Libra male confusion

by ScorpioGirl

This Libra male I have recently befriended sometimes talks about sex with me when we are alone and looks at every piece of nice female skin that walks by. He will comment on how short a girl's skirt is and yet seemingly enjoy seeing her legs. Are you sure they don't like sexy skin and some dirty talk? He uses more street words than I do. I'm a Scorpio with Libra ascendant. I like classy clothing but my Scorpio side likes to be a sexy vixen and I like to show skin in a classy way. He must like this as he does flirt with me a lot and has called me beautiful. I like him but I will I have to compromise my love for sexy clothing and sexual experimentation including dirty talk? Another Libra guy I have dated loved dirty sex and dirty talk... he was a beast in the bedroom and very kinky. Of course they have good taste but they seem to be very naughty.

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Libra is model roll
by: Anonymous

Well, I don't know any Libra man is such a naughty like that. Libra men and women are intellectual and brilliance; they barely engage or using the inappropriate languages or other dirty words; they are very diplomatic; all I knew, Libra is a whining person when speakin' with a close relationship personal. However, some Libra who is border of Mr. Scorpio might be like to swear and saying in a bad word and all those stuffs.
I'm a perfect Virgo, believe the right Libra is great for both physical trait and psychological and love peace. For privacy in the bed room, hah, I don't know. Anyway, not all signs are perfect or great. Virgo and Libra must be fit perfectly as a puzzle.

Good luck to you all who searching for a perfect mate.

by: Anonymous

Yes, his birth day is the 19th so he might be very much like a scorpio. Actually, I could have sworn he was a scrorpio and had been lusting over his intensity and incredible eyes. I initially was disappointed when I found out he was libra, I was shocked! He seems to have some scorpio traits for sure, which is great cause I am scorpio with some libra traits :D

sexy libra males
by: Anonymous

I got to know him better and he seems to be a sexy beast. Has made an idecent proposal to me. Uses potty language. One time I felt aroused and dressed in a sexy way and at first he seemed to not like it, acting shocked or something but then that night he wanted to be alone with me. I rejected him cause I don't want to be so easily available. Now I am thinking I don't really care anymore, I really just want to have the hottest sex with him and the rest doesn't really matter. We are already friends, supporting each other and being courteous. I'm actually pretty delighted he thinks of me in a very sexual way too. Talks about watching porn. He must have lots of scorpio in him for sure, he does not seem so much like the decent intellectual classy type. I mean he himself looks way sexy with a tattoo and jewelry, very masculine, not really the suit wearing type at all, more like a jeans guy. Actually the other libra male I dated was so dirty. I don't know... maybe I just bring it out of them :) They just seem helpless to my offbeat scorpio charm.

by: Anonymous

Actually, come to think of it, he is very extreme as far as his lifestyle. He must indeed be influenced by scorpio. However, I am a scorpio myself and I still don't think scorpios are so charmed with unrefinement either. In some ways he seems very refined (looks, movements, way of dressing), in other ways he is intense and wild and not that well-mannered. He is definitely flirty (libra) and loves talking (mostly about what my sexual fantasies and ideas about relationships are). However, he hates the idea of marriage (seems not very libra-like) and actually has a long-time girlfriend (so much for his trustworthiness). The other libra guy I used to date was completely naughty too. I don't know, maybe both of them aren't typical of the libra male sign. As for this libra guy with scorpio tendencies... wow he must be the perfect man. Can't wait to be alone with him.

by: Anonymous

Libra who was born close and boarder of Scorpio, that Libra must be acting and behaving as two traits. Not Libra who is on the boarder of Virgo or born in the middle of the month of October. Those Libra are nice and don't like to say any inappropriate words. He is delightful, loyal, and very sweet. I was born on the boarder of Libra. I feel as I am a snobbish as Libra, but I'm not. Nothing that I know. And I wish not to meet the person like that. I prefer the clean one.

Libra is not so nice
by: Libra guy

As a libra guy i can safely say we are naughty boys this bedroom nicey nicey is nonsense. Ruled by venus we know what you want and are the best you can get!

Lower class Libra
by: Anonymous

I don't believed Libra boys or older men, anyway...ha. Look deep and be a good judgment before getting involve with Libra. I sometime heard Libra swears a lot; I ignored. Only-one Libra out off 100 is excellent. Anyway, I just want to be polite and not being making myself look that kind of is too low. We are a man. I believed that is a Libra's nature an unconscious aspect. It is totally opposite from what is in the Astrology's description. In the public, is not nice or smart. Be classy!!!
Sorry, to say that to some Libra.

He's afraid i betcha
by: Libra-Venus/Sun

He seems a bit awkward because he doesn't want to put his focus on you just yet. He feels vulnerable to you and is probably influenced by a Macho influence this time in his life. He would rather demonstrate his tastes TO you instead of FOR you. No one likes awkward failure but when we avoid such things, it can become a Self Fulfilling Prophecy. When unnoticed, it can seem like a big Dis but the truth is I think he is new to the sex/romance thing(16-20years old world-view) and is afraid of being rejected. We have a tough time figuring out what we want personally, amongst all the influencing signals from Cultures, sub-cultures, friends and crazy friends of friends.
With a Libra, remember that anything is possible, but when they are in balance they can fine-tune their Libra ways. We all have different Natal Charts. I've noticed some incredible differences in my life then a normal Libra Cusp. Pluto and Marz are hangin out together in a particular house in the sky so I feel really lonely after I "Go to War" but in most cases I end up with Amazing new insights.
With this case, I suggest to consider the elephant in the room and slap it on the butt. He will thank you for your honesty and will value your opinion as long as you share it with a kind smile. =] There is nothing to fear but fear it's elf.

im so confused
by: capricorn

im a capricorn with a libra man. it seems as if he wants classy, but he uses more street words than me, loves it when i dress vixen,sometimes he makes love other times he speaks to me during sex and its such a turn off, he says hes not looking to fall in love or marriage, but as soon as he sees some other man talking to me he blows up in rage..what do i do?

I'm a gay Libra
by: KingLibra

I'm a october 18 libra not sure if I am consider a cusp to a Scorpio but that often start on the 19th. I am in a gay relationship and my bf (he is a gemini so we got very good connection plus his moon sign is libra, mine moon sign is gemini) we get sex like 4 to 7 times a day of hardcore and passionate sex. SEX is amazing he loved it when I do him even when he dose to me. We are like sex gods or something.... well, we were sex-god in the past life (as we found out) so I can say we are in that sense of fired-up.

But I always talk very-very dirty with my boyfriend and very flirty with him and he loves that. He dose that to me a lot too. I do act like a baby with him, it's so cute I call him daddy all the time hehehe he huge down there that is why... I am too but he older than me like 27 so I have a baby-fetish with him. hahahaha Anyway, we love each other to death, unconditionaly. I can say I thank God for blessing me a wonderful lover in my life who cares so much for me. I cant even ask anymore, he just right one for me.... but you know my bf says the same way about. We are twinflame/twin-souls.

Confused Gemini with Libra man
by: Anonymous

If u are all confused imagine me.. I have been back and forth with this Libra for just over a year! We are great together sexually and socially we have a great time together.. But he sometimes goes into this mood where he doesn't want to see not speak to me is this normal?? Being a Gemini I admit I like a debate here and there but I'm harmless and I love spontaneousness and he doesn't :/ I like to talk things out and he wants to be left alone what should I do???

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