Leo man - what I look for in a woman

As a Leo man I think there is more to seduction than just a pretty face and a sexy body. You can't always judge a book by its cover. There has to be an inner beauty, a sincere interest, and lots of class, warmth and sweetness, accompanied by patience, understanding and diplomacy. Someone who is neat and well organized, and doesn't try to be a burden on me.

I am also turned off by obsessive, possessive, loud, rude, obnoxious control freak types that would make me feel used. Likewise the argumentative, confrontational, patronizing types, and anyone that would make me feel trapped and uncomfortable. And especially turned off by the selfish, freeloading types who think they can take all they want and not be affectionate in return. And anyone that would try to force me to live the way they want me to live if it's not my style. I can do just fine without any of those!

True I like to chase occasionally, but I have been burned many times by doing that. I prefer to be chased in a playful manner by someone I'm attracted to, who is sincere at heart, is not excessively rowdy, has a very sweet nature, and prefers not to start fights over anything. Someone who is genuinely affectionate, doesn't like to hurt anyone, and will go the extra mile to make me happy. Someone who is understanding of my needs and is willing to give affection out of the goodness of her heart, even though sometimes I forget to show appreciation at the moment. Trust me, I won't forget to reciprocate later on!

In conclusion, I look at the whole package, the big picture, and if she's someone I would like to get to know better, I will definitely show my interest. I will drop hints if I wish to be pursued by her, and if she accepts the challenge, I will not disappoint!

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Another leo man here...
by: Anonymous

and I am gay. I agree with that totally. I am just the same way.

by: Anonymous

You sound a lot like my boyfriend. He played around before and suddenly wanted to settle down and with me he said specifically. I try my best to understand him the best I can but his temper is what gets me. I'm a capricorn and even though I have a lot of patience, he really knows how to cut me off

Re: what I look for in a woman
by: Anonymous

As a Leo guy I can't for the life of me understand what makes a Capricorn woman so obsessively attracted to a Leo guy, to the point where they resort to shaming, excessive moodiness, sarcasm, and even tears and beng overly dramatic to get their way!

My wife is a Capricorn, and she turned out to be everything that I find a turn-off. They say opposites attract, but I don't know about that. If I could have known back then what I was in for I never would have married her, and I would have ran like hell at the first sign of trouble. I had a bad feeling about it right from the beginning, and every day is a constant reminder that I never should have done it.

Sorry, Cap ladies, but I think the best you can hope for with me, if I ever get free again, is to be just friends and nothing more!
Forget about trying for anything more because one of your kind has soured me on it!

-- Leo guy with a broken spirit :((( --

I understand your want for perfection...
by: Anonymous

You sound like my boyfriend of 2- going on 3 years. He enjoys simular type-but I just feel that perfection is not always there in a relationship and sometimes you have to have patience and tolerance for others. like a tree in the wind...bending

Date a Libra
by: Anonymous

I read your post.. And it sounds exactly like an libra... I am a libra myself dating a leo and i am pretty sure that a libra will be perfect for you being the fact that he/she will have all those qualities you are looking for.

Leo and a Cancer
by: Anonymous

Have any of you Leo men had any experiences with a Cancer women? And if so, how was it? Just curious...

Re: Leo man - what I look for in a woman
by: Anonymous

To the Libra who made a couple of posts above me- I totally agree with you! I'm a Leo guy, and of all the women I've known, I find that I seem to mesh the best with Libras. As a matter of fact I'm totally spellbound by a Libra girl who works with me, and if I wasn't married (to a Capricorn, unfortunately), I wouldn't hesitate at the chance to open the door with her! I'm s-o-o-o-o turned on by this Libra's sweet shy gentle nature, and if I ever got the chance to make love to her, I would thrill her like she's never been thrilled before in her life! I love this girl, and I hope someday soon I'll get a chance to let her know it. Being in the awkward position I'm in, I'm hesitant to mention anything about the way I feel to her, because I am sincere, and I don't want to hurt her. But I would like to open the door with her someday, absolutely no doubt in my mind. I'm willing to wait for as long as it takes, until someday we can talk and maybe even be romantic. I think she's aware that I'm fond of her, but doesn't realize just how much. I hope she has faith and someday it will happen! :)

