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I have dated a Libra man for three weeks now. I'm a Leo woman with Libra rising, born 6 Aug 1979 and he was born 10 Oct 1979. I don't know what his rising sign is...

I'm just wondering how successful this combination is, as it's going very well, we talk loads, and he and I have a lot of affection for each other already. I'm even going on holiday with him 1.5 months from now because it seems like a lovely idea. I'm not normally so fast in going on holidays abroad with previous boyfriends, but in this case, it feels like I'm listening more to my intuition rather then my sensible brain. I think I'm doing the right thing, and I've spoken with him about it, and he doesn't think we're being hasty- that it's just a holiday, and it's going to be a lot of fun. I agree with his outlook on it too, though some of my close friends are telling me to be careful.

Some advice would be...nice! Thanks in advance!

I'm a Libra (Oct 10th) also dating, well was dating, a Leo girl (July 31st) and she kinda pushed me away because of a little mistake (not cheating) that I did but I am trying to get her back because I LOVE HER SO MUCH. If your boyfriend is a Libra you are going to be OK because we really admire Leos.

I guess apparently Libras and Leos are made for each other, so I would say love your Libra man I want to love my Leo girl, and by the way it is one of the most intense relationships I've been in - good luck!

If you don't mind me asking, how long was it that you had been dating her before you realized you love her so?

I'm very careful with falling in love in relationships because of what happened with my parents (they separated after 23 years of marriage after my Scorpio mum had an affair which made my Sagittarius dad very unhappy) and I'm quite idealistic. Marriage will only happen once with me. You are right though- this relationship is intense! I've just come back from the two week holiday with him, and it was one of the best holidays I've been on for a long while. To put it into context, my dad said "That's different! You usually complained before that the person you went with wasn't right, and then broke up with him!" This has happened 3 or 4 times. So you can see why I'm crossing my fingers, and hoping this relationship turns out well.

Therefore, when I feel in my heart that (after all my best efforts to work on fixing it doesn't work) the person isn't right for me, I break up with them it's kinder to be honest and direct- I can't waste my life in a relationship where the person falls in love with me, and I don't fall IN love with them- this is what usually happens to me).

However, I feel this one is so much 'righter' then those I dated before...hmmm...well...we'll see. :)

Good luck to you too with your Leo girl. Court her, and if you get her back, never make the same mistake you did again, and always appreciate her- it will pay dividends, and she will love and be loyal to you forever.

I am Leo girl born on the 23rd aug 1985 and the person which I have recently met is a Libra man born on the 29th of sept 1986...

We only met once and we have not talked in like 5 years now. but all of a sudden we got talking and he confessed his feelings for me. Ever since he has made me feel that he really does love me. Only problem is that he is in Canada and I am in Australia. I don't see how this can work.

But he is so adamant that he will make this work, and he does, with heaps of chatting sms' and really sweet ones too.

Even planning for our future to get married and all. I thought this was a bit fast for me, and cant comprehend how someone can fall in love in just one meeting and want to spend the rest of his life with me. And to be so deeply involved.

I wont lie I am kind of falling for this, but I'm scared that he is just playing around. and I don't want to get hurt.

Do you think he is genuine?

That's a complicated question, with a lot of different factors involved.

For one, it's "easy" to fall in love with someone who you don't spend time with. You see only the parts of them they want you to see. No bad moods, no dirty laundry etc - people often seem a lot more perfect than they really are. Until you spend a quantity of time together neither of you can be sure if it can work out. Bottom line, you don't really know him and he doesn't really know you.

If either of you have plans to relocate then that's different, but if not.. I'd be wary. It's likely he is genuine in his intentions, however that doesn't mean he's being rational or realistic.

What does your heart say? If he's the love of your life, it's worth the gamble. If on the other hand you're fairly indifferent about him, I wouldn't take the chance personally.

I am a Libra man, and several ex girlfriends have been Leos, the one constant is that the intimate and sexual experiences have always been off the charts with Leo women. The problems always come with too many parties, not being organized enough, and both the Libra man and the Leo woman can get extremely jealous. So even though the sex is mind blowing, the only way that this combo can have a successful relationship is to work together as a team to get through the reality of real life outside the bedroom.

I dated a Libra man for 10 months. It was the worst by far relationship I've ever been in. It wasn't emotionally or physically abusive it was just emotionally and physically draining. He starts fights and then calls them discussions. He use to pick on my weaknesses and use them as amo in an argument. He texts me off the hook when I tell him Im leaving him or leave me respect for personal space. One minute he will be super nice the next super mean....It was almost like he was bi-polar. He was also cheap....Leo woman cannot handle a cheap man. Everything was 50/50. He expected me to shower him with love and affection with out returning it....Like we would just soak it all up. It was crazy! I'll never do it again.

I'm a Leo woman with a Libra moon and Venus in Leo. I've dated two Libra men--both extremely good-looking and charming, but I find Libra men somewhat too placid. You need some fireworks sometimes. They're pretty to look at but all they want to do is talk. That's why I think they're better as friends. I will say I have never found a better buddy to go to museums and concerts with. They have fantastic artistic taste.

Need some advice/help.

I met a Leo woman she was born aug 4th 1978 and im a Libra man born oct 6th 1979 We both have a lot in common went on a first date talked for 2 hours over coffee have a lot of the same views and wish to do a lot of the same things together.

Second date a week later we went to lunch and a movie started getting closer in the movie a little caressing and sitting closer holding hands and then ended the date with a kiss. We have plans to continue seeing each other.

I tend to be the one texting and calling the most and its ok from time to time but it would be nice to know she was thinking about me like I was her. Then she would text me to tell me she is going out with her friends to some event out of the blue then tells me about a ex she worked with and dated for a few months. And when I ask more details about it she mentions that I seem like the jealous possessive type which I tried to explain to her isn't the case as I don't tend to get possessive although this is really one of the first woman I have been really interested in like I am in a long time. And my previous relationship that I cared very deeply for had a lot of those qualities the jealousy and possessiveness.

My question is what do I do to combat this or to prove to her that it isn't the issue? OR how do I curb those comments or the way im coming across if it is the case?

Im a Leo woman, 8-22-1989, interested in Libra man, oct, 6 1985. we just met by chance one day when I was saying my daily good mornings to everyone and he caught one of them and replied with a good morning "sunshine".. it was kinda by chance that it we began to start talking more and more which eventually led to the exchange of numbers and such.. we went on several dates, spent time just chilling, and though I was very tempted to try and kiss him.. I kept my distance because when I first told him I really like him he was telling me it wasn't fair that he be with anyone until he was over his ex.. I was understanding and told him we could just be friends.. but he insisted we see where things go.. several months went by with me fighting myself from showing affection... yet when we are around each other to this day we are always smiling, jovial, and playful.. however there was a point that I quit talking to him because it seemed that he was preoccupied as well as I didn't want to overstep myself.. I found out later my in mu in action he had taken another girlfriend which only led to further silence until recently.. I never lost interest but tried to distance myself in respect.. I found out that he was in the relationship only because he didn't want her to do something stupid.. which makes sense considering the number of times he has been approaching me just to see if I remember our times.. and to see how I am in general.. he tried to ensure I was alright and always bring a smile to face if I were smiling and always referring to me as sunshine.. He has event old me he doesn't want to be in the relationship.. saying they have nothing in common and its just getting unbearable.. she is unable to take care of herself whereas I myself take care of my own things no help needed.. he knows I like him and I have told him in our latest convo... he then told me to start calling and texting him again.. so my question is.. is it me or does this man seem to actually still be interested in me even after it all.. or am I just imagining it and setting myself up to get hurt? my heart tells me that I always knew there was something there but my head doesn't want to allow myself to get hurt by being wrong

