Leo men Scorpio women and cheating

Please could someone in the same relationship (Scorpio women and Leo man) help me with my question. I know that Leo likes being the centre of attention and likes flirting. if the Leo man is really in love would he still cheat on his partner? or would he just flirt and leave it there????? love to hear honest answers from Leo guys but Scorpio womens answers are just as welcome... thanks!

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lovey dovey
by: Anonymous

I am a leo married to a scorpio woman. I cannot let her go. She is magnetic. I would never think to cheat on her. She doesn't thrive attention to herself so I know she is all mine. If a leo man really loves a scorpio woman, he would be having sex with her at least twice a week. Scorpio woman love sex. That's all I have to say.

Response to Leo Men Scorpio Women (Cheating)
by: James

I'm a Leo man and I've never loved someone as much as I'm in love with my scorpio queen. I would never ever cheat on her, as She means everything to me, and Leo's in love are very loyal. She is very independent and I seek approval from her quite often sometimes and tends to be portrayed as being needy, but for me its the need for affection that I seek in her, and her alone. I tend to fly over the handle bars sometimes which drives her away, but on the same token she can also say or do things that can be hurtful. It works both ways really. To summarize, When its good its amazing/soul connecting. when its bad it sucks for the both of us! But it has never crossed my mind once to cheat on her. All I need is her, and the need to see her smile. Sometimes I just find myself watching her sleep she's absolutely the most beautiful woman I've ever met, and would love to be where she is lost in her dreams :)

Orlando FL
32 Years Old

Heart warming
by: Anonymous

Wow - James, what you wrote about your scorpio queen brought a tear to my eye. She is very lucky to have you and visa versa..

Leo Men
by: Anonymous

A Leo man in love is way different than a leo man single or still waiting for the one. I believe Leo men do like the freaky sexual women when they are single and will be very active and player like. When they are in a serious relationship they are 100% loyal and will do anything to keep the relationship together. Scorpio is the best challenge for them b/c we have our own opinion are very independant and are not impressed like there past "suitors" who would do anything to keep them. We know our worth and also dont mind reminding them. We also have that"deep intutition" we always know whats going on.

Iam a scorpio women married to a Leo Man and its very challenging...We fight alot we are both jelous and try to control...We are best friends and know we would never cheat..I have a hard time letting go of the past b/c he has a child and even though I know he wouold never go back w her iam jelous that she has a child w him and he has to have contact w her for the kids sake..At the end of the day I know he could never handle me to have a baby's father and he would flip out...

Even though we have issues my number 1 needs are loyalty and fincial security..Which are there are we have a blast when we arent fighting and have amazing chemistry.

I cant imagine being with anyone elese I feel like I would be bored with out the fighting it keeps me sharp...(Sonds crazy) I feel like Iam a lawyer presenting my case with him amd we both always have a strong case that is completely opposite..LOL

Boy Iam tired...

Hope my Scorpio Leo experience sheds some light...My case is extreme as my moon is scorpio also...He is 100% Leo and Jamacian..We live in NY so that also adds fire...

You guys can so it!!!

In my option its the best match for us Scorpio women...I have tried all the signs that "work" but I get bored and feel like Iam not excited...

