Libra man does he love me?

by ruth

i am an aquarius woman and i am in love with a libra man. sometime he acts loving and sometime he act as if he does not care ,that i dont understand. how will i know if he is in love with me? someone tell me what to do

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get that libra man
by: Anonymous

This is what you do, I want you to text message him, fill his ego up with how wonderful he is how handsome he is...Talk dirty to to him and what you want to do with him later on....Also, be romantic, have him over and have a romantic dinner by with him to soft music...see how that goes

To Aquarius
by: Anonymous

As far as I knew about Libra male. The upper class Libra needs to communicate a lot about the art, nature, and beauty or could be anything good on earth. Be patient and get ready to exchange your opinion with Libra. You have to be a smart book and good manner if you want to be involve with Libra sign or the one that captures in your heart. Also, you have to be busy and work hard some time to show that you are independent and reliable. Whatever he does, just let him to have his space. A smart Libra will figure it out and will come to adore and search for your company. Libra loves a smart and good looking lady as him. For the lower class Libra, well I know not for sure. Also, don't act as you are too easy for him but don't scare him.
If you are the right for him, he will give his whole heart for you. You have to win Libra's heart.
Don't forget his birthday!! He will loves you.

to know
by: Juan

I'm a libra male and the best way to know if a libra male loves you is to first tell him how you trully feel about him, and see whats his reaction. If he does not respond right away and tell you that he loves you to, that means he does not feel the same about you, and has to give it more time as in more getting to know each other.

by: libran

Once libra man comes to know that u love him he cant act further he gets confused what to do next.

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