I hate Libra men. their bi-polar, moody and devious mental actions makes them appear like sociopaths and they are lousy lovers who wants you to do all the work and be all over them I am a Leo woman dated 2 Libras . never again

I agree with the last post. I am a Leo woman who cannot stand Libra men (speaking from experience of dating Libra men); they are wish-washy/flaky, moody and indecisive. They are not the best lovers and they DO expect you to do all the work...and if you don't, then they don't want to be with you. They are all talk and not reliable at all (makes you wonder if they can EVER BE FAITHFUL to ANY WOMAN). Leo woman...heed my advice and stay away from Libra men.

I'm a Leo 8-22-88 and im dating a Libra man 9/28/88 and we have the most amazing relationship.

I started going out with a Libra man, OH! ever so charming and chivalrous but moody as hell! Also you are right about them wanting you to do all the work, especially in bed.

I broke up with him on valentine's day because of his mood swing.

Libra men are so charming at first but that's only a disguise..... They are so moody. They just don't know what they want and so lady in bed.

I'm a Leo girl and just recently met a Libra man. He will make the 3rd Libra I have had any romantic connections with and I have to say that as much as all 3 have been very different, some things have been consistent. All of them I have communicated excellently with me. All of them were very romantic and willing to do a lot for me in the name of love. And I have to say for a Leo, that is Gold! All of them take pride in their personal style as well which is always a plus for the typical Leo. I just cant stand to be mentally bored and they have shown to be stimulating intellectually. Although I do have 4 planets in Libra so romantic communication is more important than raw physical attraction. Having so many planets in air signs does make it so that being cerebrally turned on first leads to physical attraction. And Libras satisfy this very well for me. Oh and I also love a man who can talk about and analyze the relationship with me once in awhile and they have no problem with this.

I am a Leo woman 23rd July 1983 and in love with a Libra male 30th Sept 1980. we have been dating for a little over 3 months now. Im completely crazy about him. we live in different states about 5 hours away but we try to see each other as often as possible. the thing is lately, things are a little weird between us, I think he might not be as interested in the relationship as he used to. I trust him but I have a weird feeling that he is cheating on me. He does not call or text me as often and whenever we talk we seem to fight about everything.

He says he loves me but only when I say it. I think it might be time to move on. I am tired of chasing him around and giving him all the attention and getting none in return. we are taking a road trip this weekend and I was going to try and talk to him or maybe break off the whole thing. It will be devastating to me but even worse if I let this continue. He starves me emotionally. Any suggestions or Ideas on what I can do will be really helpful. Thanks!

I am a Leo woman born 8-18-89 and my fiance is born 10-14-75 it was very difficult at first to get used to everyone's comments on the huge age gap but I would never change it for anything. Or relationship is great and communication is sometimes difficult with a Libra man as they are very prideful he takes care of me and I always take care of him its mutual bliss ....Leo woman and Libra man is a perfect match ... Leo woman are not easily satisfied at least not me it seemed like whenever I wanted something and got it I lost interest boy did the table turns with Libra its like falling in love everyday as long as the fights don't get out of control where you loose respect for each other it can work if you both really want it

I am a Leo woman, august 22,1983 and I am interested in a Libra man September 25, 1984. we worked together side by side, literally. for 8 months and all the while I liked him, but thought it would be to weird to date someone who I worked so closely with. we finally had a co-workers party outing one night where we both confessed our interest, but he fell short in telling me he had been talking to a girl for the past 2 months and a week after our confessions they became a couple. I was like damn, all this time I could've hade him, but now its too late, however he still flirted with me and talked to me even more. I fell into it, but not completely (sex) and gained feelings for him. but all the while he never got out of his relationship and claimed he actually didn't like hi GF. I didn't and still don't understand why he is with someone he doesn't like, as I read around I see it is mentioned a lot about Libras being a these relationships they don't like for someone else's sake. He no longer works with me and sent a message through a mutual co-worker that he loved me. I waited a week and texted him to talk about tit, but there was no response... I have never had that much chemistry with someone before and really wanted to fight for it, really not respecting his current relationship at all due to the fact that I saw his girlfriend with another guy... but I guess it wasn't right , and i shouldn't have gotten myself so deep in emotionally, he is till with her. no im going to a party this Friday coming up and there is a good chance he might be there, im nervous, but im going to ignore him. it will kills me that I even responded to his I love you, and he didn't respond, I cant let it happen again by falling for his charm when there is nothing after that, and he goes back to his "unhappily ever after" relationship...

well im a Leo women born 13th August and I was dating a Libra man 15th Oct and we broke up after us being engaged . then we didn't talk for a while now we are back talking . the Libra man has never cheated on me but with his other girlfriends . he is confusing me with mixed signals . he kisses me every time I see him and is nice . but I have to contact him first and sometimes he just leaves me hanging . he says he will come out the next day then he doesn't and then I see him and he acts like he was just like nothing happened. I don't know what to do how can I get him back and make him only have eyes for me . I dress nice I would do anything for him . I think im attractive so what am I doing wrong

I am a Leo woman born on 09 August 1974 and in a relationship with a Libra man born on 11 October 1965. I enjoy this relationship from a communalization, intelligence and sexual point of view. He is extremely neat and orderly and loves classy things. However; my man can sometimes be aloof. we have been together for one year and I enjoy this relationship a lot.

im a Libra 6th october, and my girlfriend (Leo 5th august) we know what we mean to each other but she doesn't like compliments ?? help please I thought compliments was one thing that they liked most.. maybe because ive never really complimented her fully.. or if this doesn't please her anyone got anything else to please her ?

I am a Leo woman and am dating a Libra man. Aug 1 and Oct 16. We hit it off from the first moment we met. I have a ton of fun with him and he makes me feel sooo SPECIAL! he is the best.. I am completely comfortable with him. its not perfect like we're in a movie of perfection but we are extremely realistic with each other and I really like that. I don't know how to explain my feelings for him though. its been about 2 months and I feel things for him that I never felt with my ex of 4yrs... what that's about I have no idea! lol... good luck!

Do you think Libra is made for Leo?

lol. I think the whole point of this page is to let you read peoples experiences and decide that for yourself. I am amazed how many people are willing to share here. Very nice community.

I'm a Leo girl who was with a Libra guy for 7 years. I have always been attracted to Libra men & continue to be! here are the pros and cons of my relationship.

what I loved: he was rather charming, witty, highly intelligent, great conversationalist, ravenous lover, creative, artistic, multi-talented, devoted, affectionate, good looking, self-sufficient.

what I loathed: his intense almost bi-polar moods!, his raging argumentativeness, co-dependency, self-centeredness, his tendency to play the blame game, overly critical nature, pretentiousness/elitist attitude, his avoidance of addressing any issues (which made him a ticking time bomb), & his unwillingness to accept me for who I am.

he led me on for years, which I found cruel, & he plays it off. I still love Libras though! I won't avoid them because of him. we were just better friends than lovers is all!

