Leo man Scorpio woman fighting

by Inamuvulwa

I am married to a Leo man and I am scorpio and the two of us are constantly fighting. We just don't seem to see each others point of view. I find him very stubborn and he finds me stubborn and rude. I have to admit I am very proud but he is just as proud. I really worry about our marriage because we don't do things together anymore. He spend most of his time with his cousin and friends and I on the other hand I am spending more time with my daughter who is currently turning 4 in November. We hardly do anything as a family not even having quality time together and a Leo is suppose to be adventurous. I really don't know sometime i get the feeling he is fed up with me or annoyed with me...

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To answer
by: Anonymous

If he loves you truely loves you then you need to find out whatwhat you an him were arguing for..in the first place..secondly leo have a weakness for sluttyinhabitonstioned women dont get me wrong they would marry a, lady but do a freak...an, we have the ability tap into both thirdly as much as I hate to say you need to listen kelly price song you shouldve told me its true because if they dont ask we dont offer much luv an luck

Scorpio woman and leo man
by: scorpio80

I am a very strong willed female scorpio. I spent a year engaged to my Leo fiance- we were friends before hand for a year and a half. However, our relationship started down the same path as yours it sounds like. I left him and we remained friends but we are definetly not compatible partners as far as relationships go. We fought constantly and grew apart. Eventualy we stopped spending time tgthr and never did anything together anymore. Best of luck to you and your man!

Listen to me
by: Anonymous

I wantto say sorry first of all because I am really bad at spelling and grammar and never really cared much I guess because I am a Leo man I was married to a scorpio woman and am still in love with her very much.
But our marriage failed because of my needs not being met ther for I was so distracted I couldn't meet hers because I was so lost I'n my hurt that I only thought of my self I regret the way I have lashed out on her in anger I'm very good at saying just the right things and hurting people ( and I really regret it every time) both of y'all need to learn to make compromises. Sex is a huge part of a Leos way of feeling loved and I noticed that spending family time was very important to my wife but never felt incuraged to because her whole family was like her ( all they did was talk bad about people....I hated it) how every with the fact that I was a Leo I always had an over dramatic emotional way of expressing my self but she became numb to it very fast because she wasn't as forgetful as I was when it came to past hurtful words. So try this if you really care. A Leo is very stubborn but if he feels like you care ( and this will take alot of effection and sex and you telling him how much you love him with out him having to say it first then maybe he will open up. I'm only saying all this because your Story sounds so close to mine. I stopped spending time with her because I was discouraged and she stopped loving me because I was never there for her when she felt like she needed me and I hate that because I wanted to I just was blinded by my insecurities from lack of encouragement. So open his heart and he will feel new and ready to love other wise he will try to come back when it's to late when your leaving and he has realized what has happend and even though his words in a heated moment might sound convincing he probably doesn't mean it like he says it. But this is all judged from me so take what you can from this and good luck

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