Leo men are selfish

by Tina Roberts
(Richmond Va US)

I have dated a Leo man and it was not a pleasant experience. He was the most selfish man I have ever dated. Not only selfish but controlling and unyielding. Narcissistic and mean when angry. Yes, they are very charismatic but after that watch out! they are not loyal, they are always on the prowl looking for someone to conquer, that's the part they live for and will use all their charm and prowess to get what they want.

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by: Anonymous

yeah...that's true. I am seeing a leo and am a sag, we have been dating for two and a half years but he hasn't offered a date even once nor a gift. I plan on leaving him soon.

feel sorry for you girls
by: alpha leo

I feel sorry for you I may not know the full story but in all honesty, it's true that some of us leos are just plain jerks. I am a Leo, but much, much different than the ones you describe. Hang in there maybe a Leo is not for you or maybe the right one hasn't met you yet. Good luck to the both of you.

Agree they are selfish
by: Anonymous

I am an Aquarian and have been involved with a Leo for the past 4 months, but I'm about to finish it. He's the most selfish, egotistical and controlling person I have ever met. I now realise once you get beyond the initial charisma (an act), he's an unpleasant manipulating character. In one way he loves the attention he gets when he's with me as it pumps up his ego and he thinks everyone is looking at him, but he deals with it by trying to undermine me by putting me down. Also he constantly flirts with other women right under my nose and thinks it's ok to admit to having other girlfriends when I'm not around always trying to provoke a jealous reaction out of me. He then tells me I should feel grateful to be with him!! Well sorry but we're not living in the dark ages and I have far too much respect for myself to put up with being treated like a total doormat!

My Leo man is selfish
by: Anonymous

I have been dating a Leo man for the past 4 months also and I am at the verge of giving up!!! Yesterday was Valentines's day and he gets me a card. Sorry not good enough for me! He actually saw nothing wrong with that but yet he wants to be treated like a King!!! Please the cout down begins til I'm single once again!

a male leos ex
by: Anonymous

wow,wish i had found this sight 5 years ago ,so i could have been pre warned as to how selfish ,and egotistical some leo men really are!!
In the 5 years i was with this man,i got one trip to memphis,one valenties card ,two dinner dates,i met his kids ,mom and dad,no friends the whole while he said I love you ,he was dating other people but totaly denying it!!
They are truley jealous men,so much in fact that when i started dating my now Gemini man,the ex leo was spying on me ,and getting angry that some other mans truck was in my driveway...lol
this sag dont like all the drama leo men create,and had to laugh!!Jealousy coming from a man who took another woman to a family outing while with me ,then allowing pictures to be posted on the internet and when asked he told me "its just one date baby dont be mad!"so turn about is fair play ,i gave him the same answer when he demanded to know whos truck was in my driveway lol
Leo men make good friends ,but nothing more in my opinion ,so for all you sagittarius women out there who are having the same kind of issues with your leo men,loook for a gemini,the conversations are deep ,and intrest run high!!

Leo men
by: Anonymous

I dated a Leo guy for eight months, just broke it off today. He demanded all of my undivided attention when he wanted it but would not give me his. He lied about seeing other women and continued to lie even after I confronted him with the truth... He hates not talking to me so I usually just ignore him for a few days. I'm a libra woman and I hate to argue so all the drama he creates for attention does a number on my nerves so today I gave him some ground rules, he refused to follow them and I'm glad he did because now I'm done with his proud, popous ass!!!! But I know he'll beg for another chance in a day or two... He always does

by: Anonymous

I am aquarius, I am also with a leo for a year now. He is very affectionate but extremely jealous. I can barely stand him anymore. He has abused me for money, he is controlling, manipulating, a user. He cant even hold down a job. We were living together I had to kick him out, he never even pitched in to help with bills and is a total slob. He is a total taker and he is good for only one thing, sex. I am letting the relationship burn out on its own to avoid less pain.

by: Anonymous

I had to end my 2 year relationship with my leo boyfriend, he only cared for what you coulod do for him, he cares only for his needs and wants, and you should want to exist only to please him. He will forget your birthday, but do not dare to forget his!
selfish, selfish,selfish. Run the other way if you see one comming.

