Leo Scorpio beating the odds

by Kermit Love
(Vancouver, BC)

It seems my Leo man and myself (Scorpio woman) are beating the odds because I've never been with someone whom I've felt such a comfortable and strong attraction. We respect one another very much and don't argue much at all. We don't find it hard to get a long and if there is a disagreement of any sort, it never stays for long. He tries very hard to please me as I do him. The sex is wonderful. We were engaged not even a year into our relationship. I feel so lucky to have found my special Leo man. No man has ever compared.

P.S. I've dated other Leo's before, so I know how it cannot work, but this one is very different. This can definitely work!

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by: Anonymous

what are your birthdates?

by: Anonymous

nov 15 1973
jul 31 1979

Scorp & Leo Power couple
by: Anonymous

I have to agree with Beating the Odds. I have a very similar relationship with the Leo man I'm dating now. Our connection and chemistry is undeniable and powerful. We've been dating for about a year or so but it seems as if we've been friends forever. If we argue, its never drawn out because we cant go a few hrs without speaking to each other. Oh yeah, the sex is INCREDIBLE! As a Scorp female, I've always prided myself on being in control & dominating but I've truly met my match and I LOVE IT! We love & admire each others confidence and integrity. I guess by both of us being older & more mature we focus on encouraging/motivating each other rather than looking for drama. I dont see myself being with anyone else and I know he feels the same because you can't get any higher when you're at the top.

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