 months. When I first met him it felt unlike anything I ever experienced. I thought he was mysterious and sweet. As the relationship went on, only about 2 months in, he kept asking me questions about how I felt about him, if I cared about him the same way he cared about me.

I had never been in love before and I wanted to take my time being with him because I did feel a connection with him. But his neediness became so overwhelming I could feel my life shifting completely towards him.

I made him my main priority and everything started to fall apart around me. Also I was the leader in the relationship, I decided what we would do, what we needed to discuss and practically everything. He always seemed to want so much from me emotionally and I became drained from that.

When I tried to break up with him he told me we belonged together and that he never felt this connected to anyone. My mother really liked him and kept telling me to give him another shot too! Honestly I was getting annoyed with his constant need for attention. His insecure and jealous nature was unattractive and childish.

Not only that he acted like a completely different person at times. His emotions and moods were so sporadic and I am a person who can easily pick up others moods. The relationship became more of an hindrance than anything. Because in the end I found out all this horrible stuff about him, including that he cheated on me.

My relationship with a Leo was unfulfilled and exhausting. I learned a lot about what kind of man I don't want to be with. I hope all Leo guys aren't as shallow, needy and emotionally draining as my ex was.

I have been inlove with my Leo man for 3 years. In that three years he has lied, cheated and broken up with me repeatedly. I on the other hand have done all the work trying to make him happy. Leo's are not truly faithful, as I have not yet one who has been faithful to their partners. My father is a Leo and he too has been unfaithful.

Why do I continue loving this man with two personalities, one of which a narcisist? He is strong, vibrant and he makes me feel. I think thats what we all love about the Leo men, they make us feel extreme lows and extreme highs. I don't think this is a good match, but then again as Pisceans we are so complicated who will really fit with us?

I'm a Leo Man dating a Pisces Woman. She's four years older than me and I feel that this plays no factor at all. We have so much fun together. She has a such a warm heart and is very giving. She seems as if she needs to help everyone around her. She somehow gets me to open up emotionally. I've never felt so in love in my entire life. Her smile brightens my spirit, and it sends chills all the way down my spine. I love this woman with every vein in my Heart....

I am a Pisces woman dating a Leo man. We have been dating for a year now. We had our share of ups an dwns...break ups an make ups. But now I have found out how to deal with him.. an him the same with me. So after that we really aint have no problems.. he is indeed insenstive.. an has a smart mouth .. very outspoken.. we havent argued in public yet.. I find him very intirging..an sexy I love to take care of him.. an he does tha same.. so I guess we will c what happens next

I am a Pisces woman dating a Leo man. We have been dating for a year now. We had our share of ups an dwns...break ups an make ups. But now I have found out how to deal with him.. an him the same with me. So after that we really aint have no problems.. he is indeed insenstive.. an has a smart mouth .. very outspoken.. we havent argued in public yet.. I find him very intirging..an sexy I love to take care of him.. an he does tha same.. so I guess we will c what happens next

I messed up bigtime with my leo. I told him Ive been inlove with someone else for the past 6 years. I wish I had kept it to myself. Ever since my relationship with him has spiraled downward. I didn't appreciate him for what and who he was when I had him. Will he come back?

I'm a Pisces women who dated a Leo man for 7 months 7 amazing months every thing was just perfect he was the sweetest guy I ever met he cares a bout me a lot and he was always telling me that he loves me and he can imagine his future with me, with him I felt so special and I was very happy self confidence and so in love I thought the this man was the wight one and that he won't ever leaves or hurts me but from a bout amonth ago he told me out of no where that he don't love me any more and we broke up but I didn't believe him because I was sure that he is trulu loves me I thought that there is something else wrong happened and that he just said that to keep me away I was devastated very angry and mad feli felt that he was lying from the beginning and that he never loved me but from 2 days a go he called me and said that he thought that we are not right for each others and that I will be a waste of time and he didn't see a future of our relationship so he told me that his feeling changed to end it and don't give me the chance to ask questions he don't want me back he didn't try to work things out he just said that I should know the truth he forget every thing and just moves on and I can't think of any thing but him I can't move on and feel like I will never trust anyone again I can't understand how this Leo men can be so selfish and insensitive he was telling me that I'm the girl of his dream and he just walk away without even telling me what was really the problem he just left me wondering what possibly could be the thing I did wrong I wish I can forget every thing happened and continue me life, but I just can't

I am a psces girl and I have had this "relationship" with a Leo man. We have known each other from school and started dating over a year ago. At first it was perfect, I wasnt in love with him but he made me feel beautiful, sexy and desireable. The problem was that I was so scared of being hurt that I didn't really wanted a relationship, later he stopped wanting it. But we have always been more than friends. He has always been jealous, he wants all of my attention, he wants me to admire him, to care about him, to be there for him 7/24. I wish had read this stuf about Leo man back then, it would have been so much easier to understand him. His mood swings hurt me, one day he was around me all the time and the next day he doesn't text me. When I text I get answers like "I have important stuff to do" I hate that.