leo to self center for me
by: Anonymous

yes.i been dealing with a leo man for 2yrs he is the most selfish man i ever been in a relationship with he love attention and everything revolve around him.im a pisces so im real easy going when im in love but once i feel use i swim away.yes he please me in the bed room he is the best sexual lover i ever had.but far as doing the things for me that i do for him like calling to check up on me just because,or doing the little things i ask,he always lie or find a way out,,im so over him and yes i love him but i love me more.

by: Anonymous

I had the best of my life at the beginning of the relationship-- a dream.. it all was perfect- the LEO even proposed. I decided to move in shortly after the proposal and there all began to go down hill. I admit i had my faults.. but all he started to do was try and control my every move. He even got a job at my place.. he was always alwasy questioning me... this even though we lived together, rode to work together, left owrk together.. had dinner together.. and slept on the same bed... really? where would i have time to cheat? He still wondered if i could poss do that to him... i was really stressed ouyt trying to show him and express that I loved him and was loyal to him.. Today we r nolonger together.

by: Anonymous

Its amazing to read all these comments which are so similar to my leo boyfriend. When he is being nice he is great company and this is the only reason I think I am still seeing him. However 90% he is useless. I don't feel like his girl friend on any level as he is such a selfish idiot. I just got a Valentines card and I was supposed to be super grateful for that after 6 years. My valentines day present was some food from the supermarket. When he paid for it he immediately started to complain! Romantic NOT. He loves to be seen with me because it boosts his ego. I can't speak to another man without him going into a fit of jealousy. I found out he slept with someone else and he totally lied about and only admitted to it after he realised I wasn't going to buy his BS. When my dog was on his last legs, he kept telling me to 'just kill him'. When I had to put my pet down at the Vets, when he came over, he didn't even say he was sorry about what had happened. Before Charlie died, I couldn't walk without being in a lot of pain due to a spinal problem and I had to carry him up and down 3 flights of stairs because his legs were so bad. Leo man never offered to help me once and when I asked he would just lay on the sofa. When he did do it, he would be impatient and a bit rough with him deliberately, knowing he was an old fragile dog. I knew then that I despised this person. Im a Sagittarian (animal lover), if you are bad to an animal the fires of my hatred will burn. I never asked him again for obvious reasons. He keeps saying "Im an immigrant and I have to take care of my own ass". I never ask him for anything, but he says I take from him all the time? I was with a gemini and he was super selfish also. He wants to be worshiped, is disgustingly tight fisted with money, needs attention constantly, is terrible and lazy in bed, is lazy generally, is ignorant, a bully, thinks he owns me and is ultra controlling. I have never been with anyone who has tried to put me down as much as he has - constantly. He isn't even that good looking. People like this live in a dream world. They love themselves and think the rest of the world should do the same. He is a total and utter user. Im sick and tired of him and have zero trust in him. I haven't felt love for him for years so I need to get rid of him. Pointless, useless excuse for a man.

crazy leo men
by: Anonymous

Omg..I been with my Leo for six Montana now..he's everything everyone wrote...he's useless and crazy I'm sooo over him

leos are liars and manipulators all the way
by: Anonymous

wow all so very true ive been with a leo asshole for 2 mths now and he is very lazy doesnt work doesnt even have a car he stays with me 5 days a week and on easter he woke up never said happy easter to me and was going to go to his familys for easter and was going to leave me sitting in a motel room alone. at time he can be very sweet and careing but aside from that he stresses me out blsames everything on me and never puts the blame on him self... he has goals he talks about and says im holding him back but yet i make all the money and support him and he doesnt do shit for me except critize how i can make more money when he has none...i cant take his bs anymore and i went to jail for weed that was his the other day and had to pay 1000 bucks to get out .. in the process of me being arrested the bastard left and went to his friends to get drunk and high and didnt give a shit what happened to me... i am getting ready to leave his selfish worthless ass

My Interaction With A Leo Man
by: Anonymous

Im A Sagittarius Woman and ive been talking to this leo man as friends W/benefits off and on for 5 years we both have came back to each other but more so him than me lol hes always trying to throw a certain woman in my face and lie about their dealings then lies about it and comes to find out theres others. Hes started problems with me and my friends,etc and i cant trust him hardly at all i kept comming back because we do have a strong connection but he is selfish, manipulative, a lier, hypocritical,and always doesthings with the intent of what people would think if called out on certain things or what would benefit him and had MAJOR commitment issues. The guys 28 yrs old and NEVER truely had a girlfriend!?!? IKR shouldvr ran back then and he never fully offers a commitment to anyone and actually follows threw with it. You know the type of guy who says ur his girl has u around friends,family, road trips cuz hes a truck driver and two days later denys even telling you that u were his girl!!! I could go on for days i wish my love and thoughts of good times would just disappear so i could let go of this connection/bond that we have based on when things are good. Although I Kno Some That are A little More Giving,Kind And May Make Perspectable Boyfriends. Hes The One That Bothers Me Because I Cant Fully Conquer Him Ive Came CLOSE But Hes To Selfish And Into His Self And not wanting To be hurt or let anyone in that hes not and may never let me win!!!

