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OMG, I'm telling you, the feelings and attraction toward one another is out of this world, but there is NO communication at all. Libra's are extraordinarily touchy and egotistical and Pisces speak in riddles to avoid saying out right how we really feel. The feelings will keep you together much longer than you ought to be and in the end you'll lose him anyway. It's love/hate all the way. Can't live with can't live without. But if you value your life and your sensitive nature, DON"T DO IT!!! He'll cut you to ribbons.

I am a Pisces woman married to a Libra. We are very compatible. His practicality balances my idealism, he's loving and caring. But NOT romantic and doesn't ooze any sex appeal. We are amazing friends but there is no fire between us. No passion. NOTHING. He tries but it's not natural to him. WE never argue, we get along great, we see eye to eye and rarely hurt each other. But the sex is dull :( Not sure if the harmony is worth the lack of fire. Haven't made up my mind on that one..........

Only a Pisces would call a Libra man practical hehe.

Interesting phenomenon though, as I know exactly what you're referring to. A good argument occasionally does keep the fires of passion burning. I'd be curious if other Pisces women have also found this - is it us, or is it a Libra and Pisces combo thing?

I'm off to find me a bad boy Aries or Leo, just in case ;)

I'm married to a Libra man, funny though. His rising sign is Pisces & my rising sign is Libra. We're INCREDIBALLY compatible. I find him very sexy & very romantic. We rarely argue & when we do, they are never harsh. We never hit below the belt or try to hurt the other. There is a lot of respect for one another in our relationship.

He is very sensitive but has a hard time showing it. But he feels very deeply, just like I do. He is a musician too, & I love his flare for art & music. He writes wonderful music, & has written me the most romantic beautiful songs ever!

Communication can be a problem ONLY when we are at odds. But, we know this from being together so long & we both really try to keep communication when this happens. I have a hard time being verbal when emotional, & he just kind of shuts off. So I've learned to write him emails when at odds instead of confronting him face to face. It's weird, but this method keeps the communication going better than not doing anything, when those rare times arise that we are arguing. I also find that I can express myself to him better in writing.

We have a wonderful relationship. We make it work very well. He is the love of my life & I would never want any other. 15 years later, we're still MADLY in love with each other.

Wow, I've dated about two Libras and talking to one right about now. You guys are completely right! I could never talk to them and I was always wondering where we were at in the relationship. Also, they are major sluts.

I have dated Libra's we also had fire if u know what I mean and we got along great also , now im with this Gemini man and I cant get that fire that I had with the Libra . so im probably gonna end it with the Gemini he has no back bone the Libra man knows how to take charge it turns me on....

I have had this Pisces Woman.

I do all of her turn off. it was so foolish.

but she still forgive me over and over again.

but in the end, she date Sagittarius guy who always be there for her.

so, for all the Libra man who in love with Pisces woman, I advise you to be good, be gentle to them. NEVER EVER suffocate her, even if it proven that she cares about you!

you will know how much she care, but you also loosing her.


I wish she give me one more chance ..

I must say been with my wife and it has been great , amazing an the SEX wow it has been 2years an I am happy in 6 months we had gotten hitched . I LOVE HER SO much we communicate very well... love you baby bob!

The best oral sex I've ever had with a Libra male. It seems that I always attract these men because I am sexy, yet classy, and just plain different than all the other women. Libra men look good and dress nice, which hooks me initially. The sex is what hooks me on the line next. However, they do have a wondering eye--and when they do this my eye wonders as well! I love Libras though, overall. I have one right now who is madly in love with me-- and I guess I kinda dig him too :)

We make awesome friends--we laugh a lot, go and paint the town blue and red and green--then come home and it's on!!

I have been dating a married Libra man that can't find in him self to leave the kids and so I share his time with the kids and wife, I love spending time with him he makes me laugh and we always have a good time together weather we are alone or with friends, don't get me wrong I have other men in my life but to be honest I would drop anyone of them for him.....even though I know it will not happen soon, but i am holding out for the future, his my kind of man smart, fun, funny, adventurous, kind, and always trying to be with me and finds that when his not with me or plans go south, his upset, with the world, waits for the wife to come home and she never does, i am confused about a lot of things in life but his not one........I can't say that i am in love with this man but I do adore him.......and by the way no sex....between us....weird...........

