Libra and Aries so exciting and so frustrating

Libra and Aries is one rollercoaster ride. So exciting and frustrating at the same time .... i should know im a libra gal dating an Aries man one minute on next minute off but he wont leave me alone !!!

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back to flying solo
by: Anonymous

I'm a Libra woman interested in an Aries man, both of us are in our 40's. We were friends for quite a while before we hooked up. I can see the
sex has definite potential to be really hot but after reading this page I'm not sure if it's worth it. I know I always get to emotionally involved when I'm having sex with someone and it looks like I'll only get hurt by continuing with an Aries man. So, it's back to flying solo for a while!

by: Anonymous

Libra girl can't get Aries guy off her mind. Met 25 years ago as teens. Dated off and on for 4 years. He moved, we lost contact, we both moved
on and got married, had kids, careers, etc... Now both divorced, recently got back in touch and after 3 months of talking, texting, sending each other photos we talked about how much we wanted to spend time together, finally went to see him only to feel extremely uncomfortable in his prescence. We were like strangers. One minute he was hugging and kissing me and the next he was cold and distant. Left feeling totally confused and I decided it was a complete waste of time only to get home and have him text me several times asking if I was ok and wanting me to come see him again so that we could spend more time
together. WHAT!! Well, as you probably already guessed..yep, I went back again after just 3 months and once again we played the same game. One minute he's all over me and the next he's acting like he's never met me and doesn't care to. I realized that he was not interested in my aggresive behavior when I displayed it so I chose to back off and leave him alone. Only then would
he bother to try and have anything to do with me. We have a tendency to get into trouble when we are together, we "push each other's buttons" in an
aggressive sexual way that I have never experienced with anyone else and this confuses the heck out of me. We no longer talk or text everyday. There are random texts that go between us regarding very general conversations regarding
mutual friends, etc.. He has recently asked me about coming to visit (stay with him)again and continually tells me that I am always welcome to come and stay anytime. I don't apologize for being a headstrong independent woman and I realize that he too is a very proud and stubborn man however the times that I have taken the low road and let him "lead the way" we still don't seem to get anywhere. I've gone over this in my head a million times and told myself to
walk away, ignore him and it will be done. Do I just treat this strictly as a friendship and if he tries to push for more just explain that we're better off as friends or continue this emotional rollercoaster? I don't know what he wants from me or if he even wants anything at all.

similar experience
by: Anonymous

omg i have had similar i am Libra he Aries we had 15 years of friendship with most the benefits aside from sex as i am married he was or said
he was smitten with me but i didn't feel the same, i moved away to another state after 2 years he finally told me that his feelings had changed for me but i still hold the key to his heart, he is with someone now and says hes happy but when ever we see each other i feel a very passionate flame still burning. i have come to realize that i must of been in love all this time but didn't no it i can get him out of my mind and just want him back in my life but the tables have turned. is that it have i lost him forever.

libra girls starting to get feelings w/this Aries guy after 8month been his friend w/beneft
by: Anonymous

I am a 24 years libra girl on and off been hanging out with this 25 years Aries guy for about 8 months..i met him
at a club one night and we just hit it off all the way!!if u know what i after that i went back to school,he shows me he's really interested in me ,he'll call n we'll just talk for hours,,he'll most the time listens to me talk n one night i kinda ditch him w/this guy n he didn't take that very well..i mean we're not
even official so i figure it's not a big deal...then he become distant from me 4 a while,and then we start hanging again,,,everytime we hang he'll still remind me of that time i ditch him and start asking questions bout the guy...i know that the one of the reason why we mesh well is because we're not easily attach and we have too much class...from my experience Aries guys love strong feminine and classy women...and that's us my dear LIBRAS ...i'm still w/him and i know we're close to become official maybe 2morro this valentines day;)

girl getting close to Aries...
by: libra monkey

I hope you did get your Valentine's wish with your Aries man.(;
I sent a rose to the one I love who denies he loves me, but the florist sent it the day I ordered it, 5 days early, so took the meaning away from it I feel.
He has never mentioned it at all, as I was on other side of the country at the time, but home now.
however, today, for the first time he brought himself into the front of the cafe for most the time I was there...usually hides in the kitchen and makes a very brief presence. I am hoping, like you, that he can see that I am the real deal and NOT going to run away too soon, and want to spend time with me...or take up my offer to come over for drink and conversation. When we do talk, it is always enjoyable and intelligent and I love it. He is all I want from life, and I just wish he could see that.

I'm an Aries girl dating a Libra man
by: Anonymous

I've been in this relationship for about 2 years.
It can be extremely frustrating at times, I like this man very much but his aversion to confrontation and solving problems head on bothers me. I try to talk out our problems (I can go on for decades) but he hates 'arguing', and will try to achieve a solution at all costs. I'm very stubborn, and he is very willing to comply to my demands. Almost in a bad way, he is a bit spineless- he just doesn't want to 'fight' and will give in to end the confrontation. That upsets me, I believe communication is key to a relationship.
He is also very loyal, sweet, trusting- don't know if that's a libran trait or not. He is very balanced, which is a libran trait. I am a bit sporadic, 'exciting', and all over the place- I am a passionate person. He is very calm and content. Sometimes we clash, and sometimes it's nice to see his point of view of things because it is refreshing.

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