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I am a Gemini woman born 5/28/67, my love is Libra born 9/25/63. He is the first Libra I have ever been with. We have so much chemistry and show many ideals about our lives.

We were quick to say I love you to each other so I am glad I read the article as we need to slow it down a bit. I haven't experienced this level of communication and openness before so it's a breath of fresh air.

I agree, this one makes an awesome couple. Take it slow and enjoy your man! Communication is always fun, fast and furious and he's very likely to be a keeper! Enjoy :)

Has he asked you to marry him yet?.. betting he will

I am a Gemini Woman 05/28/86 and I'm dating a Libra Man 09/25/71. Like the woman who wrote her message which is really weird because we have so much in common, we are so in love even though it's a big age difference, but we both feel like we are each others soul mates.

I think this happens frequently with these two signs, the soul mate part, I dated one living overseas 10 yrs ago and he still calls at the times I need him most??

I'm a Libra man and I had a relationship with a Gemini woman. We were together for 11 years. We both actually fell in love. I liked being with her. She was fun and would do almost anything I wanted. I would also do what she wanted as well. We had very good chemistry. One thing that I think made us break up was that I was not number one in her life. Yes, she has a daughter. I understood her daughter was number one in her life, but her daughter does not make decisions on our relationship. And she let her daughter do it. It got to the point where her daughter was disrespecting me. I told her to do something about her daughter, but she never did. Whether her daughter was right or wrong, I was always in the wrong. This was a big turn off. Then I started pulling away. And so did she. No matter what I did or say to convince that her daughter does not run our relationship, fell on her deaf ears. I still keep in touch with her. And no, I never cheated on her. Why?

Im a Gemini woman born 21/06/80. I have just met a Libra man although we have not yet met face to face we have been introduced via friends. The first conversation lasted over an hour something that doesn't initially happen when u first talk to someone without meeting them. We just seemed to have this chemistry between us and seemed to be on the same wave length. Half way through the conversation he mentioned he liked me he knows I was flattered but were being cautious so didn't say much in return. Does this mean he actually likes me or is he just flirting with me as Libra?

I am currently dating a Libra he is so fantastic, most times we meet he bring me flowers and does so much romantic gestures. He is so patient and kind I want him to make me his wife.

I'm a Gemini 6-9-89 I just started talking to a Libra 9-25-89..I'm feeling him sooo much we had our first date n the chemistry was ridiculous.. I think I found my king

I (5-31) am presently dating a Libra man. The chemistry is amazing. He doesn't say much though. My kids are grown and his are young from a late marriage. We are both divorced and met on line. I think his kids come first and I can certainly understand this. I don't know if it will work out because he has custody of his young kids. I love kids - I work in a school, but I don't know if we will stay together. Sex is incredible! We get along great too.

Hi I have a question. I am a Gemini, and I happen to have found myself crushing on a Libra man. He does have a girl friend, but to me it seems like after he meet me he started hanging n talking to me more then his girl friend now. I mean, he called me and almost tries to do it everyday now, and whenever I go online he is always very overwhelmed and excited to see me. So does he really like me or is it just a Gemini and Libra way of going along, and if he does wouldn't he dumped his girl friend? What is he doing? And what should I do? Please give me advices.

I love my Libra man. he's sexy and more. Gemini's and Libras are meant for each other.

I'm a Gemini and my mate for life is Libra. Our first date was over dinner and within 10 minutes of sitting down together we were both hooked. We knew we'd found something special. After 2 years of dating, we have been married for 5 years. I still can't believe how easy it is. He's my best friend. We understand each other completely. We give each other space but we also love being together. We have never really argued because he won't allow it. When I get mad at him about something, which usually has to do with his children from his previous marriage (he spoils them!) he will flash his beautiful smile at me and that's the end of that. He's charming beyond words and steady as a rock. The only thing is Libra's can take a long time to make up their minds so be patient Gemini girls. This one is worth the wait. Good luck!

I have a MAJOR crush on a Libra man! I am a Gemini woman, and at times I do have multiple personalities. But, I am SUPER romantic and sensitive. This Libra man is shy and closed unless you can get him to break out and come out of his shell. For the most part I am outgoing, and I just wanna get to know him better and see if we have a chance. How do I get him to open up to me? I've liked him for almost 2 years now!!! ;D

I (5-31, Female) recently began a pseudo relationship with a Libra Male (9-30) and oooooohhh my gosh. we ended up sleeping together the first real "Date" night we had, but soon after we clashed. we would arrrrgue!!! but it was almost a turn on. after each going to our respective corners for a coolout time, we came back together, and it has been smooth sailing since, with mutual respect playing a big part. We haven't argued again yet. I just think we needed that initially to feel each other out, and learn each other's boundaries. After dealing with the wild world of dating, we both had our defenses way up, but I think have since been pleasantly surprised at the equal partner we have found in each other. Finally! someone worthy of my attention and respect! still in its infancy, our relationship is mainly sexual, but I am finding myself thinking and daydreaming of him more and more. Our sex is fantastic, but the more we see each other and get to know each other layer b y layer, I see this relationship growing. We do our own things separately, but I know that we have established a specialness to one another. when we're together, its definitely a team, and a winning one. An us against the world kind of feel. Im excited to see where it goes. I still think he's a clown, but on some level we are for sure on the same page. a page special to us. a page nobody else would understand. I love it.

