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I'm a Libra woman and I have been dating a Libra man ... anyway we get along great when were together, but on the phone we get on each others nerves because we never have nothing to talk about..... what's wrong?

I am a Libra woman who dated 3 Libra man (long term) and married my one and only Libra man. Although, we share the same interest, and have tons of great times.. I find that Libra men and I get into a lot of arguments. Next time I meet a Libra man, I will keep it at the friend only zone. We only make great friends.

Im a Libra woman and I cheated on my Libra ex with another Libra. Both guys were so different. One was more aggressive and bad boyish while and the other one was a pushover and a good guy. of course the guy I cheated on was the good guy while the guy who was my lover was the bad boy. What they have in common is that they both tried to be the ones to lead the relationship. I also noticed that during arguments it takes them a while to realize they are wrong so I usually just give them the silent treatment till they come to me and admit they were wrong. They don't like to be ignored.

Well! Hello all. I found the few comments on this page very interesting. Libra woman, I am currently in a relationship ( I think?) with a Libra man. I am completely exasperated with the situation. Know (as any Libra woman does) he likes me & I sure like him. There is a bond like a magnet, however as one post states, we can't seem to talk on the phone....

He sends GROUP posts of youtube and other entertaining posts. But little personal. I hate this, and for the second time have requested that he not send emails. This may be the "time out" that we both need to see where this will go...

Unlike my past where I have had all the control, I can't get a handle on this one. HELP!!

I was married to a Libra man, and we were so opposite in every way, I was classy, organized, peacemaker, well groomed, sociable etc...He was a junk collector, slob, agrumenative etc...Sex was not all that, he was more into his self more than pleasing me.

My 3 month relationship w/ a Libra man (I am Libra as well) Talk about screaming hot sex compatibility, chemistry crazy!! But all of sudden POOF!!! gone, he also seemed he felt superior to me , got involved with my family the whole gambit.... is this normal with Libra men... Lonely in N.E. but not dead

I'm a Libra girl and dated a Libra man. Not a good idea! so boring and predictable. Too alike.

I am a Libra woman, dated 2 Libra men. The one I had dated when I was young, not experienced enough emotionally. The other I've been with for 2 years. I find it helps (because we're so much alike) to distance ourselves verbally. Because everything has to be perfect for us to be sexually attracted to each other we don't talk on the phone that much. As Libras we're all debative by nature. We want to argue lol. So we chat in person...when the chemistry is there between us...and it is!

I cannot believe how he made me feel like a crap. He is a Libra with strong sense of judgment, he is a caring person too, but as is the case with most of the men, he began to feel superior to me. What the heck he thinks he is?

All the zodiac signs are different but all men are similar, haha. I will date with a woman...

I dated a Libra man and I am a Libra too. In fact, our birthdays is on the same day. This was interesting to me I never dated anyone whose birthday is on the same day as mine. Yes, he is sophisticated, love the finer things in life and is highly wanted to be in charge. As long as things were going his way, he was fine. He may compromised maybe, maybe some of the time, but he felt that his woman should respect him highly. We discussed our first time major issue and I thought we were going to work on it from that point on, but to my surprised he gave me the silent treatment for a month. it took me a least a month later to realized that he could respect the fact a woman has her own mind and that she should be entitled to it. The man was jealous, manipulative, lustful, and very controlling. Ultimately, the relationship end after 1 and a half, It just didn't work.

uh ob. I'm a lovely Libra lady. I'm interested in a Libra guy and I hope it goes much better than some of these experiences. this is the second Libra of interest. the first thought he was superior to me. I don't know what sign I have that makes me able to diminish a person with words, but I held back on him because he was young. who knows where this will go. o, and no, we don't really talk much on the phone lol.

Wow! I guess most of you went thru the same thing. I'm a Libra girl Oct. 15th and he's Oct. 19th. He was wonderful at first, but after three months he became a controlling mean person. We just broke up.

I have dated 2 Libra men. I'm a Libra too!

1: this Guy was funny, cute, observant! We got along great for a while... then he cheated on me out of nowhere! I wasn't into him enough for anything But my pride to be hurt so I forgot him easily for a Year. After that we had a decent booty call relationship.

He was very controlling but it seemed like he thought that I wanted to be controlled... but it just wasn't him! We would Argue for hours and days and annoy our mutual friends! He brought out the worse in me!

2: this Guy was so sweet and ready to settle down. It was Boring and he was a bit of a slob. I told him I would help him Get a job and he was so insulted that he broke it off.

Right now I am just starting to see a Leo and an Aquarius. From first sight I knew I was in love with this Aquarius but I don't think he is ready for the deep fast love of a Libra woman.

And the Leo is gorgeous! !!! Lol

I am a Libra girl and I have a Libra guy as my boyfriend. I agree that he likes to control me a lot. He can be very nice at first. But after some time, he'll turn into a mean monster. He doesn't like my family at all. I think tis relationship is not getting anywhere. It'll lead to a breakup I believe.

