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I am an Aquarius female, and my very best friend in a Libra male...we have a wonderful relationship and I'm always wondering if it will grow into something more as we get older, considering we are just about to finish high school.

I'm an Aquarius female and I left my Libra boyfriend cus he got too boring now he follows me everywhere.

I'm an Aquarius lady and I have been dating a Libra man. Its a perfect union when he acts like a big boy and makes up his mind and follows thru he is so romantic a great intellectual mind, good father and silly friend but for the most part his immature and selfish behavior and wishy washy ways like he doesn't know if he wants to stay with me or date someone else. He is lustful but has not cheated on me just cant seem to choose after dating me 4 years so its always an issue we tangle with. We live together and have children very frustrating at times im hanging in there because its promising and feels right my advise or statement is.. good luck to you if you too are dating a Libra man I feel if you can tolerate their indecisiveness when they mature and level out its well worth it in the long run.

I thought this was the perfect combination. What a wonderful man, my Libra broke down all my walls. I have never shared so much of my soul with another. My belief that I was aloof and cold dissolved under his romantic touch. Whispering he loved me in my ear while I slept, special touches at all times, holding me when I felt insecure.

He told me I was the love of his life, that he could not believe how much he loved me and that we would grow old together. He was wishy-washy and could never make up his mind, at first it was cute and I made the decisions, but it became tiresome always deciding what he should eat, where we would go, etc. He could never handle any conflict whatsoever. Any argument sent him into withdrawal mode.

Then one day, he just changed his mind, he no longer loved me. It was devastating. In my typical analytical Aquarian way, I have adjusted. I am thankful for what we had and who he showed me I could be.

I'm a Libra male, I met this Aquarius woman in school, now were friends and I don't know if she like me or not. What should I do?

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I am an Aquarius young lady and I have a Libra friend. I have known him for quite sometime now, he is a nice person...we get along great SO FAR LOL....but he is cute, has a great since of humor, and he sings to me!!!

Two different people so much in common, who would have thought!

Don't ever ever ever leave your Aquarian will haunt you for the rest of your life !

I am an Aquarius and my boyfriend is a Libra.... we often fight but we have an awesome relationship.... he's the best match I could ever find... I hope he becomes my life partner when we grow up as I am in school rite now.............

I met an Aquarian woman. I am extremely drawn to her. she has been hurt by other men so many times and because of that, for some strange reason, I am really really drawn to her in a nurturing way. she is a little more than 10 years younger than I am and I am a former fashion male model. I think it makes her a little insecure and she doesn't want to show it. She has made obvious gestures of becoming a couple and I am a little wary of that because she may be a little apprehensive of men in general. sometimes, I think I am falling in love with her just talking to her. It's weird. I never do that.

I am an Aquarius woman dating a Libra man. He is all that was said above and much more. We have known each other practically our whole lives but just started on and off dating almost two years ago. At first it was just a what could a female do for him and whoever did the most is the one that got his time and attention. When I stopped playing the games with him, he started to call more and wanting to see me until finally I gave in and now we are seriously dating but have not yet made it official and is driving me crazy! he says that he does not want to rush into the relationship and that we will be together soon, the problem is how much longer can I be patient and wait.

Im a Aquarius woman dating an Libra man- && being with him is like living with fire(: Ive never felt so good before- they say only us Aquarians can be with a few other zodiacs-ive tried to date others && ive even tried to date another lasted long but there was no love. Till I meet this Libra, at first I wasn't sure bout him, he was kinda boring, not my type. but den I started to get to know him- && now I feel like im on top of the world. I can only hope he's my soulmate: even through all the people ive dated he is truly different and proudly I can say... I love him (:

im an Aquarius woman and I fell in love with a Libra man who is 15 years older than I am. the feeling is mutual but I am just so afraid cause I'd fallen deeply in love but I don't know how am I gonna let him know. its killing my whole being. I wish I could just say everything I have to say to him the next time I see him.

I' m an Aquarius girl and I have a Libra boyfriend. We have great chemistry. I love him we have been together for 6 years

Many years ago I was married to a Libra man. He was the sweetest, kindest man...but I grew to love him like a child. He was immature, and a little ...a lot selfish. I left him and ended up having children with an Aquarian. I won't even venture into that disaster. When looking back on my life, I have to say that of all of the signs that I've dated, Libra has made me the happiest. I don't as a rule date people based on signs, but if I look at them...Libra seems to be the one for me.

im a Aquarius teen. I dated a Libra boy. I love him to death. he's like my other half. we broke up because of a lot of drama and I tried to let go of our relationship...but its so hard. its like we always seem to find each other. so now we on and off. he completes me! I want to make us official again and I know some part of him does to but he's in him" everyone loves me....I haven't found the right one yet" stage its getting old but I have so much invested in our relationship lol or whatever we have....does anyone have tips on how to deal with this relationship and get it back on good terms(: thanks

To the Libran former male model. Speaking as an Aquarian female.

This apprehension she may feel towards men is a huge deal. It may make or break this relationship. However, if there is one thing you can count our absolute need for fair play. Aquarians generally judge people on an individual basis rather than the whole. I'm not sure how much of this psychology she subscribes to. But if she does, you can use it as a strategy. You may want to reassure her that she can trust you. Be direct about it so that she can't write it off or try to rationalize it as something else. Once she lets her guard down, the sparks will fly.

Good luck. I hope it works out for you. :o)

I'm a Libra male who dated an Aquarian, and all I can say is that there's something about Aquarians females that fascinate me. They're the sweetest, eccentric, lovable, warm hearted people I've ever met! She was the most amazing girl in the world and I really loved her deeply, but we got into some arguments towards the end. I felt if she was my soul mate and I still love her unconditionally. So, Aquarians are awesome friends and awesome lovers. I agree with the posting above....Never leave your Aquarian! It's haunting me till this day!

I am an Aquarius and my friend is a Libra. At first he told me he really liked me and I was his girl. Now a week later I barley talk to him at all. He always has girls calling him! I felt the best ever my entire life being with this man! He has a great personality and is so gentle. But, is very confusing on the signals he sends me! It's like he wants me to chase after him or something. And I am unsure if he is being honest with me at all times. So I am not sure if Libra's and Aquarius's really go together, guess I'll find out soon!

The Libra man and Aquarius woman is a dynamic duo. We are soul mates in every sense of the word.

Aquarian lady tends to 'live in her mind' so may seem detached or aloof at times-so she must remember her Libran lover needs the same stimulation (both intellectual and sexual) as she! Don't forget Mr Libra needs to know he is appreciated for lavishing Ms Aquarius with love, romance, and thoughtful gestures.

This combo may be a challenge for young lovers, but the mature duo will savor every flavor about each other!

I have dated a Libra man and we parted because of geographic reasons, to this day we still talk and are friends. In the back of my mind I always think of him and I know it's wrong to do but, I have been known to compare the guys that I have dated after him to him. So, far my Libra ex has been the most loveable and exciting boyfriend I have ever had. An Aquarian woman

I'm an Aquarius woman dating a Libra man, and I have to agree with the comments above, this is the most intense and satisfying relationship I have ever been in, both mentally and physically. I have to admit, his wishy-washy ways have me wondering sometimes if he is really the one for me, but overall I am the happiest I have ever been. I find him to be much of a flirt too, which bothers me. But once we got serious I have learned that it is just how he is and he really loves me. If you can accept those things and still truly love him, he will make you happy.

