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ooo sexy! dominate me my fellow fire boy.

but don't... I'll just make you think you did to make you feel prideful. It's ALL GOOD.

Entertaining, fun, a leader, strong personality so I don't run them into the ground. Me likey!

Im a tease ;)

He wants the chase.

He's a flirt ;)

.... but im better at it

Once in love both signs will become true and loyal to each other only. The 2 hardest signs 2 tame can only be tamed by each other xx

Sag woman + Leo man = True Love

I know a Leo man/Sag woman couple. They have been married 13 years. They are completely miserable with each other. On paper the "sun sign" compatibility says one thing, but there is so much more. She has Venus in Cap, he has Venus in Leo, they have had money issues the entire time. He is an entertainer and she resents his success and has forced him to quit out of "loyalty" to her many times. Why are they still together? When I saw their composite chart, and Mars in Scorp on the Ascendant, I knew this was "till death do us part". She feels he owes her for all the years she "allowed" him to have fun, and earn less than she did. It is amazing to watch how guilt and manipulation can transform a Leo into a pussycat.

The Leo man and Sagittarius are awesome together as long as they learn to compromise and don't allow their competitiveness to get in the way. If a Sag woman loves her Leo man, she will take the supportive role for the sake of their love and learn how to encourage her mate to make him a better man for her.

true dat. manipulation and guilt can make the strongest leo crack

I'm a Leo and I have had a sexual experience with a Sagittarius, we met through friends we really hit it off when we first got 2gether. the sex was good, she couldn't get enough of me she would always say I want some more baby after I caught a cramp in my leg. . .lol Anyway we liked each other a lot whenever I told her 2 come see me she would be over in no more than 10 min. And within 20 min. after she arrived we immediately start having sex!!!!!!!!!!

I am a Sagittarius woman very sexy, sensual, and can cast a spell over most men teasing them with my blue eyes that truly "speak". My Leo has brought a new meaning to tease...I actually have to kick up a bit which I am so into doing...anything for my Lion....I want to hear him ROAR;) Our sex is more than on a sexual level...OMG way more! The mind is the biggest erogenous zone and we can take each other there any time anywhere. He knows I need my freedom and that I will flirt, men will look and flirt back....but I never ever let him forget that he is the only one for me! What can I say....this Lion has me and I have him! WOW

I am a Sagittarius women fallen in love with a Leo for 2 years now. I always use to wander from one man to another in order to find the best one for me. I finally found a guy who is attractive, loyal, the best match as far as my fantasies are concerned. he is the person who can support me at my blunt statements and can tell me the truth about how people react at that since I can't get it. overall I love him and he loves me tooo. that's more than any compatibility issue. if u love someone start figuring out how to make it better...

I've never been with a Leo as a sag girl but I want to experience it I really do as him being my most compatible sign, but I have best friends as a Leo and we are in sync and I love it she is one of my closest friends but I wander what it would be like with a Leo man in a relationship I want to be with him but I don't know if I can and love him to death

I'm a Leo guy and I love Sag women! I will say though that they're usually kind of out there (weird in a good way) which can make the relationship kind of hard to start. I don't know about other Leo men but I tend to go for more timid women all other things being equal. Or at least I find they go for me with less effort.. more often than the more confident Sag ladies do anyhow.

It almost seems like Sag women make an effort to be intimidating at the start of a relationship and then after some kind of proving period become more passive/relaxed. I don't know if that's my imagination. Any other leo men or sag women able to shed any light on this?

