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I am very attracted to this particular Leo. We have been talking for a year now and haven't been serious until recently (4 months) I cant seem to figure him out. How do I get him to stop being so stubborn and be more open with his desires and wants?

What is it he's being stubborn about exactly? What is it you think he wants? The main reason I ask is that Virgos do have a habit of over-analyzing things.. Maybe he just wants you!

I'm a Virgo woman in a relationship with a Leo man and I think it's amazing! We have excellent communication. I find myself being more stubborn than him. Our connection is one of a kind, although, everyone is different! I hope things work out for you!

I'm Virgo woman. My girlfriend is Leo; I love her very much because of her strong character and qualities that she has.

Leo never sick or tired of what questions that I asked for help; she always support and offer advice. Leo woman is amazing. In Astrology zodiac sign, she born to be a lead; this sign is very loyal and determine. As they said, "Leo is Lion; it is the king. The king is fair. That makes sense. Leo always makes me laugh when I'm down. So, it is good to know people by the 12 zodiac sign/personality trait is very important.

I am currently dating a Leo male & he has been so sweet to me...taking me out, spending money for food & anything else I need, I recently went to visit him at his home & we talked all night, we have great conversation all the time & we have a lot in common & our views on all levels are pretty much the same...Here's the thing , I spent the night with him & he never attempted to touch me, kiss me or anything intimate at all...When I asked him about that, he says he really wants to get to know first...Is this typical of a Leo man, or did something turn him off that he doesn't want to say ?...now please take in mind the next morning, he did not change, we still had great conversation & he wanted to take me out to go eat breakfast before I went home.

My opinion is, he is probably not interested in you sexually. It could also be some of your opinion that Leo might have felt it might be inviting possible conflicts. A Leo will be polite and think not to disrespect you, he won't be blunt about it. He may think if he were to have sex with you knowing that he won't be calling you again, it wouldn't be 'righteous' thing to do unless you both make the rule of the engagement clear at the beginning. In that case, he would sleep with you and not worry that he doesn't need to continue. My guess is that something might have ticked him off not to make a move on the first night.

Am a Virgo girl & there is this Leo guy that I have a feeling loves me but he dose not call me often though he says nice things when he calls, do you think he really loves me?

I like a Leo man but I cant tell if he likes me.

Leo man here. We're not known for being shy or subtle, so if a Leo likes you then you'll probably know about it! The one big exeption to this is if he has no idea that you like him. Us Leo's do value and protect our ego's, so if he thinks you'll just laugh at him he won't make any kind of first move. Make it a little obvious that you're interested though and he probably wont hesitate to take over the pursuing if he's interested.

The main reason I mention this is that I like Virgo women! But.. I have a very hard time reading them. They often don't make their intentions clear (by Leo standards). So stop thinking quite so much, and get a little bold and blatant to catch your Leo's attention initially! Best of luck to you both.

Im an Virgo woman and ive recently broke it off with an Leo man....our egos were just to big for each other even doe we had good convo and similar out looks on life we could never go more den a day without fussing...as I was reading above it says that Leos enjoy drama and start arguments for attention I think datz what he use to do because we would fuss ova the smallest dumbest things and he would blow it up and go crazy and start sweating while im sitting dere calm and collected watching TV and not paying any attention to me...I think that made him madder...but on the good side we had fun together always was cutn up and the sex was fire....Virgo-earth...Leo-fire=lava...I kinda think datz y we cant seem ta stay away from each other even after braking up...He told me a couple times that he wanted to settle down with me and have lil ones but I cant see it happening because we fuss tooooo much...he's told me that im the only girl that can calm him down....I think about him a lot an d I no he thinks about me...he understands me some what but he doesn't understand that I fuss with him is cuz I care if I didn't that means I don't give an f bout u...anyone else experience this

im dating a Leo boy && i'm a Virgo girl. at the beginning of the relationship all we did was fuss. we still fuss now but not that much any more. he is very funny && playful love that bout him. I've learned to be patient with him && ever since I did that I'll say our relationship has been good. he do like to take charge && that's fine with me. but the bossy-ness he's working on that. well anyway if ya just learn to talk things over and chill out at times the relationship should work out