I am an Aquarius woman and WOW the first time I set eyes on my Mr. Libra we had an instant powerful connection, and this was even before I realized he was a Libra. We connected straight away, a connection ive never had with any other star sign. He is weird, unpredictable and indecisive which makes it al the more fun for me...(us Aquarians love a challenge!). It is a slow start, but im very clear he is the one for me, he's learnt me to be patient cuz usually I tend to rush in all guns blazing. Every day I spend with him I feel like I am falling that little bit more in love. I am completely in AWE of this guy. This is the first time I've consciously entertained a Libra male and its nothing like ive experienced before. Charming is the least expressive word I can say, he is polite, very chatty and genuinely very nice...even if it is to the bar lady, to the old lady sitting at the bus stop or to the engineer fixing his car. This could annoy other signs but for me its like I' ve finally met my match....because I'm equally as chattty.. however I do find myself getting a tad bit jealous, sometimes I make it known but this seems to turn him on! LOL I never dwell on it though...easy come easy go. By the way HE IS THE BEST KISSER ive ever experienced...ahhhh, refreshing. We've yet to have sex but I'm happy just letting the tension build up cuz I know when we do its gonna be fireworks. Cant wait x|

I am an Aquarius woman and my boyfriend is a Libra man. we've been together since I am in form 3 and today we've known each other for 8 years. he had so many girlfriend but I am so faithful.. don't know how we can stand each other but 8 years is a very long period of time..

I am Libra man friend with Aquarius girl, I am strongly attracted to her.. she is good in everything.. but engage with Aries man.. but she like to talk with me. go anywhere. all good things.

My Libra friend broke my heart recently. We didn't have a fight or anything, we were on pretty good terms. We were pretty good friends until he started ignoring me. So I gave him his space and left him alone (not that I actually bothered him much in the first place. But we'd speak once in a few months, he wouldn't respond, or give me one word answers). After leaving him alone, that's when he started wanting to talk to me and be a part of my life. Needless to say, I was pissed and cut him out of my life completely. I don't like playing games with people. It's a waste of time.

So here's my advice to you Libran men. Understand this. The basic personality trait in Aquarians is that we're loners for the most part. We feel perfectly happy with not being in a relationship. So if you're looking for a girl who will follow you and chase after you. look elsewhere. If you can't work up the energy to at least be a gentleman, we'll walk away. No relationship is worth the sacrifice of one's dignity. Especially to a loner like Aquarius.

To the Libra who can't tell if the Aquarian likes him:

Aquarians are fairly self conscious and are not going to put their feelings on the line until they are positive that the feelings are mutual.

ALRIGHT! I am an Aquarian woman who dated a Libra BOY as high school sweethearts. Two yrs in HS and 2 yrs after. He was very amazing, the best kisser ever, we talked for hours, NEVER fought, he was a huge flirt, but he did keep his emotions to himself at times and that annoyed me. I am one of the Aquarian woman who is a bit less "Aquarian like" than most when it comes to my emotions. I can be very needy, less independent, and very romantic. So with him, we worked well. I think looking through all this info now, we didn't work because we were young and stupid. But after it ended we maintained a great friendship for 4 years until he got married and his insecure wife didn't want us to talk. I always since always wondered how he is doing and maturing in life. Since I've had shitty relationships and I JUST started seeing a Libra man that is 10 yrs older than me, I hope he's the one. I'm hoping he will be amazing in all the ways my ex was, but more mature and committed. L less washy washy is good! Good luck everybody!

Hi I'm an Aquarius woman. I hate pushy men who push for a commitment without giving me time to understand my own feelings. I have a Libra guy as my best friend he is really sweet and we get along great! We've known each other for several months and imagine this...after knowing me for four months and becoming my best friend he tells me that he loves me and he wants to start a relationship. BIG COMITMENT. He knows what I've been through and how I was in a committed relationship that I put my heart, mind and soul into and I got hurt. I think I may be falling in love with him and I honestly don't know what to do...I am not completely over my ex-boyfriend. I have not told him that am in love with him because he would smother me more than he does already. he's even talking about marriage and am barely out of HIGH SCHOOL.I think that the reason why am so afraid of the marriage thing is because my ex and I had plans to get married and I guess apart of me still wants that but he (my ex) che ated on me. The other day I wrote a text in my phone to send to my best friend telling him that we can't be friends anymore because my feelings for him are going to complicate things but I couldn't send it. He means so much to me and brings stability to my crazy life...I just wish I knew what to do.....

I'm falling in love in this Libra Man who have been the man of my dreams even before I spoke... it was a dream and am now surprised to have called by him. He's eager to meet me out and am preparing myself to give the best impression... Don't know how things are gonna work for he is purely flirty ;p someone tell me what tat I've got in store?

I am a Libra man in high school and I've had numerous girlfriends I did not care for at all.. untill I met this Aquarian woman who became my best friend and now not only have I felt for the first time. I'm in LOVE !! crazy stuff

I'm a an Aquarius woman who use to date a Libra man, everything seem great. I felt really comfortable with him. I can honestly say he changed me, he made me a better person. Now he's distant and I cant do anything but it was nice while it lasted....

im an Aquarius woman dating a Libra man. we have been together for seven months only and last night I broke up with him-initially because he made promises to me and now he does not call me or visit me anymore. and when we do speak he tells me he loves me! should I believe him and ask him to come back to me? but I think there's someone else... he has changed and makes me wonder...

My name is Robert and Im a "matured" Libra male and im currently dating a Aquarius woman. Not meaning to be JUDGEMENTAL, but Aquarius women is just as wishy washy as we are ! they are extremely emotional and are very spoiled. As a Libra male I tend to explain to the Aquarius lady, How much I love and don't mind spoiling her ! but once you do something extra for them to show appreciation they tend want want want ! and become even more spoiled and forget about what's really important. Libra men are very strong critical thinkers witch makes us pure conversationalist. And we sometimes can be a lil bit too manipulative towards the Aquarius female. However, us Libra men tend to avoid arguments especially when things get out of hand. That's when Libra's hit the door and run away !, but we do it because we have explosive anger problems that no women wouldn't want to experience. On the other hand my relationship is going smoothly I just have to remind the Aquarius who wears the pants here and there.

I am an Aquarian woman who has met a Libra man on line. We have been talking to each other on line and by phone daily now for about 6mnths..I will be meeting him for the first time on May 11th, 2010 a couple of weeks from now.

I feel very good about the relationship we have begun here.

He is funny, sensitive to my needs and feelings, romantic and very smart. I really like this man and I feel he may be the one...We have never once lacked for conversation and we have never argued or disagreed on anything so far, although we have never met.

Soon I will be spending 16 days with him...

and although some of you guys have said some things that makes me feel confident about where this may be going, others of you have almost scared me right out of meeting him.

Please if you have any advice I would love to hear it.. Hoping you will tell me how right he is for me...but opened to all comments..

I am an Aquarius women who have dated many signs Taurus and Cancer are the most recent. The Taurus I was with for 5 years and the Cancer two. I always had that drifted feeling like this wasn't right and There was someone out there better for me. I met a Libra man and I was drawn back at first by his ego he just knew that I was his to have, I'm like who do he think he is, after a conversation I was stimulated in a way of deep caring and understanding that I had never felt from either of my long relationships, I like how Libra men take lead yet aren't afraid to follow the Aquarius women's vibe. Me being full-blown Aquarius I am very cautious of my feelings and my wall is all the way up. I have to force myself to stop thinking about him sometimes. So I know Libras and Aquarius have a very special connection.