I'm a Sag girl and there was a guy when I was in high school, he was much younger than me I think, but we used to walk back from school everyday the same way and now every time I see him I can tell he likes me or remembers that because of the way he looks at me. I'm pretty sure he's a Leo because of the way he acts. we used to work together recently at least for a while but he has too much of an ego for me. He's really sexy though, extremely. I have Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Scorpio.

it's weird cause there was a person who posted here about another person who was also Cap Venus and Scorpio Mars. I'm not really manipulative or like to make people guilty though I don't think. I didn't know Leos were better match for Sag than Aries. that's interesting cause Aries seems like jocks but Leos seem more creative and sexy. I don't know I'll see how it goes with that Leo. I'll talk to him sometime I think. we both work for the city so I see him sometimes, just haven't talked to him yet, not because I'm actually shy but every time I see him it'll be weird because if I talked to him it might be awkward afterwards I don't know. he's kinda famous now though, just a little. but I think I would like to talk to him maybe if we went to the same party. we live pretty close by so I see him quite often in the summer. I would like to have sex with him, at least a fling, not really a relationship I don't think. maybe I will talk to him sometime.

I would much prefer an artsy guy from my university though. I'm in a art & design school and I really love artists too. there was a Pisces guy I liked but he kinda drifted away from me although I think he liked me? the guys from my school are so awesome though, they always give me money or pay for things for me, not that it matters, but no good looking guys ever did that for me before. I don't know I need to be in a relationship soon! I want to marry a guy from my uni and I'm going into 2nd year but all the guys in my program are unattractive or just not as sexy as those artists (I'm in design). but I'll take more liberal studies courses so hopefully I'll marry an artist, it would prob be better to marry a designer though so we can open a business together or something!

I don't know even though I am a Sag I don't like to have sex all the time and I'm not a slut. I'm very career focused and I don't want anything to get in the way like getting pregnant or an STD. and for some reason I prefer earth/water signs probably because of the Cap Venus and Scorpio Mars. I have Moon in Leo though. but I even like Air signs better than Fire cause they aren't are cocky and tbh I hate guys that are full of themselves I can't stand that and I will NOT stroke his ego. well maybe if I have sex with him but otherwise no.

There's this one girl I'll will always remember that I met on and off when I was a kid and we've grown up now. I see her from time to time because she's in are group of friends. She's looking for the perfect one, I know if I can succeed in passing her tests she would be happy with me. As you can see she's more well off than I but, I haven't let that phase or dilute me I really feel some how I'll succeed by taking patience with her.

I am a sag girl and my husband is a Leo but bloody hell does he hurt easily , a warning to all Leo guys , DO NOT MARRY A SAG GIRL , your ego will be destroyed in two months ,my husband struggle with my honesty and I struggle with his moodiness, I am amazed how my mood affects the mood of my husband. It is tiring, any advise?

have a baby with a Leo man would he love his child more they any women in his life

I have been dating a Leo man for almost five years and our love is wonderful, although we might have a communication break down. I love to say things as they are and he always feels bad afterwards. I always want to fix problems as they arise but he'll let things drag until they are too bad. What matters the most is that I love him and he loves me.

Im a sag girl and is dating a Leo boy.My Leo boy has a flirting problem,and i've been hearing some stuff about him and another girl be flirting and that they were touching each other when I wasnt around them,but I don't know if its true or not,i mean I asked him and the girl if it was true and they both said no but I don't know if they're telling the truth or not because I didn't see it for myself,but he do be flirting with her in front of my face and I told him to stay away from her but he isnt doing what I say,and then I told him I don't like him touching other girls and he was like just know that he loves me and that he would never cheat on me because he aint that type of guy...to make long story short I don't know if I can trust him because the stuff he be doing to me he be doing to the girl he always flirting with so can anybody please tell me what should I do?

i'm a sagi girl and I have my best Leo girl-friend. I met her cousin thru her, and everytime the three of us are together, it's almost like a big explosion of fun. we love to be around each other.

but lately, this Leo man has been getting very close to me. he always tries to find a way to get close to me, or does random things to BE close to me. he holds my hand sometimes. it surprises me, I don't really know what to do because he's three years younger than i. he takes care of me, everything. always wants to sleep next to me! lol

i mean, Leo guys are so great, such charisma. but GAH! I hate their show-off personalities and their big egos. thats what I appreciate of this leo. he is very generous and just the right bit of self-centered. enough to care for himself, to take care of himself.

