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I was with a Taurus woman for a year. We had amazing chemistry and I'm a Leo. She is stunning to look at and had the most incredible and softest body. She was a little shy in bed and had to be brought out of herself.

I broke things off because even though she looked good and the sex was good. It wasn't the best as she was too conservative in bed. But ultimately because she wanted to get married and I wasn't ready. Little things like smacking her ass gently would get on her nerves because she didn't like it. I often forget and just do it anyway, lol.

We're friends now and funny enough I'm seeing another Taurus woman with the same birthday as my ex... When will I learn? This women are so gorgeous though. I'm helpless to it.

I'm a Taurus girl, he a Leo.. We were just 16 & 17 when we met. We shared everything goals, dreams and drive to get us there. He was my best friend. We married, we were 20/21. He worked hard for our family, we never went without, he loved me and I felt it. He honestly made me laugh every day I knew him, he was always the centre of attention around friends/family, he was fun to be around. He was my love, my everything and I did anything for him too.... He had always not liked 'bigger' girls and it's not that I didn't care, I just didn't think it would be such a big deal because 'love is supposed to be blind'...and I was still the same person, but things did, I put on a lot of weight and the sex went downhill first, we grew further and further apart. After knowing this man for over 20 years he wanted to split, no arguments, no explanation, just wasn't happy... It came from nowhere. We were 38/39 when we split. Our son even said 'but you guys never fight, you're best friends' It was something that nobody, especially me expected. A month after I left the family home I found out that he had been seeing a lady (25yo) and that he knew her through work... I was gutted. So I guess all I'm saying is... beauty, he's version of it, is more important than anything else. Leos are a visual kind of guy... so if you like to 'maintain yourself' then it will probably work... I slacked off and got punished for it.

I prefer Capricorn guy much more than a Leo .. he is funny with a fun charisma but doesn't make us (as a taurean) feel comfortable.. we need to feel safe and we don't when we be with a Leo I feel like I have to pretend a lot of times when I be with a Leo man I don't act normally like im as I do when I be with a Capricorn I BE ME !

he is Leo and I am Taurus our relationship from 9 year many times I have broke up but we came together he is very sexually attractive fellow but I feel very shy I don't know out come of this problem I cant live without him but still I love him

I am a Taurus woman and have been with a Leo man for nearly three years. he is the best person (for me) I have ever been with, but it took a little while for us to both feel comfortable totally being ourselves with each other. I absolutely had to learn to be more outgoing in my praise and affection than I normally am. he, in turn, had to learn to give a little of the spotlight to me every once in awhile ;). but the great thing is that we had so much fun most of the time, and so much in common intellectually and socially that I think it made us want to try and see what would happen if we kept at it for awhile. we both had to stop being a bit stubborn and not have to be "right" all the time. the moral of the story is I know I have grown a lot as a person by being with my Leo guy and because he was willing to grow and mature too we have become super close and committed. my moon is in Leo so that may have helped me understand him a little more than I might have otherwise ;).

Leo men are egotistical and annoying. I dated a Leo man for half a year and all he would seem to talk/brag about was himself. He was always talking to other girls and flirting constantly. Like he always needed to be center of attention, and this annoyed me and made me mad but I tolerated it.

I am a Taurus woman, I have a temper, but I am very tolerant of how people act.

I grew to love and accept him for how he was, and I stroked his ego very well.

But I got tired of it, but I was determined to make it work. But he dumped me and had sex with another Taurus woman, and now I'm secretly plotting revenge ahaha :)

Now I don't take flirting crap so lightly anymore. Especially from a Leo, cause they do whatever they please, to please themselves.

I love my Leo Man:) yes We argue but the sex is great! We jus cannot get enough of each other and Truly I have never met anyone like him before;)!

im seeing a Leo man and we argue all de time because I don't let him have his way but im a independent woman so I have to show him whose boss even do he is de boss of our relationship I love him to bits the sex is great its all exacting and for a stubborn Leo man he always comes around which I love Leo men are great well mine is im moving in with him too and I cant wait

I am a Taurus woman who have dated 2 Leos. The last Leo I dated was my reality check. Though there is a fatal attraction, I must agree I think of him now as needy, annoying, self absorbed, treated everyone like children, and he had no reflection about himself. He always bashed someone and most of the time it was me. He never got honest, and I learned a lot of stuff about him once we broke up and that is that he was not honest, self serving, and on many levels very manipulate. Sex was good but it was not the best. However, I will always miss him, and he taught me a lot about relationships and how they are not meant to be forced, but fluid. I did not recognize what I could have done differently but I do now, and realize that I would have if he would have ever given me the room. As a Taurus woman when someone wants something from me- if they force it they put me on edge and I never get to really shine. I felt cheated in my relationship and felt like I was never really seen for who I was.. That was a bummer cause Im a pretty cool cat. But again, I am not what a Leo man wants. I am pretty modest and despise self praise (which he loved to do) I thought this to be such a turn off, and it was in the end I could not stand to hear his voice...