I am an a teen Aquarius and my boyfriend is a Libra I love him so much we have a good relationship but he acts immature sometimes about my feelings and he's very manipulative when it comes to sex. I don't know what to do right now because we just had an argument about it...can somebody help?

Wow, reading over these comments, it feels surreal! I too have been dating a Taurus for the last five years. I have been trying and hoping for so long to make it work. I am an Aquarian woman, and by default, we are optimistic creatures. We strive on hope and we are usually loyal. We tend to see the invisible light at the end of the tunnel, even if we have to hang that light bulb there ourselves! About 1.5 yrs ago I met a Libran man. I had no idea he was a Libra. But it has been a roller coaster of emotions for us both. We talk, but have never been physical, for I have been in denial about what I feel for him emotionally. I am so drawn to him, and him to me, I do not understand why. I have liked and loved in the past, but this thing I cannot find the words for scares me, and burns me up inside. I think of him all the time, to the point of crying and loosing sleep at nights. I feel like a freight train at times, going faster than the speed of light emotionally. He has openly expressed his feelings towards me and told me, he is empty until he sees me. I know love exists, but for the life of me, I never imagined experiencing it so strong and intense. It is scary, mind blowing, but it is the most beautiful experience you will ever have in your lifetime!

I just got into a relationship about 4 months ago with an Aquarius women and I'm a Libra guy. We both were in previous relationships with Scorpios that I believed to mess both of us up mentally. I didn't know too much about her previous boyfriend but she could never stop talking about him. and he was this jerk OH he was everything I hated about being a man. but I endure it cause I know she can't get over him, even though she says she doesn't care for him. I'm only wish to keep her at ease. so I never talk about my previous Scorpio. but if she were to ask about the Scorpio I wouldn't lie. my Aquarius is very edgy in manner but extremely cute. she seems to like to punish me but I take it as a love play thing. I really do love her and I want us to last. I'm only hoping for my patients to last longer until I finally mature. and what I means is that I'm so emotional that her words can allure me or they can pierce me.

I am an Aquarian female and I met a Libra man recently who is 12 years older than me. In the beginning it was amazing. He would send me the sweetest most interesting messages and have amazing conversations on the phone. Now, after seeing him a few times, he sends me back one or two word messages. So I started sending him back one or two word messages in return and even not messaging him back sometimes. Now he messages me and wants to know why I am ignoring him. I am not going to put effort in if I don't know for sure that he likes me back the way I like him. I don't want to get hurt and I like him so much, I would rather have it end now than carry on running after him without reciprocated feelings. Any other Aquarius ladies have the same problem? It's like I am just entertainment until something better comes along or even like he cannot make up his mind.

I am an Aquarian woman and dating a Libra man, he absolutely amazing he keeps me mentally stimulated that way I never get bored, his wishy washy is a challenge for me, we click in a crazy way, he is genuinely nice, a perfect gentleman and as undecided as he can be he knows when to bring any back if my interest start to wonder, im so in love, our first kiss set me on fire and the love making is explosive, im so in love and safe, not a boring kind of way, I can see myself waking up to his remarkable smile for the rest of my life its been almost a year now and every time I wake next to him I have a smile on my face. I finally found my soulmate-my acoustic love!

here are my thoughts on the Libra man Aquarius woman connection-aqua women love Libra men with all their hearts and souls and are usually so scared about the power of a Libra man to hurt them, that they act as if they don't care and seem to be playing mind games. If Aquarius women could be sure of their Libra mans feelings towards them they would love a Libran man so much he would not be able to handle it-so Libra men out there if you are reading this make your aqua female know how much you genuinely love her and if you don't be honest about that to, for your power to cause her hurt is the reason you get the wishy washy behavior they are said to have.

good luck to all you aqua females who love your Libra males

from an Aquarian female who has loved Libra men like no other.

Hello I am an Aquarius woman with a Libra male and all what everyone said is so true especially the wishy washy ways it does drive me nuts. But I do love him and I can't deny we are so right for each other. He brings up marriage from time to time and having a baby we both have kids from previous relationships. Everywhere we go people just assume we are married he's the first person I dated that people think that and I was with my daughter's dad "Scorpio" for almost 17 years on and off and he was my high school sweet heart. It seems when he is unbalance in his own personal affairs (money or etc) is when the wishy washy really is bad and it results in arguments where a lot of it I feel neglected. You are loving me now you hang out with friends and spend no time with me. But with the love we have for each other we are communicating and trying to work it out. He does not like to hurt me or me get bad at him or feels I am ignoring him. Where if an argument happens and I don't talk to him all day from the office he will call or text me. Good luck in love to everyone I believe I met my Prince Charming and mate for life.

I've liked and been involved with my Libra man for a year now. He is everything I've ever wanted in a man. He treats any like a queen and thinks I'm the most beautiful being there is on this planet. We connect on a mental level that is mind blowing. Him and I both are dancers that's our passion! I really think this could be the man I spend the rest of my life with. I love being around him! I feel like when were apart I feel like I'm losing my best friend. I like the fact that he calms me down cuz I'm really hyper. and the love making the kissing and all of the moments we have together really fill my soul with happiness.

A Libra man can sometimes seems a little childish but we know that can only be a phase and space is the best thing for that. He stimulates me mentally and it can always appear that me (an Aquarius woman) seems to be doing all the work. Its magical in the sense that you guys can be like best friends one minutes, then lovers another.

I am an Aquarius woman. I am dating a Leo and have been for 14 years. I am in love with a Pisces, whom I thought would be my soulmate. I have recently started talking to a Libra. WOW! My Leo is too materialistic, too flashy, craving attention, too touchy feely, and too much of a cry baby. I am sure we have both just grown accustomed to each other and are content to say the least. My Pisces, I have now decided that even though I say I would do anything to make him happy, I think in the end, I would be totally miserable. He is too over emotional, turns himself off from the world and doesn't let anyone in, he only haunts me and makes me cry. But this LIBRA! Wow again. I have never felt so sexually charged, I have never met the most perfect gentleman with a kinky side, with the same religious views and same family morals and traditions. His knowledge that he passes down was taught to him by a grandfather wise beyond his years. I am intrigued by almost every hing he says and am not jealous of his flirtatious nature. This simplest words like "darlin" which I am not used, his love of the land, and a rancher. I like to call him my Cowboy! I have said that in my previous life, I lived off the land with a small cottage with cattle and waiting alone for my long lost love. Maybe this is the Cowboy that I was waiting for. Will I ever leave this Leo that I've been in a relationships for so long, maybe not, only because we will eventually do right by our families or whatever, or at least if this Libra ever divorces his wife :D

I (Libra man) became close friends with an Aquarius woman. we just clicked instantly and were able to share things that you wouldn't feel comfortable sharing with anyone else. we loved how each others minds worked. she was very witty and had an off-beat sense of humor which I found fascinating. she had almost and electric energy about her at times. ive never had a connection like that before.

I ended up falling deeply in love with her. when we looked into each others eyes there was just such a great sense of peace and comfort. I loved it. however, she scared me at times when she would bring up things such as marriage or children, but I decided it was worth taking the risk and let my feelings grow.

the relationship eventually ended up failing and the friendship got destroyed. she would push me away when she wanted space and expect me to run back when she needed me.

she refused to talk about her feelings so I never told her how deeply I cared for her, even though I knew she cared the same for me. this was out of fear of pushing her into seclusion. this upset me quite a bit because I need balance in a relationship and closeness.

after awhile at times when she would grow distant I stopped running back. she cheated on me and broke my heart. then I left, which broke hers. after a few months we tried to be friends again, but it was way too painful. we hurt each other too deeply. I still think of her a lot and will never forget her. it still hurts when I think about how much I miss her and what we could have had.