I am a Pisces who fell deeply in love with a Libra man. He was considerable older than me and instantly wooed me with his endless romanticism and determination to make me his. As time went on he became very manipulative, always accusing me of being easy and giving my number out. He would start fights if I spent time with my girlfriends or if I ever mentioned going out. Being the loyal and caring Pisces that we are I wanted to show him that I did not need anyone but him and would never, could never be another man. Little did I know one night my intuition was incredibly strong and after making love something told me to check his phone while he was asleep. No need to go into detail of what I found. Endless females, endless instances, endless hurt and pain for me. All Pisces girls out there please be careful with the Libras. If they begin accusing you of something that you know in your heart you would never do, consider that they are confessing their own slutty nature.

I have a child with a Libra male. Notice I didn't say man. He and I have a hot sexual relationship but he is a major slut that married another woman while we were in a relationship. Watch out Pisces women, Libra men are horrible mates but great lovers!!

P.S. He stills says he loves me...Go figure.

I have been with a Libra man for 12 years. Married for 8 years! He's gentle and caring, affectionate and loving, jealous and possessive. The sex is amazing and I totally adore the man x

From a Libra guy too other Libra guy's and Pisces females.

Come on guy's do the hard thing and grow up. Once we mature were great.

If your reading that's great, but; Knowledge being power = All that responsibility.

Once you have sex w/them you can't tell them how too feel any more. Libras don't like endless riddles and most Pisces don't talk straight forward.

Libra men must Master, Being Deliberate and fair, Non Verbal Communication, and Patience; which is not our first calling.

Pisces women run on the Purest of emotion. Fully and totally on emotion. Libra men don't have a natural talent for this; It's Learned or Leave.

Pisces women are the #1 Diamonds in the rough on the planet. Not the only ones just #1.

Pisces females; Check Libra males for maturity. And for self sufficiency. Beware that we analyze everything including your emotional arena. Again non verb skills.

Some of us are deliberate enough, but some Libra guys are selfish and just got caught in you being all about us in the Giant Mind of the Libra. Pun intended.

Likely a great match for non sexual SnM. If it's you're thing.

Libra males are flighty, and feed off your emotion. All he needs is an occasional verbal tip that's straight forward. Libra guys have to figure it out. Yes all of it.

But we only analyze what we really care about.

Hint Hint.

Lastly too Libra guys; If you want a Pisces female and are w/one.

Metaphorically = If you break your toy you can Not play w/it any longer.

Ok so, Im not dating a Libra male but we are friends. We've been friends since the 7th grade. Still are. Now, I too am a Pisces female myself. Right now him and I are friends (which is frustrating). Im waiting for him to make the move (and yes, I do fancy him). If any of you out there want to get with a Libra, either your a Pisces or not, the most important thing to a Libra is friendship. So you can't just walk up to a Libra and say "hey, be mine!" or "wanna go out?" They have to get to know your first. So if wanna get with your Libra male, you gotta start a friendship. I promise you, it will all work out in the end. Now I must confess, that my conversations with my Libra friend have sometimes been silent, but sometimes we talk till 3 'o clock in the morning. It really all depends. They do in fact like classiness. And don't like profanity (my Libra friend even said so himself). When a Libra is starting to tell you a little more about themselves (either it be a male or female Libra) then your good. Your in his comfort zone. Keep being his friend. And before ya know it, you'll the love of his life! I'm still waiting for him to court me, but I know he will :)

I really like this Libra guy at work but I am too shy to express my feelings. The attraction is INCREDIBLE! He has already shown interest in me however being the shy Pisces girl I am I keep rejecting his advances... I don't know why... maybe I am too insecure with myself. I know he still likes me but I don't think he will approach me anymore since I keep playing with his mind and putting him down. I think if anything is to happen then I should at least give him a subtle verbal hint as Libras are not very good at reading non verbal cues. Only time will tell.