I have a Leo friend, he's Flirtatious, Self absorbed and depended on looks only. As soon as he got bored with his new girlfriend, they broke up. Honestly if no intimacy is going on the relationship isn't gonna go anywhere, :/ trust me Taurus girls.

My best guy friend is a Leo. There has always been some deep-seated intense sexual tension between us. When we were younger, he was madly in love with me. I was afraid that this would ruin our friendship and started dating someone else. This hurt his pride almost beyond repair.

That was many years ago and I have long since been single. The sexual tension popped up again a few months ago, after he spent several months avoiding me. Now there is only two types of interaction: either he looks through me as if I don't exist or else I am the only thing that exists and the sexual tension goes through the roof.

I'm not sure where this is headed yet, but I'm not sure that it will be good.

I found out that A Leo guy who is my best friend is my true love.

I am guy of 33yrs of age and my wife is 30 yrs we are in relationship for last 10 yrs we had lot of good sex before marriage but after few month of marriage she got less interested in sex and I am very possessive but she like to go out without me which I don't like she make work trip to do that. how can I stop her and get her back.

sorry Taurus women, but Leos belong with Aries women not Taurus. there is a lot of similarity between Aries and Taurus women, so it is easy for them to convince themselves that you match. but in the end, we Aries are way more compatible with Leos. After all we're both fire signs and Taurus is earth. fire and earth don't mix. Taurus will work hard to tolerate Leo but eventually get tired and annoyed. Aries has the same energy as Leo and therefore will never get tired of Leo. Aries appreciates Leos warm heart and the love he gives her and that is all an Aries really looks for in a partner: genuine love and loyalty and Leo will always provide that for us till the end. we joke the same, talk the same and there is a lot or respect between us.

I have hated every single Leo I have ever met. I can't stand people that are on major ego trips. That ooze an undeserved arrogance. Gross. I am accepting of anyone except them. I have Leo in 2 of my houses and I am disgusted by it. Aries PLEASE take them, we'll do anything if you keep them away from us. Thx.

My Leo is the biggest cheater and liar in the world. I love him uncontrollably but I have to give him the walking papers. I never met a bigger cheater and liar in my life. I am also quite annoyed at how hooked I am on this man. We talk without saying anything, have the best sex, but he is getting sex everywhere. The Leo man is a handful, I've taken constant care of this man to be back stabbed. He is still trying to lie his way out of being caught when the other woman called my phone from his cellular in the early morning, with him arguing in the background. Watch these kitties, they are constantly in heat for multiple partners.

I'm a Taurus women came a cross wit 2 Leo's they both were my goodfrd. both Leo became annoying at time. they selfish,egositc,self praise, talk big but they have nothing wit them. I find Leo guys are the most stupid on earth. they cant do simple thing.vry slow in understanding things. always think they're right! like to blame people without know truth. well I just wanna say no matter what. Taurus girl just stay far from Leo man they're mad in sex really mad...just stay far from them.neva give them face never !!!

I am a Taurus women and I was with a Leo man for 3years. and I truly loved my dude but um yeah they are scared to commit they do lie and they don't tend to care about your feelings! leos are a lot of work

I want to shoot myself every time I get within a 3333948 km distance of a Leo person (male or female). They get under my skin in the worst possible way. After the couple of times where I have been forced to be close to a Leo person, as soon as I got home I had to break a whole lot of shit to get them out of my system. seriously if I had a gun I would have shot myself, that's how much I can't stand them.

never dated one because i'd just die on the inside if I did.

as a Taurus girl, I can't believe there were other Taurus girls that actually dated a Leo man. it makes me discusted to be a Taurus woman.

i'm a Taurus girl aged 23 and my Leo guy 33 we've been together for 2yrs now but during these times there were lots of break up and make up I love him as much as he makes me angry.. he's a liar and cheater i've got him twice with another women and it makes me sick the thought of him sleeping around with other women I just cant tolerate it but I cant live without him, when i'm with him i'm free i'm happy I cant get enough of him it sounds crazy but i'm madly inlove with him...i'm still with him but to give my honest opinion i'm better off without him

Im a Taurus woman and was married to a Leo man for six years. For some reason I was and still sooooo in love with him. He hardly cooked, cleaned, watched our son, and didn't know how to come home before 5am. He had different women calling him all the time and even got cought cheeting on more than one occation. Sometime he was sweet, and would buy me things, take me out and we would have family day. One day that all ended, I guess he got bored. After we split, I went back and forth in my head as to taking him back. Once I would decide to let him come back home he would do something to remind me of how things used to be and I would change my mind. After a year of going back and forth with divorce papers, I have finally turned them in. We will see what happens.