To the person asking about Cancer women, I was friends with a Cancer girl a long time ago. We used to go roller skating together. We actually dated once, but it was a disaster. She hinted that she was ready to settle down, but I was unsure of where my life was going, and I felt I was being rushed into something. I sent her an email through Classmates a couple of years ago and she responded. She thanked me for being her friend, and recalled old times. But when I replied, I got a 'undeliverable' message from the email server, saying the email address I sent the reply to was not a valid one, probably from a computer at her work that was firewalled.
I've sent her a couple more emails through Classmates, but haven't heard back as yet.
She was great as a friend, and sometimes I regret not taking it further. I just wasn't ready at that time, and she apparently was. :(

by: Anonymous

Hi everyone - I have been dating a Leo online for six months now. He decided pretty early on that I'm the woman he has been waiting for. I was delighted, but a little wary then. Now I'm sold. Told him I have fallen for him (didn't usethe L word!) but he had said that before anyway. So he spent months going all out to sweep me off my feet but lately I feel we talk like a couple who have been around each other for a long time. Nice feeling, but just kinda sad because this is developing so far and we haven't even met yet! I feel we are so close most of the time. Now I'm just wondering if I changed the dynmics when I said that, or is this just how a Leo would behave anyway? He is getting ready to move to my country soon. Just working now to save up enough. He says I'm sweet (good to hear, wrt comments from guy above)and says really lovely things to me. I am bowled over but am unsure if I should still be a challenge or if I should just let my normal sweet nature come to the fore more. What do you think? Oh and by the way, I am a Capricorn.

Fellow Capricorn in love with my Leo Man
by: Anonymous

2 years 9 months strong. Talking marriage now.


The union works. You may have to work at it. But that's what marriage and being in committed relationship is. Work.

My long distance relationship with my Lion
by: Anonymous

And thank you for your insight. We have become even closer since I wrote that. It is getting so very hard to wait like this. I can tell he is getting frustrated with the waiting too. I tell him often that I miss him and he tells me too. And I have told him that I am finding the waiting hard - so does he. I just can't say anything about that any more. The last thing I want is for him to feel I am pressuring him. I am just going along for now and letting him have the time he needs but if I feel it is getting too long I think it would be best to tell him that it is getting too long now. Just be a little more assertive about that.

The closer we get to each other the more we miss each other.
Thanks again, and keep well

by: MaksMax

Oh, I’m getting confused now. I spent a few hours reading comments on this website and now I really don’t know what to do. So what do Leo guys really like: chasing or being chased? Do I play hard to get or am I available for him every time he wants me. And how do I show my attention and that I care if he starts ignoring me. Do I leave him alone for a few days and then contact him, do I wait for him to contact me or I just text him every day saying how great he is.

I’m a Leo woman and Leos are straight forward but all this does not look straight forward at all, and as a Leo woman I also want to be chased and I want attention – him ignoring me is difficult not to take personal.

Please help.

married a leo man
by: Mrs Stewart

I married a leo man and I am a virgo woman and at the beginning of our 8 year courtship we had our ups and downs agruments and sweet talk. Within those eight yrs I was a student and waited for my degree to marry him- he was patient. The first time we had sex was on our wedding night.
Leos are beautiful men esp mines he was born july 28 and I am 9-12.
He is absolutely gorgeous and handsomen dark eyes dark hair- beautiful hands and spirit. He was attracted to my grey eyes and 34Ds and my 5'9 frame I wasn't attracted to him. But love grew later on.

I am a virgo woman very much in love with her Leo man.


by: AquaLady

My experience says that Leos don't really want those sweet submissive women.
Leos have huuuge egos and eventually they hurt those pretty ladies.
What they're really looking for is somebody who shines, who is very clever and fun to be with and at the same time who can admire their Leos. That is the only way to go if you want loyalty form that sign. They prefer movie actresses, models or somebody with a high ranking and gorgeus looks. It only helps if the woman is popular and respected in public.
Otherwise they will just get bored and seek for some fun later.

by: Anonymous

What types of hints did you drop? I met a Leo who has invited me out a few times, but the evening ends with just a hug. I can't get a read on him. We met through office and he is always very professional. Do I have to make first move? I don't want to turn my Leo friend away by misinterpreting our friendship.