Yea I have been good friends with a Libra male for about 5 yrs now (im a Pisces fem). We did try and take things somewhere else but it was a half hearted attempt. I feel he wanted everything his way or no way. We topped talking for a little while but just started back up as friends and I still really like him and im still very much so attracted to him. But we argue a bit much, kind of (he's an a**hole) and I think he has trust issues. I don't really think it will ever work as a relationship, if so maybe in like 5 yrs if we are single. I like the friendship just want more consistency.

Libra men are manipulative, and controlling and hard to let go of .

Libra and Pisces? It doesn't last. It seems great until the Pisces woman opens her eyes and realizes that she has been enduring emotional and psychological abuse from the Libra manwhore.

Libra and Pisces? It doesn't last. It seems great until the Pisces woman opens her eyes and realizes that she has been enduring emotional and psychological abuse from the Libra manwhore.

I've been with my Libran for about 8 months now. A good portion of this has been long distance, and I gotta say: I couldn't imagine a long distance relationship working with anyone else (I know, I've tried). He and I aren't very stereotypical in our roles, however. He enjoys his quiet time without other people as much as I do (which is so. effing. nice), and is more of a slob in terms of dress than I am (I love my labels, what can I say?) I value communication and tactful discussions above everything else, and being as self-centered as I am, I think that's the main reason our relationship has worked. He often says the wrong thing, which leaves me hurt for the moment. After the initial pain, I try to take a deep breath and explain to him how his comments are coming across, and why I'm feeling hurt. It's usually then that he apologizes (often immediately) and truly feels remorseful for what he says. We rarely fight, and when we do, it's trivial. Our biggest fights are over cleaning. He's an absolute slob, which I found shocking (always thought they were the neat type). Now remember that we're long distance. When our biggest fights are about cleaning, when we're actually together? Yeah, I'd say we're doing pretty well. I'm not going to lie, the distance is incredibly difficult sometimes, but he makes things easy with his honesty and that intoxicating charismatic smile. I'd never met someone so goofy, open and sure of themselves until him. When it comes to taking criticism well, he's a champ. If I start feeling a lack of romance and want to spice things up, I tell him and he's more than happy to accommodate. However, the match can get a bit monotonous at times. The sex has never been as good as some of the other Zodiac matches (Pisces and Scorpio, holy crap), but our match makes me feel safe and secure. In fact, I'd just gotten out of a roller coaster Scorpio relationship, and found myself falling for my Libra. Talk about night and day. With my Libra, it just makes sense. We fit well, and it's a logical choice. I feel like I have my head on straight when I'm with him. I generally know how he's feeling most of the time, and rarely feel paranoid or insecure about our relationship. With my water sign matches, it was always, "Sex is great, relationship sucks," with the air matches being the exact opposite. The biggest, and only real annoyance with my Pisces/Libra match is that it can get a little stale if you're used to the insane chemistry of a water-water match.

I too am Pisces female and have had my share of Libra men... I can honestly say the bad is horrible but the good is amazing! THREE of my closest friends who happen to be males are Libras, My son's father,(we were together 10 yrs) and my current "friend" of two years (who is slowing becoming more)are both Libra's as well.

They ALL fit the typical pigheaded, selfish, manipulating, man-whore ways that you all who have only seen the bad side speak of. My son who is also a Libra and is only four years old already shows all of these qualities as well as the good! (No exaggeration, it starts early, lol)

Regarding a relationship with a Libra it can work, it just takes A LOT of understanding on both ends. Our emotions and fragility makes it hard for them to deal with us sometimes. We have to try not take everything personal and ALWAYS remember to stand up for ourselves. A Libra male will take advantage of you if you allow it, but not necessarily purposely. You set the tone from the very beginning starting with the initial conversation. They fall for us instantly even when they don't plan or want to (nor will they admit it) due to our loyalty and soft empathic ways. They are very sensitive and sometimes even insecure men contrary to the humongous egos!! Our devoted love and support means a lot to them. BUT they RESPECT and tend to end up with strong women who wont allow them to get away with their womanizing and manipulating ways.