Cheating Leo
by: Anonymous

I've been with my Leo man off and on for 9 years. It is our third time trying to make it work. Each time we seperated he cheated. My Leo never once gave me an explanation or any hints or reasons why he did it. For a Scorpio that's something we need to hear to understand what happened or why someone would do that. I never once cheated on him, gave out my number or flirted with anyone while in a relationship with him. Our last 5 years together (for me) was horrible. My Leo is scared that I would cheat on him and his jealously has kicked into high gear. He attends everywhere I go even if he's sick or tired. These places most of the time would be to the store. I believe my Leo thinks he's God's gift to women,he's so funny, everyone loves him, and he's the all around guy. Which majority of the time he is. Only if he's your friend, not if your in a relationship with him. Before I got with my Leo he just got out of a 7 year off and on relationship where his ex had a love hate relationship with him and every chance she got would try to tell me about his cheating way, but in the same breath wanted him back. The thing wrong with my Leo which is disturbing is that he truely believes that he does nothing wrong. He once told me that it was ok to give out his number and speak to the opposite sex. So now I have adopted his views (that's what I tell him). I don't really. Leo has a lot of good qualitys but his views on trust, loyality and commitment are not his top priorities when they should be to have a happy relationship. As a Scorpio this is my main priority. I don't know if we could last any longer and I believe that he will do it again. It's once he feels that everything is going good with us he cheats, so the last few years have been about me wanted to be on my own. My Leo said he will never leave me and he's in complete denial that someone doesn't admire him. Scorpios will always love themselves more than any other man. But I never been in a relationship were after my sting someone was still willing be with me and not be scared off. It didn't work this time, so the last 2 years I made major changes within my own life and have been transforming me. I don't know what to make of this relationship. I'll have to see what my Leo will do in the future to make my next move. Good luck with you Leo Man!

Comment on James' reply
by: Anonymous

I am a Leo man too and I want to tell you James that I definitely had an experience almost identical to yours. The female Scorpios are unbelievable for Leos, almost addictive. At least in my case, the Scorpio was the only sign with which I could get a sexual match and chemistry. That's because Scorpios, like Leos, are very sexually active and opened to new experiences. The sex was fantastic. The empathy and the emotional bond between me and her I found it to be also the strongest compared to other relationships that I had experienced with other signs(Libra, Taurus, etc). Unfortunately, after 6 yrs we broke up and from that moment up to this day, I've never met someone that could offer me the same empathy and sexual chemistry. They really are to grab with both hands and never let go. And the thing with watching her sleep James....well, I've done it too, I know what you mean.
Good luck with your Scorpio woman!

27 yrs old
Bucharest, Romania

by: Anonymous

It's so spooky to read all the comments here. I am a Scorpio girl dating a Leo guy. Our relationship is never boring to say the least. Its funny that most people say Scorpios are very jealous. I haven't discovered that about myself yet. Or maybe I am but too egotistical to admit it. I don't know. I know that he is. He cannot handle the fact that I have guy friends. He always think I'm going to run off with them or something. I notice that Leos like to be the best at everything. Conflicts arise when Scorpio, by nature, challenges him and gives him a run for his money. I do also noticed that he loves, I should say, bassskk in the attention and admiration I give him. I do let the Lion think he rules the kingdom whilst the true ruler is the one that rules his heart. Despite some hiccups here and there, I've never met anyone I've felt so much intensity with. And you are right, a Leo in love, not another man can love like he. So far, its been a good journey. When we are done getting tangled up in each other, let's hope we have much more in common outside the sheets.

Italian Leo Man - French Poet Scorpion Woman...hot
by: ScorpionPoet

I'm a French, Scorpion woman, & a poet. Very hot combination. :) I have a very handsome, sexy, Italian Leo lover. I say lover, because we have absolutely no relationship outside of sex. We have been seeing each other for six months and I've never had a more incredibly satisfying experience with any other man. Naturally, he loves it when I tell him this in the throws of our passion.

He's so charming, intriguing, mysterious, and his green eyes were literally glowing beams of light at me. It sounds crazy, but it's true. It was (I believe) his sexual energy for me. He had to have me...he still does. I can't even believe how he services me in bed over & over & over, every time getting even better & better. Naturally, as a beautiful scorpion woman, I make sure he has an unforgettable experience with me as well. I always answer the door in lingerie and stilettos. He seems to like it. :)

We certainly couldn't sustain this kind of passion in our every day lives...it would be impossible. I can also tell by his dominance in the bedroom, he'd be dominating out of the bedroom, too. As a scorpion woman, I don't go for that and I prefer to be in control, so that's a problem. Perhaps he's aware of this, too, and that's why we're nothing more than lovers. I don't want to diminish what we have by saying he's "just a lover". As a Scorpion woman, the kind of passion, excitement, and lovemaking that he brings to me is priceless. I've had many lovers and NO man comes close to him in bed. I appreciate that. :) I just don't see it lasting. He couldn't care less about getting to know me as a person and only contacts me to make plans to see me...nothing in between. Not even a hello or to ask how I am.