Virgo woman tipsy over this lion ! We met up late in '08' we ended up hooking up in feb 09 . First day we met he blew me away ,first time me kissed blew me away ! First hook up out was out of this world. When I started to get feeling for him back in nov I tried to hold off to see if would just subside and they did not so I told him and in return asked for him not to sugar coat his answer and be real which he went around the block a few times and still never gave me a straight answer. Now I'm having weird and odd coincidence with him.. Since nov I hear/see his name everyday .If I do not hear from him for a month or so then it can be several times a day then I end up hearing from him if I log on to IM I get these butterflies and there is a msg from him . He has been in a few of my dreams and what happen in that dream actually was real later on... Did this happen to anyone or maybe explain what it could mean ? Pro's about him ..smart cookie , sexy ,feel safe when I'm in his arms , never bores me and I can actually say from men I've dated. I really can appreciate him as a person. Cons , selfish and self-absorbed manners bite and best of all indirect and vague ! but when Im in his presence he is none of that .

Me as a Virgo , hard to please ,over analyze / critical / can never keep a relationship going over a month and barely by a thread if it hits 2 ... pros hard working , caring to the people I trust and let in my life, like making people laugh and list goes on..hahah ...So if some can give me sound advice ..help this Virgo out ..and why do I keep going back for more ?

I am a Leo and my girlfriend is a Virgo...hope this helps in most situations...I have a proud ego and Virgos are self kept...to make the relationship work (which ours do with only very minor disagreements), we each give and take...we realize each other's faults and strong points...we do not scrutinize the other's weaknesses and wrongs...we each take a step back and apologize b4 getting into a fight...or try to give each other time to cool off when we both cant handle the tension...I use to be a hard core Leo when I'm younger, tempers flare and no one can stop or calm me and I end up hurting my gfs...

a Leo will always appreciate a strong woman in the face of public and a display of weaknesses and the need to be protected when alone with just them. Leo likes protecting the weaker species.....my Virgo girl use to be very reserved and wouldn't speak her thoughts or mind...but being a Leo, you need to have patience and do it slowly, give them security and reason to trust you and they will open up eventually...take baby steps and never scare them off...they will no matter how busy remind you they are thinking of you still...I think most importantly is for Leos to communicate to Virgos, once you share you're world with them, they will feel safer to share theirs with u...most of all is don't be picky of them or their downfalls/weaknesses etc., Virgos know they are less than perfect, if anything, they have low self esteem....

I never thought I would end up loving a Virgo becoz I really did not have a good impression of them...but my Virgo girl is very down to earth and sensible...even in things they do not excel at, they will still try to do their best.

I am dating a Leo Man right now, I am a Virgo Woman. We hit it off really good in the beginning. He pays for everything, and treats me like a queen. He is faithful and everything he does for me he expects in return. .... He is very big on respect and he is set in his ways and dominating. He cares about my happiness and just wants the best for me. He doesn't like negativity and does not like how I bitch about everything. I love that he is my other have and I hope we are blessed to stay together for all eternity.

I am recently dating a Leo man and I am a Virgo woman. We hit it off almost immediately after meeting and it turned into an intense relationship where we couldn't get enough of each other very quickly. I was worried when just after knowing each other for a couple weeks we were fighting like an old couple and arguing about everything. Leo's like to live grandly and sometimes his passion can overwhelm me and I find myself staring to nag at him. To the comment earlier-- I also had a dream about him and it ended up actually happening. I thought that was pretty crazy. I think this combination can work out well because we each have personality traits that we wish to see in ourselves, so long as we are sensitive to our differences and what makes the other one tick.

I am a Virgo female and was talking to a Leo man. I must say he was absolutely amazing. I on the other hand had to be blunt about him not having enough time and probably didn't go about it the right way. He had a bad relationship in the past and has a strong wall up. How do I get him interested in me again. Everytime we were together it was absolutely great even if we were not doing any thing.