Im so confused now. Im an AQ woman dating a Libra man. The vibe is tremendous and so is the sex. We click on EVERY aspect-spiritually, mentally and physically. He went from being very inconsistent to consistent (which is what I need). He/We are/were happy. But all of a sudden he has stopped calling and hasn't answered my calls. Did I do something? Things were so perfect a few days ago and NOW its like I never existed. Im so hurt and worried but im at the point where I just wanna sau EFF HIM and move onto the next. I don't have time nor patience for this. He has done this one time before BUT came back. I told him THEN how that made me feel and that it hurt me and he said he would never do it again. Clearly he was lying cuz here we go again. Some please advise me.

Thanks Miss AQ

I'm a Libra man,18, and after 3 years I see the Aquarius women I still have a crush on, in a McDonalds. I see her as she is about to leave, and we face each other and look to each others eyes for about ten seconds, then leaves out the door without saying anything. I keep looking at her as she walks up to her car, and before she gets into her car and leaves she looks back at me and we stare at each other for another 10 seconds. Before this ( years ago) we had a very friendly relationship; we usually had conversations but most of the time we would stare at each other for long periods of time, up to 5 min in class. what's WRONG? Can I get some opinions of what do you see? Aquarius women any thoughts?

I am an Aquarius woman and I have a friend who is a Libra man. I am married but he is not. We met through business several years ago and worked well together. After our project was completed, we kept in touch mostly through the internet and have become friends. I only recently learned that he was a Libra. When we first met, it was by phone. I will have to say, he has the sexiest phone voice ever! I didn't know what to expect when we met in person for the first time nor do I have any idea what his first impression was of me. I can't say that the ground quaked or that I was caught up by his charm. I would have to say, that physically, I was not attracted to him in any way, however I did think he displayed a rather distinguished persona and severe brilliance that was far superior to any other man that I have ever known. After knowing him for several years, I didn't even note the color of his eyes until I ran into him one day. I thought he seemed to be unusually glad to see me and as he touched my hand, something was different, all at once and when our eyes met, I saw something in him that I had never noticed before. It was like looking through ice and seeing fire. I dare say, I blushed a little as I had to look away. After that day (and it has been a few years) our relationship has changed because I have changed. We do not have a physical relationship and neither of us would have any part of anything like that as long as I have another commitment, but I can't help wondering if my best days are somewhere in his future. There is a distinct chemistry between us and we have almost identical characteristic traits but he is too reserved to share very much personal information. He confuses me greatly. He has one of the most brilliant minds that I have ever encountered. My empathic side tells me that there is much he is not expressing. Time will tell.

I am a Libra man who LOVES Aquarius women. out of every sign that I know I just click with them, I love being around any Aquarius because I have a great time all of the time. but there was one in particular that I fell for so hard. over summer we talked all day every day and she was the ONLY thing that mattered to me in the world. whatever was going on in the world was second to her. we were also in different cities and never saw each other, it was so hard for the both of us but just by talking to her every day I knew I was in love and she said the same. after summer was over we went to the same high school and since she wasn't from that area I was the only person she knew and so we hung out every day. I was deeply in love and it was the first time I ever felt that way about anybody and us two being together felt right. but she didn't want to be my girlfriend and yet we did everything a couple would do. this happened for about half of the year and then she made it cle are that we were never going to be together which broke my heart, it broke my heart but I didn't give up. throughout this whole time we were "best friends" and whenever I would talk to a girl she would get jealous. she never said it but it was obvious. I did all I could and no matter what I did she never changed her mind. and at the beginning of our friendship she used to tell me EVERYTHING, even things that she never told anyone else. and she slowly stopped sharing information with me and now gets annoyed when I try to help her with her problems. she is very closed and now we aren't even very good friends. I NEVER stop thinking about her and all I want to do is be happy with her. is there something wrong with me? she is just so perfect and the only thing I want in life is her.

hi everyone, I truly identify with miss AQ. My Libra man and I, Aquarius woman, met about 1.5 yrs.We chatted for a couple hours and I was impressed by his intelligence then we danced and for some unknown reason I just melted in his arms. Needless to say we were a couple from then on. We spent 2 days together and then he had to return to his country. We kept in contact everyday. Within three months he sent me a diamond ring and asked me on the phone "Lets get married some day soon" to which I replied "yes". About a few weeks later, I went to his country for about 10 days and I had great time. He introduced me as his wife/fiance,my pictures were all in his office computer and in his apartment and everyone there knew me as his fiancé, even though I was meeting them them for the first time. About four mths later he came to my country for a week and then he came back this year for my bday.Meanwhile we're talking to each other everyday saying "I luv u".

Around April I was supposed to go his country for a few days.When I tried to call him I couldn't get through,he called me bk and said his phone wasn't working,which was true. We communicated for a couple of days via text and e-mail,until suddenly he stopped texting and answering my messages. WHAT THE HELL!!!!!

It's been 6 months now and I haven't heard from him.His last tx was "I luv you babes,i'll call you". We both have a mutual friend from my country who says that he's fine xcept for the fact that he's having some financial problem with his business. Like thats some xcuse?!!

He could have told me that, or if he wants to break up he could have just said so, I would have understood.

Mow im in this stupid situation of wondering what went wrong and if to move on or not.I've had enough time to disect this situation and in the end it ain't worth it to bang my head up again.

So Miss AQ just Let It Go (you know us Aquarian women have this ability).

I'll tell you guys something... the next great guy who walks into my life... i'll be the diamond on his arm.

I'm an Aquarius female who can HONESTLY say the one love of my life was a Libra man. We grew up together and didn't start dating until after highschool our relationship lasted 5 years and though there were always ups and downs we were a TEAM. ALWAYS! He knew me better then ANYONE and was the only one that could get past my stubborness. Ha. The ONLY one. We always laughed, played, worked right beside eachother. He did little things to surprise me constantly which I took for granted. I can truly say the aquarius/libra relationship is a dream come true. There was so much mutual respect ..its like you're 'home'. We occasionally would break up for a few days..but the last time. My stubborness and some feminist kick I was on had me want to date someone else....whom I later married...a leo..chck out the compatibility for that one haha we've been married for 5 years..its hard not to compare all the other attributes...especially FRIENDSHIP. I hope this helps you. If you see a le o RUN lol. They are poison for your love them so much and can't leave..but there is no respect and they are extremly selfish (my experiance) :) goodluck

I'm an Aquarian lady just recently connecting with a Libra man. I can honestly say there is something very different about him. I especially love the way he is all man and makes me feel all woman! I had a tendancy to get involved in long term relationships that were almost void of romance--turning into the brother/sister "feel", ya know buddy buddy type guys, which left me growing bored of the relationship and always looking elsewhere and longing for my next excitement. Libra has been all that since the day he walked up to me and said hello. A complete stranger who I was instantly magnetized to, and he was to me in return. I love the way he openly shares how he feels with me and makes me feel romantic and sweet and feminine when I am with him. It is nice to feel like for once I have a man wearing the pants to protect and nurture me instead of me having to be the one wearing "the pants" all the time!!! If you Aquarian ladies know what I mean, it is so refreshing to f eel like I have put on a free flowing "skirt" for once!! lol