As a prideful Scorpion woman, that drives me a bit crazy. However, I let him run the show...for now...for some reason, he is completely enchanted by me (I am a typical beautiful, sexy, magnetic Scorpion woman), but he will never tell me why. He says he'd rather show me how into me he is by making love to me...I guess that works, too. See you in three weeks, baby. :)

No sex for a year and still faithful
by: Anonymous

I was madly in love with my Scorpio wife not trying to be a egotistical person but Im not a bad looking guy at all and good looking women flirt with me all the time but I never once cheated or even thought of cheating on her she left me for about a year when we where dating and a very attractive women came on to me took off all her close and tried to take it to the next level ( I was trapped because all of my dumb ass friends new she liked me and left us alone in a hotel room to try to let things happen) but even though I could have and it would have been ok because I was single I didn't because I was still in love with my ex and a year after we got married. Befor while we where dating we had sex all the time ( it was awesome!!! ) but in marriage all that heated passion went away on her side she stopped having sex with me for over a year ( for a Leo that's a really bad thing ) but still I was faitfully her man and tried to help her understand the way I felt but I could never get through to her. We started to have sex every Hmmmm..... 2 to 3 months some times it would be 4 but never did I think to cheat.

No sex for a year and still faithful
by: Anonymous

I was madly in love with my Scorpio wife not trying to be a egotistical person but Im not a bad looking guy at all and good looking women flirt with me all the time but I never once cheated or even thought of cheating on her she left me for about a year when we where dating and a very attractive women came on to me took off all her close and tried to take it to the next level ( I was trapped because all of my dumb ass friends new she liked me and left us alone in a hotel room to try to let things happen) but even though I could have and it would have been ok because I was single I didn't because I was still in love with my ex and a year after we got married. Befor while we where dating we had sex all the time ( it was awesome!!! ) but in marriage all that heated passion went away on her side she stopped having sex with me for over a year ( for a Leo that's a really bad thing ) but still I was faitfully her man and tried to help her understand the way I felt but I could never get through to her. We started to have sex every Hmmmm..... 2 to 3 months some times it would be 4 but never did I think to cheat.

Scorpio lady:)
by: Anonymous

My leo man just cheated on me while I was on vacation with his mother and sisters. We just accomplished some of our goals like getting a house together getting it furnished, he just got a great job. He said he fell out of love but I feel the cheating part broke our trust. He paid her way to see him and her way back home. I manage the accounts so thats how I found out. He regrets it. I beleive he needs time to grow up as this is his first full time job. I want him back. I feel like the air I breath is gone. We were excited to see if I was pregnant the day I got back from the vacatioin. Leo men tell me does he care still....? He says he does want to try again but not right now its gunna be a while. He is trying to search for other girls as I am for guys to try to move on and get thru this but I love him way to much and I never knew it was possible to love like this. We have never had cheating issues. jealousy issues yes but it turned into amazing sex :) we had sex like 5 times since the break up so in the past 2 months. Is it possible he can let go just like that? He used to watch me sleep :) I read what one of you leo men wrote. And I completly understand. any advice on making it work. He was my world :)

by: Pisces Woman

Idk, maybe it's that the cats like to watch the fish swim back and forth, but I always end up bagging leos.

This latest one is the only one that has ever challenged me, but to be fair, I am not as sweet as I once was. I've been slightly jaded by life as is natural with age and I am trying to reverse that-both for myself and because I know my leo man is attracted to my naturally sweet, sensual nature. They like that. They like good women who also happen to be beautiful and I firmly believe that if you remain beautiful both inside and out you can tame the lion.

