Libra man is a dreamer

by Leonie

My libra man was a dreamer, lived in Lala Land. He wanted everything perfect, he wanted to only hear nice things, to only hear nice words.
I am a Leo woman, I am a realist, I don't sugar coating my words. I tell everything, opinion or my feeling as it is.

Libra man is very reserved in relationship. In loving a woman, he expects something in return. He avoids conflicts and put problems under the carpet unresolved (to avoid conflicts). He also holds grudge long.

If you seek a romance, Libra man maybe good for you. But if you want a partner to live in a real life, find someone else from other zodiacs. Libra man complains too much, because the real life does not meet his expectation. The best place for Libra man to live is in a fantasy land, in Lala Land. Libra man will never find true happiness, because the real life is not as perfect as his dream.

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by: Anonymous

I am a leo woman married to a libra man & I could not agree with you more! Alway dreaming! Then they expect you to dream right along with them.

by: Anonymous

THey say dreams can come true. As a Libra Male I can say that many things are possible but when nay sayers are abound, who needs enemies?? Ok we complain alot because wee see how much there is wrong with the world, but Libra are about what looks good, feels good and overall working order. WE dpn't like to settle for crap for too long otherwise we are nothing but complainers and not eventual doers. Leo women like to parade around with much to lift their noses at but fail to realise their controlling ways and shouting is nothing but hot air and far from constructive, If heis a dreamer, see how you can get him to be involved in such change. Be the catalyst. not the hater.

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