I'm a Virgo female dating a Leo male. While we have great conversations and laugh often because we both enjoy humor, there is a side to him that I do not like and refuses to tolerate any longer. He is a Right Fighter (in his mind he is alway right) and he is very opinated and gets upsets when I don't conform to his opinion as if I don't have a mind or an opinion of my own. I aim for us (as two mature adults) to respectfully have our own opinions without getting into an argument. I don't need to be right but I do need to feel like my voice counts just as his does and that my thoughts and feelings are respected even if he doesn't agree with them. Its so frustrating! I treat him like a king... run his bath water, give him bubble baths under scented candle light with soft music, give him full body massages and cook his favorite meals. I cater to him and I don't mind. But it is starting to piss me off that I don't get that same level of displayed love, and to top it o ff, he doesn't respect that I had a voice and a brain of my own before he ever arrived, and I live a pretty darn good life. I teach decision making workshops but yet here's a man whom I cater to who doesn't think enough of me that I can form my own opinion and decide things for myself. I must move on if he doesn't change immediately. Any thoughts or suggestions?

I am a Virgo woman,I recently left my Leo guy.Hes always gone for days.His excuse is I wanna spend time with my family.Sometimes he doesn't answer his phone.He barely calls me, and has the nerves to tell me he's in love with me.Hes been locked up for 16yrs he was 16yrs old when he left.And he's only been out for 10mons. So I know he wants to enjoy everyday that he can, he told me when he was locked up he use to talk to women for money. So I asked him was he still doing it. Weeks later he decides he wants to tell me the truth,(he was). I stayed with him but things had got worse. I was happy when we were together, but he couldnt keep his hands off me! In public around my family and friends, it was horrible. I felt violated.

ok im a Virgo dating a Leo and ill relationship is fun but I found out that he was talkin to otha girls by my friend that gos to the skool da girl go to and I was very hurt and wanted to move to my otha niggas but I didn't becuz I jst luv his personality his high confidence in his and jst every thng about him so I jst nagged to point he said he was sorry and wasnt gone do it nomo but I kno he is and e way I thnk dats what im scared of but if does that depessing problem gone be ova wit im jst gne keep it movin to next 1 but gone always luv him I guess lolz

Im dating a Virgo at the moment an its like trying too break a 10 foot wall down with a hand chisel an nothing else. She hasn't dated in a long time, an seems too somewhat forget how things work in dating an relationships. Maybe its my ego of wanting her too be attentive an responsive for things other then incidents that have happened at work or basically any negativity that she wishes too share an evolve around. I know too go slow with her but cant always do this. I'm thinking this posses a somewhat threat too her I dunno but I want too go an do things, see, smell, touch an live!

This day an age being a Leo Man I believe is a downfall during dating we wanna experience an share everything with whom we may be with at that time. This being a negative trait or not letting them to give them time too miss an feel for us often burns like a candle in both ends.

I am a Virgo woman who loves a Leo man. We met online in June 2009 and by August of that year we had fallen for each other. We live 8 hours apart and could only meet at the beginning of October 2009 when I visited him. We hit it off immediately and had one of the greatest intimate weekends I ever had. Before October was out, he had visited me.

We started seeing each other at least once every month, but he was always complaining about the distance thing. In January this year, he broke off with me. I was devastated because I have never loved anyone the way I love him. For the next few months we carried on seeing each other every month, carrying on as though we were still an item, until March 2010. From April I stayed away from him even though he asked me to visit him several times. He finally visited in October and we had a great weekend, though I wasn't feeling like I was at my best. My self consciousness about losing weight made it a bit awkward to talk about the future. We enjoyed the sex though. It's great each time we have sex. It makes me wonder if I'll ever enjoy any other person just as much because I have experienced as much satisfaction with anyone, but him.