I have Aries moon and Venus and Sag Mars...So, I can be rather confrontational; however, this makes me accept the challenge that is taming this leo man- whom I can tell loves me. He wants to be with me all the time (this is the BIG one with leos), drops whatever he is doing to help me if I need it, cuddles me so sweetly... BUT we have had our issues, like anyone else- esp due to the power struggle between his leo and my aries (which works as a double-edged sword- it gives me the strength to stand up to him, but also f*cks me when i take it too far in a fit of war-lord rage), and the ONE THING i cannot stand is the fact that I know he thinks this means he can go dip his dick in whomever- probably some ex-gf who regrets losing him, because he is such a catch. I also know he'll be right back on my doorstep as soon as I look his way.

Whatever. I like a challenge and I know he has the capacity to be faithful. I always get what I want and so if it means I need to work a new angle when I confront him (ugh they really are so impossible and selfish- i think they all may have narcisstic personality disorder lol), so as not to bruise his little ego and give him the ok to roam the jungle, then so be it. I love him and love conquers all. Ladies, don't underestimate yourselves. They may be the King of the jungle, but never underestimate a woman with a plan. He's still a man- you have trump card.

by: Anonymous

I am 25, my Leo man is 35. We have amazing chemistry. I feel as happy as never in my life. He is the only man from all the mans i have dated or simply know that if he would propose me i would say yes without doubt. He just shows me happiness. Sex is perfect also. Butas i have red before we have already known issues. I thought he is unique with his opinion of not making any bf/gf thing that i understood as he is grown man. And unfortunately there are on and off`s:( As i thought we have this..higher bond of understanding and compassion to each other (at least me) i would never ever want to hurt him and give everything for him to be happy. So i thought its "his thing"..hes been single for a while so now he might be doubting time to time. I never got angry. Always just wanted to get out of the bad situation asap. Later didnt mention it again or we just loughet that he is a leaver. Its inside joke. Now i read these articles and i get to know its not "his things" its simply leo things. I could work it out but last thing he did..i dont think i can forgive. He lives abroad..so right after we seperated last time..he got little cold..i made little argument (with reason) but simply telling my thougts thats all. He didnt reply. He dissapeared for one day. Later came up with bullshit that he had some connection problems even though he always finds a way to talk to me. Now i tried to reach him 3 times and no response. He hurt me bad this time. I have never before told him so maybe we should stop this. Is this the right time? Or should i forgive? I also think he might lose respect for me in case he understands the situation very well and i forgive him so easy..
Im confused
He is the bebst thing happened to me but i have been hurt before..and it started similar way. I promised myself not to let it happen ever again:(

by: Anonymous

1 scorpio lady. two different relationships with leo men, one spanned over a decade, the other a couple of months. the chemisrty : unrivaled. fidelity: too little to late. as punishment: i brought kings to there knees, and broke thier pride for breaking my heart. a certain twisted loyalt exists now......... hey i never said it was a nice story. then again when is scorpian love normal.

Update: Italian Leo Man - French Poet Scorpion Woman...hot
by: ScorpionPoet

I previously commented on this blog and found myself reading it again. At the point that I originally wrote the comment, me and my Italian Leo man had been seeing each other for six months. Now, it's three years later. He's still my lover and we're probably addicted to one another, but that's a beautiful thing. I have never cheated on him, wanted to be with anyone else, or anything like that. All other men pale in comparison to the chemistry and passion we share. :)

with leo man 10ys
by: Anonymous

i cant let him go hes had share bein stubborn not trust b4 me..n ..he cheated.. i had my share of losin it on him n sayin some wild shit...n than i pray...i thought god takin him was sign of no....but he returns n i love harder.j.......but as i am on him he on me im no size 10 ...im bbw n he fyne i wouldnt expect it but hes show love in ways i thought didnt matter but as time goes i miss those gestures when he gone...he only man makes me smile n at 32 i still blush n get butterflies....he incarcerated n im precanncer n those smaller than picnics i miss.....leos stubborn control 2 how much u give them...but heart so dedicated...miss my leo..he only man im comfortable with....leo...i miss myy harder j leo...

