Leo's mind games?

by noah1120

Well, i am a scorpio woman and i met this stunning leo man at work. I kept it casual and he asked me on a date, so i took it. date went great! very romantic smooth opened doors pulled chairs and even played romantic music in the car. the goodbye kiss was breath taking and lasted more than it should have... he never called back and at work pretends like nothing happened... do leo's play mind games?

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by: Leo Mann

Hello Dear, this boy expected that after showing you an amazing glimps of how you could be treated, that you would be so dazzled, that you would chase him. Your Scorp trait of not showing how you feel, has led him to think your werent as rocked as you should have been. His reward for providing an awsome date, was your admoration. You didn't show it enough, so he felt inadequate. We Leos will not tollerate being made to feel inadequate (and no we can not read between the lines ..so say make it clear). His reaction at work has less to do with his feeling for you, and more to do with how you made him feel.

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