Leo needs advice on Taurus man

So I meet 3 years ago a Taurus!! And somehow we ended up to have only a physically relationship. We both were cool with it but I knew i feel more for him. Then a certain point we broke up the contact month later wr continued were wr stopped. Things were great and I felt like he opens up to me more and started to tell me mire about his life. I wanted to turn the physical relationship into a real bf gf one. So I told him how I felt and that I want more them just sex. He didn't took my text serious and ask me if I wad drunk last night, even he k
Knows I don't drink at all. Anyway to make the long story short. I tell him again and again how much I want him how much I like it. Always there when he needed something. And again we stop talking for 2 weeks and then I get a text if I wanna come over. And everytime I tell him no becuz I want more then just sex. He never answers how he feels about me. Honestly I don't know it. He knows I haven't seem anyone else, i wanna really wanted him but I'm getting despret. I have moments that I think, I should invite him for dinner, then I think I try to be his girl dir 3 years now, if he doesn't know by now that I'm that girl. He might not into me. But why does he still try to be in contact- just of the sex ( which is beyond amazing) help!!

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Yes, you are just his sex buddy
by: Me

The answer is in the title!!

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