Leo's Cheating - No black or white answer!
by: Hector&Andromache

I am a Scorpio woman happily married to a Cancer man, but there is this Leo guy (also married to a tomboyish but beautiful Leo female) that always showers me with attention. He does things for me that he wont do for his wife (in the process cock-blocking my husband), like: opening doors for me, telling me I look beautiful, memorizing the details of what I wear, after dinner he runs to get my jacket before my husband and puts it on me, saying comments about me being "hot", he'll carry me unexpectedly as if he were my night in shining armor... etc. etc. the list goes on and on. The problem is that I let him, because I secretly like it and because I am curious to see how far he will take this. I don't understand his motives... but when I am with him, I am aroused, happy and playful... we are both extremely playful. I always need to be in control and push him away because if I don't he forgets where he is, who is around and he has this need to shout to the world how sexy and attractive I am, which is extremly awkward because I don't want to hurt his wife or my husband. It's complicated. A part of me wants to control the situation and be the good wife, and the other part of me wants to run naked and live the ecstacy that he pormises to give. Oh and to make matters worse, I also feel like are bodies are magnetized... we always need to touch each other!! So, would he cheat? In many ways... he has already stretched his boundaries. But then again, so have I. Our passion and magnetism for each other is just too strong. uuugg!!!

Im leo shes scorpio
by: Anonymous

I was going with my girl and after 5 years she broke up with me and tell me that she doesnt love me anymore and its better way like this and i dont know but it was all great....but it end like this

Scorpio women Leo man
by: Anonymous

I'm a Scorpio women and I can tell you if he's
In love and devoted and you make him your life
He will not cheat. He wants to flirt if you don't let
Him know it hurts you. As a Scorpio you will
Feel betrayed if he flirts. You have to tell him
It will destroy your love. If you make him understand
He won't flirt.

i am a Leo woman
by: Anonymous

I'm a leo woman and I'm with a scorpio woman I was drawn to her and vice versa we have been dating and sometimes sh can come off confusing but at the same time I'm so drawn to her that I over look certain things we talk about a lot of things marriage kids? Tc....but even tho chemistry is there and everything at the back of my mind that inner voice is telling me that based off of her overall character and observing how she is for some reason I just feel like we won't work...lol idk every things there.but I just get that weird feeling I should just be her friend and call it a day...but I'm still curious to see where it goes lol...

by: Anonymous

I'm Scorpio married to a Leo man, and I must confess, it's been turbulent. He seemed like the guy I've been looking for b4 marriage, but for some reasons, I just couldn't understand him anymore when we got married, eventually.
B4 we got married, he always initiated sex. I was a virgin when he met me, and the moment the hymen was broken, sex was magical. After marriage however, he uses sex as a weapon cos he knows I love it. He cld choose to not make love to me for a long time without my knowing why. I'm sincerly getting tired of this. I'm too proud to keep asking. It makes me suspicious of him, cos I find it hard to believe that he'ld hold on for a long time without sleeping with other women.

Help I need to know
by: Anonymous

I'm a leo man and my love a scorpio ex we broke up but the two months after she cheated or is it cheating I'm pretty sure it is because of how I feel about it so as the two months go on we trying but not getting no where and on a Friday I just told her that she not respecting me treating right and is not here for me like she should be so the day after she had sex with another man smh heart breaking 3-4 days after she told me but at 1st Lied and said it happen when we first broke up I just would like to hear other people opinions is it cheating if we where on bad trims and didn't have sex in the last 3months???

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