Libran men are psychotic lovers in disguise, they are either completely obsessed with you or just not that into you which means you are part of a cluster of females he is comparing you to. If you manage to worm your confident Leo charm into his heart you can play these men like a fiddle. Once they fall in love they fall deep to the point of no return, jealous, crazy, psychotic lovers who will go to all lengths to have you in their life. Be careful some can get abusive both mentally and physically and for those who feel they are being stringed along, as damaging as it sounds but you are. Libra men fall hard and fast and you will know it in your heart and have no doubt that he is not only in love but obsessed with you. If you don't feel that and he hasn't made you the centre of his world then you just aren't. He's making decisions about you and other options and will take his pick. If this is the case run and pull out, don't read into anything anymore its all a poor a ttempt to keep you there as a back up plan.

I have dated 3 Libran's and surprisingly all different but yet similar in the way they fell in love with me. Im married to a Libra man now for 7yrs and im very typical confident Leo woman. I let him think he is control of the relationship sometimes only because I get bored of always making the decisions but at the end of the day I have him wrapped around my little finger and know that he would be nothing without me. To the Leo woman, do not change who you are for him as much as he tries to change you don't, its not that he doesn't like the attention you get and your over confidence he's just jealous of it and wishes he could be like you. Stand your ground and he'll be putty in your hand and have a long lasting relationship with all the benefits the other posts mentioned (ie. intellectually, sexually satisfying lovers). Oh and do not get jealous if he gives other woman attention, its a temporary ego fix just remind him two can play that game and he'll stop. Maintain confidence confidence confidence ladies, I can not stress it enough. Good luck!

I am a Leo woman and have been involved with a Libra man for the past 7 years. I am older than him by 10 years by the way, but the age gap has never ever mattered. We have the most awesome, soul-satisfying relationship. He makes me feel like a queen, and the sex is mind-blowing. However, after having read all the above posts, I am forced to agree with some basic recurring points. Yes, he is moody, and I can't figure him out when he withdraws emotionally after sex. He says that he loves me and there can't be anyone else. But, I wouldn't want to trade places with any other woman! The roses come with the thorns and you just have to lump it. Good luck to all Leo women dating Libra men!

Hi, Libra Male here. pretty much %99. Only recently have I researched the astrological zodiac compatibility of myself and a Leo Woman that I hate to admit, but I believe I have fallen for her. Its very Mind boggling to read all that I have. I am a true Libra. I know more about myself just by researching and its all true with a few minor exceptions. Yet I'm in a situation that I can't control or at least I don't know enough yet. My mind is set on this Lovely Lady. I was very attracted to her by all means and took her out on a couple dates. We work together so there is a bit of controversy. Recently she was kind of bragging about her being a Leo and born in the year of the tiger which is this year as well. So I decided to research the astrological and chinese zodiacs. Turns out since I was born in 82, I'm a Dog which has Libra as its equivalent. Interestingly enough the Dog and the Tiger are also ideal in zodiac compatibilities. Mainly from what I read, we are practice ally a perfect match! Libra-Leo, Dog-Tiger, Air-Fire. Yet at times she seems distant and mysterious which intrigues me, then again at other times she seems flaunty and throws herself at me, mainly when she is intoxicated, though we work together as bartenders. I'm confused and a bit frustrated. I know she is the ONE for me, yet I'm afraid to push her away or not hook her at the right time. we both recently got out of hard relationships that somehow have something to do with each other before we even became aware of each other. I definitely know in my heart she is the yin to my yang! I just don't know how to officially make her mine and vise versa. Any bit of advice would help. My mind is set on her and won't reset until she says so and she knows this. She hasn't said so yet thank Gawd! I still don't know what path to take. I don't want to lose her in any form. Please HELP! Sincerely... Me

I am a Leo woman very much in LOVE with my Libra man. He is 7 years my junior. I guess that makes me a Lioness/Cougar. I wouldn't change our relationship for anyone or anything in this world or the next. Love comes gently grab it with both arms and love whole heartedly. God speed

Wow this is great...Im a Leo and I just met a Libra and of coarse he is all over me but im 25 and he is 36 and im a Christian and he is Muslim...Yea I know, but for now its fun and he is getting serious...Ill report back on how this all ended or is still going.

I broke up with my Libra man a few months ago....Have to say, he charmed me with a lot of dreams and aspirations of his, I fell pretty hard for him, which is not usually like me. He was good-looking, very affectionate, bright, AND seemed to adore me...problem was... he used drugs, I am sure he would have otherwise been my husband if his mind and body was not high....I have to admit, (NEVER TO HIM) , but I still love the person he was and is, we had a lot of fun (when times were good), and he loved life...we never had an awkward moment of silence...Please pray for him to overcome his sickness, I still do, Leo girl

im a Leo girl and I like this Libra guy but not really hard yet and im trying not to because he is kinda flaky. he makes it seem as if he wants me to chase after him but that's not happening...its just not something ill do for someone as unfaithful as him we are friends and he confided in me for relationship advice and at first I didn't really care if he had girlfriends I actually wanted to help their relationship out but he would give me these looks like he was trying to see deeper into my soul. it would just be so awkward. I can't seem to get him figured out he said to me one day "I feel like I should be with you" he IM'ed me and said that then before I could reply he logged of. then the next day he acted as if he never said those words. I've never dealt with Libras before ive always bin with sags and Aries :)

I am a Libra man and I dated a Leo woman. I can not agree to the fact of me wanting her to do all the work. I took it and pleasured her on a daily basis. There are a lot of things between the two that are dynamite. The communication will be an issue. It is like apples and oranges literally. I give this relationship a 5 out of 10. good luck to ya'll. I can honestly say, I do not think I will date another Leo female again.

Hi am a Leo woman born 20th aug an he's sept the 27th we love an adore each other very much, that if where mad at each other it doesn't last long where back in each others arms like it never happened, the only thing he gets jealous to much, an I have to remind him I love him, an I only have eyes 4 him, but on d whole Libra men are so amazing an loving an the sex yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Well, I have joined the club. A Leo girl who was approached by a Libran man on line. Only one difference: he is a BDSM Master and I am a submissive. He drives me nuts. I have been the focal point of his attention since we met, with surprise gifts of the bondage kind, a big deal made over valentines day, hours on line chatting, talking on the phone. I finally agreed to meet him and when we did we were both pleased with each other BUT, as a Master he keeps me waiting, and waiting AND WAITING!!!!

He keeps me on a string, sometimes not contacting me for days, other times spending hours with me. He makes a date and then decides not to turn up 5 minutes before he is supposed to meet me, leaving me with nice dress on, hair and make up done and severely deflated. Then offers no explanation but apologizes profusely. I recently went overseas on my own. We exchanged passionate messages. Everything was right again, or so I thought. The messages were ardent. When was I returning, What time, how soon would we be able to get together, Would it be early in the week, the end or later? Then when I returned and suggested possible days for a reunion, all I got was "I will see what suits". I haven't heard back since and it's been 4 days. I asked him whether it was all too difficult and to say so, so I do not waste my time, but he appears not to want to end it. What's with this man? I agree - rose with the thorns.