dating a Leo and Im an Aquarius
by: Anonymous

I have been dating a Leo for 5 months and he made me cry twice. He was mad over 10.00 and always ask me to spend my money because I make more than him. He is charming but has a temper. I have told him I was going to leave him and he says I'm not going anywhere. He goes out don't buy me anything. Please help. I found a woman's piece of something.... It had to be a button or something from a shirt or jacket. I let him have it and he gets mad but i don't care. He's about to get the boot. I don't put up with his foolishness.

by: Anonymous

Just wanted to let to share my good news which involved getting revenge on my ex Leo without even trying.

I met an amazing Cancer man younger than myself who is the love of my life. We are getting engaged and married but right now as I am 11 years older we are trying for a baby now. I will be having another straight afterwards so we can have two. I had two children in my 20s.

Anyway, just before Leo and I came to the end of our relationship, he stopped calling me and taking me out to places that we would go to together even though I was personally invited and expected me to be waiting for him to contact me after weeks of no telephone contact etc. We also had no sex life for over a year prior to that so there was no strong bond in that department. It was dead as a door nail basically. We broke up finally and I was happy being single.

Two weeks later I met someone new and it was love at first site and a true love experience which I now know, I have never had before. What I thought was love before wasn't at all so I have been enlightened. So one day Leo calls me, I dont recognise the number as its not in my phone anymore and I asked who it was because I did not recognise the voice straight away and it turns out to be Leo man. He sounded surprised I had already forgotten him.

He started trying to be all nice on the phone as if nothing had happened and it was obvious, that he had nothing better to do and after two weeks wanted to call me. He carried on talking as if we were good friends and Ihad to put him out of his misery.

I told him about my new man, marriage and having babies which he always asked me for, but which I told him NO - not in a million years. He was so shocked it was hilarious. He asked me where he was from and if I was happy and I told him in no uncertain terms that I was blissfully happy. He could not take it. He was so annoyed and cut the telephone conversation off and put the phone down. Then seconds later I get a text asking me for money LOL - what a peasant.

He is so jealous and it is the perfect end to a horrendous experience. I know that now I am not around he misses me and I dont care a damn. He isnt even a man.

Revenge is sweet, especially when you don't seek it or make an effort to make it happen. Its just natural justice.

leo man
by: Anonymous

To be honest I'm in a relationship with a Leo man. I never thought his personally would be similar to his zodiac. I read almost every comment where you all were going through with a Leo.

My Leo boyfriend have drove me nuts. We're good friends before but decided to go out. He can be charming and a sweet talker. Sine Leo are lion they try to win their mate. So he won my heart right but at the same time he was trying to woo me he was still talking to his exgf that I didn't know of while he did that. After we gone out and I found out I confronted him about it and fixed the problem.

I still am wondering if he is roaming around with other women because after I found out a lot of stuff that he kept away I still wonder if he'll deceive me. They say Leos are loyal to their mates but I feel like they'll still roam around because Leos like attention. If your busy they'll go out and roam.

Leos are jealous but my Leo tries to make me jealous to see if I care which I hated because he tried to make me jealous as a joke. After what he did joking about being out with some girl I hated it and broke my heart but he stated he was joking.
Afterwards he'll come back to you to try to fix it and apologize, so he won't hurt me again and try to fix his actions.

I basically went through a roller coaster with my leo man. I learn different tactics because I been reading people's experiences with leos. Before we'll talk for days then he'll want space and get upset if u bother him. I thought he was out roaming and cheating but he called me to assure me he wasn't and that he want some alone time. After a few days of no talking it bugs me because I don't think its good for a relationship to not talk for over a few days or week. I tried to see how he is doing and didn't pick up but he called me back later. Afterwards he missed me and we talked but recently he been moody.

