Libra Lady

We Libra women are classy,independent and fun-loving. We are free-spirited and love to explore different things. Don't boss us around or nagg us, we just don't like that. Cheapness and vulgarity are a total put off for us. We love to debate and argue in a fair and balanced manner.

Dont expect the Libra woman to play the pretty lady all the time. She is beyond that and has many dimensions of her personality. A gentleman with wits, intellect, a good taste for food, fun and adventurous at the same time would go a long way with us!!

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libra lady
by: Anonymous

Here, here! We Libran women need to feel loved and respected and detest mind games!
We are VERY intuitive, so don't feed us with immature lies to cover up your insecurities, as we already know the truth.
We need a man who knows how to please a lady in bed and has a good mixture of class and adventure. Don't take us to pubs, but do take us to dinner. Don't expect us to be turned on by crass behaviour, but do tittilate our intellectual finesse.
Don't make a mess and expect us to clean it up for you, we are equal in that area...not a house3wife type, even though we are neat and tidy and do enjoy doing things to please our treasured male.
We are very loving and passionate and expect the same in return...yes, if that's what you mean by wanting something in return, it is in the bedroom.
We love talking even though sometimes it is just to cover our nervousness if we don't yet know someone well enough.
Yes, we do have great taste in clothes and shoes, and like our hair to be just the way we want it...feminine and stylish, but practical.
We are very practical around the house and in business and good teachers.
If you like us and know we like you, speak out and say so...don't play games and expect us to know what you think...even if we do know, we like to be actually told face to face. Cut the crap!

Just An Opinion

you're right when you said that aries and libra is a match made in heaven.. as what i've observe only aries guys knows how to handle that very intelligent libra women.. they're a great match because they complete each other.. they fill those missing attitude that the other lacks.. like libra, she can be patient for the impatient aries.. i don't know but i feel like libra admires how aries thinks and how aries guide them in the right way.. it's true that opposites attracts like a magnet haha.. the only problem is that aries can be too emotional with libra sometimes which i think annoys the librans.. haha

libra lady
by: barb libra monkey

Wow! so precise!! Exactly what we are about in a nutshell...I must be a true Libra lady as this is me to a T. Take note you guys, and yes, DO tell us what you are thinking, as even if we may have an inkling, ignore hints and will only take notice if told to our face! That is part of our good teaching ability...teaching you to speak your mind and not be intimidated by us, or make the fatal error of treating us like bimbos...yes, we are very intuitive and will sometimes remain silent, inwardly smiling when you do stuff that you think you are getting away with.
I have a personal saying "When you think you have won, think again...I let you win!!" Kinda sums us up.(: Very sensual and passionate we are and expect the same in return, and at the very least to have our partner be willing to learn how to please(:

by: barb libra monkey

Not sure if it is your emotional side that annoys us, or your outright rudeness! We are feminine, although can take a hell of a lot as you well know... patient girls. However, when you choose to constantly be obnoxious and don't know when to be nice, that is what annoys us and turns us off!
You don't get a more compatible match than the two of our signs...libra monkey and aries dragon, so you need to learn how to TALK to us and give us the chance to show our intense passion(:
We are very forgiving and understanding, balancing the scales...we are also able to accept we are wrong when we are, and are very supportive when in a relationship...but we also expect the same in return.

by: barb libra monkey

If you have fallen out of favour with a Libran lady, try doing romantic and surprise her but don't get cocky...we can forget the past, but only until reminded of it through actions that turned us off in the first instance.
Humility is good. Start with a clean slate and a new approach and give her reason to want you more than other suitors who may have moved in during your absence(: Just a though...LOL

by: barb libra monkey

Question for you...
With so many Libran ladies in your sphere, how do you choose between them??? Do you decide by looks, age, financial status or highest level of intelligence?????
Surely it must be hard to decide hey what?

by: barb libra monkey

Oh...I almost forgot...Aries are not the only ones who know how to handle the intelligent Libran female. Aquarians are highly intelligent creatures and very attentive. I have had far more success with Aquarians than with Aries and incredibly in-depth conversations about everything in the universe...never overestimate yourself. Aries just have the added sexual intensity that some Aquarians don't...or are too damned nice to show(:

compatible or not?
by: Reily

Would a person with a Gemini moon be compatible with a person with Libra moon? What do they like about each other?

Matter of fact, what do moons say about that person? I'm not good w/ this whole moon, venus, Asc node things. So inputs would be appreciated.

moons and compatability?
by: barb libra monkey

The moon from memory, holds the qualities you like in a person...mine is Aquarius. The sun sign is the one that depicts your basic traits...Libra. The descending is the qualities you don't like in a person...Scorpio for me.

That is how it was put to me many years ago at least.
Considering Gimini and Libra are compatible, there is something there...they are both air and both able to understand each other...both have 2 sides in a way...libra when weighing up and Gemini being a twin character. However, there are also the sun sign to take into account(: No tan expert, but hope it helps

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