I am a Leo woman and I met a Libra man on Monday and I am very attracted to him and he seems to be as well. He touched my lower back while we were walking and I've never felt such a sensation as that. We have been texting a lot and we never run out of things. I think this is ping somewhere. And in addition to his good looks he's got class...I like that.

Libra man bartender wanting to secure fellow bartender, Leo woman... you need to tease her, but try to intuitively sense when she needs your reassurance. Leo's are steady, reliable lovers and although they need to be teased, they also need reassurance. because although they appear confident and resilient ,they are also insecure. Do not push and pull her. This combination is prone to it. This may sound superficial but, giving of a sentimental, thoughtful and/or expensive gift will win her over 100% IF you are sure she has feelings for you. Leo women thrive on romance and passion. You will no doubt please her in the bedroom , so if you can get her in those regards, you're halfway there.

Leo woman with Libran BDSM Master - are you enjoying the passion and torture of the relationship? I guess if you're getting off on it, do it. Don't ever let it take you over though. Regardless of his master status, Libra man are massive control freaks. So most Leo/Libra combinations are like this anyway. I guess Leo woman are so shocked when they find someone who controls them so easily, it is usually we who do the controlling! How do they do it?

I'm a Leo and I dated a Libra man while I was in college. I pursued him and made plans and we had talked and spent a whole day together before I inquired about the two of us meeting somewhere more.. exclusive. I was attracted to the fact that he was witty and charming and had an outlook on life that things should be fair, which I really admired about him. We dated and I would always ask him places and figure out things that we could do together. It felt pretty one-sided for the longest time, but he tried to break up with me once and then, after spring break, we got back together and it was as if nothing had changed. Anyways I really like Libras because of their sense of balance, however, he was very stoic and didn't really seem emotionally opinionated. Whenever we talked about things, I would tell him how I felt about them or express my passion for things but he would respond to things through monotone logic and it was almost like he wasn't human. I really enjoyed hi s chivalry and kindness but we ended up getting in an argument and he told me that there were a list of complaints he had been keeping quiet about against me. In the end, he was too idealist and I was too head-strong. For Leo women to date Libra men, the Leo woman has to be a bit more subtle with her emotions and the Libra has to really look at the Leo woman's pride and passion in an admiring disposition as opposed to criticizing it. Overall, these two can complete each other if they can communicate cordially and HONESTLY.

My experience with a Libra man has been that he is very moody, not steady with his emotions, But yes, he is very caring, charming and classy. I just wish he were more consistent with his feelings and that he would follow through with his emotions. He wants me, he wants me not. It seems like his feelings are always changing, and he does not really know what he wants. Where I am fixed in my ways, know what I want, and I am stable with my emotions. Typical Leo trait.

It is very difficult to be with someone like this. You never feel secure or stable. This is my experience. I am currently at a cross road if I should stay or just cut my loses and move on. I like stability, and he offers no stability on a emotional level. This is the first one for me. I have never been involved with a Libra. I tend to like Fire better. They are steady, reliable and know what they want.

I hope this helps.

Is it hard for a Libra man to end a marriage if it's not going well?

I am Leo woman 8/2/89 he is Libra sept. 26 88. I am the typical prideful Leo. He is typical "cant make up his mind" Libra. I found out about 3 months ago he cheated on me. Before our problems started things were amazing. It was Just unbelievable how we were always on the same wavelength, it was always a blast with him. After I found out about this other girl (it was more like a 2 month relationship minus the sexual aspect) I decided to forgive him in hopes of things going back to how they used to be. Im not the type to take back a cheating boyfriend. We've been together for 4 months short of 3 yrs. I thought he was the one and he was contemplating engagement 1 month before this cheating thing happened. I just need to know if as a typical Leo can I ever fully forgive him? It still hurts and I still cry about it. I just want to forget it and go back to how we used to be. Ive been dealing with this for 3 months now and it has gotten a little better but it seems to be branded into my brain.

Hello I met my Libra man on march 6 and we are already planning a July wedding. we have both been through so much and know that we are one for each other. he is 40 and im 43 we fell in love the first week we were together. He is a neat freak and im a pack rat but we have so much respect for each other so we don't hurt one another feelings when things need to be addressed. I am very happy to finally meet the man of my dreams.

I am a Libra woman with a Leo man. There is no possible way that we could be more compatible with each other, or more in love!

hello, I m a Leo woman 2nd august with Gemini rising ( maybe that helps?) and been dating a Libra guy.. I LOVE LIBRAS!

Despite my initial hesitations, I gave it a try.. Well I m blown away.. physically emotionally. I found my match. and it feels like he found his.

Yes, Libra guys are moody! Yes almost bipolar but If I m around him, I can change his mood in a second.. Just approach with elegance and diplomacy and show him how wrong he is to be moody by explaining facts. My Libra calms down like a baby..

Besides. Leo ladies with Libra guys.. seriously the hottest sex ever.. I never though you could have sex that way. Its blowminding.. Anybody else agrees?

I think after 2 months dating and spending a lot of time together I can control him but my problem is I know he hasn't surrendered yet and I cant get through to his soul.

examples: He has never said that I m pretty nor that he loves me but actions speak otherwise.. yesterday he used the term "pretty face" and that's after 2 months dating... He is oversees now and when calling he smoothed a kiss through the phone.. Still no pompous declarations of love.

He suggested we spend a few days this summer with my family at the beach house. and then sailing the two of us. Now I m getting scared...shall I introduce him to my family without knowing how he feels? verbally knowing. not enough feeling it for this Leo. and how do you approach a Libra with the question. so now I m your girlfriend or something??? without being pushy???

Well, I'm experiencing this particular situation now and I'm a Leo girl and I've dated three Libras. Two of them fell in love with me and I only love one Libra back. His name is Xavier and I really want to make this crazy azz relationship work but I got into it with his new attraction which is another bee. Then the horoscope thing said he is more attracted to Aries and she is his long term friend. I have a best friend and she is an Aries, she took two pics with him and she said she kinda like him. I used to give uph fine dudes for hee becuz I'm a good and loyal friend. So I think she was textn me yesterday on his phone and she show been actrn funny lately, jus hvn been calling me on my cuz phone for me. Do yal think that bee been sneaky and wuz talkn to him in his car?

I need advice!!!

I'm a Leo girl (30/07/1990), Scorpio moon, sag rising, Cancer venus; he's a Libra boy (27/09/1988), Aries moon, Leo rising, Leo venus.

We met when we were fourteen, and after knowing each other for a few months in high school, during which time we were both a little crazy and didn't have ourselves let alone each other figured out but managed to be natural friends in spite of it, I moved away. We stayed friends though. We talked off and on online; we'd talk for months, then we'd stop, then we'd start talking again like we never stopped...the longest it ever went was when I got a boyfriend who was jealous (typical immature leo) and later he got a girlfriend, but once we broke up with them we were back to talking with a whole new depth.