Im Gemini woman, born in June 11 1981. My first love is Libra man. We fell in love when we only 14 years old...!! since then we never apart till we broke off about 2 years ago. All I can say after reading the comments and through my personal experience, Libra is the most compatibility partner for Gemini. Its true. My ex boyfriend < Libra> he can understand me very well even without any words from me. Its true, Gemini have kinda like ' mood swing', and most of the time, he managed to control my emotion and craziness. We have lots and endless topic to talk and share...!! and its true also, Gemini tend to get bored easily. Yes, that's what I am. Many times during our relationships, I have someone else beside him. But.. at the end of the day. no matter what I still come back to him. Because I couldn't find anybody like him who can stand and understand me the way he did. But too bad. something came up in between and we couldn't end up all of this with marriage. Seriously.. I still miss him m so much till now..

I work with a young woman who is a Gemini. She is such an amazing woman. She is 13 years younger than I. Usually I would find that bothersome, but we just seem to have this amazing connection. We just get each other so well. She is so beautiful and has such an amazing personality. She is sweet and funny and just has such an incredible personality. She loves to talk and always has good things to say. She seems so positive and I love that about her. Although just friends, once we kissed, and I felt totally wrapped around her soul and at peace with the world. There is this passion between us and I can only dream of how that would be taken to its full extent. If only we were not in other relationships... if I could choose how to exhale my last breath, it would be while looking into her beautiful eyes. It's hard not to think about her constantly.

I am a Gemini woman June 1st recently started dating Libra male oct 8...after the first time we slept together he started avoiding me even though he claims he did not. is he coming back or am I waiting for something in vain?

This forum is amazing. I am a proud Gemini female 06/20/72 and I have met my soulmate, my Libra King 10/02/72! We met at a mutual friends birthday party and that was all she wrote. Our chemistry ...mentally, physically and emotionally is so amazing and so natural. I truly have found my best friend for life. We can talk and laugh for hours without end effortlessly. He keeps me blushing with his loving words and gestures. I shower him with my thoughts and actions of attraction and love. I feel like he was designed especially for me. He is my King and I am his Queen; my Adam and I am his Eve.. we complete each other so well in all ways. We know what the other needs and when and we satisfy the need.. we both compromise when ever necessary. Our lovemaking keeps me speechless.. I've never experienced a more passionate lover... We both desire the same things in life; love, marriage and family, What else can I say? He's definitely the one for me!!! I've never been so hap py and he clearly articulates that he feels 100% the same way. We are both thankful daily to have been brought together.

please any Libra male here? Am a single Gemini girl ...06/11/88

Ok so maybe I'm the only Gemini woman not seeing that the Libra male that I like is or could be my soulmates. We click but there are many awkward silent moments and we always end up briefly arguing only because I'm frustrated that he obviously don't feel the same. But I will say this he drives me crazy. I'm crazy attracted to him mentally and physically. It's sad because I like him so much. I'm on the verge of really saying F Love!!

Im a Gemini lady, dating my Libra man now for almost three years. Never in my life have I been so addicted to another person. The conversations, the sex, the adventures...none of it ever stops and I never want it to. Ive found the perfect mate-we really do balance each other out perfectly. wheee :)

Im a Gemini lady, dating my Libra man now for almost three years.

Never in my life have I been so addicted to another person. The conversations, the sex, the adventures...none of it ever stops and I never want it to. Ive found the perfect mate-we really do balance each other out perfectly. wheee :)

I am a Gemini women June 19 and my Libra man is sept 27 and we are soulmates! We are so balanced its crazy. He often says what I am thinking, we give each other space so the relationship never gets old we have been married for 4 years now. IF you want a good man ladies be patient you wont be disappointed we are so in love its crazy our bond is unbreakable. We have one child together and he spoils us rotten I LOVE MY Libra MAN!!!!! only a Gemini women can balance a Libra man :)

I am a Gemini woman and met a Libra man about a month ago. I was hesitant on dating him because of our age difference. I am 4 years older than him. But when we first talked we clicked like we have been knowing each other for a long time. And since then, our conversations are always lengthy. He even checked me about my faults and I listened because of the way he would tell me. He talks to me as if he really cares and is really trying to look out for me and yes I can't help but encourage him and compliment him every chance I get. Now I must say, I am not into complimenting men without running game - but it is different with him. I am really being honest with him. We had sex about a week ago and it was sooo good. It was a little weird the first time but after that it was so good. He likes to make me feel like it is "ALL ABOUT ME". I am kind of paranoid, so I tend to think he is running game on me but this is the first time that I am really even close to be living a man's words after only a month of knowing him. I just can't believe how we click and get each other. He says the same things that I think and he says, that I do the same thing. I just can't believe that two people can really be in sync that much. It's actually kind of scary, and he always tell me that I have to get over my fear of things, (because I have a lot). I'm just wondering why do I feel so good about this man and so soon. I never felt this way about anyone without the main focus being about sex.

I am a Gemini woman (6/18/87) and I have been with my Libra man (9/25/86) for 7 months now. I know I am going to marry this man. He is intelligent, has good ethics and ambitions. I have definitely found the perfect person to balance me out. We get along sooo well! In 7 months I have reached a state of such harmony with him and I know he is my soulmate.

Being a Gemini woman, I know that I can be childish and naive at times but he brings me back to earth. We are so in love and we don't care what anyone else thinks!

I'm a Libra man, I am 18 years old, and I wanted to ask all Gemini ladies; what's the best way to attract a Gemini, around my age? I'm opened to all comments and suggestions.