If I don't tell him where I'm at and what I'm doing he'll text me what you doing? Where are u? When I'm out chilling he tells me to go home. It not like I am at a club, party, or anywhere where men are at. I feel suffocated at times but I try to be patient because I know he is Leo and craves attention and etc. Just one thing I been reading have been that Leos crave attention and are controlling. They tell you what to do but if you tell them what to do they'll say stuff like I can take care of myself you need to care of yourself. Like what the hell? You don't win if you want to care for them they'll just be cold to you at times. Did I mention he barely got me any gifts. Even if he gives u a gift its cheap by what I seen but to me I didn't care on gifts as long as he is loyal and cares for me emotionally though other ways but he do take me out to nice restaurants so that matters.

End It and Be Happy
by: Anonymous

In my experience Leo men are not remotely loyal unless you are ready to be a servant and slave to their needs and whims. Leo is not a sign that will cherish you and make you feel like a Queen and adored above all other women. Leo men can be selfish, arrogant, controlling and tedious in their lack of understanding and inability to listen to others. Leo craves adoration without needing to earn it. They think the world should bow down to them just because thats what they want. They have no concept of humility. They would make the worst knights in shining armour if they were still in existence. Ditch him quick!

Selfish A**hole
by: Anonymous

OMG! You all are so right. I have been one and off with my Leo for more than a year but recently he put the icing on the cake. He's 15 years older than me and that makes it even worse; no excuse for a 41 year old man to be this way. But anyway, he doesn't want to give me what I need but expects me to sit around and wait for him to make up his mind about what he wants. Just a few days ago, I actually see him and we have a talk abiut what happened between us. I finally get him to admit the fact that he's selfish and never considered my feelings. I told him that I would like to give it another try and we both agree. On another note that night he was all over me and I decided to go home anyway because I didnt want us to start over on a bad note. So Sunday night he doesnt pick up his phone nor does he repsond to my text messages.

I finally spoke to this bastard yesterday morning and he was at work. His excuse was that he was sick. Really? Bulls***t!!! His repsonse was of course as if nothing was wrong. He thinks that this is a game! After that I blocked his number,told him how much of a loser he was, and left it at that. Let's also mention that I am the only one who he could depend on and trust. He doesnt get along with his family and his friends are not that dependable. He seems to think that my feelings are irrelevant. I dont know about this cocky attitude that they have but it is not cute or funny when a 41 year old man plays mind games. What exactly do you have to boast about. Your a old man and a loser and that is nothing to be proud of. Yes. I am to blame in part for even chosing to talk to him but I honestly thought that he was being sincere. But as always you never know what you have until it is gone. I took care of his every need and have nothing to show for it. Never Again!!

BTW I am Pisces female with some backbone. Maybe that is why he cant deal with me because he wants to run things. They Suck!

Crazy Leo Man
by: Anonymous

They are crazy. My husband was a Leo and they are so sneaky you never know what is on their mind but he was loyal. Now I'm dating another Leo man and he is the most arrogant person you ever want to meet, he think he is the next best thing to God, he always pointing out my faults which are petty and he acts like he has none. I treat him like a King but yet he says I don't do nothing for him, he is lazy, always want to argue, and he acts like a girl sometimes. Now how many men with hold sex from their mates because you said something they didn't like, he is a trip and I about had it with him. One thing about him is he is generous and chilvary, but other then that oh please the attitude this man have, like he's doing me a favor because we've gotten back together after being apart for 11 years. That's when I caught him cheating and then he married her and she dogged him the whole 7 years they were together, and you know what, that is what he gets. He is a trip, I can't say that for all Leo men but this one here is a trip.