I am an Aquarius woman and I have been dating my Libra boyfriend for a little over a year now.

our relationship is amazing. I know I deserve it, but sometimes IIIII feel so lucky to have such a wonderful man. every compatibility article that i've read between our two signs have described our relationship perfectly.

we are madly in love, and yes...sometimes we fight. but we always work it out.

he is very romantic and sensual. his emotions are a little fragile sometimes and I have to be careful because sometimes im a little tough.

i even read somewhere that it would be a shame if a relationship between these two signs ended...but usually things will work in its paths and they will stay friends and eventually get back together.

my boyfreind and I have broken up once within our year together but we got back together shortly after and things have been sunny since.

he says its true....when we were over, I never left his head.

i love this man so much.

we are getting married in April. =)

A few weeks ago, I started dating a Libra man.Things were wonderful at first. He was a true gentleman in every sense of the word...He would wine and dine me..He would take me to the beach stargazing as the ocean waves rolled in and out with the tide.The sex was beautiful and felt almost cosmic.When we met there was an instant attraction.It perhaps was almost a spiritual connection.We shared many common interests.One evening he phoned me to tell me that he had to end it because he was still in love with his ex girlfriend whom he had told me he had broken the relationship off with because they were not compatible. He tells me he cares about me, wants me, misses me, yet he can't stop thinking about her. I revealed to him that I was in love with him and he told me he did not love me and only wanted to be friends.He still says that we are so much alike and he is very attracted to me,he tells me he cares for me and that I mean something to him but he won't say what. He cl aims he is sorry for hurting me. He says he doesn't know what to do and that he wants to continue talking to me. His wishy washy ways have left me confused and hurt and unsure of what to do next. I feel like he is playing some kind of game with me.I feel he is my soulmate but he is destroying me emotionally.I want to let him go but I am so drawn to him that I find it difficult.He told me that I was pushy and I should not expect him to tell me where the relationship stood. It drives me crazy and I want to let him go. I feel as though he was dishonest with me and want him out of my life, but can't seem to cut him loose.

I'm an Aquarius girl and I have Libra friends who are guys... But I don't feel a romantic click with them. I'm still in love with my ex who is a scorpio.

* * * I am an Aquarius girl , in love with an amazing Libra man ..he is like carzy for me and I am the only one He has ever loved!

our relationship started as a very close friends .. and between Aquarius and Libra it is always amazing whether it is friendship or love .. and in most cases a Libra man can't help it but fall for an Aquarius woman !!

no other girl understand him more than Aquarius !

He is really what is all above said EXCEPT for that he is emotional and romantic .. !!! I hardly see this in his character though I am a horoscope expert, and I have read this specific characteristic about a Libra man like everywhere ...ROMANTIC and emotional !!

even when dealing with his parents, friends ...I barely see this emotional side I rarely feel him missing anyone if he/she is away .. he tends to be careless esp when he is busy with his work and stuff ( which he is always! almost for 15 hours/day ) his work, job is above everything else .

I have never met a Libra guy who tends to be emotional unless his rising sign was ( a Fir horoscope like Aries, Leo , Sagittariuses )

He doesn't express his love whenever .. special occasion is needed for this particular purpose!

He SOMETIMES lack the common sense of dealing with a Female .. and tend to mix things up and not understand the woman's emotional nature .

Is that Normal of a Libra ?

Does it happen with anyone of you girls???

Other than this he is just my soul mate .. hahhaa :D

I have a boyfriend he is a libran. I am aquarius. we are both compatible, we also have moon signs compatible. I think librans are good people and we are their best match I know. my dad was a libran and he loves me more than anything else.

anyway I am this boys first real girlfriend, he used to just sleep with other girls and he said he never believed them when they said they loved him. now I made a crazy thing like moving and stayed with him and made this decision in an hour lol and some crazy stuff that noone would do for love lol, and for that he trusts me, still is insecure I believe though. he likes beauty and that may be a problem when we grow older, as I think he is prone to cheating, but he says he finds me more beautiful day after day and that is because we are getting to connect more neurons every day that follows.

i think they are attracted by beauty, but they go after internal beauty above all and they are very sweet individuals. they need someone who understands them or at least who cares to. so they need someone who's not a hypocrite. and aquarians arent hypocrites at all. we argue sometimes because we both feel insecure, I don't understand y he hugs other people, I think their motto is: be friendly so they don't kill you lol, that is y they do dat, but they are v mature and understanding, they are. it hurts me when he hugs another woman, like the other day he hugged one of his old friends who just broke up with her boyfriend and she closed her eyes. even if he isnt interested that hurt me. I think he has to learn to respect himself. libras are good with anyone, doesn't mean that if you are asked to have sex with you're best mate then you have to, just because you feel like you wanna pls them. he also admits he wouldnt want me to hug some other man. I don't think he'd cheat me, but it makes the relati onship harder to hug every woman. I don't know how to explain maybe its me the problem, but when he did that my legs were shaking. I had never felt like that for anyone else. I think he luvs me though, that I know. he wants to marry me and have babies now, I said I need some time. but that is because I fear the failure of a wedding, same as having full sex, I fear he has sex with me then he dumps me, ive never had sex b4, also he is the 1st man ive ever kissed and hugged and touched. I had other boyfriends but never kissed them on the lips they tried to but I didn't like it. he says he sees himself in me. I also see myself in him, when we connect fully its so ecstatic. I donno how to explain, he is intellectual like me, but he said noone had ever answered all his questions, like I can talk about everything if I have a question he answers me, too cos he learns things deeply and he isnt superficial, also we care for each others feelings v much... the more we are going forward into our relationship, anyway, we are arguing less, the 1st week I argued with him everyday, now I argued once yesterday after 3 weeks lol. I think the relationship is getting better. I think he is a very good man, just a little insecure, because he says am perfect, eg yesterday after we argued and made peace he said he wanted to shave his beard lol. I don't really mind his beard, he said he wants to look better for me. he doesn't know I like him the way he is. I just hope he wont cheat on me with the girl he hugged, because I think they do that, my dad did that with my mom, I believe, just my mom is Taurus she doesn't understand she can tollerate that and still not sure about that. but I know he did, because I see people who lie and I wouldnt tollerate that. I need being proven he respects me before I marry him.

My ascendant, sun and moon sign are all aquarius. My first and only boyfriend was Libra, and I dated him because of the good reputation of the compatibility these 2 signs have together. I met him online and it was instant connection. Physically instant connection as well. We spoke for 4 weeks and then met up. We never slept together in the 4 months that we were together. He told me I was different from all his previous gfs, and how he's never had a relationship like ours w/ any girl before me. He used say stupid things to me which made me think that he was just lusting after me, since Libras do have a very healthy sex drive.

As a result of his dumb comments, I kept "dumping him". In our 4 mths together, I dumped him at least 5 times. lol. Eventually when I tried to get back with him, he said he didn't want to because I always pull the rug from under him. Although we didn't get back together romantically, we were very much behaving like a couple. We would still be affectionate in person and talk on the phone. But, I did notice that he refrained from calling me sweet nicknames he had for me.

I think it was over then, but our physically chemistry was too strong to drop each other overnight. Eventually I became tired of his self-consumed ways where he put his guys friends and his needs above mine. His selfishness went as far as never spending a dime on me. He would always cry about how tight his financial situation was but he always had plenty of money to spend on himself. Eventually, I turned into the cold Aquarian and kicked him out of my life.