I am a Gemini woman (5/27/93) and he is a Libra man(10-12-92.) Our relationship is just great. We have excellent communication and we get along perfect. I know this relationship will be awhile!

I am a Libra man, and have an enormous crush on a Gemini lady. We have had very limited chance to talk since her life is quite bogged down at this moment. When I read all the various things the posters have written here, tears just well up in my eyes-- oh, I feel like I am going mad. And I am questioning if I am not idealizing the potential with her-- for all I know she may share the attraction for me in the slightest. The first time I saw her, I had to fight myself all evening from staring at her -- I didn't want to make her uncomfortable in any way. But she is probably the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. So all I can do is wait, and I will do so, because I really respect her. All I can do is hope the universe gives us a chance. Please universe, give us a chance....

@ 18 year old Libra Guy: Gemini's are very intuitive, and as a Libra man, you've probably got an intellectual level to match our own. We do get bored easily, so please don't be turned off by that, it isn't intentional, for the most part, we love new things. Stimulate us intellectually, try not to be boring (not saying that you are of course :P) and change things up once in a while. People who are easy to figure out or predictable aren't any fun. After the mental connection, everything else should fall into place. Good Luck :3 !

Libra man with crush on Gemini lady update--- I guess it the crush was one-sided after all. Sigh--- :-(

I am a Gemini female and I dated a Libra for a little over 2 years. We met when we were 15 years old and were instantly attracted to each other. Because he was moving away for a year I decided that we should just be friends. Once he moved back we were best friends for 4 years. One night I realized that I was in love with him and we were inseparable for the next 2 years. Libras are the most romantic, gentle, charismatic men. There is no one like them. Even after we broke up, we still remained friends. We still consider each other as soul mates. For all you Gemini ladies out there, it is absolutely true -- Libras are our soul mates. They ground us and ignite us at the same time. Just make sure that you appreciate and respect their calm peaceful demeanor. I know we Gemini's like a good fight once in awhile, but Libra's do not like to argue... keep that in mind and you will have the time of your life with him :)

hey there, im a Gemini female 3rd of June, dating Libra male 3rd of October..

everything is amazing and we go so well.. we hang out every day together since 4 months now.. we confessed our love to each other.. and everything changed since then..

he started to get obsessed with my guy friends, thinking that I might cheat on him the whole time.. and trust? there is none of it.. he argues with me on everything.. and jealous like crazy.. he screams and fight with my guy friends.. which embarrass me alot.. few hours later he calls back and apologize.. sometimes he doesn't and I try to calm him down.. the only thing that makes him come back to me is sex.. we both know that he loves this thing about me and so scared I'd do it with sm1 else.. never cheated on him.. but when I feel that sm1 is insecure I just start to feel the same.. and try to find someone else..

plz advice me Libra guys.. why is he doing all that?

I'm a Gemini woman 6/7/92 and I know a Libra man 10/11/85. Well I used to like him last year because I thought he was charming and very sweet and cute. I knows its an age difference but it wasn't his age that attracted me to him. My biological father has been plenty absent in my life so I started puberty with feelings for older men since I was young. Everyone likes being around him, he always has a crowd and a nice smile, he's also best friends with my older sister. Our families are relatively close and he knows I used to like him but he turned me down last year. I got over it but when I'm around him and I see him he's sweet and helpful and respectful. But then at other times he gets a really bad attitude with me, he ignores me and says mean things to me on the sly when its' just us. Why does he only respect me around other people then whenever its just us talking he lashes at me like I'm a dog?!

Hi, I'm a Gemini lady and I met my dear Libra friend when we were 5 or 6 years old. After elemtary we lost touch and thanks to the magic of the internet we've reunited again. We're now in our early 20's and I really REALLY fancy him. He's away on business and heaven's knows when I'll see him again. I'm hoping for something greater and something deeper with this fellow, but it seems I have to learn how to be patient first. Sigh...

I am Gemini lady and met a libran male on a dating site. I live in one state and he in another.But we only ever chatted online...(he wrote me a beautiful poem)he is truly a romantic...anyway, he came to my state on business and we finally met one evening for dinner.It was truly amazing,it was as though we had known each other for a lifetime,we just connected so well.But the sad thing is we have only been able to see each other four times in four months because of the distance between us.We keep in touch by texting or the occasional phone call or online when we can catch each other when not working..he invited me to his place for the weekend and we had a wonderful time together..but I miss not living closer to him..he is always saying how far away we are from each other..I am seriously considering moving back to my home state,as we will be able to see each other more and form a closer bond. Libran males are truly Geminis kings..Oh and I am 4 years older than him whic h doesn't deter him one bit....age is irrelevant he says...I just hope he stays interested or maybe fate will bring us together somehow...

im a 17 year old Gemini my birth day is june 18 1993 . I have been dating my Libra man whose birthday is september 26 1994 for about 3 years on and off. the thing I don't understand is why do we argue everyday? I tend to be a little clingy and obsessive at times but for some wierd reason he said he likes that. he said he loves me like that or something. I don't really associate my self wit anyone else but him. we are now in along distance relationship and made plans for the future but im not sure if he still wants it. I find my self up at crazy hours like 5 in the morning thinking about him. and its like I have to hope and pray he will answer the phone. im to the point where im wondering if im even a true Gemini , I know I have just about every single trait except I tend to be jealous and possive over him. I wasnt like this with anyone else. when we broke up many times I tryed moving on, I even stayed single because I still loved him, ive watched him date other peopl e. I want to believe he is the perfect one. but now im startiing to build up hate and resentment towards many libras because of him. some of the libras that ive delt with that were people you deal with like an aquantince* were quite mean to me. I don't know what to do. im so young it could be my age. even in the begining of our relationship we was okay but we argued. im not sure if he was acting like a true Libra as well because he was extremely jelous and posseive over me too. he is the kinda guy that likes a clingy girl he told me that. I was clingy to him in the beginning even before he told me that because I had a lot of feelings for him. some one please tell me are we abnormal ? I need help asap

