Libra boyfriend told me he loves me after 3 weeks?

by latresewilliams
(chicago, IL cook)

My Libra boyfriend told me that he's in love with me after 3 weeks of being together, should I believe him? or be scared cause I don't want my heart broken, I am a Gemini woman.

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Gemini Woman
by: Anonymous

Hi Gemini:)

My Libra boyfriend told me he loves me after three weeks, just like yours did, and this was 5 years ago!!!
I completely freaked out when he did, so I decided I did not want to see him anymore. I thought he was trying to play me, at the same time I thought that if he was saying the truth it was so strange to say youre in love with someone so quickly!
So I ignored him and his calls for two months, and then heard he liked another girl and I realised I couldn't lose him. So I started chasing him, and today we are engaged and are still crazy in love, have fun together, amazing chemistry and attraction even stayed together after being in a long distance for two years...
So take it from me, it can happen, sometimes they know you are the one;)

Consider beliving it just may be real
by: Anonymous

Im thinkng maybe... I'm a married Aquarius woman who was havng an affair with a libra was just recently.. He's a regular customer at my job... Been assistng him for prob more than 2 yrs.. But I had rings on.. A couple 2 or 3 months ago it happened.. He was saying he loved me from the beginning.. I mean.. A week maaaaaybe..I was like, whoa!! How odd.. So I just responded, "whatEV KEV!! And laughed it off... But he persisted 100s of times or so it seemed a day!! and he would kiss me wherever his lips happened to be at that moment about the same amount of times in a day.. So f he constantly caters to you.. Wants to take you nice and/or fun places... Always wants o b with you... He'd pick me up for lunch every day put socks on my cold feet jus some amazing things... I REALLY want to believe it's TRUE LOVE if not he's an excellent actor.. The love he showed me was like something I have never ever feltbefore in my entire 45 yrs of life I don't even think my imagination could have come up with something that good.. But don't say it back at least not yet... You see this thing happened aboutca week and a half ago!!!! And I'm absolutely devisated!!! He turned on me!! I kinda think I understand why but I can't be sure.. He won't call or text and the worst thing is that he's back with his on again off again ex... So now I question if that love was real and to me yes it was very real as for him I have no idea.. I quit texting and calling him for 3 days see what happens... My marriage is over pretty much I sleep in a seperate room.. And stayed out at least 3 or 4 nights a week.

I'm a libra male
by: Anonymous

My bf is a Gemini and I am a libra. What funny is that when I first met him we loved each other on the spot. It was not till the same day he told me that he loved me and it was not till the third day I said I loved him and just when and go out with each other.

I'm going to say he maybe in a big crush on you like I did with my bf. And you know what I have people that said to me about how my bf have lied to me because he may of played me, but never came true. Well we show each other uncoditional-love through action not just by words. Action speaks louder than words I must say.

im a libra man
by: Anonymous

that was fast for you but maybe not for him, you see we are very very very indecesive people it took me 3 years to actually ask for a date to the women im in love with now 15 years later we are still together

from leo woman
by: Anonymous

My libra man told me he loved me after one week from meeting me and of course I freaked out. We've been together for 6 months now and he tells me he loves me every day.
I've heard that Libra men go hot and cold, they fall in love first very quickly and than they start thinking if they're really interested. My boyfriend has never done it and I hope that after 6 months he will not start doing it or change his mind because I love him very much and our reltaionship is really great.

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