P.S. The sex wasn't as great as everyone says.....I'v had better....but he did give the best oral sex :)

wow my experience with a Leo male is totally different from every one listed here. perhaps because my Leo male is the exception...one of the few that has entered his sphinx stage early in life. we were best friends for five years, but in the beginning he wanted nothing to do with me, though I was madly in love with him. he was at that time in an on again/off again relationship with a big titted cancer. after coming out of that relationship...two years later he realized that he wanted more than just looks, he wanted stability, loyalty and true unconditional...all of which I a Taurus female could give to him. we are loyal and devoted and loving like no other sign on the zodiac and I am very proud to be a taurus. after a year and a half of dating we were married. we share life views to the nth degree. and our friendship has given us the strongest of foundations. yeah I can see why this relationship would not normally work because 95% of Leo males are self absorbed and looks oriented...and not monogamous. I have been greatly blessed. and im super proud that I can say that I am a true example of a compatible Taurus female and Leo male.

I'm a Taurus woman who has been married to a Leo for 9 years. D 1st 5 years was the most difficult. Tempers ran high, and he cheated quite a bit. But we because we both came from broken homes, and had started having kids right away, we were willing to work hard to keep our family (4 kids) together. He's tall, handsome, well liked and very popular, so I guess that feeds his ego enough without me having to stress myself out praising him. I'm writer and filmmaker, so my imagination makes it easy.

I am currently dating a Leo man , I love him a lot he is my soulmate , he treats me like a queen but like most Leo traits he doesn't like confrontations I know him so well whereby I don't ask till he is not around I send him an email or text asking what's wrong then the lion in him starts to roaring , I think I handle him too well, even in the bedroom he likes role playing a lot and Taurus woman are not all lazy in the bedroom once comfortable we unleash our sex kitten its all about how we are approached we don't like to please what's not worth pleasing ,so I give Leo man a huge credit I don't think ill date other signs and its true they do pamper their woman with flowers and open car doors.

Well I am Taurus and this is the first time a Leo has caught my eye. He's tall handsome and well endowed. He plays a ot but we have only been talking for a month. I am starting to notice that I have to do all the initiating when it come to calling or texting. He seems interested then he does not. I have sent him two messages within the past week and he has yet to respond. Leo men are hard to read and I do not have to deal with this but I find myself constantly thinking about him. I have been researching the characteristics and traits of Leo men and I am finding out a lot of things that are true. I would like to take it to the next level with my Leo interest but I am uncertain of his feelings and actions especially when I am not around.

I met a Leo man and although I have suspicions about his cheating, I have yet to encounter that. Maybe I have not been with him long enough. However, I am so attracted to him as well as he to me. Just thinking about him sends me into a tail spin. When I am around him, our sex drive goes into full speed. His touches, kisses, etc. are so sensual to the point of me just wanting to melt. I don't know how long this relationship will last but this I do know, I am enjoying the moment. Never had a man to awaken the sensual and sexual side as this Leo man does.

Yes, I too am and Taurus Woman.

I am a Taurus women and have been in love with a Leo since I was in middle school. We were on and off through out the years. It is true what they say about Leo but sometimes you just cant help who they are. They lie and cheat. Once you get one try and make it work because once you have disappointed both signs all hell breaks loose. Suddenly we decided to be friends. We are still friends til this day. I will always have the same love for him that I didback tehn. We are now 21 years of age.