I am a Libra guy. 10-08-81. I got an opportunity to spend few hours with Gemini girls. I felt like all Gemini girls are pretty as well as sexy. Libra likes beauty & intelligence. It is a great time talking to Gemini girls. They are good in keeping Libra conversation more interesting. Conversation looks so open irrespective of any topics. At some point makes me feel like Gemini girls make Libra to feel hours as mins. Being a Libra I like pretty girls who are good conversationist. It is not about sex, it is about the kind of quality time we just spend together even being just a stranger. Gemini girls are awesome.

I love to get married to one Gemini Girl in my Life. I hope So. :)

I am a Gemini woman 6/14/67 married to a Libra 10/14/64- a very sexy man. Been married since '97, an exhausting marriage to say the least. I'm not physically interested in him as he's not emotionally or intellectually engaged "checked out." I am dying inside because he responds so slowly that I forgot what I asked... Terminally bored and seriously annoyed.

I am a Gemini woman 3/6/66 and my partner is a Libran man 23/10/66. We met when we were 15 years old at School and were in the same circle of friends. I ended up meeting someone else when I was 17 years old and remained in a unhappy relationship for 25 years, married for 16. I ended my marriage and suddenly made contact with my libran man, again, after 25 years. He moved in almost immediately with me and my two children. He also has two teenagers too. It was fantastic, but he suffers from depression and was not working. I ended up supporting everyone, including his own children every other weekend and have done this for nearly a year. The other issue that became a problem for us was his ex-girlfriend who is also his best friend. I was working hard to earn money and he was spending time with her talking and drinking tea and when I challenged him he defended her and made me out to be jealous. He inferred that I wanted him to give up the friendship which he wou ld not, but I said that he made her feel more important than me. The money issue and the ex has ended up in me asking him to move out. He has moved out, but has said that he does not want to lose me, but needs space to see if we are actually compatitable as he has doubts. He did not like the honest way I spoke to him about not contributing to help me and the fact that I have a problem with his friendship with his ex. I have been left totally in limbo not knowing if I have done the right thing and my reasons were valid or he will value me enough and what he had to come forward and make it work. He says he loves me. Please help. I feel like I have had the "rug" pulled out from under my feet. Am I being unfair?

i'm a Libra and my love Mushirah is an gemini...

I love her deeply and she also...

I want to be with her all day all night cause she is a real funny one who attracts me towards her each time.. x <3

she just what I want and someday i'll propose her...

plz wish me a good luck for that auspicious day...

I"m a Libra male through and thru and recently dated a childhood friend of mine, who is a Gemini. We were both cute kids in grade school but hadn't seen each other in decades, neither knowing what to expect, however as adults we are both very attractive. I"m handsome, fit and intelligent, and she was extremely sexy and pretty. We pretty much fell into something intangibly magnetic at first sight. We could not keep out hands off eachother. That magneticism also had its opposite polarity. Within a few weeks we were having sex, and it was just over the top incredible, however the fighting became even more volatile and the intensity of the pain drove us both so far away from eachother. All I can liken it to is fighting with my other half.. my soulmate, someone that can torture me as well as cause me bliss. It was incredible ecstacy but also torture from the fighting. It felt brutal and blissful at such extremes. Every time she would attack me it was like a swored through my heart. It felt that gut wreching. There was simply no way to explain any of it. It seemed like we were lovers from other lifetimes and had done each other terribly wrong. Making love was a reunion that was indescribable. Passionate, and intense, but also fun and just exciting. We seem to have completely obliterated our connection now in order to save ourselves, it was that scary, more for her, but also for myself. We are now at a safe distance. I've read over and over that Gemins and Libras are blissfull together. That was not my experience however. Her two faced, confusing, wishy washy behavior runs counter to my logical, stern, direct ways..and I"m a peace maker,she wants to have constant turmoil and create drama and then projects it onto me and expects me to solve the riddle. When we are physically in contact, there is no words for it. I feel like I"m with my soulmate..and she pushes my buttons and makes me quite angry. She is rejecting and nasty to me, even though she effects my heart unlike any other person I've met in my life. Enough so that I have no defenses and she cuts me to the bone. And I do the same to her according to her. It creates fear and confusion. Neither of us have any idea of how or why..we just know we cannot live with that kind of pain. Even though the intimacy is amazing. We just cannot get control over the other part of it, and its emotionally destructive. I often wondered if she is bipolar,not just Gemini. I can't follow her violent mood swings. As a Libra, I love many traits about this person, but not her ability to get cold and nasty and attack or create drama. I'm constantly having to guess and sort thru her confusing messages and find some semblance of honest truth that I can work with in order to patch things up. She has tested me to the limit and I finally just gave up. It has felt like a slug-o-war of souls instead of what I had hoped for. Initially it was all bliss, but once we had a few fights and both felt the searing pain of it, we couldn't get back away from a defensive posture. I feel like we have some karma from past lives. Thats how it feels. I have no explanation for it. Its been the most bizarre thing for me ever. I felt like her energy just rips right thru me when she's angry. However when we were loving and gentle it was like heaven.