Although I would never get back with the self-consumed, stingy, and poor bastard, I would have to say that on an emotional plane, he really satisfied my Aquarian aspect of feeling loved and protected. I do miss him despite the mistreatment I received from him. I just wonder if this Libra man thinks about me or misses me?

I met a Libra guy at first when we met I knew we would be great friends we talked sooo much! I thought our relationship would blossom into the ultimate friends! We went out every day. And met each other families. Lets just say he became angry because well I have no ideal. We got into an argument and in few words because I didn't wanna fight told him to focus on his life instead of nick picking on petty things. he acted like he really wanted to get to know me. I ignored him and he ignored me when he was in the wrong. We were suppose to be only friends, I mean that is what I thought. Our friend ship lasted three weeks! I texted. him I forgave him for acting emotional... he told me he was stressed. but we have not talked since then.. and I work with him... but I have not said anything else to him since the text. Im just going to have to let him fade out my life because there is no way I could deal with his evil mood swings.. its sad cuz I hate to lose friends but I can't deal with someone that is narcissitic. He is a ladies man we work with older people but he wanted everyone to know he was single. But everyone saw how he looked at me and how he talked about me. I never told anyone that we dated.. I miss his friend ship.. but not enough for me to go through mental abuse. Oh well

One love

I've almost read everyone's comments because I wanted to see if I was going crazy. I'm a Aquarius woman, and recently started dating a Libra man. We've been dating for 2 months now, and all I see in my mind is his smile. I wake up thinking about him and go to sleep thinking about him. Like someone commented above, we just instantly clicked, and I didn't know he was a Libra, and the only other sign I've done this with is a Aries. I really hope he's the one, its just something that I feel inside about him, that I've never felt. On some occasions, I can feel him trying to balance his scales, but right when I say "ok, what's going on", its like he reads my mind, and he acts normal again. I hope all the relationships work for you guys, cause I really want mine to work.

I am a Libra male and I can definitely say there have been three influential Aquarians in my life. First, there was the Aq that was my surrogate mother, who I still respect and love with all my heart. The second Aq was in high school, who was the girlfriend of my best bud. She was cute and had those sparkling eyes and a great big smile. So sweet. I missed a great opportunity with her, dammit! The third was a college classmate. She was 32, me, 28. We would be in class together and, right in the middle of the class, she would put her head on my shoulder. Wow! Not something anyone would expect during a class but it warmed my cold Libra heart. We stayed in touch for some time after I graduated but she changed jobs and we've lost touch. We went out several times during our time together, but I am (as a Libra) a relationship fumblethumbs. In all honesty, I am a real homebody who works a hard day and I go home to an otherwise empty home at night (although my s weet dog keeps me company), but it's not the same. I just wish I could come home home to my sweet Aq in the evening and sit on the sofa with her resting her head on my shoulder! I miss you, Jodi!

Hello im AQ Women,im dating an Libra male for about 3months now.We get along so well its crazy this my first time with an libra. Its just we are so much alike both very social people when we are around each other we are so silly. He is my bestfriend .

Worst experience ever. I figured because I get along famously with Libra guys as friends, I might as well date this Libra guy. I did, and big mistake because he lived to his reputation of cheating on me. Initially, we used to argue all the time. Eventually, we ended because he was always miserable. Although I wasn't formally his gf, we used to hang out and behave as a couple. Little did I know, that he was already dating another girl immediately after we broke up. In fact he was flirting with her and wooing her while he was my bf. He wanted to secure a relationship because he knew that ours was going down the drain. He never told me the truth. I found out a year later that he was dating her all along even though he was bashing his "gf" to me.

I wrote an entry here a few months It's been around 4 months now and things have changed very much...Though we are still "together" it's not the same and I honestly don't even look at him in the same light. Before I was so crazy I felt in love with him, and he seemed to be picking up on my brain waves doing all the right things. Now I just feel jealous and paranoid that he is up to something and that I cannot trust him...He hasn't heated, that I know of, but without going into actual detail, I just feel like we've both lost that spark we once had. We are still in a sexual relationship but I know I have withdrawn myself in order to protect myself, and I feel he has as well. We really don't talk like we used to and it just feels weird...

Wow I don't know how I read this whole thing ROFL. i'm a Libra male and like a Aquarius girl. she told me she liked me and im pretty sure she does but when I started liking her back she stepped back. I knew her for 2 years but I still don't get her. Aquarius is tricky but once you admit your true feelings it finalizes everything.

I am an Aquarius female in love with a Libra man who I truely think is my soulmate! He wants to marry me and have children with me yet he is very lustful. He is will not make up his mind about being faithful and a family man to me. I have seen pictures of him with other women taken while he was with me! Although the best I can say that I am his girlfriend eventhough he has women on the side. He spends his holidays with me, I have a bond with his family memebers and everything he owns is in my possession! But that just makes it even harder to let go. Starting to feel like I am nothing but a lonely wife! Who has given up everything for her family and in return I get his ass to kiss!

Just wondering how Libra generally view Aquarius and what they like about them. I'm trying to figure out how he thinks! lol.

I'm just wondering, I'm an Aquarian having a i-don't-know-what with a Libra Man. He seemed interested as first, he was previously involved with my friend a while before (also) libra, but he initially assured me things were never serious wit them and he was all about me. Well, I wasn't interested at first and perhaps made an error, but after I showed some disinterest, I contacted him and then went away for some time and then came back, contacting him for some nooky? So we started messing around, and he started calling A LOT, and I kind of got scared I guess, but he seemed to have gotten upset/hurt that I wouldn't see him this last time.

I'm just wondering where I stand with him I guess. I thought he moved on, but then he texted me for a booty call I guess and then took forever to respond, so I stopped. And then again, he called me this last time because he saw me walking somewhere. And now, I contacted him, we've hung out but he isn't verbalizing what he wants. How can I tell if he likes me? How do Libras show they care about you? He has a lot of girls so it's difficult and me being an aquarius, am ok with this benefit thing, but I like him. help? I'm confused.

I'm an Aquarian woman who met a Libra man online in a virtual world game. Although we never met in person, I was immediately and hopelessly drawn to him. Unlike a typical Aquarian, I am the crazy jealous type in a relationship. Therefore, Libra's flirtatious nature doesn't help at all in my situation. More and more often I am certain he would be appalled by my stupid trait of jealousy. And there have been so many times I told myself to let go. What makes it so difficult is that I am too crazy about him. I feel that I have run out of brilliant ideas as of how to deal with it!

Clingy libras?

I'm Aquarius lady and thinking about giving a Libra man a chance, but the thing that holds me back is that in my experience all Libras are very clingy.

My father and a good friend are libras and they are jsut so desparate for attention and being together everywhere. He wants to talk what he ate for breakfast, what did he do yesterday, what he is doing now and if there's nothing to discuss at the moment, he will just repeat all previous talks. I like to discuss things, but that is just way too much.

I know that Libra thinks I'm his ultimate love and I'm very drawn to him to both mentally and physically. At times I get scared that he seems a bit shallow, but his intelligence, tolerance and charm work as a magnet for me.

I need some hints, how to work best with libras and how can I get more space in that relationship

I'm an Aquarian female and just came out of the best "relationship" of my life, whether a friendship relationship or more. He was a Libra man. They are perfect for us weird Aquarians BUT they need to back off when we give signs that we're busy with other things. Instead they whine more and more until the Aquarius walks away.