A short story of Leo and Libra love
by: Libra Lady

I am dating a leo guy for almost a year now but thinking of ending this relationship soon because it feels like it doesnt make any sense!.i just dont know how because i love him..
Leo and Libra relationship is really amazing when new.but leo's true colors will b revealed later on thats gonna hurt libra's feelings that will lead to disappointment.
on the 6 month of our relationship,it was really awful.one day,idk while he was sleeping,i just had the strong intuition about going through his email and phone which is one thing i never do in a relationship.but this time,i did.and BINGO!i found out that he was talking to a lot of girls online and texting with his exes on the phone.and on top of that,he invited one of his ex gf over in his apt w/o my knowledge.that hurts big time.and when i confronted him about inviting his ex,he got irritated.he said ;"we didnt have sex!we just talked"well,i didnt said that he did.he said they r just being friends cuz its what adults do.how ridiculous.all i wanted was honesty and apology.this person cant justify really good all his actions.full of himself.then we broke up.but we still hang-out in his bed..
i told him that if he wants to date and sleep somebody,let me know cuz i dont wanna get a disease.he said,sleeping around is not his thing and he's a relationship guy.what a liar.but yes,,he is very deceitful.he was seeing this girl while we were seeing each other without telling me.and keeps on saying how he loves me and wants us to b together again.o well,libra can b really stupid when in love.i forgave him over and over again.accepted for what he is.everybody deserves a second chance.YEAH RIGHT!once an asshole,i think always b an asshole.and guess what,last time,i caught him having an acct on this dating site.he said,he was just bored and curious.so,whats gonna happen everytime he feels bored?STUPID.wtf.cannot b trusted.its sad.im like looking into a one sided mirror.i personally think that somehow,being a leo contributes on his personality based on people's similar experiences about them and of course,what says in the astrology.but how he is being raised,childhood environment and family background or history are what really plays the role.its never gonna hurt to b cautious for ur own good.he is like a tool that doesnt come with a manual.so its up to u how u make him work!therefore,he can be useful or useless."or a total junk".

Sick Of the Bullsh*t
by: Anonymous

Sagittarius female who has been with a Leo for almost 10 years. Had I known things were going to end up so bad and boring, I would have made better decisions. I don’t regret meeting him totally because of our children, but sometimes I really think I made a huge mistake. His constant need for praise, jealousy, arrogance, etc. doesn’t really bother me too much! I just ignore it!! I think its funny, like how a monkey plays with his poop! What I don’t like is the fact that he is a whore! This man is very generous, provides for the family, appears to be the perfect man. But boy is this mother f*cker a liar. I think it has a lot to do with his upbringing and circumstances, but a lot of it is attributed to his LEO sign. I’m sick of him. He has hurt me so bad, I don’t even know who I've become. I told him on many occasions to leave…he said he is never leaving me! Oh and btw, he’s crazy, so I need to be careful about how I’m going to end this! I always thought women were crazy for staying in relationships for the kids, but they adore him so much and he is wonderful to them so I am hesitant to just be so abrupt. things will get crazy and I have to prepare myself and make sure they dont get caught up in the garbage. Nevertheless, I feel trapped,bored, disgusted and betrayed. If things don't improve soon, its time to put this Lion to sleep!!!!

Good Luck
by: Anonymous

Good luck with getting rid but be careful and make sure he cant get to you. Leos like this totally suck. They arent men at all. Get yourself a real man who adores you and treats you like the most important person that you are. I am getting married to a Cancer and he is the love of my life. I cant even believe I was with my Leo ex. I cant even picture myself being that unhappy. Ive gone from hardly ever having really average sex with a lazy leo to 5 times a day every day amazing love making which rocks my world with someone who is a one woman man and husband to die for.

Wish you the best of luck. You'll look back on it and laugh when he is long gone.

I'm a Leo Man
by: Michael29

Wow...that's crazy that you all had that much bad luck. I would like to say sorry but I really would like to say its not the Leo sign so be mad at the men not the Leo please. I know I my relationships the biggest problem was if for any reason I lost trust or see to much of a weakness with my partner it would turn me away. I know that Leo's are really speciffic about our mates. And we are very sexual so if your not, maybe a Leo's not for you. Honestly sex is the best kind of attention I won't, I know that sounds bad but if a Leo likes you that much you own him as long as you don't give him distrust, bossyness or needyness. And as for lazy Leo's that's him to, not the Leo. I love nice things, I work hard and play harder. I own my own house out right and I'm proud of what I've done in life this far. But I have not had the luck of finding my mate yet:( but I do have my kids to love and care for.

FYI: if anyone hurts a Leo in anyway Leo's tend to move you out of the the ones we love and trust. Hope it helps anyone or some one...