I honestly believe soulmates sometimes don't work out their karma, they battle again and again and again.... and thats how it feels. I feel like we have been at this since the beginning of time, and her anger with me isn't related to this life at all..she can't understand why its so deep either. She acts superficial, but she knows that the connection runs much deeper.

This is the first Gemini woman I ever dated.I hope to God they are all not this way. But its not like she was random. She was a childhood crush of mine. The only little girl I had eyes for. Three decades later she has crushed a part of my heart for good, and claimed that I destroyed her already. Makes so little sense. It must have been in a past life that something more serious happened. In this one, we didn't hardly spend much time at all, and have a few arguments.

Has anyone ever experienced this ? Did you part ways for good or did you part ways then reunite ?

Gemini 6-18 dating a Libra man 9-28 and I haven't been so confused in my life. He is there one day gone the next but he always comes back I don't know how to get him to open up and STAY. Its so fustrating because when we are together fireworks. Conversations are on point, the "relations" are mind blowing and we are like kids all over again,never a dull moment and he looks great on paper lol. I heart him I just hope he can get it together before my patience runs out...sigh

I never leave any sort of blog or anything about anything--- but after reading these strings of experiences b/t the Gemini women & Libra man, I just had to comment.

I am a married Gemini woman. I recently learned that sometimes people get married due to timing not this passionate love you hear about; in order words- if women want children and a family and meets a good supporter/provider who wants the same thing, then it's a match [I think this is what happened to me, I was in my 30's and was thinking I need to get a 'move on']. My husband and I bicker non-stop- about anything we're just not compatible period- never really were---- I just figured that's what marriage is all about- never perfect [we have 2 children together]. So to make a long a story short I met a Libra man and holy cow- the connection was unbelievable! We talk quite often; we remind each other that we are friends {my husband is a wear of my friend and that we talk but is unaware of how I feel about him}.We both have strong morals and values and nothing will go any further [but part if me wishes it would]. I thought I was crazy to think that I could be falling for someone I just met after reading this forum I think what I'm feeling is possible. I know I'm married for life and I'm in this for the long haul--- it's just sad knowing that there is someone much more compatible out there for me that I'll never get to experience.

when a Libra man says I love you what should a Gemini woman say back?

Gemini woman 3/6/66 you did the right thing, he's not worth it was probably using you, forget him wait and you will find someone who will loves you truly, do not regret.

Why are all librians so indecisive...?I have been chatting to a guy for at least 5 months via mxit and he so much want's to meet but never comes straight out with it....I feel I want to ask him but he might just be offended...His in love with some he know's by only chatting....

Gemini Female, 6/8/1988. Libra Male, 10/12/1986.

A year ago, I met my soul mate. He is an amazing man, incredible in every way. I was engaged to another man when I met my Libra, but that ended shortly after. We have been together ever since and I love him more today than I did the first time I met him. The connection from the beginning has been absolutely amazing, never have I ever experienced anything like this. We are madly in love with each other, but there is a problem.

At the beginning of last month, I left my Libra. We didn't speak for 2 weeks and I moved away from our home. We've finally started talking again and we are trying this long-distance. He's very apprehensive this time around and it's killing me. I lost him once, that was my fault. I let him go, but I want him to be the way he was before. Do I just need to be patient and let him heal more? Or is it a lost cause? We've been doing long distance for about 2 weeks now and I have no doubts about it working. I just don't understand why he can't see how much I care still and love him. I know leaving was a mistake, but I don't want any apprehension from him. Any ideas?

I need some advice. I used to date a Libra (I'm a gemini) and thing were great! Better then they have ever been with any man I have dated. Libra men are wonderful. He wanted to get serious and become exclusive before I was ready tgo so he stopped calling me and met someone else. He now has a girlfriend, what I think he wanted all along.

I see him a lot now, we have mutual friends, and I just feel like there are still feelings there even though he has a girlfriend now. The way he looks at me, catches my eye and looks away, etc. My question is, do libras ever go back to people they used to date or do they move on and never look back? I'm looking for some hope here.

I am a divorced Gemini (5-31)woman who finds herself in a rather unusual situation. I have met a Libran man (10-2) who is 13 years younger than I. I have no idea where the friendship is going...but...we really enjoy spending time together...and I find we are spending more and more time together. I was very awkward about it at first...but have just simply decided to let the friendship go where it will.

He comes at life from one direction...I seem to come at it from the opposite direction...and somehow it seems to be lots of fun in the middle!

Im a Gemini lady (6/5) he is Libra (9/28) and our chemistry is explosive. Everytime we're around each other, our sex parts are drawn to each other like a magnet. Sex is amazing and I love his wit..I mean I admitted to him that he's the only guy I've ever dated that actually checks my attitude, and I LOVE that about him.

However, the down side is he's married, for almost 6 years. We've been together for a year. He says he wants to get divorced, but no papers have been filed. And we are now broken up, but he wants up to be friends. And Im not used to breaking up and being friends with someone, I usually just cut off all ties. But he literally is kinda forcing me to be friends with him. He tells me he misses me everyday and cant see his life without me...but Im not falling for it anymore.

We started out as friends and then one night we were saying good bye to each other and WHAM!!! - fireworks. I've only felt this love with one other person in my life, my ex husband, this is how strongly this Libra male affected me. I still feel like we were meant to be together and in another life we will be. But in this life...we cant be.