I'll never know what he wants from me.

I am a sag woman and recently fell for a Leo man. I was skeptical at first because the Leo is so passionate and romantic and you cant help but fall for them and fall fast. They also carry themselves well and tend to be the center of it all. I am having a very hard time believing his love is true. He can text me that he loves me but in person he wont say it...he just shows it. They like to keep deep feelings in. I also have a very hard time being dominated I want to be an equal and his view is to look down on others. I think Sag girls are accused of games but we guard our heart and pride because we don't want to get hurt or played. I also don't like that leo's rarely ..if ever apologize when they are wrong and the Sag girl is all about simple solutions to conflicts.

sag women can kill the leo's heart when they fight .. she be so quite and careless and leo's be so much in wonder.the bad part about Sagittarius women when they show cold out side to leo's .. it's a hell.

always leo's want to give it all and Sagittarius want to keep it all.

Hi I am a Sagittarius and my husband since 7 months ago! is a Leo Lion! grr

We have a wonderful time when were together and he always supports me in everything. I have low onfidence you see but since meeting him i've perked up. I lllllllllooooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee him with all my soul and I think I can definitely tame my hate for the same thing..so basically me being a Sagittarius, for him until we die. Were having a baby this April!!!! So excited I luv him x

sag dating a Leo man. everything is great although i'm still trying to accept the "he's always right" policy and having to cater to his every need.

I am Sagittarius and I am in love with a Leo man.i enjoy his company and love to be with him all the time.we love each other a lot.i do everyhing I can do for him.

I am a Sag girl and my best guy friend is a Leo. We haven't ever been together but everytime it is just me and him we hold hands and he kisses me. Then when we are in public he flirts with other girls right in front of me, so I do it to him, and then later he tells me that he dosent like when I flirt with other guys even though he flirts too. He makes me so mad but there is so much sexual tension between us lol. Neither one of us is ready to committ, but maybe soon we will be.

I'm a Leo guy and I like this sag girl. but I think she's well off for me cos she's a dancer and she's famous cos she's appeared in tv and performed for local artists and her dad is bloody rich. me on the other hand, I play the guitar and sing have done a bit of performances, but im nothing compared to her fame and having some financial problems.

well we study in the same university and we were neighbours. now shes living with the parents and I only meet her out to go for jogging. the time we jog is the only time I get to talk to her or her talking to me. I havent really showed her that I like her (unless she interprets how often I invite her out for a jog) and im afraid that she might get bored of us jogging and find an excuse to no longer jog. I want to tell her that I like her and that she's interesting but I don't know if I should because like its said here, they don't want to rush into a relationship and commitment and they're pretty unemotional.

I wonder if I should just stay like this or do something, which I don't really have an idea about or to tell her what I wanted to say. i'll be leaving for the winter in 1 week and away for 2 months before I see her again. I don't know how to bring this relationship to another level. is there anything I can do?

Leos bring out the best traits in sag ie. confidence and vise versa. Two outgoing, confident sexy signs. I love love love their cocky, confident, proud and strong personalities, and their drama lol. the only time I feel alive is when im with leo.

My Leo ex broke my heart... It was like the perfect romance. He treated me better than any guy I knew and the sex was amazing. He treated me out and cooked for me. Always wanted to spend time with me, but broke it off with me because he said he wasn't ready for a relationship. Said I was his Ms. right but came at the wrong time in his life. It hurt for a long time but I still understand. He didn't intentionally do it and I'll still love him to this day, plus we're still good friends, however we rarely talk because his phone is off. I think he fought with his feelings for me... like he was scared or something. because we'd always talk about it. He'd say his feelings were something like love or were love and he cared a lot about me. and he never wanted to hurt me. Then he'd just flat out tell me he loved me. it took me till the end of our relationship for me to tell him I loved him but I'm glad I told him before I moved 4-5 hrs away from him. He used to tell me maybe one day we'd get back together, but idk... I know I'm not gonna sit around and wait for something that to happen. especially if he isn't. but I'm glad I made and impression on him, he told me I was the sweetest girl he'd ever met and I was like his first love. All in all i'm happy with the experience. :)