And now we're living in the same city again. And we've been seeing each other as friends for a few weeks...But we're friends who spend all day with each other doing date-like activities like walking through parks, going out to eat, snuggling in book stores, watching movies together, etc. And we talk and talk and talk for hours. I talk more than he does, but it can switch at any time. I'm not afraid to tell him anything, in fact it's so easy to just be myself around him I'm having to get used to doing so. We also cuddle, and the past few nights I've fallen asleep at his apartment, the first time wearing nothing but panties, the second time wearing panties and his shirt. We didn't have sex though! We didn't even kiss! We just touched and cuddled for hours without saying anything. It really felt quite amazing.

But I don't understand why he hasn't kissed me. I've known him long enough to know that he's not the type to do things like this easily, and he's not the type to kiss easily either. But how should I take his not kissing me? Should I take it as he doesn't really want to date, he just enjoys the friends-with-benefits-ish relationship? Or is he just afraid of getting hurt and taking it slow? I don't want to push him or just do it myself because I need to know that he wants it enough to make the moves.

So am I setting myself up to get hurt? Or is he just moving slow in some strange way?

I am a Libra man and my ex girlfriend is a Leo. We were together for about a year and at one point were engaged. We both decided together that things weren't working out for us. We are still wonderful friends and are close, can discuss anything-- and I trust her fully. It was that the timing wasn't right for us, and never will be, since we both need different things in each other that neither seem to be able to provide. I think she was just too fiery for my Libra tendencies to avoid confrontation and create peace. I think when we disagreements that she never felt I was active enough in the passion she needed to express. I always just listened and took in all that she was saying, weighing what she said and trying to formulate win/win solutions; maybe in that way she felt I might act a bit remote. I am also a very creative individual, she was very practical- that was always an issue for us, since she needed order and I liked being free spirited. It didn't work out for us, but I wish everyone the best in their own relationships.

Dear Leo lady who is wondering about her Libra guy not kissing her: All I can do is comment from my own feelings as a Libra. If he is anything like me, he is probably waiting for you to kiss him first or to at least ask him to kiss you. As Libras we over think everything, to the point that we just feel it is more clear if others mak e the first move. What advice I can give is- kiss him, see if he responds. If you are scared that that may be not true to yourself and feel that may be too bold, then I would just very tactfully ask him about it, be open with your feelings to him. Us Libras can also be a bit over shy and more than a little confused when it comes to romance, sometimes we aren't even someone has feeling for us, when it is painfully obvious to everyone around us. How many times I missed chances at relationships because I just was not sure. So yes, best plan of action is to just tell him that you have feelings for him, would like to keep pursuing it if he is also wanting the same. If he says yes, he wants that too, then ask him to kiss you. How many times I wished someone would have done the same for me, then I probably wouldn't be alone now. You might have to take the lead on this. Libras are famously shy with regards to romance.

Im a Leo girl and I've been dating my Libra man again for 6 months. We dating for a month in high school then he moved away and we lost contact now eight yrs later we happen to find each other on the internet (we weren't looking for each it just happened) we live in different states and are now in love and trying to makes plans for me to move where he is. SCARY! Mainly because he is very inconsistent. In person we connect and are in heavenly bliss but over the phone when we do talk its so dry!! What's this about Libra's being great communicators?! RUBBISH! It's like pulling teeth to get him to flap his gums! In person there is the physical contact not just sexually but otherwise that helps me to see his emotional side. I mean when he looks at me it with great intent and delight which makes me feel like silk. I know this man loves me but I don't get enough out of him verbally...what's with these crazy Libras?! So my dilemma is I'm suppose to pick up and move to a diff erent state to take a chance on love which might not even work out because I'm sure I'm exhausting him cause he is exhausting me...His need for space baffles me we live 5 hours away!! Him having not much to say when we might be on the phone only 30mins a day 20 of those minutes are me pulling for convo that he isn't reciprocating! I'm honestly going nuts ya'll help help help! I feel like I'm being punked :(.....I ADORE this man and I KNOW he loves me but to uproot my life for these inconsistencies I just don't know if its going to work out. I want him though he makes me feel like his angel, half the time. He tells me to "be easy" and for a fiery Leo he might as well have told me to stop breathing LOL! I need to know his heart mind and soul he is not opening that up to me I think he's scared I'm going to eat his mind and soul LOL! Oh but I love him so. He bought me a diamond watch for my birthday :D but then he doesn't call me back A lot of nights to say I love you or good night? I try to "be easy" like he requested he tells me to open my eyes I'd know he adores me.... Am I asking for blood here??! Is it me is it WE are just not compatible enough to make it?? Oh but I love him so

Im a Leo girl and I met a Libra man when I was on vacation and was with him for only a few days but the chemistry and bond was unbreakable. We are still in touch and plan to see each other again. I love Libra MEN!

Me, August 20, him, October 8....I don't know, he is definitely bi-polar, but its like I can easily forget about my anger with him. Last year he broke up with me, and then he changed his mind and wanted me to instantly get back with him. He gets so jealous and his mood changes like the wind. However, I know he is all about me. He stays jealous and he makes so many plans for us to be together. I love the sex sooooo much. I just have to see how long his niceness is going to last.

My experience with my Libra man has been like a rollercoaster of love/uncertainty/love. After 2+ yrs this is where I am at with this relationship.I am a Leo woman- 8.7.89 and he is a Libra-10.14.87, currently as of two days a go we are not communicating because of one of too many arguments that we have had, that gets to, lets just say way too dramatic! So right now I am also pregnant and I think that its best for me to just cool off from him because like many other women have mentioned about thier current and past Libra men, libras are just too indecisive and too moody. I feel like my emotions come from passion and conflict with his indecisiveness and then he doesn't know what to do, and it that makes me feel like he doesn't care enough to even get or understand what I am feeling. This makes me resent him and see him as a cold/selfish/incoherent human being and drives me nuts. I feel that Libras' sense of being a diplomat in arguments and discussions can just be pl ain stubborn and arrogant, like their way is the right way and my way is soooo utterly hampering to my Libra's mood, its like he goes off into some zoned out world and cannot function. I simply feel like he is way too easily overwhelmed and just "decides" to feel that way until I do what he wants, which is infuriating because it seems like what I have to say is just too much to comprehend. No one likes feeling misunderstood, especially a Leo woman. We have so much passion, creativity, and pride in our selves that we want the man in our lives to acknowledge and appreciate this, afterall Libra's are attracted to a Leo woman's confidence, but why do I feel like some cannot handle it? Libra man does seem bi-polar, and when reading this page, it felt sooooo good to read that other women agreed, yet I guess its not that good when you realize the reality. :( Anyways not all is bad between me and my libra, he is very playful, and tries to give good advice sometimes, and I guess as a Leo woman I need a lot of attention, which I sometimes receive, but Libra needs soooooo much more. its like they want to suck out all your confidence and need sooo much affection, but as a true Leo I am generous to a fault, so I actually enjoy displaying my love and affection to my partner. But I do love him and he and I do have a lot of creative elements in common and can have really interesting conversations. I also know he will be a great Dad, Libra's are extremely good with animals, and children from what I have seen. I love my Libra because I can feel sooo close to him and so comfortable but the communication can be disastrous.