I will never forget him though...

To the married Gemini woman who has a Libra male friend. WOW your story just blew me away. Your life (marriage) sounds just like mine. We are truly the Gemini Twins!

I am a Gemini woman dating a Libra man for almost 2 years now and we're crazy in love :) we've had a few arguments but we always tend to fix them cause we cant be without each other. I've never been in love until I met him. We clicked right awayy

I'am a Gemini woman who has fallen so deeply in love with a younger Libra man.. Never would I had even considered dating someone younger than myself. But this Libra man surpassed my mind and went directly in my heart. I love everything about him and neither one of us is perfect. He is a breath of fresh air. He makes me laugh.. he tells me things like you are the only one for me. He has made great sacrifices for little ole me. He holds me close.. His expression of his love for me is breath taking. I tell him he melts my heart all the time.. He is consistent is showering me with his love. I told him my heart belongs to him only and I mean every single word.. He is full of confidence.. Intelligence..and in depth conversation.. I love my Libra man always.. I cant wait to become his wife..

Am a Libra man born 10-10-78 recently going wit a Gemini girl born 05-06-86,i luv d age gap I saw her during my coz's traditional marriage and fell in luv @ first sight.i asked my elder sister 2 get her phone number 4 me and she did,few days later I called her and the conversation was cordial.I know I hav seen my soul mate and we stay in differient states so I travelled to her state bcos I was born there and my mum still live there so I stayed up to 10days.Gemini women are such a loyal creature but don't force them into loving you deeply,they were knwn to be flirtatious just like Libra but my fear is they are double face.we have known for 10 weeks but I conquered the fear concerning their double face,am a twin and Gemini symbol is a twin so I understand perfectly everything she say though her way of testing me was becoming so much and confronted her a respectable manner.we talked wit our minds while looking into each other's eyes,this is a perfect match but I don't want t o have sex with her now because I want to settle down with her.i don't know if it is too early to propose to her and I don't want to lose her for all my life I have suffered in searching for someone that wil understand my being extravagant as a way to keep my spirit young.she is just an Angel,her god of communication gave her the ability to know when love is true and pure and it's only a Libra man that can understand a Gemini woman inability to believe anything she hears without doubting or calculating it's possibility.she has a captivating sharp eyes and majestically moulded to be my travelling to see her tomorrow,when I kissed her at first I was lost in this world,i can't get

her off my I don't know for sure if she flirts but love covers a multitude of sin.

Gemini Woman in love with a Libra man. He and I have been awesome friends for over 10 years. He is my soul mate and we broke up over communication issues. He is the first guy I ever lived with and I do not regret it. As a matter of fact. Breaking up was the best thing for us. We are starting to date again (we actually never really stopped caring for each other)after some kinks are successfully worked out. I WILL be his wife. If not, we will ALWAYS be great friends. THIS IS TRULY a MATCH made in the stars

my birthday is june 7, his is october 7.

the first time we met, there was instant connection between us. he laughed at my jokes and from then on, I liked him. he didn't really notice me until we had a class together. then we started flirting a lot and he started liking me 2 months before he asked me out. we had a slow start.. we didn't kiss for 3 weeks! I was scared haha. after that we were very affectionate with each other.. even though I hate PDA, I couldn't say no to him!

we broke up for two months because of the long distance - he was sort of skeptical about it.. the day after we broke up though we started talking yet again! we became best friends during the summer, and apparently the whole time he was planning on getting me back. in september he asked me out again. he wanted to try long distance. how could I say no?

now we are happier than ever! during the summer I learned a lot more about him, so after I was more comfortable around him. I can honestly say I love him. he's a bit aloof about telling me how he feels, but when he does he does it really well. when we're together I still get butterflies. we tease each other like crazy! we usually have tickle fights in his bed. he won't stop until we're making out. oh man, the feeling I get when we kiss is amazing. and even while we kiss we can still laugh. after we're done fooling around, we'll spoon for a little bit and tell each other secrets. we basically do nothing while we're together, but that's the way I like it. we can talk for hours about everything.

the only downside is definitely how much of a flirt he is. it comes naturally to him - he doesn't notice he does it and since we're long distance and he goes to a different school, I don't exactly have full trust in him.. he's cheated on past girlfriends too. so we've had a couple of arguments about my trust issues.

overall, this has been the best relationship i've ever been in! I totally suggest meeting a Libra if you're a gemini.

I am a Gemini woman 1.6.67..and I started to talk to a Libra man that I met on a dating site, we seem to get on really well, suddenly he admitted to being afraid to get to know me better...which is because he has been very badly hurt he said he felt a deep connection with me and had feelings for me even though we had not met...

He is still dating other women but he says that it just mutual fun between them....he had asked that I be patient with him because he is not ready to go down that road yet and is very afraid of going on a date with me because of the feelings he has for me and at such an early stage...the strange thing is I have no feelings of jealousy about him dating other women and I feel that we do have something very special I always seem to know what he is thinking and the same with him.even though we have decided just to stick to emails for now, we have both left the dating site and talk to each other every day by way of email....i believe I have found my soul mate and never knew I could be this patient it has shown me many new things about my self I did not know I had inside me ...funny thing is just before I left the dating site I started to talk to another man that turned out to be his cousin who thought I was playing a sick joke and blurted out in a message your the lady that my co usin keeps talking about ....a stoke of luck because the cousin is helping me out with the man of my dreams.....i just have to be patient and always be honest....which I have been, or that situation could have been very messy haa haa

I am a Gemini female born on 15/06/1985 and have loads of interest in zodiac signs. Not only after reading these experiences but otherwise I have noticed and realized that librans are just "d" best for us. But, ironically, I have only met libran females not male. hahahha!!!!!! Still looking for an excellent libran companion.

