Leo man's opinion on Scorpio woman

Just Ran into my ex-scorpio girlfriend's mother..and like the leo gentleman that I am, I spoke and said hello (didn't realize that her older sister and younger sister just walked past me) so her mother spoke back and I immediately asked about my ex...and of course she stated that she was ok...and on my way back home it just took me thru a flashback like no other! I met her on my 26th birthday a couple years back and at first (not knowing anything about the zodiac/astrology) I was blown away by her beauty... I mean an instant connection!!! After two - three months we started a relationship and I not knowing when we met she just got out of one (1st mistake) after the third fourth month I gave her the top lock to my apartment, to show her that I wasn't playing any games and that I wanted her and only her in my life! (2nd mistake) But...things happen an we sometimes ignore the signs when given (EGO I GUESS). Plus the sex was A..A..AMAZING!!! Just that wasn't enough, I never cheated on her, but started to wonder every time I decided to just hang with my dudes just to play X-box, PS3, you know the games...OH GOD!!

14 missed calls on my cell phone,angry heated messages!! (get home now!! and mind you it's only 10:45pm??? what part of the game is this???) Highly emotional,
VERY VERY SECRETIVE!! BUT THE SEX WAS A..A..AMAZING!! Couldn't agree to disagree and let it be. Constant arguments but if she wanted to be with her friends she was going out, an that was that!! And being the proud leo that I am..I can't just let you run over me like that (ain't going down miss!!) Bottom line after a year and some change...I let it go,there was no give and take...no let's meet halfway...she still didn't let the ex totally out her life...plus the last bit,was a little trip to N.Y. with her friends..( she didn't know I knew her best friend's brother!!!) and I found out what really happened that weekend!

My message is this...Leo if you deal with a scorpio..just leave it at sex AND THAT'S IT!!! Don't spend time trying to make it fit! You will just play yourself and get hurt. Scorpio's HE/SHE will do what they want,when they want..no matter how you feel.... YOU CAN BANK ON THAT!!!

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leo man scorp woman
by: roxanne

i disagree. i have a great connection with my leo but there are other aspects of our chart that are very compatible also. i'm not the jealous type of scorpio and believe in giving people space and having space for me too. i'm not secretive like other scorpios can be too which is to my detriment sometimes. my leo sometimes suspects i am being secretive because i tend to become very quiet when i'm dealing with something and he prefers to be vocal. i worship him. sometimes it's too much and we have to spend some time apart from the intensity but i hope in the future we will just dive into the deep end of commitment and i am sure we'll be partners for life.

i have never met anyone like my leo. he mesmerises me. he likes how men stare at me and i am oblivious to it...he likes how i think its cool that women stare at him. i trust him implicitly which i never thought i would be able to do after such a disastrous marriage to an aries before.

younger scorpios tend to have more of the issues you mention in your OP. personally, i would be embarrassed to disturb my man's evening to call him back to the house...embarrassed for him too.


I agree.
by: Anonymous

I agree that younger Scorpios (and Leos) will have more intense contrasts. With age and maturity this issues do mellow out. At least in my experience I've found it to be so.

Both Ways
by: Anonymous

I can agree with you but this situation can also work when it is the Leo with the damn ex that they won't let go of. I'm serious about him because he knows I'm a serious person but yet he just wants to play games. I can't be bothered to make it work if him at 39 can't even be real and grow up and start getting serious. I'm 25 and I hate games. I know what I want and what I'm looking for but he just wants to play the field like some lost cat looking for food.

The Scorpio and Leo have to be on the same page to make it work otherwise it's just meaningless sex, where the Leo demands time but not commitment and the Scorpio goes for all out revenge when they realise that they're being played. And vice versa. It isn't just immaturity levels but also past history. He's been hurt before, which I can relate to and have had, but I shall not be getting into a relationship with someone just to save their life and save them from themselves. And moreover just so they can get over their ex. I'm not making that mistake at all.

by: Anonymous


its all about passion... AND TIMING.
by: Roxana

So... I also disagree. I agree with my name buddy Roxanne. As time goes by, certain areas of our traits slow down. I am 23 right now. There are certain things I have learned and changed that were destructive before. There are things I still want to change but sometimes the instinct (insecurity that causes jealousy) is more powerful.

Right now I am getting to know this Leo man who is 28 and just God knows how addicted I have become to him is such a little time. I have been with 2 scorpions (the first lasted a year and the second, 2 years) and this Leo is like a breeze of fresh air. It's like open doors (till a certain point). I have learned to open up (after the last scorpion slammed his door on my face a 1000 times) but I feel there is a little mystery on this Leo's life. I don't know if I am going to like what I am going to discover but I can't stop now.

Despite I hate to say this, only time will allow people to get to that point of meeting half way. Of being able to give and take and still feel complete.

Pray for us :3...

Love /hate
by: Anonymous

Scorpio woman been seeing a Leo ( man) off and on for 5 years with no commitment , it's been a love/ hate relationship since day one, my Scorpio instincts won't allow me to trust him mainly because I caught him cheating on me and it's more so me being vindictive trying to pay him back for the pain he caused me, is one reason i stay around, and no matter how cruel I am (words) withhold sex he keep coming back to me a month or 2 no communication then just when I decide to forget about him out of no where he comes back , I am sick of the cat and mouse game but it's what defines us I love him but I can only do him a month then I curse him out and it's back to square one, we can never find a middle ground I know he loves me or he loves the makeup sex , in any case I wonder when it will end ? I want to open up and tell him how I really feel but I think it maybe too intense for a Leo to handle so a lot of the time I suppress it out of fear of being too emotional or overbearing they say they want you to be open but they couldn't handle the depth or abyss of feelings a Scorpio have when she loves someone

scorpio woman
by: Anonymous

Ive been with my Leo man for almost 15 years! I was 18 when we 1st started dating. He is 5yrs older than me. We have had many ups & downs but its only brought us closer & made us stronger. We r both fiercely loyal & still completely in love. Although we socialise & do alot of family things together, we also each have our own friends that we dpnt usually socialise together with. Our relatiship is far from prefect but its solid. We are soulmates. Lifes journey will make your personality change and evolve, no matter what sign you are. As a young teen, I had the typical nasty scorpio sting. I didnt care if I hurt someones feelings. Now Im older wiser & more mature, I will bite my tongue & think twice before saying somthing I cant take back.
If 2 people love each other, it wont matter what their signs are. Trust, respect & understanding are a solid foundation for any relationship/friendship!

On point
by: leonightous

You couldn't be anymore on point. I just got out of an 8 month relationship with a Scorpio and it was the worst experience. She didn't do a thing in bed either. No foreplay or anything, just a 10 minute quick lil get and go. And always hade spend money, and never gave back anything.

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