first love
by: Leo-Cap

What attracted me to my Leo more than 20 yrs ago and even more now is his take-charge attitude. He is a real man. He doesn't piss and moan and wine about crap, he tells it like it is and is brutally honest. If I don't want to know the truth I better not ask him. I love that in a person. I know I can trust him then. The way he looks at me is as if he is boring through my soul. When we have problems he trys every angle to get us back on track. I am a capricorn woman and when I am in a relationship bitching and moaning and disrespecting my man it's because I can and he is letting me have my way and I hate that! Be a man, loving but stern, playful but sincere. And always make boundaries clear. Then I will feel secure and safe and loved and my man will be treated like the king he is showing himself to be. My Leo King I love you!! Thank you for making me feel like the woman I am, my perfect match. When he sulks..I get on my job and draw him back, he just wants more of me.

by: scorpio

I'm a scorpio woman, any comments on compatibility between scoprio & leo?

Cappy woman and leo man
by: Anonymous

I am so glad to see that it is a workable loving relationship between a capricorn woman and leo man.

I have heard such horror stories, I have fallen for a leo man that I have known for 6 yrs now...we are only friends but....I feel such a deep emotional connection to him almost like we have known each other in a previous lifetime. We are very different and I admit that I don't understand him all the time, but I accept him and his ways I don't question his motives. I like the way he gives me freedom to be myself with him without any judgement although I find his temper something to be reckoned with at times. He truly is a leo the king.

I tried all these years not to fall for him, I stayed away from him, but he always drew back to him....I just accept that we have this connection and whatever will be will be.

Time will tell where we will end up :)

This is a tricky Leo...
by: Anonymous

I'm an Aquarius female and I've been with my Leo boyfriend for nearly 9 months, just recently I've spent the last month crying in the mornings, he says he's going to text and he doesnt all the things men say they're going to do and then don't. I always found that if I initiated texting or calling he liked it and we would later meet or arrange stuff together.

I also knew that he was getting attention from other girls - not cheating but attention. This let to me feeling unwanted, and felt like he didnt like me anymore and he was disinterested.

August is a very busy time for my boyfriend, I took him to see his favorite comedian for his birthday and met his parents too. I then thought it was the right time to tell him I loved him, I didn't quite get the reaction that I wanted but you can't force someone to love you. I spent the whole day crying and wanted to break up with him, however, we met and layed the cards on the table, I told him exactly how I felt and used my confidence to show it. Now I'm not going to be able to see him at all through August, he did just come back from a festival (he's a musician) on Monday and gave him space. When he got back, he didn't even speak to me on fb chat, so then I initiated and he replied and it was nice. He said he's going to text and it's been 2 days and nothing. I understand he's busy and will be throughout.

Do I play it cool and give him more time to think (?!) or do I pursue his Leo traits and give him attention. I always get caught up on when the right time to text is too..

Advice and much needed help needed, please.

Capricorn w/ leo man
by: Complicated 20

I have read the comments on the leo man and how he feels about his capricorn wife. we r not that bad. Its just that alot of capricorns dont really know who they r. I myself am very in love with my leo hubby but he breaks my heart everytime i give him my trust. I dont react possesive or obsessive because of those things i just move on and entertain myself alot. I deal with alot of messed up things that he does and he has cheated on me in the beggining with a libra chick. My confidence is 2 high 2 stress myself out with what he's doin and that makes him chase me even more and not want to let me go so by me understandin what kind of man he is and and we both bein able 2 compromise works great 4 me. hes jealous of me talkin 2 other men or even another men bein in my presence. its a turn off alot of times but thats who he is and i love my man

Pisces woman
by: Anonymous

Hows the relationship with a Pisces woman? Is their a way this relationship will work?

how to make your leo fall deeply in love with you as a sag
by: Alyssa

I've been dating this Leo man for about 7 months now. We've already said the L word to each other and I know he loves me, but sometimes I don't feel it. Maybe he's not so good at showing it(?), although I know they're very passionate. So, how do I make him fall deeply in love with me? And how do I know if he really really loves me? What do Leo Is look for in a woman(looks, personality, intelligence, other things?)? Advice? And what can I do to make him stay committed? PLEASE HELP!