Leo Men
by: Anonymous

I don't think that you can use astrology to work people out completely, but there seems to be a lot of similar experiences being expressed on this thread. My Leo ex was not remotely introspective. I don't think he spent one second of his life thinking about where he had ever gone wrong, or how he could improve as a person to be a kinder or more giving. HA 'giving' lol - you must be joking. A taker 100% ! He thought he was always right and without faults. He was like a spoilt child a lot of the time and always felt the need to elevate himself above others. I as a Sagittarian found it tedious in the extreme. When he thought he was being strong (bullying others or letting his temper or spiteful words loose on someone) it was disgusting. I knew that he was not a real man at all, but massively insecure. It was the biggest waste of time of my life. Now I am getting married to a real man, I look back on it and I can't believe I was with that person.

Leo Man
by: Anonymous

I have been married to a Leo man for three years. He is older than me, and I admit their were signs in the beginning of our relationship that I stupidly ignored because I loved him so much. He is egotistical, controlling, selfish, and can be downright cruel. He only thinks of himself; how dare I ask him for the tiniest thing. Only HE is supposed to have everything he wants, never mind that I am making bringing in more money than he does! He wouldn't even buy me a diamond when we got engaged because he had been married twice before, and those marriages didn't work out (no kidding) and he didn't want to spend the $$ again. For the past 8 months I have been stuck between a rock and a hard place; I literally left one night in tears and for fear that he was going to physically hurt me because he has such an insane temper. He is also jealous of my cat, and when I am not there I worry that he will mistreat her. I will absolutely NOT tolerate that, because any person that mistreats an animal is the lowest of the low. Also, he keeps me waiting ALL the time; whenever we go out, I am ready at least an hour before he is; God forbid he have to wait on ME!! I have never been involved with a Leo man before, and if I leave him, I think it is safe to say NEVER AGAIN!!

I can't get my leo man
by: cancerian leo girl

I am seeing a leo man for the last 6 months, on internet and we are living in different countries.I know it sounds unlogical to fall in love with someone u know only virtually but sometimes you can't help... :D my leo is 10 years older than me and both of us say we feel like we knew eachother at least for centuries, he himself first said we are in love and he really cares me, I am really special for him, before I said him anythng about love..since leo man can be very moody and fastly off&on, I am always confused and can hardly trust him. whenever I wanna go away, he keeps me strongly and says he will never let me go and that he afraids to lose me.. everytime he says ''stupid girl, you will never lose me and I will always care you even if I am away'' ... ohh,I love him,,love him but we may never meet or be together..

anyway, he wants me to find another guy in my country and forget him and he won't leave his life behind and settle to my country( despite I never wanted or said him such a selfish or unlogical thing!! that makes me think he is hiding simple lies) I just hoped him (if he can)to come to see me for a few days to meet me at real and then we could decide if we should have a real relationship or stay friends... sometimes he says so,but many times he says only how impossible our relationship is coz he thinks he is a very ''don to earth man''
everytime he says he doesnt want to involve and find myself another guy, hurts me and I cry..when I am emotionally confused as a cancerian girl I feel need to explain how I feel,talking about love bores him and he says I want less pressure :S day by day I feel like he gets colder to me and it hurts me.. I have had many man in my life before him but I never felt that close to anyone, he is my soul mate, as he says ''we are twins'', I want him for the rest of my life and he says he feels the same but his logic stops him to involve.. I am so sad and I dont know how should I act to satisfy him not to give up and come to see me...

Leo Man Comment
by: Anonymous

I am not sure how many women that commented above have actually studied all the signs. Every single sign has a dark and light side. There a really no exceptions to this rule.

The other thing one, men or women, must consider is any sort of psychological disorder that may be at work. This is far more profound, in my opinion, and transcends sun sign influence.

The study of astrology is far more complicated than just the sun sign alone. A more accurate picture would be to get a full natal chart done. This can complicate things greatly and take a long time to understand what applies and what doesn't.

As a Leo man, I can attest to having both natures within the realm of possibility. That doesn't exempt any person from making a choice. Leos can also be very loyal, loving, and storm the gate of hell for those they love, truly love. On the other hand Leos working in the negative can do tons of egotistical things and be selfish. The negative side is not a forgone conclusion.

I wish you all the best of luck in finding the appropriate kind of love.

Be Well,
Leo Man

by: Anonymous

I agree with the above. I am Sagittarius with a cancer moon and my fiance is Cancer with a Sagittarius moon. It is a 110% totally committed all or nothing all out passionate relationship. He is an Alpha male in the true sense. Leo ex thought his high opinion of himself made him that way too, but was too simplistic to understand what the concept of Alpha maleness meant.