Gemini 5/28 maRried to Libra man 10/4 and it is not a perfect marriage we have but we have learned so much from each other and know we do have true love. he has taught me how to love because he is very loving too. Libras are meant to be married to gemini!

An update from my last post: "I never leave any sort of blog or anything about anything...,"

Well I continue to feel the same: marriage is ok- just ok--- my husband is slightly controlling & quite condensing and asking him questions in general is difficult {he deems everything common sense} I really hate speaking with him and tell him so- then he softens up. He has a certain way things should be done and any other way is just not logical. His family as well as him self have this air about them- superiority complex is what I call it- hate it! He is a very intelligent man but I hate the way he could be condensing. The only plus that comes to mind is that he is an amazing father the kids just love him so- so Im really lucky there!

Now, I continue to speak over the phone with my Libra friend but not as often as I did at first ---- which might be a good thing because I really think I could fall in love with him. he's been dating in hopes of finding that special women and tells me that he just hasnt yet and he's not sure what he's looking for---- hell just know when he finds it. We could talk to each other about absolutely anything- anything at all. Ive have never opened-up as much as I with this Libra man he reassures me that he would never make fun of me and would only support me. We are careful of how we talk- for instance we do not talk dirty to one another or anything of the sort. I continue to tell my husband of any time I may speak with Libra and usually advise him that it mostly about his girl-friends and he just needs a womens perspective which is true for the most part. I love speaking with Libra; out last conversation was interesting--- he asked me how much longer I could go on with a loveless marriage----------- my children are small so its about them now not me- I cant be selfish. Libra will go to tell me that one day {perhaps when the kids are older} Ill just wake up and realize that I cant take this anymore., then asks when do I think that will be????? I have no idea I answer.., Libra always reassures me that he's there for me whenever I need to talk. Im falling for him big time and we both end off by reminding each other how lucky we are to have each other {as friends} to talk to. I remain grounded and level headed but I now understand how powerful the concept of this thing called love must be. I care for my husband deeply but realize that he will never change and his character will always be one of control and being condensing :(

I'm June 4 and my Libra man is September 28, there's a 13yr age difference. At first I wasn't interested in pursuing a relationship, but once we slept together I was hooked. Now he withdrawn but knows how to pull me back in. I'm so into him, but his indecisiveness, and sometimes cold demeanor just turns me off. Usual, I'm the one has the guy shaking his head wondering if I'm coming or going, but now I'm getting a taste of my own medicine.

I am a Gemini woman dating my first Libra and so far it has been a whirlwind of good times. As many Geminis, I have fallen in and out of love many times, but so far, nothing has quite compared to my feelings for my Libra man. Our first date was originally just supposed to be meeting up for coffee, but we found ourselves so entranced in eachother's presence that our quick coffee date turned into an amazing 8 hours of going all over town on our own little adventures. Unlike some other men I've dated, there is never a dull moment with my Libra. He understands me without me even saying a word(which doesn't happen too often) and I get him and all his weird little quirks. I will say that Libra men are a bit quirky, but there is not one thing I would change about him. He is the most kind, intellectual, and sensual man I have ever met and I truly feel like I have met a life long partner in my Libra.

I met a Libra man on the Net and we finally decided to meet but he contracted food poisoning and spent the week-end being violently ill so all our plans went out the window. He was mailing me beautiful letters about personal subjects and fun ones too but it has been 10 days and he has refused to contact me. I'm heartbroken because things went sour and I would like to think he will contact again.Am I being unreal or has he gone on without me?

I am a Libra man born9/24/45 that has been intrigued by and I guess you could say infatuated with a woman born 6/6/56. I met this adorable woman when I was a little to old and she was a little too young. she had a school girl crush on me then,I shyed away for obvious reasons. Throughout my life I have seen her ocassionally and talk for a while, the feelings I have for her is stronger than any other I have ever known. Over the years she has been divorced several times. I have never told her how I feel as she always been married any time I see her, and that is not very often. I have also been married and divorced but only once. This woman has been on my mind almost daily for over 40 years, now how crazy is that.

The first time we met, I felt love. Even though I had a boyfriend, I couldn`t keep away. So I broke up the bad relationship. Now me and my Libra man have been stucked together for a year and a half:) I`ve never even thought of getting married before I met him. But now, I feel I`ve found my soulmate:)

Im a Gemini currently involved with a libra! It is amazing! I can honestly say I foresee it lasting far into the future! We were classmates in high school and have not seen each other for years! But we reconnected via social networking site and have been speaking for a few months via phone! We plan to see each other next week and I am so excited! Im so grateful for this awesome Libra man!

hi I am a Gemini women I am 35 I am in love with a Libra men he's around his 50 athough he's a bit older then me I feel so atracted to first I would think of him as a consided men then one day after 1 years of knowing him I can say I fell in love with him after that year likeing him I decided to write him a love letter telling him my feelings I proubably made like 12 love letters and never gave them to him until one day I had the guts to give him one letter. well its going to be one year I gave him the letter and he hasent respond yet everyday I feel disapointed of the action I took giveing someone a letter telling him my feelings although I still like him I think of him everyday I day dream of him maybe because of age diferances I don't see nothing wrong with that I always wonder if he ever had feelings for me cause I can feel an atraction everytime we would see each other during the day I have had patients how much patients do I have to have for you're responses libr a

