Libra and Aries, incredibly dynamic, incredibly draining

by Barb libra monkey

I have recently been through 2.5years of intense feelings for an Aries who showed in his eyes and manner he was very interested in me, and I had physical reactions to him...internally. On several occasions I had very clear visions appear in my sleep of us being together at a later date, and they were not dreams...very bright and clear visions.
The strength of the feelings were so intense it drove me totally crazy and he would just be rude to me even though his eyes said different. Anyway, there are so many other women and many of them Libra in his realm, that I do realize I am clearly not going to be the one, regardless of my visions. What this has done to me though, has aged me 20 years from the stress of it all and sheer anxiety that couldn't be relieved. It has made me far more blase and able to give shit back to other males and not take them seriously. It has strengthened me in a way that if this person were to re-enter my life, he would get the shock of his life at my ability to give back the same cold and pretentious denial he gave me for so long to protect his precious heart with no regard for my feelings.
Would I accept him into my heart again? Probably, but with tight restrictions and heavy rules. He would have to learn to truly respect me and treat me like a lady deserves to be treated. He would also have to learn to TALK again, as I am well aware he can.
A match made in heaven if there is only one Libra Lady involved.

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