I m a Libra girl-5th oct. and there's a liba guy-4th oct. I haven't talked much with him, but he's cute, listener and polite. I think my parents would be deciding our marriage soon. what should I say? yes or no? I m ready for all adjustments with him.

I am Libra girl interested and a Libra guy who happens to have the same birthday as me..we texts a lot but in person I get really shy around personally I don't like dating shy people and if were anything alike he probably doesn't scared..because im ususually not this shy but something about him gives me butterflies..i really just want him to give me a chance because I know I would rock his world.

I am a Libra girl who dated a Libra guy for just over 2 years. He just recently broke up with me because he couldnt handle a relationship because HE was jelous, paranoid, controlling and he couldnt deal with the fact that I did not meet his expectations. I think Libra men have an ideal partner in mind and while they are loving and sensitive when you don't meet their expectations they turn vile! I cant believe how different he is to when we first met! and in true Libra style I put up with it all to the very end until I gtot dumped. Its only when you look back you realise you were the mug- I don't think Libra men are commitment shy but they cant handle love thats for sure

Libra woman and dating a Libra guy ... the great thing about this relationship is that we understand each other. because we r Libra we try to give our best in the relationship, we both are completely honest with each other. though we suffer from this quality we have which is we refuse to agree with the other person during an argument and we r both stubborn we realized that the only way to over come it is to be mature and try to find a solution that makes us both satisfied. after all relationships are about sacrificing. I don't regret going for a Libra because I can finally say he makes me happy

I've been "seeing" this Libra guy, as I read here on the posts I agree that we can't talk over the phone, but as soon as we meet up we can't keep our hands from each other - I also agree with the arguments - we not even in a relationship but argueing like an old married couple

I've been crazy for a Libra man since I first met him 10yrs. ago. I thought our friendship and romantic connection was so wonderful. We saw and spent time together regularly for about 8 months and suddenly he disappeared from my life without an explaination for about a year or two.

He since calls me regularly at times and then spontaneously, always with the intention of getting together and catching up on the months we haven't been in touch. Promising to explain everything to me. We get together a handful of times each year, but nothing is developing. The chemistry is still there between us, but the trust and respect I need in a relation is broken.

I've tried to date other men, but I can't get him out of my head. When I am finally discouraged enough to consider seeing someone new, he calls and all I want is to see and talk to him. It's a love-hate relation with this guy!

Hi I'm a Libra girl dating a Libra lad. We have been together 5 years and got to say it's like a roller coaster. We argue alot, he does try to control me but I won't stand for it. He sulk's well- for days at a time. He is all the above, but he adores me - sex is still like fire and we still fancy each other to bits. Libra women Libra men don't work really. Lol I'm lookin for a Leo lol

Ugh! Fine as friends but as lovers/boyfriends forget it. Complusive liars and the sort who will stab you in the back while kissing on the cheek! Don't ever date a Libra man, ladies! Don't believe all those sweet nothings and that false charm, because underneath they're rotten to the core.

Here is something a little different. I (a libra) dated a Libra man 14 years ago. Our relationship was great; we were in love with being in love with each other. But I was young and liked a challenge so when his jealousy got the better of him my curiosity got the best of me. I cheated. Although I wanted to tell him myself the other guy got there before I did. Most men would have been disgusted and angry but this Libra man took the blame and begged me to stay. Disgusted with myself I left dying inside as I watched his heart break in front of me.

Here it is years later and we have become friends these past 3 years. I must say that this "friendship" isn't based on your typical friendship ideas. He finds it necessary to throw very hurtful comments at me at times while we are enjoying each others company. I allow him to do this out of guilt, which he sees does hurt me. I can honestly say that I would love a second chance (which I'm sure he knows) but deep down know he would not let go of my mistake 14 years ago. We are both very outgoing fun loving people, we are very much a like.

I think that these two signs could be very compatible if connected at the right time and with the right libra. Though I do urge you to be careful as libras, both women and men, can hold grudges and hurt for a long period of time. We will say that we forgive you but we will never fully trust you again. My ex and I will just have to stay friends though it will be very soon when these comments will have to end for this friendship to continue.

I have been dating a guy a Libra guy aswell ,the problem with him was that always I had to make th efirst move whether its a simple conversation,or a date or just something fun to do and yes he could hardly tlk on phn other than what happened.we cud hardly keep our hands off each other

he was simply boring too sweet, too predictable just too self centered. I don't think so Libra girl and Libra boy r good together I think the magic will fizz out aftr sometime.

I am currently seeing a Libra man. we are not official yet, however after reading all these comments about Libra and Libra relationships are making me doubtful and uncertain...

I am a Libran man and have to say that I agree with most of the comments in the above statements. I find them to be accurate and I am almost sad to be a libran man. I will strive to be a better person but thought that I was a good person. The telephone thing is interesting, in my case maybe the Libran lady has a problem talking or is it just that I don't listen well. Hoping that my birth date is wrong!!!!!