Hi I am a Gemini woman 6-12-1985 and my man is a Libra 10-2-1985. OMG he is the best thing that has happen to me beside my son. We meet on a online dating site. We met face to face like 2 weeks later and he is so amazing I mean just a total sweetheart. He is great with my 2 year old son and my son just adores him. We have been together for 2 months now and I will be moving in with him in like 3 weeks. He is such a great man, loving, caring, hardworking, gentle but still very mascline. He is fine and all get out my baby is so sexy, he is funny very funny and the sex... well let just say I never had the big O until him. Our relationship is great we balance each other out very well. All I have to say to my fellow Gemini women is go find you a Libra man they are awesome!!!

Hi all Gemini Ladies, Being a Libra male I thought I would give my perspective on one of the things you ladies have pointed out above. I obviously can't speak for all Librans so I will stick to what I know. Indecisiveness - yes we are analytical however I have never regretted any decision big or small because I have weighed up the pros and cons sometimes in detail or just what suits the situation. Yes it can be a pain in the ..... waiting, however please be patient it will be worth it most of the time.

@(I met a Libra man on the Net and we finally decided to meet but he contracted food poisoning and spent the week-end being violently ill so all our plans went out the window. He was mailing me beautiful letters about personal subjects and fun ones too but it has been 10 days and he has refused to contact me. I'm heartbroken because things went sour and I would like to think he will contact again.Am I being unreal or has he gone on without me?)

hey thr, Libra man nvr baks down from a relation, you can count me on this. take initiative he be realy happy to hear from u. ps: a Libra man maslf

I am a Gemini woman in love a great Libra man we met only a short time ago at a friends house we didn't talk that night but every day after it been on like hot butter pop corn extra buttet at that.He really sweet understanding and he drives me mad crazy.All I know is that god must of shined on me that not this guy have me smiling all the time He ask me to marrie him and you know I said yes so july 21st ill be his wife and the happest woman in the world.

Wow to the two married Gemini women I too am in the same situation. My Libra and I dated over 20 years ago until he was transferred to a different city. We never shared our true love for each other although he was the first man that I had a intimate relationship with it lasted 3 years. Four years ago he came back into my life, I see him every time he visits my city. He recently came out that he had loved me and I had loved him as well. The problem is I still love this man deeply and the chemisty is off the chart, just like before. However, I am married with two kids and we have been careful not to cross the line, it makes me so sad to know that I can not be with a man who respects and appreciates me unlike my husband who constantly starts fights and says negative things to me feel bad about myself.I am fortunate that I have a very close group of girlfriends and I like myself so he has not broken me. But I feel your pain in knowing who you really should be with you can not, but try not to cross that line unless you are out of your marriage you will not feel good about yourself and I do not think your Libra man will respect you as much either

Gemini girl here ive always played hard 2 get but I just gave in 2 this guy but it seems like I know more of what I want know that im getting older less games. but its wierd ive known one Libra guy forever we always click like magnets at random parties we run into each other at and we always leave together :) but we have never really cared for a relationship? now I just meet this other Libra and we talked til the freakin' sun came up felt like ive known him for life got a lil bit 2 comfortable hehe we must be meant for each other never been that comfortable with a stranger amazing or was I a lil bit 2 messed up lol I don't know but I cant wait 2 see him again

I was online with a Libra man Oct. 6 for 3 months. I am a Gemini woman June 19. We seemed to click and he was always trying to entertain me but he didn't want to show me what he looked like currently. He had an old picture on the dating site. He lived in another state and kept putting off us meeting. I found out he was on multiple dating and sex sites and he was not interested in a relationship but was more interested in finding sex partners.

I am a Gemini woman (6/19) who met a Libra male (10/06) online. We hit it off quickly. We were both enamored of each other I thought. He kept refusing my requests to meet him over a period of 3 months. I found out he was on multiple dating sites and was wooing other women also. So I have to say Libra males are fickle in my experience.

"I think this happens frequently with these two signs, the soul mate part, I dated one living overseas 10 yrs ago and he still calls at the times I need him most??"

I could have sworn I wrote this post exactly my experience and that was my first Libra I loved. We kept in touch for a decade after we dated then I went to visit him and things had changed and he lied again.

Then I met another that we dated for 2 years he was unbalanced and messed up emotionally. I would have stayed with him for life I loved him so much, We never fought badly we would just somehow say what we needed to and give each other enough space, too bad he lost himself.

If I have one word of Advice for the Libran man it is be honest and don't lie. I have broken up with 2 of them because of lies they told all the time. I don't have time for it.

Im now on my 3rd Libra man we have been together over a month, he is my boss at work, we have a secret relationship. I guess we will see where it goes. I do like him a lot and get this butterfly feeling when I see him for some weird reason. I hope he is the one.

Omg I just got off the phone with my Gemini potential woman. Why is the chemistry amazing?! Im lost for words, this is what life is about. I feel love in my heart as it beats and were not even together yet... Soon I will be the romantic Libra I am and take her to new heights she deserves. Wow this astrology stuff is accurate and im gonna make her fall in deep love with me, vice versa... :D so happy I could shyt rainbows!!!

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