Im a Sag woman dating a Leo man. In the beginning I was all about intimidating him in a good way, making witty comments leading him to think dating me was a real privilege...and it is! hahaha But! I had to because he is good looking, his ego is out the roof, and he is super cocky but as much as I hate it he has good reason to be. I cant help but find him extremely sexually attractive, every time I see him I just want to strip him and make him crazy. I hate the whole cocky and self loving thing he has but I definitely take it as a challenge. I always feel the need to put him down with a little stinger but then immediately after give him a little ego boost.

I do not think I am better than him in any way really but I feel like in some way he needs to think that so that it keeps him interested and the chase is still on. I love to tease him because he is always in the mood...I like to make him wait and then later the SEX IS AMAZING! we are VERY compatible in bed, it is hott. I always let him know that I loved it.

I also know he is EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE!!! So when guys flirt or look at me and try to talk to me, he will get very possessive and jealous. However, he likes it at the same time because in his mind it seems more like, "you want her but I have her."

He is very masculin and in good shape. He is tall with dark hair and great eyes. The masculinity makes me weak at the knees! I try to break his confidence just a little bit sometimes to make him more humble but I secretly love the fact that he thinks he is the best thing with two legs AND thinks he is lucky to have me.

My Leo man may be tough and cocky on the outside but he is so fun and funny and he can be just so precious. Sometimes he says the cutest and most sensitive things that make me just want to squeeze him, its adorable! He may be a masculine and egotistic man most of the time, he LOVES to be babied when no one can see.

He is level headed which is good for me because I am emotional and everywhere at once sometimes. I tell him off sometimes for not giving me enough attention or being too self involved and he immediately will change and be extremely attentive and romantic.

He is sarcastic and a power hungry person. I some how have made it so that he will listen and do what I say maybe 60% of the time, I am sorry ladies....I do not have the recipe to do that! However, he would be caught dead before anyone called him whipped or tamed or obedient.

Over all we are very compatible mentally, with humor, SEXUALLY, and we can be very honest with each other and open. Sagittarius women, I highly suggest getting yourself a Leo man, I can NOT get enough of mine and just don't forget to keep them chasing, tease them, and make sure that THEY are blessed to have YOU and NEVERRRR the other way around...or else they have won and its on to the next challenge.

ps... Baby them in secret, they love it, but never admit it to anyone but you....and they love compliments and positive encouragement.

pps... Let him flirt because as Sagittarius women we love to too. Leo men of my experience will brag about how women want them but then always come home to you and the flirting was simply to make his ego bigger....My man gives me a lot of freedom because we both can trust each other very well...because we are Leo and sagittarius, we get each other.

Yes! Leo man and a Sag woman,sex is the bomb! He (Leo)know how to satisfy his mate,we have two beautiful children who was concieved from true love! I love my Leo man,he's so passionate and Sag is too,so you know the love is HOT! Leo and Sag are Soulmates,in all relationships there's going to be problems,but love works it out. This relationship is 43 years old,we met back in high school and we have been through the storm,but the love is still there! Hale to the KING and QUEEN!

I am a sag woman and I think I am falling for a Leo man...the only thing is I can't tell if he is falling for me...he's kind of hard to read. maybe i'm rushing things and being impatient but we've been out a few times and things haven't gotten any more physical than a hug...i'm kind of going crazy over here. we have so much in common and I am so intrigued by his passion for life and music. I can tell he is definitely a book Leo even after knowing him for a month. i've always been attracted to leos but it has never been good timing. I hope he feels like i'm more than a friend...wish me luck!!

oh best match... Am a sag and I dated two Leo guys.it was wonderful. When it comes to sex ....boom. Flames in heart