I love my baby so much... he is a Leo and im a taurus. ive known him for 8 years and weve gone out and broke up for a while but we just recently got back together. Ive loved him forever and I loved him since the first day I saw him. honestly, the first day I saw him I told my friend like he's the one. he tried to talk to me but I was shy and ran into the bathroom and hid. luckily we met up again later. :) I hope that we end up getting married one day and having kids. he is very strong man and I know that he will be generous and caring with me and that he will be a great and loving father and husband. no matter what anyone says leos and Taurus can be together. both people just have to know how to love and be loved. but thats the case for anyone. we do butt heads sometimes but never enough to call it quits. I would never leave him. he's like my best friend and we both know each other better then anyone else. we are both vain and self-centered at times and I need a break from him at times. but we are both understanding and we both know that we want and need each other. so there you go. he's the only man/leo for me! :)

well ,i met a Leo guy a couple of months ago . He was so charming that he captured me. the way he talks ,his self confidence is irresistable .i've never met anyone like him ,he was very dif. & I guess I was attracted to this unique & mysterious guy...our relationship ended even be4 it started ,i put him through a test to know if he really loves me & if all those sweet ,lovely words & praisings for me where true and I truely wanted him to pass ,to gain my trust but sadly he failled horribly ,everything he ever told me was like a recording in his mind that he plays to all the women he likes ,i was just like any other girl but still I wanted to continue & I started convincing myself that I can change him, I can make him want & love no one but me...just me

but my self respect prevented me & I ended everything

what hurts the most is that he didn't hold on to me ,he didn't even try to discuss why I wanted to end it all ,i wanted him to...i wanted to scream & yell at him why?! but he didn't he just gave me that sad look saying as you like , I just want you to be happy!

that hurts!

I just met my Leo man and I too am taurus, in the 5th month now, after coming across as domineering, self absorbed and snobbish he realized he was rubbing me the wrong way and toned it down a bit...I see where this match needs work, but being an older guy he knows what he wants and is willing to work for it. I see where this relationship will take work...my other relationships have been much easier to sustain, but my Leo is an extraordinary man, he rises to the occasion and I sincerely hopes it lasts. He is very generous and succesful, he loves extravagance which tires me a bit but I am generally optimistic and adventerous so as long as he makes it appealing I am game...he lieks to conquer and win, but I let him work for it in arguments and he is willing to compromise but he has to feel it is his choice and he isn't forced...it is yet a short time and I feel so close to him, but I also feel very scared, I suspect that he may have cheating traits but I am not sure an d Taurus women hate to be hurt...so I feel like threading lightly

I am a Taurus woman and have had experiences with three Leos. Something about Leos drive me love crazy and then mad crazy. Since they don't like confrontation [they] will never leave a bad relationship to begin a good one. I recently broke off a long distance relationship with a man I have known since junior high. He had a difficult time communicating what he truly wanted and it is frustrating to converse with a Leo since it is all about them. I grew tired of trying and being a Taurus I appreciate kind words and attention especially when we are 3000 miles away. Sadly, he can't step up and fight for this Taurus that he has been pining for 27 years. I am sad for him because he may never find happiness...can't accpet his misdoings and move on. I agree..Leos are a handful!!! Still love him though..on to a Gemini!!!

I am a Leo man and was married to a Taurus woman. Sex was decent and often, which I liked. Caught her lying and sneaking around. She broke my trust and I'm now in the nastiest custody battle you could imagine. She continues to lie to the courts and I will never date a Taurus again. She is the ugliest person on the inside I have ever met and what she is putting OUR son through is awful.

I am a Taurus female and have been with me Leo for a long time now, only problem is that its a long distant relationship. I too have suspected him cheating up until now, I have tested him and caught him doing it as well. Friends tell me well if you know that, then why are you still with him? It's hard to say. I really do love him and I think the problem with Taurus is that they will NOT let go. Only if it is completely and UTTERLY neccessary. You could say for my case that it would be completely neccessary but its long distant and I think...maybe he wouldn't cheat unless I was with him. I will just have to wait and see. Where the sexual plain is concerned, I have had better, especially with a Virgo but, sex with Leo is always great. Leo's love to dominate, while Taurus don't mind and may love being dominated so it's just right. Both signs have many similarities, but characters clash when it comes to mr outgoing and wna be center of attnetion leo, compared to the qui et and introvert Taurus as I find myself. I have found that you always need to make Leo as a king and if you don't, if you direspect him and criticise him in any way, he will hate you for it. And any hurt to him is like OH MY GOD YOU HURT ME I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU, EVER. They make a big deal out of everything. And when they get angry...it is a catastrophe. This man needs his desires met and if you can't then he will surely find another woman, it's as simple as that. That is what I don't like about Leo, and besides the fact that everything has to be about them. EVERYTHING. I really love him though, it is hard to tear yourself from Leo's because I really think that the Taurus and the Leo share something special together.