I must agree that Leo /Libra is a good union. The only problem is that they don't tell you often how they feel, they are more about showing you. Although I love to see it, I also love to hear it. I want to hear him declare his love! I think in some weird way they are really afraid of rejection which is why they typically arent the ones to make the first move. They are not cheaters (at least not in my experience) but they do love to flirt. A Leo woman has to learn to be more subtle in her approach with a Libra. I will agree with the others that they do like to play the blame game and they have a bit of bi polar tendencies. I have seen him go from 2 to 10 numerous times. The sex is great and the companionship is pure bliss!

I'm a Leo girl who dated a Libra man off and on for a few months. At first I wasn't really into him so we stopped talking for a few months. I ended up calling him 2 months ago and we went out several times. I was starring to develop genuine feelings for him. I thought that we might actually have a shot at a relationship. He ended up canceling our last date because he wanted to stay home and chill with a beer. He told me that he'd call me later and it's been over three weeks. I've been in quite a quandary over this but haven't called because I refuse to chase after him. He also blew me off once before because of the Sunday Blues. As a woman/Leo it's hard not to have some sort of closure. How hard is it to pick up the phone Libra and say I'm just not that into you?

I was born on 4 August and he on 27 Sept. We were in a "relationship" for 6 weeks - even though we had known each other for 1 year & 4 months before we started "dating". For me, it wasn't like/ love at first first sight. It took me a while (Approx. 1 year) to get attracted to him - he had to literally beg me to stop avoiding him. Before we started "dating", he used to call me and we'd chat for long hours on the phone. All that changed when we started "dating". He'd go for days without calling or texting and that made me feel neglected. Eventually, the relationship ended because of that (He broke up with me because he felt that I was too pushy). It's been 9 months since the breakup but I can't stop thinking about him. I still love him. I've never felt that way about anyone else. I saw him 2 months ago walking with some lady (Probably his new girlfriend)& was very hurt about it. We had a no-contact period for 3 weeks immediately after the breake-up and started talking later on. He told me that I stress too much and that I need to "Take it easy". He also told me that my pushiness is a "push-away" factor. I've decided to cut all contact with him (at least for a year)and focus on my personal goals - will probably re-evaluate my feelings after a year. I'm not ready to start dating again because I'm still very hurt about the way in which he dumped me (Through a text). We never got meet and talk about the breakup or anything else for that matter (no closure whatsoever!!). He's always avoiding me but constantly tries to flirt with me on the phone. I've already started ignoring his calls and texts. It's been a month since I stopped talking to him. I'm hurt & confused. Please help!!!

I am a Libra man, and my last two girls friends have been Leo woman. I have found that jealousy has been a big issue in both relationships. As far as the sex goes the two woman were completely opposites.

After reading everyone's comments, I do see some recurrent tendencies in both Libra males and Leo females....Libra guys seem to be generally a bit unpredictable, disorganized, flirty, moody, playing the blame game, but they seem to be also charming, caring, free spirited, with a strong sense of justice. Leo girls, on the other hand seem to have to much pride, a bit emotional when things aren't going their way, self centered, and a bit controlling. They are also Loyal partners, generous and caring, as well as ambitious and attractive to people.

This mixture of Libra and Leo, is either clash or match. For my part, being a Leo women, I have been dating my Libra man for about 2 years now, and we have certainly had our ups and downs, but instead of keeping on having so much resentment for each other we have learned to communicate. And ever since, he has been the best lover, boyfriend and partner I could ask for, He is like my family to me and I would do anything for him, just like he would do anything for me. I trust him with all my heart. I think the biggest problem between those two signs, is that Leos have to much pride to admit they can be jealous or to much pride to call first, or admit their feelings, they like to be chased. And Libras are a little scared of rejection, which is why they don't always take the first step, and they also like to be chased, witch bothers Leos.

But I think what can make this couple work is that despite their differences, they are pretty similar, and if they learn to communicate, they can understand each other and become better persons, the Leo can aspire the Libra for greater things,to be his best, and to let loose on his emotions, and the Libra can bring a sense of balance , peace and justice to the Leo. My boyfriend and I are in my opinion, a great couple, we are good for each other, especially now that I know we can talk to each other and say how we feel without fear and also by having mutual respect for one another. He has taught me that I am not always right, and before him I was never told I was wrong my my other boyfriends, and I realized there are times, when I step over the line or exaggerate, its part of I am, as a Leo women, I'm a bit dramatic at times, and he had the balls to tell me. And as frustrated as I got, I admired and appreciated his honesty. Just like I tell him when he's wrong. I love him, he is the man, I've been looking for, and we are a very hot couple.He is my my partner, my man, he is a libra.

I'm a Leo girl 08\20 and him Libra sept 29th When we meet I had just brokin up with my boyfriend and he was very charmng..We ended up being sex buddies but I developed feelings for him we lost cntact 3 or 4 times and where on and off but the last time we gt back and cntact I got pregnant..I let him know I had feelings for him and asked how he felt about me and if he cld c himself with me answers were positive but he said he wasn't ready for a relationship but turned around and told me he had a girl a month be 4 I gave birth...He then turned into a new person disrespected me flaunting his girl and even denyed my child I was so hurt but I kept it together for my son because I'm a adult and my child is innocent...But his girl was so possessive and jealous of me that it ultimately ended the relationship...Now we are back on good terms and he told me he really didn't wanna be with her but I don't c y he stayed..He shoows interest and me now and the sex is great and we get along sooooo well being that we argued so much in the past..We r not officially together but I really want it to work out for the sake of our child and I care for him so much but I don't know if he's sincere and really cares for me are doing it because we have a child..ADVICE PLEASE!!!

I've dated 2 libras. Um...yeah it is great relationship when the Libra man is communicative. If both parties can't compromise and see each other's side it won't work. When you and him are happy~he is your best friend and wonderful lover. Leo, as leaders, you have to help him feel's all in the delivery on how to get him to open up. because once libras males shut down, they pretty much stay that way like they are unemotional & detached.Unfortunately I learned that after they were over. Those relationships that I had were the most intimate that I've felt with a man. Good luck

First I would like to say, I love a lot of the comments you guys have posted. I am a Libra female who dated a Libra male, but it was like he was a whole different Libra breed. I mean he was the total opposite of me, so now I know all libras are not alike. Yes I am charming, caring, a good listener, but I know what I want in life, and it's not hard for me to make up my mind about things. But him on the other hand, it is. He was sweet and charming at first, we use to talk about everything, hang out all the time, stay up late on the phone, it was like we were best friends. Then one day he just changed. He became very jealous to the point that I couldn't even say hi! To any guys I knew without him getting mad. He was also controling and possessive. He like to start arguments all the time to the point that we didn't get along any more. So I had to leave him alone. I don't like to argue, it doesn't solve anything, it just makes it worse. He was also very insecure. I think he was mad because he couldn't control me. Well two days after we broke up he text me, then call me to see what I was doing. I don't understand him, he acts as if nothing happen, and I'm like duh, we just broke up why are you calling me, lol! But I'm gonna leave him alone, I don't have time for games. But all libras are not the same, you just experienced a bad one. Good luck to every one!