Im a sag woman I met a Leo guy on line he was loving,passonate,hot im always wet when im around him,i am crazy over this man.I had one bad expirence with him and its when I crashed 2010 car he rented while he was on vacation.He was so mad at me he cut is vacation and went back to his country.He always asking me about my friends,if they are pretty.I realise he's a flert and a liar.But I cant stop loving him,we talk all the time and I want him back ,when I push it only gets worst.But im very mean and rude to him,no matter what bad things I tell him he's always forgiving me after a couple days.Its like we cant leave each other I don't know why.I know I love him.Ithink he loves me too but he never said it.But Leo men are flerts they hate commitment .Especally if they were hurt.They also love there children.And they wear the best use the best,give the best.

I've met my Leo a few months ago, and ever since then we've been very close. The sex is AMAZING. We connect on all levels. I trust his love for me, he trusts mine. But sometimes my honesty can hurt his feelings and I feel as though I've got to apologize over and over. He's very cocky, but I like that because I know he's mine, and he looks good! Always keep a good look for your Leo (any man for that matter), and he's there to stay. They want someone to look good with them. But we couldn't be happier right now. I can see us together for a very long time. Truly a compatible match. THIS is what got me into astrology because I'm living the truth right now! True love! Did I mention that the sex was amazing? ;)

I am now dating a Leo man he's breaking my heart every day he dosen't show me the love I want describing a Leo man says their passionate but I haven't seen it yet sometime I wonder will he ever fall in love with me or am I just wasting my time every day i'm with him feel hurt because he dosen't tell me how he feels I really do love him but is he just using me for sex because he is the best lover I had ever had but he dosen't beleave it so should I keep waiting for him or should I move on?

Ps, im a sag

Hi I'm a Sag girl and I was involved with a Leo man for over 3 years. He has been the best I ever had to this day! It was always fresh and new and never a dull moment! I took good care of him and vice-versa! we were crazy for each other and there was so much passion and intimacy in the time we were together. I fell hard in love with my Leo! I miss him so very much! I will never forget how he made me feel when we made love... no man can ever make me feel like that! He left his mark in my body and soul. He is in my system for the long run. At this point we are trying to be friends due to some issues and we decided its the best for us. All I have to say is I will never forget my Leo! wish things would have been different and given us more of a chance! Jaime baby I love you with all my heart!

I understand that Sagittarius women like freedom when you are just dating-does this mean they need multiple sexual partners?

Once you are a couple are they generally loyal and faithful? or does that only come if you are married to them?

Well I have mad feelings for this Leo but he never replace me go he feels about me so I really don't know if he wants to be with or not

I'm a Sag woman and I've had great experieces with Leo men, actually they are as fun and social as we are. You ever feel like doing something crazy for example jumping out of a plane? Well the Leo will def join you and I friggin love that! Right now I'm getting involved with a Leo man, we me through a dating website..cheesy, I know but when we met in person it wasn't akward at all. He came over, I made dinner and we talked like crazy, watched a movie. And then we had the best sex of my life, lol. Twice, lol. God, it was so hot just thinking about it is making me wet. Well he's in the air force and he got sent to iraq well we still keep in contact thru fb. And he's the sweetest, sexiest, pen pal ever! He and I can't wait for him to come home so we can tear each others clothes off and sex it up. I think the suspense is killing us both, but its intriguing all at the same time. Were getting to know each other more and more each day. And leos def like a woman who is stro ng and loyal. Did I mention I'm celebate? And I'm waiting 5 months to have sex..with him of course. My best advice to keep the Leo coming back for more. Be the strong, independent woman you are. Flatter him, but not too much. Tell him he's perfect but only a few times in a two month period or he'll get too cocky. Let him know that you are just as special and beautiful as he is. Smile, laugh, and def fuck him like there's no tomorrow!

