Leo man Scorpio woman best friends

I'm dating a Leo man and we are extremely similar. where I lack, he comes in and saves the day. Where he lacks, I have to tug at him to listen tome and believe in reality not idealism. We are both passionate lovers and agree on many goals; we are very devoted to work and each other. He is hardly ever sad and I happen to get sad and mad a lot since I’m emotional but unlike most Scorpios, I do not hold a grudge. Our motives are the same and we make each other laugh all the time. We are truly best friends but we could get very fired up on each other although it does always end up in forgiveness and love. I love my Leo and he loves his Scorpio.

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by: Anonymous

Ive known him for 2 years and then we decided to get married. Its true Leo man is amazing. The 1st time I met him, I knew I had fallen in love with him. His personality & charm attracted me instantly. His touch & sweet talk melted my heart.

2 years of courting, it's full of storms. We fought a lot... I mean a lot. I'm the jealous... very jealous type. I want attention from him all the time. If he fails to reply to my hand phone message, I get very anxious. What he's doing? Who is he with? I cant help having these feelings of jealousy & insecurity developing in me because I love him a lot. I was betrayed once & it was very bitter. That's why I must make sure he doesn't do the same to me. In my heart, know he loves me a lot. But the thought of his too friendly personality with anyone makes me insecure, even after marriage. Making love with him is great. Ive never met someone who is so passionate in bed. We'll make a great &everlasting pair if we can control our short temper towards each other.

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