Leo men are so sexy

I'm dating a Leo man...I met my Leo at a club. He was cute, we danced all night long. We practically had sex on the dance floor. I ended my 5 year relationship soon after I met this Leo. He had my attention from "hello". We hung out for 5 months, sex was amazing when he decided he didn't want to be selfish in bed.

He was a flirt and talked about his X a lot, and always would make plans with me to hang out, and I would meet up with him and he wouldn't be alone, he would have one of his female friends with him. Me being Scorpio I could care less about the other chick as long as I was prettier then her. I would play that "cool f-buddy female friend" roll and we had an incredible time, until I started to really fall for him. I fell hard! So hard I could no longer hide my true feelings for him.

I decided to let him know how I felt and I think it scared him away. So we hung out less and less and pretty soon I gave him the "do not contact me anymore" speech. It was hard, I felt like I lied to myself because I really wanted to see him and talk to him but I knew it was wrong and I didn't want to hurt myself anymore. I was starting to fall in love and I knew deep down he wasn't right for me.

So I didn't call him anymore...he hadn't called me either. Time passed, I got over him and moved on..... 8 months later he decided to call and I answered. He played the long time no talk game with me like nothing ever happened. come to find out he ended up getting back together and then breaking up with his X and realizing that we had a lot of fun together and deep passionate conversations paid off down the long run and we emotionally connected all along he just needed to finish old business. Me being confident, not possessive, really wild in bed and in control the whole time really works

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by: Anonymous

I got to hand it to you...smart girl. Good for you. I bet your leo hates himself that he spent his 8 months without you when he could just call you a lot earlier. Anyway, good luck!

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