Leo seduction advice

by Jenaveve

Leo woman, here. A few things that will get you almost anywhere with me (which I attribute to being a LIONESS) are: compliments, chivalry, romance, feeling desired, going out of your way to impress me, and . . . well, making me feel like you're truly interested in listening to me when I talk about myself :o/

I dated a Leo man once for 6.5 years! Was bored out of my mind. He was one of those rare and quiet leo men who just, well, prefer every dam thing to be the same dam way all the dam time - lol. No variety. No passion. No energy. Ugh, he was a bore. After him I was with a Gemini for 2 years (which was quite interesting). NOW I'm just starting to date another Leo man. All I have to say is that I've NEVER been touched as passionately by any other man of any other sign. My EX-Leo was never like that, but this new one? WOW! He is as smooth as butterrrrrr. Finally, someone who can match my level of passion and intensity. Yum.

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