*If it helps, I was born on the 14th of Dec. and he was born on July 28.

turn ons
by: Anonymous

what kind of things turn on the leo man? not sex, though. just making out and touching.

by: Olivia Rose

You sound just like my Leo and I love him so much. At times he confuses the hell out of me but I just laugh and say I know that his heart has nothing but kindness for me and that is all that matters. I do get frustrated and even upset at times with him but it sure does not last long ... only a few minutes. I prefer not to be upset even if I feel he deserves it because I love living in the moments with him and pleasuring him. I am a Tarsus and we love indulging are sense's (some of us even our 6th sense)and my Leo loves that I love indulging my sense's because I indulge them by pleasuring him ... what makes it even better is that he is a chef ... OMG, talk about an awesome job. Yea, I know compatibly charts say the Leo and Tarsus is not compatible I say BS. My Leo is not perfect (who is) but he is perfect where it counts for me! He has my heart!!!

gemini & leo.. talk about hot (literally!)
by: Anonymous

hey guys

so i've been dating a leo man for a couple months now. I'm a gemini girl. We are both really falling for each other and i know he likes me. He tells me all the time (i mean, all the time). I pretty much had him in the bag after our first soy latte.

We talk for hours and hours. Never a dull moment.
He is fun, ballsy, cocky and hilarious. BTW the sex life is mind blowing. Better than i've ever had... even better than my ex Libra bf. He always wants to see me, pretty much every day.

What are some sure-fire ways you can tell they are sincere? Are they always genuine when they say they really like you?

Cheers :)

leo guy-sag woman
by: Anonymous

I met a super sexy leo last week. We hit it off instantly. His height,good looks,and great smile had me running to put my personal cell on the back of my biz card and give it to him. He was very happe to get my number as he told me he gad seen me before and gad wanted to speak but didnt. The next day we ran together-we both like to stay in shape and run-and we just generally hit it off. I told him that although I am extremely attracted to him,until I am in a committed relatiionship,I won't have sex casually. No problem,he said. I show this guy plenty of attention,text,call to say hi,how's ur day all that. Suddeny he stops responding to my texts and my calls,and when he does text,it's only few words. Going on i his life now is an album that needs to get finished,a full time job,a sick close family member,and a new month old baby with someone he says he was only sex buddies with. I don't appreciate being ignored,but I don't know if it's all this stuff going on in his life,my refusal to have sex,or he's for some reason not interested after such a short time. I know I have done nothing wrong,but I am a bit confused since he has been closed mouth about it all of a sudden. Advice from a Leo guy please? I am 12/21 he is 7/30

I'm with "Confused".
by: Anonymous

I've read the comment that "Confused" wrote and I'm wondering the same thing. I am a libra female and amd wondering if you chase a leo or play hard to get and wait to be chased. I've read articles but still need clarity.I would like to get back with my Leo ex. We broke up years ago bcuz I was scared and was dealing with other personal issues. We've remained cordial (had his guard up) but have become closer lately. It almost felt like we were bonding again and then he pulled away. What happened. He reaches out via texts or calls less frequently.

by: Anonymous

PRIDE is the best word to express Leo guys. You can see it from what you wrote, being too demanding, wanting the perfect girl and all. I am not criticizing. I do have respect for Leo's because they do have great qualities like leadership and finishing what they started with a tact but they're just too firey (as they are fixed fire sign). So let me get to my point. I believe that an ARIES GIRL is the perfect match for a Leo guy specially the second decan. It is a match made in heaven. The generous leo will sweep the aries girl off her feet and the intelligent, innocent and honest aries girl will drive the leo guy crazy. Look at me I'm just 17 but I know all there is to astrology, I can even make birth charts. Not only astrology but all around knowledge. Aries girls are all that...independent, adventurous, kind-hearted....they're just great (I am not bragging, i'm just telling what I've noticed). Even though they both have there bad sides, when this two come together, they bring out the best in eachother. I think sag's, gemini's, libra's, aqua's...are all great match for the leo BUT noone can beat the ARIES when it comes to this guy. Great way of expressing yourself by the way.