Im a female Leo rising sign Libra, and my boyfriend is a Libra with the rising sign I know. We are actually two really different people, since I was young ive read that Libra and Leo are supposed to be a lot like in some ways.I think our biggest problems is trust, he is super jealous and so am i. Libra men are selfish, and sensative. I do things he wants, but he throws bitch fits when I want to do things I want to do. And female leos, hard exteriors, but deep down sensative also, and when he hurts my feelings, I swallow it, but if I hurt his, he makes it known then it makes me feel bad. I have to say though, he has treated me a lot better than any of my ex boyfriends. They aint as affectionate as we are, but I think overall they are good people and this relationship can work but, we need to work on the whole trust thing and we would be perfect. We been together and going strong for a year and 2 months, with only a few bumps in the road.

Wow reading all these testimonies really reminds me of my own situation.. I'm a Leo(07/31) and I'm interested in a Libra(10/10) but I am so confused with all the mixed signals. The chemistry is off the charts. Sometimes his need to be right is aggravating but once he smiles it all just melts away..

I met my Libra 3years my junior- on line and we have dated off and on for 2 years now. He shows so much love toward me that sometimes its overwhelming. He makes me feel like I have no flaws. Communictaes with me greatly, great love making, everything. But only problem is he depends on me for his happiness and this scares me! I often question is it love or obsession. I also feel like he wants me to depend too much on him but I am a confident independent female. Plus he is very jealous and can demand too much of my time. ButI can rely on him, he always does what he says he will do and is very patient and will do any and everything, great gift giver - writes me poetry and surprises me often! I will keep you posted.

I am a Leo girl (July 25th, 1967) dating a Libra man (October 7, 1973) well I do have a question regarding libra, more likely libra, being extremely protective, (mama's boy) sincere about it, and Romanian Christian (with mama who is very old fashioned religious) So here we go, I am the only woman he has dated that long! a year and two months now, amazingly he started the relationship ironically and here we are still together, besides the other day Ironically he asked me if I would considered to remarry again? I straight forward the following answer: "YES, sure eventually only if I have a proposal" He left me out with mixed signals which I am not scared off, because the beginning of the relationship was very vague, but we had the best summer ever, and so far this is the first time I feel so secure and so deep in love, and I have so much affection and patience with him! it is unusual of me! With work we see rarely, and not infront of his mom ( because he can't let her know before the engagement is taking place) to add that (in Romania You don't say Te Iusbec before the engagement, these are very powerful words) it means I LOVE YOU! the relationship goes very very slow, he never been married, never had children, I did! I feel so much passion between us, and any time we meet it is life falling in love like the first day! My Libra man is so far the best! and very smooth! any advices?

Are Libra man a little bit Ironic? the way they question to avoid telling the truth or leaving hints to Leo woman?

My man communicated so much details on wednesday regarding family approach, his mom, my mom, the situation and finally came to ask me: If I would consider remarry again? I said YES, eventually I will if only I have a proposal! Huh!!!! he left me with a smile, mocking look on his face telling me he wasn't ready yet, but despite that wants to continue seeing me and he started our relationship the same way: telling a friend of mine (she is not my type!) and told me the first time we kissed (I don't want a relationship let's play because getting serious!) here we are still together after a year and few months, doing well each time we meet it is fire! I did posted two posts any advices welcome to my world please leave feedback! :) good luck all of you! I sure ADORE my Libra man.

I'm a Leo woman (Aug.1 1984) and I have such a huge crush on an Italian Libra guy (Sept. 30 1986). First of all I'm black and I have never dated a white guy before, so this sudden interest is different yet really exciting. Every guy I have ever been serious with has been a freakin' Taurus, needless to say those were dead ended relationships. Anyway, this Libra guy is so amazingly talented, captivating, and charming. I think he flirts with me, and we've become friends, but I can't tell how he really feels. But I know there is such chemistry, I just don't think he notices me, an issue I have NEVER had with any guy. How do I know if there is anything more than friendship going on without seeming too aggressive and embarrassing myself. This is killing me inside because he's got it all, and I want him, but I don't know how to get out of friend zone with him. It's like he's too cool, too cute, too charming...more than do I get my paws in him?!

Hello Ive got to say I have married my Libra man after meeting him only 4 months before. He is a very nice person I do agree about the mood swings sometimes but that is just when you have to let a person be themselves, just back off and let him be at one with himself. I know it sounds a little goofy but you have to understand that everyone needs times to themselves. He is honest and has expressed to me that he does get into these certain moods. I just let him be and have a big hug waiting when he gets over it. I think the key is really being able to communicate with one another. I feel that I can be bossy at times but don't mean any harm.He knows that and also teases me about it. We are both attractive to one another which is a big plus. I love him so much he is so much fun to be with. We have gotten so close that I can now tease him when I know he is in one of his moods. I think each of our personality traits compliment one another.

I'm a Leo woman born Aug.19 crazy inlove with my Libra man Oct.21.Been with him for 2 years this Nov. It so happens that He ended our relationship. Well, his excuse was that he is not inlove with me and that his heart rules. He supposedly don't feel the love so he wants to be free and see other people. I agreed to give him his space and to let him be...but he will respect my feelings and not date other people yet until I'm ready to move on.Its been a month now and He showers me more with gifts and is very concern with my personal things and wants to be there for me for whatever reason. I don't get it. We've gone out as friends but everytime a guy approaches me, he becomes very jealous and possesive. He claims we can't go to the same places together because it just won't work. So how does he not feel the love and goes bazurk when his queen is being showered with attention? The communication between us is still strong.He says we can be best friends, I try toto but it' s hard. how do I end it though I don't want to let him go? Any advice?

I am a LEO, born 8-22-1982, and I have been dating this libra, born 10-8-1982 for about 8 months now' and it has been amazingggg! at first I tried to act like I did not need him or want him when he was away, but he saw right through me. He would call me when every I thought about him, which is weird, btu I would always try to start a fight with him to make him feel guilty, had he would just tell me that he loved me over and over again until I give in, now don't get me wrong, he is not winy or passive, he just is very patiant with me. and I would just become defensive towards him and I just melt ever time I hear him say my name..if any of you fellow Leo ladies are wondering about a relationship ith a libra, go for it. I promise it will be worth your time. good luck!!!!

I'm a Leo women I have been with a Libra man for 2 years out of these two years it was like some timing it was like he would come when he wanted to come don't get me wrong it was good at first so good I was so in love with him but then its like he changed on me like he loved when he wanted to love me and I mean I did so much for him and its like I had to much for him but we not together any more the 2 years he was with he cheated on me for 8 months and still lies and say no he didn't cheat he says I'm always having to be rite I say he hates that I'm not goin to be dum and late him just do wut he wants to me cuz throw out the relationship he had so many female friends and he always but them before me but at the end of all the drama its more to it I still love him and I don't know y

I am a Leo woman and have been in a serious relationship with a Leo man for some years now. I love him but sometimes I feel stuck in the relationship. I try to communicate my feelings to him but it only leads to arguments so now I've learned to keep it inside. So about a year ago this beautiful man started smiling at me randomly at the gym and I instantly melted without knowing a thing about him. Later we were introduced and started to hang out. I developed strong feelings for him too fast but I felt that he could feel the connection between us as well. However we never spoke of our feelings and since my boyfriend is so hard to talk to talk to I just waited to see what I should do. My boyfriend left the country earlier this year and the Libra came over one night trying to seduce me. I told him my feelings for him and asked about his thoughts and he told me he slept around too much to be my man and mentioned the only reason for his blunt honesty was because of.his feelings for me. He still convince me to sleep wih him but I declined out of respect for my current relationship. I felt like a horrible person after all of this and have since tried to improve my relationship with the Leo. My current predicament is that the Libra has gotten in touch with me again and gives me.crazy mixed signals. I feel such a magnetic chemistry between but I want more than the physical. I'm afraid to break my boyfriends heart just to go get played by.this Libra who only seems to want sex. I swear he likes me back but then I don't want to fool myself. I don't even know what I want and I know I'm being selfish. It's so hard on me to just forget about the Libra when I feel such crazy horny passion for him. I just feel like if he really liked me that here wouldn't be mixed signals coming from him and I wouldn't have a smidge of doubt about.his feelings for me. I just have been practically obsessed about it because I can sense how divine he could make me feel if he would just tell me he feels just the same for me. PleAse someone give me some advice. Even if its what I.don't want to hear.

