Leo man wanted to get me pregnant

Im a Scorpio woman that fell so HARD for a LEO its not even funny!. He is a flirt , loves attention and that just freaks me out!!. I mean, it upsets me so much I can just hurt something ( or him! ). We started of as a friends, he came to visit, one thing let to another and we have been going at it for 4 months now. And by the way, he is beyond AMAZING in bed, wow!!!.

We worked together and I got promoted and transferred to another property within the same company. I just cannot figure this one out though. The first time we slept together he told me he did it because he wanted to get me pregnant. It was a shock as no one has ever been so blatantly honest with me about their motives for getting sum!. After that we continued our affair and he kept on asking me if I don't want to bear his child ( Im 26 and he is 28). He knew I was on the pill and got irritated with that.

I eventually fell pregnant with his child, told him about it and ya, his response" but are you not on the pill??" I was heartbroken! I eventually lost the baby ( my body just rejected it ) and felt like not telling him about it!. He phoned me almost a week after I had told him about the pregnancy ( which by that time, I had miscarried ) and he apologized for our previous phone call ( he also mentioned to me that I should leave him alone in the previous phone call ).I eventually told him what had happened and he did not say a word. I blamed myself for losing the baby, I felt bad. After almost a month of not seeing him I ran into him and just briefly greeted him. I could not stand to look at him otherwise I would burst out in tears!!. Two days after seeing him he phoned me - out of the blue ,asking how I am doing?? I could not believe it. He is very vague in his conversations regarding his feelings for me , though he knows how I feel about him. He doesn't return my phone calls as I want him to, always has his own time. I get so angry with that!!.

My question is : How do I know that the feels something for me and how do I deal with this?? I am so frustrated as I cannot get over him, and I do not want to, but I am scared that if I continue telling him how I feel that I might just chase him away for good. Should I stay and hang on or should I leave him alone completely? Or should I wait for HIM to give me a legit answer about his feelings for me. Does any of the things that the did actually mean that he cares for me or is he just using me??

Please Leo guys, if you reading this, HELP???

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Leo man wanted to get me pregnant
by: Anonymous

I'm a Leo. You must have fallen pregnant after you stopped the pill, probably out of your desire to conform with his desire. Whether he meant to get you pregnant or not, he only can answer that. A shrewd Leo will test his subject and see how far he can push. By fulfilling his wish, you have given in. I'd say he's one heck of a Leo to get a Scorpio to act his wish. I'll go out on a limb and say: he now owns you! As to how to deal with this: if you ignore him, he might slowly come back and then you'd know whether he cares. If you chase him you confirm his control. Just one thing I'd say as a Leo, myself: you _cannot_ tame or control a healthy Leo man, definitely not by a Scorpio woman.

Leo man wanted to get me pregnant
by: Anonymous

Hi My dear Scorpion woman...

check with him if he is ok to leave u... Go ahead... U r also very strong and stubborn... Don't chase him.. He will be your lifetime problem... leave him right away...

Wait till u find a right person... (a cancer or a Piscean) Be sure to hide your past life from them and be perfectly loyal in this new relationship. U will be adored and loved truly.. My best wishes to you.. Leave that heartless brutal egoistic person and start enjoying your life... U have got the capacity to Intensely to love and intensely hate. My prayers and best wishes for you...

Stop contacting him and throw him out of your life. He is good for nothing

Leo man wanted to get me pregnant
by: Anonymous

Hi The Shrewd and Healthy Leo MAN above...

You are absolutely right... Please spare some time to help my case as well. I have a question for you. My story is there in the list at last starting with

"I'm a typical Scorpio woman... I appreciate the loyalty and consistency of a Leo man but I really dislike superficial expressions, flirty nature and magnetism with other females..."

He is coming back with so much of loving expressions and affectionate words... I don't believe this. Had his love been true then, he should have came back to me when I was crying and when I begged him for his love and attention...

I fear If I would end up in an unhappy married life... because I fear he would control me again throughout my life once I get back into his den... Is my understanding right?

Please help... I will be expecting your reply...

I would say I have understood more about him from the Astrology websites than from getting along with him... :-)

Leo man wanted to get me pregnant
by: Anonymous

Hello Typical Scorpio woman. I'm the Leo with the 'shrewd' comment.

I'll speak for myself as a Leo, and from my experience with an ex Scorpio wife..

A Leo does not have superficial expressions, but a Scorpio sees them that way. I don't believe there's a more sincere man than a Leo. My ex used to express surprise and disbelief when I did the most sincere for her. My conclusion is, it seems Scorpio suspects Leo's sincerity for some reason.

Scorpio's suspicious-ness is poisonous. You don't have to express it, a Leo will sense it. And it will make him, either rebel, or act out your suspicions.

Your post doesn't really say much about how you treat him. Showering immense love is fine and great, but it's negated if coupled with Scorpio's control or suspicion, or other things you might be doing.

My ex used to tell everyone, she loves me to death, but that was secondary to her control.

If you fear his control in marriage, you should fear your control of him just as much, because it would not work.

A Scorpio leans to assimilation and containment of their lover. Does not work well, in general, with Leo. A Pisces is easy to control for Scorpio.

Think of it this way, Leo & Scorpio are said to be the strongest 2 signs. The square in the zodiac makes it a tough match. Only one can 'win', unless a very fine balance can be achieved.

Again, the above is from my point of view.

Here is my response
by: Anonymous

I'd like to say to anyone who say her leo partner want her to have his baby. I advised one under another thread sometime ago. NEVER and EVER fall into it unless there is a long term commitment such as marriage. It's a territorial thing and leo's desire of wanting to be the "ultimate ruler" in his environment. STAY AWAY!

What leo say or show, he means it. It's genuine. There is no fakeness in leo's nature because he doesn't need to be since he is highly confident person. It doesn't matter how true that maybe, that's how he feels and that what matters.

Anyone who thinks of herself/himself as possesive, STAY AWAY from leo before he breaks your hearth. It doesn't suit him. Leo doesn't approach someone with flirtious intentious. Just because he gets sort of "friendly" with a person, it doesn't mean, he is flirting or planning to cheat on you. Leos, if they sense you are friendly, they will really open up and reply with the same manner. Their approach then become atrtractive for others but you may assume your leo is flirting. Just remind yourself to control your emotions in any way you can. Whne leo cares about one, there's no second person in his life. A Leo will use all his energy and focus on the special person.

The only thing about leos you got to remember is that they do like to play run and catch game just to see whether his partner still is into him and also it's fun to build some excitement in the relationship. Just remind him gently that you care for him and you are into him. He will run to you with open arms.



capricorn woman with leo rising
by: Anonymous

I would tell him to take a hike!
Move to another area,have your phone number changed,He is stopping you from moving on in your life kind of like having his cake with you!.
He still comes back because he knows he can!
Your like a puppet on a string when it concerns him.
Tell him how you feel if he does not feel the same then move on!

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