In my new relationship we argue sometimes which is healthy and bring each other down to earth if need be. Our egos are not so fragile that we can't admit to being wrong and having faults and we acknowledge these things and try to overcome them together. We even laugh about it sometimes.

The Leo I knew had an ego so huge I do not have the vocabulary to do justice to its immense size. It was so massive it made him painfully stupid because he thought he knew things he was clueless about for example life, love, relationships, humanity etc. To be fair though I think he was always a basic person and this would have played a big part in his loser rating of 10 out of 10.

I know that astrology goes way beyond the moon signs and there are all of the other planetary positions to take into account and more, which is way above my head. I also agree that upbringing, experiences and how you deal with them etc can also play apart and that there are dark and light sides to everyone.

There are degrees of dark sides in my opinion and some project that towards others --> Leo I knew was a perfect example of that. Some internalise things. My great fault is to internalise things more, putting on a front when I feel down because I don't want to bring other people down - although I can do that with a bad mood which I can be guilty of. I fell terrible when I do that though and always apologise sincerely and when the time is right add some humour, cuddles and a smile and all is well again : )

I don't tend to attack people or put my negativity on others. I have a mother who I swear is a witch and is like that virtually all of the time, so I have gone out of my way to try and be as nice as I can. That is the best any of us can do I suppose. As long as we really try. Some people not only feel comfortable indulging in the negative, but don't even have the self awareness to know that they are there at all. Thats when you know its time to run like the wind! I wish I ran from negative Leo long ago. I should have done it years ago, Thats another fault of mine : )

Ok Im done talking about the past. No more of my time will be spent talking about it. Too much to enjoy and things to treasure. Good luck to you all : ) XXXXXX

PS When the powers that be try to implant the microchip inside your sacred body - do not take it. No matter how difficult it makes your life, do not take it!

It is the mark of the beast !!!

Do not be a slave. God wanted us to be free. Love is the key to all things.

by: Anonymous

Leo men I dated are all boring, selfish and egotistical. I have nothing good to say about them all. I stay away from all Leos, full stop.
Love yourself instead!!

Help me..
by: Anonymous

I am a scorpio..and my ex boyfriend is a leo..we have been dating for a year.. he is very controlling his way or the highway type of thing.. we lived together for 9 months..we bickered and fought like any other couple..before this break up..he had gotten me flowers..took me to the zoo..we had good times.. then basically he woke up one morning said hes not happy with himself or the relationship..and told me to get all my stuff and leave..he yelled at me telling me to get the f out and to let him be ..we will talk when hes ready to talk..he wants nothing to do with me and i didnt even do anything to cause this. He used to be a muscle man but gained 30 pounds...i know that made him unhappy.. but other then that i saw him the other day..hes gone out and hes told me hes miserable..far from okay and theres noone else.. he just needs to get himself together.. yet he wont answer my texts..picks up and hangs up if i call and tells me he just wants to be alone.. what do i do? is it really over..or

read, recognise the signs, and RUN.
by: N

I am a Scorpio who has had two relationships with Leo men - the first one almost 10 years back, the second a recently ended relationship. And I must say really, never again.

The first relationship taught me well - Leos like these will put their own pleasure and needs before yours, and think NOTHING of it. The second Leo I was with (just a few months back), I bolted at the very first sign of his selfish nature.

I was at the very bottom of his to-do list - a spot that was somewhere higher than his dog, and a little lower than the TV. To ask for more time with him, was like extracting a tooth. This is a man who was selfish not only with his time, but also in bed - where he would wake up in the morning, just LIE sprawled there, remove his pants and gesture for me to blow him - yes, not even sex, only a blowjob. I was incredulous, because even with the worst partners I've been with, NONE were THIS self-serving.

It was so painfully obvious how little I meant to him, and the only reason I could think of - why he came after me - was because I was attractive enough, and I posed a 'challenge' to him in the beginning. That, and his friends were all happily attached, and so I served as that last item needed to complete his collection.

NEVER, EVER again. I put up with this for a good 3 weeks before I left with a text saying that it wasn't working out. 3 weeks with him seemed like an eternity. It was a heavy, heavy coat that lay on my back, and I tossed it aside without a moment's hesitation. Am now happily with an Aquarius who pampers me and treats me like a princess.

It's sad, because my late father was a Leo himself - a very big hearted, generous Lion who sacrificed everything for my mother, who is a Scorpio, and the selfish one in our family.

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