Libra lady would love advice from Capricorn men

by Jamila

I have read everything above and I'm just going to say that my Capricorn boyfriend is a mix off all of the above. The sweetness, the business oriented and ESPECIALLY the disappearing type all rolled into one. We've been together TOGETHER 9 months. Our 9 month anniversary was on the 7th this month. I LOVE HIM MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF and would do ANYTHING FOR HIM. He was the first to tell me that he loved me, he told his friends he'd never felt like this about anyone as he feels about me (I found that out from his best friend) and he has taken care of me very much. Got me the apartment I live in, and then everything for it including all the food. EVERYTHING DOWN TO THE TOOTHPASTE AND BRUSH ETC ETC ETC..... What I've noticed though is that on our anniversaries or on holidays or on my birthday or any kind of celebration he has not said anything. Plus on top of it all he COMPLETELY disappears when he's working. NO TEXTS, NO EMAILS, no anything...but when he's in town he calls and spends time and self with me, or drives a million miles to see me for a day then drives back or sometimes even takes me with him to his work. WHY ALL OF THIS DISAPPEARING????? and on top of it all he's jealous and very impatient as well. In all the time we've been together I exploded on him ONE TIME. I will always regret that!!! He didn't contact me at all for 2 months, and later his best friend told me he had been so depressed those 2 months. After I sent him 2 or 3 long letters filled with heart felt apologies from the depths of my heart and soul he messaged me to call him if I could and to not worry about anything. After the night we (my bf and I) briefly talked on the phone, his friend told me that after that phone call he seemed so happy and smiling all day and was really into his work as if he was enjoying it. Please help me understand this jewel of a man. You Capricorn men are amazing btw!!!!!!!!!! What advice do you have for me to make this work so I don't make a mistake and lose him because of me. Please help me : I'm open to anything you guys will say!!!

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