Another problem was his sexuality. We didn't sleep with each other but he wants to talk about it all the time, he wants to cuddle, touch, kiss all the time, he wouldnt let me sleep at night because he wanted me to text him erotic stuff and even it was okay at the beginning it becomes annoying with time. I remember that I started feeling uncomfortable with myself because I felt that I did everything to make him happy, to make him like/love/desire me and I changed for him. I am selfless, I can bear a lot but when at the end of the day I just feel bad and tired because again I didn everything to make him happy (even thigns I don't like) and the only thing I get is a text like you are so annoying... that hurts. He doesn't see what I did for him. I didn't want to be sexual all the time but just to avoid that he would be angry and pissed I did whatever he wanted. This way all the talking and texting became kinda forced and I felt it was more a duty than pleasure for me. And he can be aggressive, screaming shouting and swearing when he is angry... and I, because I still tried not to hurt him I would just sit there and say nothing.

We had good things either, no one could love me like him, I never felt safer as in his arms, he is so protective and with him I feel like nothing could ever happen to me. He is caring, he makes me compliments and even at days when I look in the mirror and hate myself he can make me feel hot and beautiful with a couple of words. He is passionate and full of energie.

Our realtionship ended because he cheated on me (not just ones) and left me for the girl he did it with. We had a huge fight starting with me sending him a loooong mail about what I feel. And if I learned something from Leo man... you should never ever sent them long, emotional texts... they hate it. talk to them but not in this way, try not to be that emotional. A relationship with a Leo can be fun, it can be passionate, hot, and just amazing but at the same time it is so tiring. I was tired... I was tired of giving myself up completely for making him happy and never getting anything back. If I tell him I want him to be more soft and gentle he would try to be like that for 5 minutes and then again start to want me to change to be wilder, different... it is exhausting to keep up with a Leo but if you are a bit dominant I am sure you can make it work!! There is no thing like impossible.

One more thing about leos.... in this year of our relationship we had the worst fight, screaming, shouting, the worst words.... everything but he could never stay away from me for long. He was the one telling me I should stop calling hem and again he was the one who texted me 2 days later telling me he couldnt be without me.

Leo will come back to you.... be sure of that! Now... 8 month after breaking up he came back to me again! We tried to be togetehr again because I really missed him, I missed him because no one ever knew me as good as him, he knows everything about me and I love this about him. But I can tell you... after 2 weeks of trying to make it different you just continue at the point were you stopped...and for me, its tiring again.

If you are a Pisces girl and in love with a Leo who just left you.... the best thing you can do ist, delete his number, don't call him don't text him, don't ever let him know you asked stuff about him and just wait. If he realizes you are not running after him...we will come back. But be ready to either show you can fight like a cat you to make him see and realize you and your wishes, or to give yourself up to make him happy.

I'm a Pisces woman that's been going through a rollercoaster from hell with a Leo man.. I absolutely love him unconditionally with all my heart. We've been friends for 5 years and we know everything about each other. He was in a serious relationship were his girlfriend cheated on him while he was overseas.. and I've been through my own past relationships of being cheated/lied to. Everything was great then outta no where he's scared to be in a relationship until he gets out the military.. but it's like we can let each other go.. I'm so lost and don't know what to do because I love him so much but I can't just be his friend and wait around for him while he keeps breaking my heart and coming right back.. I try to stand my ground but he knows how to get his foot right in the door.. im just so lost and hurt, wish I knew how to get him to understand how much I love him and I would never hurt him

I am a Pisces and have been married to my Leo husband for 12 years. Our marriage has been very dificult, but we always manage to work things out. I can trully say that sometimes I want out, but he refuses to let me go. He always ends up convincing me not to leave, and I end up not leaving because of the children. In the begining of our marriage, I gave everything I could. He always expecting more everytime. Well all I can say I am feed up. I don't think I love him like I used to, and I've told him many times. I think that the more I ignore him, the more he loves me. When before I used to beg for his love. He's weird!

Am Pisces lady in love with a Leo man, we met on the Facebook few months back, it was love at first sight to the extent he proposed to marry me which I accepted. He is in another country work while am in another, but recently he changed his attitude towards me, kept on hurting me and also going for other ladies. But one thing I know for sure is that am so so in love with him but each time I decide to call it a quit, he will try to make it up to me and tell me how much he loves and wouldn't want to lose me. As it stands I dnt know what to do next. We have not had sex because he is not yet back from where he is based. But each time he makes love to me on the net, I knew we will make a perfect match in every thing, so am praying so hard for my lion to come running and make me feel great as a fish. I love you Henry.

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