I don't think I'll ever find a man like him.

I'm an Aquarius woman who just met a Libra man 3 months ago. We had a connection from the start, but I asked him out first. We have had a couple of good dates together, but he always cancels dates or stop communicating with me. I often get confused because when we do go out we are like little kids together. Then the communication stops again. When I back off and stop calling he contacts me as if he's awakes from a long sleep and is hungry for fun. I need stability in a man and his changes leave me cold. He always finds a way to reassure me it will all be ok. Is this a typical Libra male? He seems afraid to commit to anything and I wonder if he's dating other women? I recently a year ago ended a 8yr relationship. He is the first I've dated since, so I don't know if I should continue to look to date others or stay the course with someone I enjoy being with. I'm very confused by his actions. Please give me your advice on this Libra man cause if it's to work, I want to do what's needed.

I am an Aquarius woman that fell for a Libra male after he was almost immediately convinced after meeting that we were supposed tk be together. About six months into the relationship, we were living together with my daughter. He began to get extremely insecure and very ify about the relationship accusing me of cheating. That has gone on for several months and progressively gotten worse. I don't cheat. He got really wicked a couple of weekends ago and threatened to lock my daughter and I out and put us in the street. Even taking my car and mailbox key. This weekend he just left after I said I wasn't sure what was going to happen because I was really hurt. Im really struggling right now make sense of it, but really it just hurts. I know I couldn't recover from what he has done, but he was very special to me and this will leave a scar forever.

If you don't mind heartbreak go for it.

Libra men can be the most amazing and loving men....on Mondays....then Wednesdays come and they have forgotten why they love you.

I met a man and thought he was the one. He said he loved me more than anyone he had ever met...he had never married and would often rub my engagement finger and pat his heart....saying we would stay together forever...he would tell me he loved me many times a day...some nights I would hear him whisper it in my ear while I was sleeping. I had never felt so loved.

Then he changed his mind....oops.....but being too scared to hurt me he began doing things that would push me away. There is nothing a Libra man hates more than hurting someone and he will manipulate the situation so he does not have to be the bad guy and have a discussion.

They are indecissive, can be prone to fits of laziness, prefer somone else do all the organizing and planning, and subject to fits of depression. Sometimes I just wanted to scream....MAKE UP YOUR MIND! Do you want me in your life of not! We broke up and reconcilled four times over a two year period.

This is supposed to be the perfect match for an Aquarius....I disagree. It takes me a long time to love and this one hurt deeply. I would rather poke out my eye with a fork than date another Libra.

I met a Libra male when I was a teen he was so sweet and loving. I was young and dumb and cheated on him. He had found out and confonted me. Ever since then we have been on and off as couples and friends. He was always playing hard to get. I ended up having a baby with someone else. I was no with the babies dad. Me and the Libra man talked during my whole pregnancy or most of it. We stopped talking for a long while and I met a Cancer. The relationship with the Cancer was the most worst relation ship ive ever been in. Later me and the Libra started talking again as friends. It was a little more that friends at times. He never really showed or talked about his feelings. Im sure it had to do with me hurting him. He's told me im the one he's ever loved or cared for a lot. I find it hard to believe sometimes. We just broke up from a 8 month relationship. I feel he doesn't care as much as I do. I want to feel wanted and needed. Not clingy. We always struggled about the past of me cheating. He has never let it go. Which is why we break up most of the time. He says he's not sure if he can trust me after what I did. I try to show him and prove to him im not like that I that I love him with my entire soul. Im sure he knows it. Because he doesn't act the same ways towards me. It makes me think he doesn't love me or care at all. I think we are finally over for good. He can play games with someone else. I tried its never good enough for him. I told him one day he's gong to regret it and realize he lost something good. He tore my heart and shattered it and made me feel lost, confused, hurt, unpreciated.

This guy weve been cool for about 7yrs now , He's a Libra & ima Aquarius he's not that much older than me (2.5yrs) & im now 18

he's like a bestfriend,but we don't call each other that, we grew up around each other we talk about everything , we can always carry a convo I mean we can talk foir hours & if our phone dies or anythin he would jus call me off another to jus keep the convo goin ! to me its kinda like puppy love..... he's outspoken & soo I am, I always had a crush on him BUT every time I attempted to talk to him about us he says lil and then changes the subject, soo I always thought he wasnt interested in me , but the older we get the more signs I see tha he could be & it keeps me wantin to stay around wantin to see more, I value our friendship a lot tho soo I don't try to pressure him about US... when im around his family THEY LOVE ME I mean like everyone ! ... one day he was talkin to his grandmother & was tellin me & her about the kids me & him was gonna have or how he wanted me to live w/him.. or he a ask me when am I gonna spend time w/him .... BUT then somethin always give me the impression that he doesn't like me by like blowin me off or somethin, but then he a say somethin sweet like I miss you or have random moments like "cute & sensitive things to say to me" or jus get all worked up if I havent called or nothin, but I give his space sooo he wont think im tryna do too much

what do you think

I am an Aquarius female currently talking to a Libra man. I am two and a half years older than him. He will be 22 in october (so he's 21 now) and I am currently 24 years old. I don't know it seems like I always fall for these libras even though the last two libras I ever talked to just ended up finding new people to talk to anyways; but I don't know its something about him. I agree with the one girl who said the Libra she talks to seems to disappear for while because it seems like he is busy with other females and wants to come back to you when his current enertainment is gone. But me and him met via facebook...I agree he is very charming, but also has a lot of female friends, which sometimes I wonder about like if we were ever to get in a relationship. We both live in two different states; I'm a new yorker and he's a louisianaian (however you say it lol)...but I really have a thing for southern guys (especially louisiana guys maybe because my ex was from new orleans) but anyways again lol...I like him and I do care about him. He seems to be the same way about me but I am unsure because I can hear from him sumtimes and then sumtimes I don't, but we are still on the friend basis; we never met and have been talking for almost 7 months now. I agree with the wishy washiness...wem we first started talking he used to call me every nite then slowly I wasn't hearing from him as much...we both know that we have other female and male friends...but I don't have too many males friends as he has females friends that I actually like. I am getting older and I want to be invovled with people who are potenital life partners because I do want a family sum day. He says wen he's with one person thats who he's with...but idk, its confuusing sumtimes understanding how he really feels. I can tell he's a flirt but I don't know maybe its the age difference because I also have a Scorpio male friend that is 8 years older than I and it seems kool because he is older but I hear so many things bout Scorpio and aquariuses not working and he wrks a lot and I don't talk to the Scorpio as much as I have talked to the libra...I think thats y I like my Libra guy so much...even tho it seems like he's flirty young guy he's also sweet at the same time and kool...but trust I'm no fool! If he on that bull he can get cut off for real!

I just met a Libra man, one week ago. From the start it's been very intense. This scares the hell out of me as an Aquarius woman. But he makes me feel very safe and secure. Mentally it's been very stimulating, I feel like we have been friends for ages! He's such a man, very nice because before I always used to meet these man-children with peter pan complexes. I don't know what to do, I'm usually very distant and aloof, but he has such a way with me. Such a warm, charming man. I really hope this time it will work out and I won't run away because of all these emotions.