I want him in my life. I love him. I don't know if there's a chance for us as our personalities are so different.

my boyfriend is Leo and am virgo..we r both 14 years old...and in our very first relationship..we have been dating since 2 months....i was just wonderfulll..he used to do everything for me like open the doors,off the fan when m cold.. flirt with me, protect me ,fight for me,make me laugh, he even gave me a pet name...everything was going on so fine....bt a couple of days ago I found out that he smokes so I got upset and didn't talked to him for like 2 days then I politely askes him and he said yeah.....then I tried to say him to quit..he was ok...then for a week everything went fine..bt then he began to ignore me..i heard he wants to ditch me by a common friend...bt I didn't blived her..i called him to ask about that but he didn't came..that made me so sad...from that day onward m also ignoring him..and nw our vacation started and I cant meet him for 2 month...i love him..i want himm....moreover I noticed a change in his behaviour after he started hanging out with sum bad boys....more over he's patents dun seem to care much about him as the r workin parents...it makes him sad ...so I was the only one close to his heart..i want him back coz I know he loves me but there's sumthing thats stoping him..maybe sum kinda prob he dun wanna say me.....help me figure out wats going on??..plz

I work with a Leo male at work. I'm a Virgo. At first we used to go out to lunch like almost every day together. He had been flirtatious with me and I really thought nothing of it because he's like that with everyone, although with me it was always more. Well... I called his bluff once and flirted back with him and basically called his bluff. Next thing I know he declined my offer and has backed off. We no longer go out to lunch together, although he is still flirtatious with me at times. I don't know if I turned him off by coming back on to him too strong or what. My feelings are that he really does want me but is afraid of getting hurt. He always says that he loves me. What do you guys think?

I don't understand what he wants. He's a Leo. Intelligent, charismatic and a people person. I'm not particularly fond of parties or large crowds. I'm a Virgo. I'd rather stay at home and a read a book or watch a movie with my close friends.

We've very good friends for a while now, we talk a lot about everything. And when I say everything, I mean everything. We never run out of things to say to each other but then the main problem is....I don't really know if he likes me.

He calls me his 'special friend'. And I don't really know what he means??? Help!!!

I'm a Virgo woman (52) married to a Leo man (60) for 20 years. We have a life of harmony together. But it always wasn't like that. I'm a strong, independent female and he had a lot of trouble with that. I wore the pants becuase I was used to making decisions for myself as I spent 9 years by myself with a demanding career of 20 years.

It was a habit that I gladly lost. He called me Miss Independent, not in a good way either. As I took the time to explain my independence, my thoughts and goals, he understood. And explained his to me. Having understood each other with respect: he is the head of the family. I gave a little and he gave a little also. He's big on respect, I am too. He doesn't try to get in my head, he tolerates my bitching about every thing. He's funny, cuddly, romantic, patient, loving, big hearted, kind, intuitive, should I go on about my Leo? We had a rough beginning but it is pure harmony now. If we fight, we give each other time (sometimes a few days of not speaking) and then we make up, realizing our faults and loving each other again. He was different from any man I've known but I think a Virgo and a Leo are made for each other. He has a temper, yes and I can calm him because he trusts me and values my logic. He's opiniated but he's listens to me. He picks a fight because I think he thin ks it keeps me on my toes to appreciate him. I do get annoyed with his picking sometimes but I tell him "I'm going to stop talking to you" in a playful way, and he almost immediately stops picking. Because he knows it's my way of saying "enough!" We are so familiar with each other and we have worked out a system that brings us joy, laughter, harmony, security, I can go on, really. We are together until death. All I see is my Leo man. If you are a Virgo woman interested in a Leo man, you have chosen well. You won't be disappointed. Iron out the small differences in the beginning, the Leo will always meet you half way. He is a great provider, faithful, loving, geez, get me started again! ;) Be patient and loving with him if he hesitates. If you dare to criticize, tell him you can't help it. But really you can, I have. It's not hard with a Leo. There's hardly anything to criticize him now. :) So now, he has to listen to me bitch about other people. Just kidding. When you're happy, there's very little to bitch about.

