Libra just got dumped by Aries man

Here is my situation...I recently got dumped by my Aries boyfriend (8 days ago) because he felt we had better chemistry as friends and that the relationship isn't going the way he wanted it to. This all came as a shock to me because he pursued me for over a year before I even slept with him. We have been together for 6 months and I thought everything was great. I know he loves me but he's going through some hard financial times and we sort of hit a bump in the road (arguing over dumb shit). He told me that it's not "over" and that in a couple months if we still miss each other then we can work it out from here.

I sent him a text 5 days after he broke up with me and there is no response. I'm completely heartbroken. I did not expect us to break up...esp. so quickly. Our issues are minor (at least in my mind) and felt we could work through them by communicating. Do Aries men have a hard time communicating their feelings when something bothers them? I feel like if he only were to tell me whats going on, we could've saved our relationship.

I understand that Aries men love the chase so I'm trying my best not to contact him and possibly annoy him and hopefully he'll come back around. I'm just shocked and upset he wanted to give up so quickly. I thought we had a deeper connection and love than this.

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