I am an Aquarius woman dating a Libra man. There is one thing an Aquarius loves & thats being admired & Libra men sure know how to treat a woman like a queen. If I can think of something wild crazy out of this world I want there is nothing stopping my Libra from getting it for me. I never have to worry about how he feels about me he tells me everything that is on his mind. He is so romantic & I'm not the emotional type but he has this way of getting me to open up to him. The only thing I hate is that he is a people pleaser & will but me to the side to please other ppl. He also can be really childish at times. selfish & demanded if he does get what he wants when he wants it. He cannot make a decided on anything on his own. but in the bedroom its another story. he takes control tells me exactly what he wants and needs. its amazing how he completes me but the childish selfish behavior is bugging to me.

I am an Aqurius woman that met a Libra man 2 years ago from july 13. When we had our first conversation I was just so happy I have never just felt so good talking to someone about random things. We fell madly in love with one another in one month. We spent every waking moment together. I could not get enough, but the best part about it was that even though he didn't say it I knew he couldn't get enough either. I could just feel it as we literally stared into each-others eyes for 2 minutes straight. not saying one word. When the time came for us to part, we could not stop talking. I went to see him in october of 09 but now he has bought me a ticket over there. two years have gone by and I still have the same feelings for him. I love him so much. I would truly go out of my way for this man. he has my heart. someday in the future we will be happily married. I know it.

I am a Libra Man with a cusp in Virgo. The girl I miss is Aqua with a cusp in Pisces. My moon is in Leo. Hers in Gemini. If anything she pe

I am a Libra Man with a cusp in Virgo. The girl I miss is Aqua with a cusp in Pisces. My moon is in Leo. Hers in Gemini. If anything she persuaded me. I don't like asking for numbers. At first, I was reluctant to go out with her because I am aware of the attraction between these two signs. She asked me,"Why wont you ask me for my number?" I said,"Because there is too much attraction between us. I remember we could look into each other's eyes and it was right. Overtime there was less intimacy and she would tell me to stop looking at her with dreamy eyes. I never tried controlling her and always encouraged her to persue her goals. I'd do favors for her when I could. The last few months I tried going out with her but she said she was busy with school or already had plans with friends or she just had problems that she had to sort out on her own. I wouldn't push it. I let her be. So lately I had been feeling down and I just had things I had to sort out in my life. I just w anted to be left alone. I gave her space when she called for it but when I did it she started persuing me again. I told her I just had lots on my mind. She could not take it and pretty much said goodbye. She had done something like this b4. I know she says dumb things when she gets mad. I would go to her and talk to assure her that she misunderstood. But not this time. Maybe she thought I would run back to her. Dunno. Out of all the guys she's been with I have treated her the best. She came out of relationships with guys that would abuse her verbally and sometimes physically. She would tell she likes the fact I understand her and accept her sense of humor and that I treated her like an equal. I felt she stopped treating me a such. She really did start coming around once she noticed I wasn't trying as much. She called and texted. I just needed some time and space. She hurt me. I did lots for her. Guess that sounds selfish and I shouldn't expect anything in return but I know that when I needed to be a friend I was that. All I ever wanted was for her to look into my eyes a little bit longer and walk hand in hand.

I'm an Aquarian woman dating a Libra Man for just a little over 2yrs. No doubt its been a rollercoaster of a ride. As far as a soulmate connection, I definetly think he's the one. Libran males are romantic and intellectual. They can be selfish and crude at times and so you have to be the sameway sometimes. Generally as an Aquarian I like to avoid confrontation but boy can they push your buttons. Somebody said her Libran male sends the same old text messages and she did the when she didn't respond back a few times it made him feel like he's being ignored. They hate being ignored hehe it does wonders for the relationship. If they really love you but don't get your attention they automatically assume you're off looking for someone else even if it's been a day of ignoring. When Libran males panic, they're quick to shift gears and starting being attentive again. Aquarian females generally aren't materialistic lovers but that doesn't mean we don't crave a simple gesture expressing love. Write a poem or sing a song to us and we are happy "just do something" don't expect us to be the ones doing all the giving. Libran males can be indecisive and confusing at times drives us bonkers! We are planning to get married and he's made up his mind but his friends don't like smart girls who can pick up on their BS (his friends Taurus and Aries). Aquarians are leaders not followers and we don't march to the beat of someone else's drum. Aquarian women are the most loyal and Libra males admire that. His friends have tried sabotaging the relationship and told him because I am long distance I cheating on him. He insulted me in front of his friends many times because he believed them. Later on when they couldn't come up with any proof, his way of apologising was talking to me nicely. Libra males are not used too their intellect being challenged especially by a female. Aquarian women challenge them and that's why theres an instant connection plus we are very sweet. Aquarians are loners and a relationship is only worthwhile pursuing if its leading to a longterm commitment. I have been loyal to my relationship from day one because Aquarian women generally don't believe in cheating. A couple of Libran males commented don't ever ever ever let your Aquarian woman go, it will haunt you for the rest of your absolutely true. You won't find a more committed, loyal, caring and supportive partner as an Aquarian woman. She will help you succeed in every aspect of your life and love you for who you are. She will be your lover and your best friend, you won't find an intense combination such as this one. Once she's committed to you, she can quite easily turn herself off sexually to all other men...infact they don't stand a chance of getting her attention...if she does respond to their attention it's to make you jealous LOL! Sometimes that's what we have to do to wake you up and smell the coffee (notice what kind of lady you have). I kinda feel sorry for other guy giving the attention cuz we aren't interested in them genuinely. How do I keep my Aquarian woman happy, you ask, all you have to do is: be loyal, respect her, let her be free in expressing her ideas and express your feelings for her everyday so she knows she means something to you. People tend to look at us as complicated creatures but we are simple creatures once you get to know the real us.

I'm sending out blessings to all those in a relationship, to those who missed their special partner, to those who's friendships are in midst of blossoming and to those who wish to have a second chance with someone they messed up with.

"Love is a gift - when genuinely expressed, it's more precious than any material object attained."

P.S to the Libran male who says his Aquarian Lady wants, wants and wants gifts. Sometimes Librans can get lazy in expressing their love and tend to buy gifts to show their love. Those gifts don't hold much material value to be honest, they just remind her you still love her. Be creative and do things like take her for a carriage ride through central park, or a picnic somewhere hidden place you dicovered one day and never shared with anyone else. Trust me it will sweep her off her feet but then you'll have to keep up with it, she'll expect something exciting always. hahaha you can't win with an Aquarian woman.

I feel a little ridiculous for reading this entire post. LOL. Anyway I'm an aqua woman and I've been becoming good friends with a Libra man. Slowly but surely. There def. was an instant connection, when we met two years ago, but I was in a serious relationship that was falling apart so I didn't give it much thought. Now me and my Libra are just now really getting to know each other, and I have to tell you, I'm falling pretty hard; which is not a normal venture for me. He knocked down all my walls in a matter of days. We spend TONS of time together, but we argue often, usually playfully throwing around our ideals and opinions of the world, playing devils advocate. He treats me like a princess but doesn't give in to my demanding behavior, a total gentleman, and I love every second of it. His charm is absolutely undeniable, and his witty humor has me laughing for hours and hours. When we touch it's like an electrical connection, and time just stops. I've never felt this before him. I know he is intrigued by me and my eccentricities, but he is ALWAYS lustfully playing the field which makes me extremely insecure; in turn making me pull away and becoming somewhat detached. My friends are begging me to tell him how I feel, but I don't want to see our friendship deteriorate, I would be a mess if I lost him. He is everything I've ever wanted and more, but I don't know if I am that to him. It's like he knows exactly how/when to make me fall for him. We will see how it works out. Aqua women: your stubbornness, and detachment is no match for the Libra man's wit and charm.

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