On the negative side: If you are having trouble with your Leo, then find another Leo. Some of them have quirks you can't fix. Grabbing you in public and seeing other girls is a Leo that is not ready for a serious, permanent relationship. It will be hell if you try to make that work with a Leo dead set on his own hedoism. It can be bliss if both parties are willing.

I am Leo male and she was virgo..we met on internet and chated few days.we r from same city so I know she belongs to which family a nyc1.she asked me for my password and I gave it to her,i forgot to delete few msgs of my ex-gfs..frm that day she never talked to me.i tried alootto explain her that it was past I was flirt in past but now I m single but she says she don't wana talk to me.infact she is not giving me reason why she is running away from me...i am vry tensed I want her in my life and I amvry serious with her...any advice to convience her that I am not play boy...

I'm a Virgo woman, I have been in LOVE with my Leo for 7 years. We are 22 years old and planning to get married pretty soon. HE is awsome, makes me feel like a queen...which is great cause he is my king!

I am Leo man, have a great girlfrnd who is virgo.we are made for each other. its been a 7 yrs fantastic romantic journey together & makes a perfect couple.....Supreet & Namrata

I have just come out a relationship of nine months with a Virgo woman. the love between us is as obvious as daylight but we have a communication problem. Mer being a Leo I rant on and on and on.. she shuts down and shuts down...

How do I communicate with her without intimidating her to the point where she shuts downÂ… I have from my side tried everything including writing and talking slowly without emotions about things Attention all Woman Virgos........HELP !!!

How do I communicate my point when you are never wrong ?

I am a Virgo woman who is also intense firery relationship with a Virgo man. I too have the problem with thinking that im never wrong. a great way to approach your Virgo woman is to shoshow weakeness. we naturally are motherly and cant stand the thought of seriously hurting people we care about. if you have a problem, tell her how much its hurting you, how you feel, how you feel like only she can fix it. but DO NOT say "you". instead of "you make me feel horrible about myself" say "I feel horrible about myself and I don't know how to fix it". oce you put the blame on her she shuts down. because shes very self critical and like leos, dot do well with critism because virgos tend to have a low self asteem. showing her your vulnerability will make her feel obligated to tens to your wounds. she will do anything in her power to make you feel right again. hope this helps.

I am a Virgo woman and have been friends with a Leo man for years. He is in a relationship with a woman, and they have had a bit of a rocky relationship because she acts like she is too good for him, but he won't leave because they have a child together. When he and I are around each other we are always laughing and cutting up and we are both supportive of each other and encourage each other to be the best versions of ourselves. A few months ago he told me he had feelings for me, and wanted to sleep with me, and he gets jealous when I talk to other guys. I just cant wrap my mind around being the other woman, even though I care about him so much. I tried to put space between us and not see him, but he is my friend first. I have been seeing him from time and he hasn't mentioned sex, but he gives me that jealous glare when other guys speak to me. He has been finishing my sentences everytime we talk, and he is like sunshine in my life, and now I find myself growing to have stronger feelings with each passing day. I don't want to disrespect him or his family, but I don't know what to do. Any Leo men out there have any suggestions?

@ the Leo giving his password to Virgo to access MSN i'm a female Virgo and I think If she has run away from you it's kinda impossible to get her back. It's hard for us to trust someone if we feel threatened. She may know that it's the past but somewhere deep inside her she has the urge to back off. how do I know? I've been in a similar situation. I actually never wanted to talk to the guy ever again. The guy I talked to was very kind but his kindness was overwhelming me making me feel uncomfortable since I realised he had fallen for me after 3 days. It may seem like no big deal but as a Virgo I felt scared and was determined to cut all communication and I did. I didn't have a second thought of giving him a chance. So I guess as soon as a Virgo feels threatened she'll do whatever she has to do to protect herself. Virgos will be virgos :/ my advice for you is to move on if she's gone by 'running away' then she has made her decision. If you look for her she may feel uncomfortable.