Taurus & Leo sitting in a tree... K-I-S-S-I-N-G... I am a Taurus female my boyfriend is Leo. We have been in this relationship for about 5yrs. AMAZING. I'm not saying its easy, but to all journeys its not the destination that's of most value but the journey itself. We have our differences, as some are in our astrological description. I'm sensitive (maybe sometimes too sensitive), he can be prideful, I'm more bohemian(not to extreme where I have hair growing out of my pits), he is more dressy he likes too always look well put together. One of the things I have learned about my Leo man is not to take things to personal (sensitive), he just doesn't hold on to grudges. He has told me that from me he has learned to be more grounded. One things that stands out about these blogs (Taurus woman and Leo man) is that some of us are so quick to get angry, bitter or upset for the cheaters and liar Leos. There is more than just Leos to be cheaters. My personal experience with Leos is positive. It all comes down to what you want to take from your experience from whatever relationship. My Leo is LOYAL, LOVING, and just the way he wants to be adored, he will ADORE YOU! I bask every time he shows it. He makes me feel like a Queen ;) We are in a committed loving relationship. And to all the Taurus WOMEN, Best wishes for this type of relationship or any other. But just find points where you can be better for yourself. Everything is a learning experiences. Even these odd couplings that are assumed not to work out but they just do:D It's been a journey. But with him I'd go and do it again and again.

I am a Taurus Women and I am with a Leo Man.... Everything is fantastically perfect!!! The Sex is incredible, he is very affectionate (loves to have snuggles) and is a great listener. Everything is fun and he makes me feel like I am the hottest thing that walked this earth... He is caring, kind, sweet and generous. Our relationship is perfect!!! We have never had a fight. Difference for us is we were friends first than a couple. Taurus need to experience loving for a Leo man... you wont regret it.

I'm a 30yr young Taurus, he is a 28 yr young Leo, going strong for our 5th year. I love him with all my heart. And I'm not going to say that everything has been picture perfect. At a point in our relationship he was very needy with attention, I was too sensitive to his blunt comments. He would spend his ca$h on really expensive things, and I would try hard to earn my money. However with those bits and pieces that made it shaky it seems that we have now established stable ground. He is absolutely my best friend. He adores me and every little freckle on me. I love his caring nature, his gentleness, and he is very much a humanitarian always giving (not sure if its for the attention) but non the less it is wonderful to be in a relationship with a very loving man. Good luck to all. Hope it helped

OMG.....I read a lot of postings on this Leo & Taurus wow and I must say a lot of them are reading same.....how can a Leo even live with themselves with what we all know about them??? they are so damn mental. There is a long list of things that I can mention about leo's I been in a relationship with a my Leo man for 18months. its been nothing but hell then heaven....never levels out. and Im sick of it. ups and downs almost every other day yet he says we need to do this and that to fix this or that but he cant seem to put forth the effort long enough to save himself. He don't like taking critisim and being told he is wrong he is soooo JEALOUS and very possesive....even when speaking to my girlfriends. I am at a cross cause I am also pregnant with his baby almost 3 months now and I feel I am going to lose it cause of how angry and depressed I am. He told me he wont stress me out and he will look within himself to change so that we can make it thru but that was short liv ed. I am crying all the time behind his accusations and or his evilness. Its sickening. he wants me to move in with him, get married, but yet he is so eviel and hides it from his family and friends....he don't like being put on the spot and hates if his self image is damaged. Im really compatible with Capricorn & Cancer....My best pick is Cancer men, They have such nuturting personalities, at which is something a Taurus women is drawn to...I had a good friend whom we got close and from my understanding we could of been together and I couldn't of been happier....I was in love with him (cancer man)but that was broken cause he got married on me and left me behind and I felt cold and when I met this crazy Leo I think I was filling a void...BAD MISTAKE...it seem like I am cursed...or Karma is happening. Like i'm being punished. I want to leave him, I have mixed feelings because of how its sometimes good and sometimes bad between us....He is loyal to me, loving. caring, VERY protective, he loves to shop and buy me things and loves taking me out and enjoying life and adventure we talk a lot in depth about everything and those are the things that may be holding me on...on the other hand he is always assuming I can be talking to another man when him and I arent talking while he is at work. He is so stuck in his ways and holds onto past broken relationships and brings them along with ours....women have cheated on him in the past. He wont let that go, I love him but I am also tired of the ups and downs and that is not healthy for me our this baby. Im considering terminating I cant wait much longer. If I told him this he would surely break up with me I know this. but also He will have learned a lesson hopefully!

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