by: Gem

After reading I realized this article lacked one important piece of information, just like leo men always leaving out very important details aka, emotional manipulators of the zodiac. everything that is described in this article leads back to one word "weak". A leo male is very smart and far too avanced in his manipulating ways, If you read carefully between the lines, everything that he is describing pretty much sums it up to be subbordiante and submissive. Leo men want someone they can control, manipulate, without any hassel. They are the masters at manipulation (depending on the leo) They are truthful only when confronted if that, leaving out very important details to every story "oh you guys this person disrespected me and physically attacked me" when you ask them why one would do such thing, their response "oh because I threw a drink in their face......etc" I agree Aries women are the perfect match, not because all of the above are not true about aries women but because As an aries, they do not have intuition, nor are they receptive and can call out BS or intimidate a leo with silence or are able to catch on to Leos Lies. Trust me as a Gemini, we are master manipulators and are extremely intuitive and receptive, We can always get under a Leo's skin and keep them wanting more. My father is a Leo and so are my two brothers and most of my best friends and relationships have been with Leos. Not that they are not great people, They were born to conquer, lead and do great things but only very few surpasses because of their biggest downfall, their "Pride" which is the their biggest, most toxic enemy. Dont let a Leo fool you, they love toying with people's emotions and are extremely possessive, jealous, and onesided. They take things face-value and have a one way mindset and that mindset is usually -ENTITLEMENT, " I deserve this because" "Why are people not looking at me" oh and may i add PASSIVE aggressive much? get ready to deal and cope with a mindfuck who only PREYS on the WEAK because if ever challeneged and Lost this little lion is going into hibernation, They will never pick or choose someone they will loose to. But what can I say deep down LEOS are the sensitive babies of the zodiac, underneath all the games, manipulation, and "i dont care what you think or say" attitude, is a weak over bearing- emotional lion just longing for great love and adoration.......so leos next time find your own match or better.

by: Piscesgirl

@Gem, even if you seem to have a lot of leo men in your family, i don't think you have a full understanding about these guys. They are not weak, neither are the girls that they are attracted to. & who are you to talk about relationships? You're a gemini girl, the one who goes after guys with money/ the typical marilyn monroe. You steal ideas and things from people and then act like it's your own/ original, you even stole words from the girl who commented above you (example:- pride). and you know what, i agree with her. I amnot an aries but i know many and they are awesome. They are by far the most quick-witted people that i know so don't go blabbing about how they are not intuitive. they're actually intelligent and they know what they're doing. they are not the ones to be lied to and possesed. They are mosly the leaders in the relationship & take their lovers as equals, no dishonesty just intellectual conversation and love. These women are the only women in the zodiac other than leos that can give a guy a run for his money because they actually almost always do better than their lovers/ everyone. I encounter them a lot at work and they are organized, nothing like how you imagine them. They can outdo anyone, they can be more perfectionists than virgo, more gentle than taurus, more adventurous than sadge, more creative than me(a pisces), & more chit chatty than you ms. gemini...fyi better even in MANIPULATION!!

Leo man in love
by: CapturedheartCapturedheart

I'm a Taurus women in love with a strong Leo man. Second Leo man in my life. Both were the most sensual mind blowing lover's. My current Leo man is even more sensual and mature. He loves the independent women I am. He craves attention, that is true... If you stroke his ego, he will purr like a kitten. He loves my sweet nature and honesty. He is honest when pressed but will leave out details. Ours was a slow start, a love born out of friendship! Even though they say Taurus and Leo aren't a good match because of being fixed, it's important to factor in moon signs. Also how mature both of you are. A young Leo man is hard to tame. But as they get older and wiser, they do mature. Saying " I love you" only came, when he was 100% sure, and I never pushed him. And he never pushed me. We talked through our situations, listening to one another. My experience with Leo man is by far the best ever!! I love his strong body, mind, and soul. I let him lead. This works well with the Leo man. He wants to be in charge but he wants to spoil you. Don't push him! Don't be clingy! Make him come to you, because you make him feel good!!! He remembers the good feelings and will love you deeply!

Am I being used then?
by: Anonymous

This Leo guy, we only had met 2 days ago, but yet, we have already said the L word to each other. His interest seems genuine, but I am worried that he's just using me for his reputation, and he will lose interest. Am I being used? Or is it that he loves me enough to say the L word, only 2 days in?

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