Leo Scorpio love hate

I am a PROUD Scorpio woman in a crazy relationship with a LEO man. For the first time we met, I knew things were going to be quite DIFFERENT. Of course like most people, we have our arguments. I hate the arguments, most of which are related to him wanting to control my every move. I never found myself getting so angry at someone before! I get mad, and of course like most Scorpios, I hold a grudge, but just the slightest touch from him melts all the madness away. I would like to say that I'm in love with my LEO man. He's all that I have ever wanted and on the same token all the things I don't need. It's a very confusing situation sometimes, and I'd like to think that the good outweighs the bad. Behind closed doors is the most awesome experience. We become one united; my body not solely mine and his not solely his own. There is no place in the world I'd rather be than right there in his arms. Sometimes I find myself gazing into his eyes endless as if I am searching for that innermost connection of mind, body, and soul. My LEO man is the most romantic man I have ever been involved with. He makes me feel safe and secure. I will consider dating another Leo man again, but hopefully this one will last forever (and I will not have to consider another)

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by: Anonymous

I have been dating a Leo man for a little over a year and we used to bump heads often but as in any relationship there is going to be compromise and for me as a Scorpio. That is knowing when to shut and him be the man and giving him a lot of extra attention that Leos crave in and out of the bedroom. I looked in his phone today cu ge let's me and us Scorpios are a bit jealous and he had my number saved under queen I knew today that no other man matters after today I'm going to marry my Leo lion.

by: Anonymous

I'm a Scorpio woman and I've been attracted to quite a few Leos. they're just so annoyingly magnetic.. initial attraction is so intense like you just want to own them!

But things don't usually work out with me and Leo.. I've had a Leo boyfriend and our relationship was on and off.. basically because we don't talk things out.. he was jealous.. and I am too.. he tried to control me and I'll do the same way to him.. and we'll just get annoyed with each other.. but when we're not together, we miss each other... sooo confusing.. I still love Leos though..

by: alicia

sooooooooooooooooo my friend drake(a girl) been talking on and off with this leo and man they got the biggest love hate relationship ever.! one minute they talking and the next they talking about the done for good. they show each oother noooooo type of affection and they ignore each other in the halls even though inside they want to say hi or hug eachother but they are too stubborn to admit it.! hopefully everything can work out and they finally become a real couple!

+ n - attracts
by: Amit

i am a LEO n ma fiance is a SCORPIO .we both love eachodr bt we hav usual fight and at the same time v can't live without odr.this hapns coz v both try 2 submrg odrs in own n smtime cntrl.v both r also possesive 4 eachodr.dese small fights makes us confuse dat will dis relation work?i dnt wana lose her ever pz pray 4 us.

Leo Scorpio Love
by: Anonymous

i'm a scorpio and i'm dating a leo male and we don't seem to have any butting head problems. from the moment we met we clicked and we've never fought. the only disagreement we had was weather to go to the lake or go ghost hunting he wanted to go to the lake and i wanted to go ghost hunting but i let him win...then i found out he was afraid of ghosts and i was like well that explains it. but we don't fight at all in fact we hate leaving each other. not to mention he has the biggest heart i've ever seen in a guy he's so sweet and loving and he sure makes things hot in the bedroom :) lol but anyway it was like love at first sight we met on facebook and started holding hands the next day we started dating five days later at a red light when someone cut him off it was funny. i love my boyfriend

Never fallen so hard before
by: Anonymous

I'm a Leo female and I have fallen HARD for a scorpio man. The second we met it was like lightning had struck and we just had to go to each other. We only spent 5 hours together but our souls.....they match. He finished my sentences and NO ONE has ever done that. It was poetry. I did not sleep with him because I wanted him to respect me. Now 2 days later he has not responded to the txt where I sent him saying I made it home safe. I've never felt an initial contact quite that intense and strong and it will DEVASTATE me if he was playing a game with my heart. I have nothing but terrible luck with men, my friends call me 'the undateable woman'. I always get used and left. Spent all day crying. Heartbreaker of a man. I have heard Scorpio men are big cheaters and very two faced. If this does not work I am going to close off my heart to all but family. I love too hard, give too much and I can't take it anymore. I hope he has a good heart.

Teenage love
by: Anonymous

I'm a Scorpio women with a sag rising. My Leo and I have been together since we were fifteen. We broke up a few times but we never stopped loving each other and if we do fight we make up the next minute. Our fights be petty and small. I'm gonna marry him, I don't know why they say these two signs aren't compatible but we are. We have great convo, great sex and all in all we click. He's funny and makes me laugh and very handsome. It's been seven years and I fall deeper in love with him day by day.

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