Maybe it's too early on to say anything but I've been dating a Libra man for the past 4 months. I'm a Libra woman myself. This is the first time I've dated a Libra man, and our bond is incredible. We think alike, and we're both stubborn, but we seem to agree on most things, and I'm having so much fun. I can easily tell every day of my life since I've met him is like Valentine's day... I feel like I've been waiting for him all my life, and he feels the same. Our connection is fireworks and total bliss... Libra/Libra can work if you meet the right libran at the right time. I'm over the moon with my libran man. So I'll say, don't give up on a good thing!

I'm 26 and he's 25, both libras. We've been together for about 7 months now. The both of us fell in love instantly! He was so sweet. He'd give me foot rubs, clean my apt for me, and even cook. Now that it's been half a year he still do those things but I can slowly see us arguing a lot and needed time away from one another. I do think it's perfectly normal to argue exspecially since we're so much alike and we both want harmony. Another thing is we both long for luxurious things and cannot budget well. If either one of us see something to our interest it will belong to us. Also, both him and I are big time pushovers. We'll help anyone in need. Aside from the disagreements and everything else, I do love him more than ever and he makes sure he shows me he does too.

I'm a Libra man and have been with a Libra woman. Excellent woman and the sex is second to none. She is amazingly smart and beautiful however is not ready for a relationship. I see a lot of what I used to be or go through in her. She also has a amazing heart that makes her even more attractive.

Oh wow ok well I am 10-2-77 female who is currently seperated from my male 10-2-73... We've been seperated for the last 3years... We were together for 10 years b4 that, Numerology, Astrology, none of these things alone can tell the whole truth everything has to be combined & you also have to let go of all the stereo-typical stuff. It was very nice with him, he would bring me roses even if we were not on the best terms or even after years. He did get a bit controlling at times but he was really amazing and I still love him, we still talk too. the main reason we separated was because im from the mid-west 7 he grew up in the west coast, he didn't find it important for him to really take a vacation and meet my family. So I finally got tired of it and left back home. He actuallly came out to see me and he regrets losing me. But I felt like he took too long to make the move to come see me, I decided I was happy with the guy I am seeing now (A Gemini who treats me like a queen) anyway My ex-Libra is not happy about this but he is still a good friend, although I am wondering how much I should cut him off since I am happily in love with someone else now...

LOL reading this and nodding my head all the way through. Libra men hate confrontation of any sort and they'd rather go and come back then to confront you about breaking up. pussies!

I am a Libra Woman dating a Libra Man. We met ten years ago, always had an instant connection. he moved away, and has stayed in random touch. He recently contacted me and said he's been dreaming of me for ten years. I have also been dreaming of him. He was the reason I never got married, I am now 40, and we are happier than ever, planning our wedding. we are too very alike, stubborn, strong, and chemistry through the roof. I believe the key with Libra man and Libra woman, is maturity. When you can realize the way your partner thinks you can understand and adjust accordingly. Libras have a sixth sense with diplomacy. When you understand Libra men are not so much controlling you , but centering themselves, with your reactions. if you are calm patient and loyal and loving. I can assure you Libra man, can and will step up to the plate. I have had may wonderful relationships, but Libra man is the one sign who shares the same core values of happiness, that I find important . When I assure myself, with his loyalty, love and affection, the other stuff, seems less important. Libras are fickle until they get it right. And if you are a true Libra, you will know when its right. We do not mistake Harmony and Balance

I am a Libra woman married to Libra man. I have to say that the relationship can work amazingly as long as one is the lead in the relationship. In my relationship I am a leader in situations where he can?t make decisions easily - I def don?t have hard time on deciding on things (maybe because I have a lot of Leo (moon, ascendent and venus). When it comes to communications, we never had hard time communicating. Just thinking about it, all these years we spent discussing topics endlessly and we were each other?s best admirer and a critic. Sex has been always very good and we completely understood each other there. With libra, it just feels relaxed and open. It really feels as there is a male version of you :)

I've had a weird attraction to Libra men for the past 3 years. Met a Libra man who we would chase each other and flirt but had a one nightner....tried to keep talking but it fast ended. Saw him on and off out but nothing ever happened, he even asked for my nr again and I laughed and said we tried that ok second libra. this boy I went to university with. Cute totally into me. Had a Libra girlfriend while he was talking to me. it was weird. I said we couldnt be anything or have anything because he had a gf. she was a Libra too. he broke up w her...we had a fling, and he told me he was so confused about everything w his la la, and backed off. Such a strange experience. He actually told me he did it to other girls before. what a douche. My last libra, the guy who broke my heart. On and off for 2.5 years. We were long distance..I moved for him/school...we fought a lot while I lived w him...I left...due to school and the unhappy situation. I saw him again months after...then..He broke up with me months later, said it was too hard long distance. I was heart broken. I emailed him on my bday while I was drunk to say hi. We started talking again and he came to visit me. told me he loved me and was so happy I contacted him. We again started up again, spoke about being together. I visited him also. the distance/he didn't trust me (i had a fling w another brazilian Libra while we were broken up...he blamed me saying I cheated yet we weren't together) the end everything was good, we spoke he went to NY to work...then .....he dissapeared. I haven't heard from him in months. So heart broken. Don't get involved with a Libra man. they are too confused and don't know what they want.

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