@leo man coming out of 9 month relationship, Virgo shutting down. did you give her a chance to share her opinion? Do you acknowledge and respect her opinion? When you're wrong do you accept your fault? A possible reason why she has shut down may be because she has given up on the fight. She knows she can't win or come down with a mutual agreement so she'd rather shut down. Are you listening to her? I'm a Virgo and whenever my mum rants about stupid things and wouldn't listen to my reasons or opinion I completely shut down cause I know it's going to go nowhere and it's unfair. I guess that's why your Virgo shuts down.

from female Virgo

I am a Virgo women & been dating a Leo male on and off sense 09 , I love him so much , but what always hold us back is he never tells me how he feels or he just sugar coats it . But I kno he loves me im just not sure if were on the same page . he's so stubborn at times , but he's has a great personality, sweet, intelligent, & respects me he's all I want. When were together everything is wonderful but I feel like were missing sumthin?? Leos are so confusing I don't know what more I need to do to get that commitment

I am a Virgo woman (48) he is a Leo (48). We met 6 years ago. It started out as bliss, calling and texting each other. He won't ask me out but will tell me more about his life such as how much he makes, mortage amount, what he owns, how family is etc.. His experiences since age of 15... Now we hardly text, no phone calls, but he shows up where we met about every 3 months.. He always talks to me there and convo going well then he starts an argument and leaves, or I leave.. Why? When we look at each other, we both light up and I get butterflies and my heart flutters. I did stay with him one night at his house but would not have sex with him. Next morning he said he didn't understand now... So I guess how do I get a date and more from him.. I adore him so much!!

I am a Virgo women. I like it when my Leo man is calm, direct, and very logical when he is speaking to me. I shut down when he raises his voice or will not listen to me/my side of things. If she still feels your wrong and you can't use that Leo charm of yours to sway her....then your wrong.

i've been crushing on this Leo guy for over a year. he has a girlfriend though. but he always make me confuse. he gave me hints that he likes me. but nowadays, I showed no interest in him, well I dropped some obvious hints before. but not the flirty ones. just some subtle hints. and currently, I don't see any hints at all. he and his girlfriend hangout more often than before. I guess because of his birthday. sad. but I really do feel there's a connection between us. but I think he is denying it and unsure. so yeah. he had moon in Taurus while I have moon in cancer. I guess we'll work well if I met him earlier. sigh.

I've been on and off w/ this Leo male for about a year. Initially we talked so much and about any and everything. We are both very intellectual so our conversations were like fire to me. I didn't have to dumb myself down. I saw him every week, he always made time for me. It was usually late night after his flag football games, but he never touched or tried anything w/ me, was always so affectionate, and the perfect gentleman. When he finally initiated the first kiss, it lit my soul on fire. We got closer and I initiated the physical contact. BIG MISTAKE... I panicked because we hadn't established that we were an item and I had to know how he was feeling. I text while he was at work and he took entirely too long to answer, I flipped out and said nevermind he just solidified by not answering. I couldn't stay away. I wanted to talk, see and touch, so to give him space I deleted his number and FB. BIG MISTAKE! When I did hear from him weeks later he was sooo upset th at I had deleted him, we never recovered. Now he texts every week, sometimes every few weeks and says he misses me and wants to see me. I'm having a hard time reading him. I've never had this difficulty figuring someone out. I miss him so much and no matter how many guys I date, I can't get him off my mind but I am so confused about his wants/needs. I would love to exclusively date him, but I don't know what he wants from me and I don't want to be hurt or run him off by presenting the idea first ( I hear leos like challenge). Any insight into this Leo's mind is appreciated. How do I ask what he wants from me w/o a repeat. I just hate being in the dark about his feelings, I know he likes me. I just don't understand what he wants.

I'm a Leo man.and im dating with a Virgo woman for a month now.we can talk anything, but only about compatible astrology topic,and why she seems don't like about zodiac stuffs? When I see her in front of me, I can sense calm and attraction.i know she have a bad histories with her ex-boy.And she says, at the moment now she could not open her heart to any man,just be friend first she said. But, how long should I wait for her??For sure, I am falling deeply in love with her so much.but I don't know if she just pulling me in her heart or I just wasting my time.I don't know how to make she fall love with me.. arrrghhh...!

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