I am a Leo woman and have been friends with a Libra man for a while now. YES, just friends,but everytime he calls my body shivers whenever I hear his voice I tend to want to make wild passionate love to him. He isn't aware of that but I think he is trying to make me fall in love with him. We have never been on a date.

I am a Leo woman and have been friends with a Libra man for a while now. YES, just friends,but everytime he calls my body shivers whenever I hear his voice I tend to want to make wild passionate love to him. He isn't aware of that but I think he is trying to make me fall in love with him. We have never been on a date.

I am a typical Leo woman - Aug 3. I dated my first Libra man (born Oct 1) for 2 years (1 year of which was long distance). It was great with the long distance but then we lived together. Talk about bi-polar, sensitive, blame game and an uncanny ability to make me feel constantly guilty for no reason. The sex was so lukewarm because as he put it 'sex for me is emotional so if we have a fight I cant perform'. I had to call time on it. To be fair, he was generous and protective. I am now dating another Libra man (straight after!). It's funny because even though there is still the sensitivity and 'moodiness' it is not as intense as before. Also, my new Libra does not act as needy and jealous, and he showers me with compliments and the arguments are non-existent. The traits are still there but seem to manifest itself to a lesser extent in some Libras than others and so a Leo woman has to find the Libra that fits your Leo level of tolerance.

I'm Leo woman Aug 2nd, he is a Libra man 10/09. Great relationship. We met 8 years ago, married 5 years ago and it was like we knew each other our whole lives. Best friend, great lover we are very compatible.

I am a Libran man and recently met a Leo woman, despite her being a smoker and me not , I already love her to bits ! , we have had awesome sex , fantastic chemistry , fun , and I fell so good being with her , she is sensitive and generous .Yes, librans can be quite childlike emotionally , but for me as an adult child of an alcoholic , its a lot to do with that , and I can offer more as I get older , no one is perfect , and like one woman said , she can quickly change her partners mood, all I know is I feel very happy being around my Leo woman , its addictive !

I'm dating a Libra man..two years younger then me..very difficult man to cultivate conversation wise..I liv in my own plce and he lives with his dad..yeah..sounds hopeless..we are both native..awaz yeah I am still trying to wonder if I am the least bit important in this man's life..I see him only when he's done playing around...never know what he's doing during the week..and he is very handsome..makes me wonder why he is interested in a 41 year old woman for..but he is..told me he loved me recently..I dared not say those words to any man with out knowing for sure that is the exact emotion that is with what I feel for the I love him too..yes I do..I said it back..and have not heard from him since

Hey everyone! :D

I'm a Leo female who met a wonderful Libra guy a little over two months ago! We met at a club. I noticed him break dancing, but I was too shy to approach him yet I couldn't stop talking about him! :D So my friend called him over and told him I wanted to dance with him. I was back handing her with my eyes!! He asked me to dance at least three times in a row and I shook my head no, so fast with my curls bouncing all over the place because I was so shy! He could tell I was shy though so he didn't give up! After like the fourth time, I couldn't just keep rejecting him over damn shyness especially with that smile of his! We danced all night. He was a total gentleman, pulling down my dress, buying me water, for me and staring this guy down who was staring at my butt. It was a wonderful night! I had to leave, but I gave him my number. He texted me that night (well that morning since it was like 3 a.m. lol)

Anyway, we started texting each other every night and getting to know each other. I mean like five pages of detailed texts with good conversation every day. We made plans twice, but they got cancelled both times. So one Friday night, we both just so happened to have plans to be in the same place at the same time. We were going to meet up, but there was a miscommunication so he left. Then drove all the way back, just to hang out in my friend's car for an hour! :D That was the weekend before Valentine's Day. We had our first date on Valentine's Day. He was so sweet and such a gentleman even though I was late, painfully shy and ridiculously awkward! Two days later, ironically a month from the day we met, we both just so happened to have plans to go to the same club we met up at! It was actually pretty funny because he mentioned he was going to be there on our date and I didn't think anything of it. Then that day, my friend invited me to go there for her birthday! So we made plan s to meet up. We had our first kiss and made out, but not in a trashy way, he was really affectionate and sweet.

Anyway, it's been over a month and I haven't seen him since. He's had a lot going on with exams and two people in his life died. I've been busy with work, helping my friend out, and at the time I didn't want to bug him and come off as needy so I wasn't talking to him as much. We still text like every day, but the conversation isn't as detailed as before. He also will just not reply to my texts. Before when he did that, he would say sorry and explain why but not anymore! I don't know...a few days ago, he shaved the first letter of my name into his head!!! :D He's been telling me he misses me a lot and that he's going to be out of town for a while, so he wants to see me a lot until then. But then, the past couple of days he didn't text me at all one day, and the other day he just stopped replying. I sent him like three texts and he never said anything.

I'm worried he's not as interested :( and kind of afraid that he'll meet a girl he feels is more correct for him and just let me go! I don't know if it's just me and my lack of guy knowledge making me worry or what! Please give me some insight into his behavior and some advice! I'd really appreciate it!

Hey everyone... Leo woman/Libra man..... we met, instant attraction and spark etc.... he called me the next day, all good. then nothing for 4 days...... finally he called me and said he'd like to see me again, and I said I'd love to see him again too....I texted him twice the next day... no reply.... now 3 days later still nothing..... What is going on? Advise please anyone? HELP!!!!

Librans might ignore your message or will not call you. But would never let you down. Just remind them that your are feeling ignored and they will say sorry or ok . You know why they don't reply to text or your phone because they want to know what you don't if they don't respond. For Libra nothing is big deal they fail to express love and sorrow and you can say they are shy. But very caring they can't see any one in trouble and they will break-up if they see in long run it will be not going work. But would alway like to keep in touch .

I fell in love with a Leo woman july 23 and she dropped me because of my jealousy.. should I share her among guys.. I want her deep love back

hi am Libra male and I have met a Leo girl a few months ago. BTW we live in northern Iraq you know things here are a lil more complicated but I don't know why this girl is really the one I wanted. I have dated many girls before, but that Leo really made me to think of love coz previous relations were just as friends. today is July 14 when I write this and am planning to tell her that I love her on February 14.

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