All this talk about unfaithful Sagittarius makes us seem very shallow and unemotional. Which is not AT ALL true. On the contrary we thirve on truly falling in love it makes us feel even more alive. But we need our individual freedom to roam, it is like our purpose. We do not wander aimlessly. There is always a deep purpose for us... searching for something. I am a sadge and I am very philosophical, I look at life in sort of a simple way thats why I express myself in a very simple straight forward kind of way. Anyway a sag girl will NEVER ever stray if she is truly in love. Ahh Its sounds so great to say! :) End of story.

I'm a sag. and I have a story of my experience with a Leo that isn't for the faint of heart. When we met fireworks. I jumped in...it all felt so right. He paraded me around ro all who knew him as his queen, I never felt so loved. But, within a couple months of living together everything changed. He became jealous and emotionally abusive and it was all down hill from there. My friends and family were not allowed to contact me, the friends I had left he turned against me behind my back and while I was working and paying all the bills he was out cheating. Once I got sick of this I prepared to leave...when he found out he smashed my phone and wrecked my car. The physical abuse followed. I slept in fear on a couch. No car, no support right where he wanted me. Finally one day while he was out, a threw what I could of mine into a backpack and hit the first bus to a friends house that was as far as I could get. When he found out where I was he started threatening my friends telling them to take me "home" or else. I never went "home." My sag nature put the emotions aside, got back on my feet, fixed my car and never EVER settled for another abusive relationship again. The moral of this story is astrology is great for picking up on people's personality...but it does NOTHING to predict they're behavior or how they were raised. I didn't know at first, This man hated his mother. He called he obscene things to her face (first red flag!! RUN!!) There truly nothing worse than the cowardly Lion. Love yourselves.

Leo men here ... Attracted to a Sagittarius women we met sum time ago for the fist time close face to face ... I did not ask her for digits because she was with a guy ... I think her boyfriend or Friend ... I don't know I was confused but on the other hand she was there for one hour till the other guy got mad at her and left ... because he was so insecure about the situation ... Then she ran after him ... She looked at me before she left ... Yes we met randomly before 6 Different places :)

What should I do If the destiny brings us 2gthr again

Love of my life is a Leo. We aren't together at the moment but since being apart we are the best of friends. Leos are the center of the universe and when a Sag woman lets him flaunt his shit when she's got him wrapped around her finger, it works out great. They are such softies though and their low self esteem is often hidden by cockiness. I just say don't call them out on it, let them lead and love them. Be gentle though...they get hurt easily. Always had a good time, best friends as well as lovers, was amazing. He just couldn't keep up...adventure-wise.

hi i'm a Sag girl and I have a Leo boyfriend for 5months now; I met him in the chat room.he is a seaman and sad to say he is a married man.he is very caring; thoughtful and generous and because of these traits eventually I fell in-love to him.we have met twice then we've shared some intimate moments but I never give my virginity to him its just that I love to keep this until ill found the right 1 to be my husband in the near future.he always told me that he loves me and im the only 1 for him. he even told me to trust him and thats what im doin' right now.after the second time we have met our communication been vanished and im bein' paranoid always thinking of him at the middle of the night and even during class discussion. I contacted him but there was no response from him till now. all the unusual feelings ive felled its because of him and only to him I felled this kind of feelings like bein paranoid of thinking of him not even to my past bf's. he supported me financiall y and to make the record straight I never asked him to help me but he did and I adored him because of that he so generous even to his relatives. my problem now is are we still lovers or not;if not he should put closure or a clearer hints that he wants me to get rid of his system but nothing;i keep on contacting him but no response.is he serious on me?he even mentioned annulment for his marriage and he asked if I really love him and want him in my life;are these good enough to believe him?oh our gap is 20 years but it really doesn't matter to me I love older people;he promised me many things and some of those are already granted. I know having a illicit relation to him is a sin but I cant stop my self to love him:he gave all the attention I wanted most ;the love and care he showed to me; and vice versa I thus these to him; he shared this to me during his psychological interview the interviewee asked him what is the happiest moment on your life and he replied when I met my gf, super im touched that moment he told that to me;so is this relationship worth giving up? please I need you precious opinion.

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