Both my Libra's are very much into the arts as am I, both are amazing cooks and one musically inclined as the other into theater while I am a dancer and painter. And they do prefer the finer things in life. They are amazing lovers and very compatible with our sexuality...

Long story short Libra men are ideal for us, ONLY once they've matured as men. An immature Libra male will tear our frail hearts to shreds with his aloofness, manipulation and promiscuity!! Trust me I know first hand. But once they have fallen for you, through all the obstacles they will always love you and hold you with high regard though it may not be expressed often. Once he is actual ready to settle (he CAN NOT be forced) he is amazing. He'll give you his last penny all his love and affection and guard your life and heart with his!

Rule of thumb... You want and need a Libra mans RESPECT more than his love if you want the relationship to work!! He must respect you. You must stand up for yourself when he begins playing his mind games and selfish man-whorish ways, don't stand for it!! He will test you to see if "your worthy" of his respect. And don't always give in, as we Pisces especially as women have a hard time saying no.

They get bored easily when first getting to know you and date you and LOVE a challenge and the chase. Don't be afraid to leave him, (I had to learn this the hard way)he is already captivated by you and will try to get you back with a refined attitude. If he's invested his time and efforts into you, its because he cares, regardless of what he says or lets on, to you as well as others! Oh and if he's blowing you off and doesn't show much interest... leave him alone and move on FAST!

I'm no expert, not even close but after 10 years of first hand experience and being surrounded by Libra's I think I have a little insight. I wish I'd take my own advice, lol

Any Libra males out there reading this that are dating Pisces women (or any woman)I wouldn't mind feedback letting me how accurate or inaccurate this is...

I'm friends with a Libra man but there's an attraction. No one has ever got in my head the way he has but not in a good way. I want him but know he will overwhelm me. He already does and were not even together.

Forgive my english please!!!

The Libra man is the catch of the century but really at what price... The Pisces woman loves integrity and he push her to unsanity. He will burn you and leave you dry on a rock. Of course, he does not want to be mean or to hurt you:) lol.... Our Pisces intuitions help us to see his real colors and we can see his qualities...but really if he is not yet mature and if he is not the one wanting a serious relation ship you will suffer a great deal!!

I just broke up with my Libra man because he forgot to mentioned that he already had a girl friend abroad...then we got back together after a while only for him to hurt me again by being flirting with any woman who smiles to him....I wish I could still be with him but it is a very very hard price to pay, you must put your pride and so much more aside for sure it is worth it.

Someone above described my situation perfectly! I have am Pisces woman who has had a crush on a Libra friend for about 3 years, it came out of nowhere! We started as friends, then phone calls and then he was trying to pick me up for a late night (which never happened)lol. I could say he's one of my bff but no so much, I cant tell him what I tell my bffs. Well we don't talk about our relationships or involvements with the opposite sex. He does open up to me more abut things in his life, when I ask but that topic remains closed on both ends, but I think I do more inquiring anyhow. But yes out relationship is hot and cold ( well use to be anyways.). We would talk every night til the wee hours in the a.m. and somewhere in there we'd argue [they are pretty much the biggest a**holes ever]! But we don't talk enough to argue now, we only text occasionally well actually we text about 2 sometimes 3 times a week. Today he said he was just checking on me (which I was blushing abo ut). It's weird I use to feel that he was turned off emotionally because when I say I miss you which is (platonic) he never says it back... but the fact that he said he was checking on me, I know he misses me. Sometimes ill think about him and he'll text, I had a full dream about just cuddling with him and talking the other night lol. That's my boo, but for now that's my buddy.

To the Pisces woman with 3 Libran male friends, you couldn't have said it better! You know your Libra men..haha :)

One thing I would like to add is that Libra men NEED reassurance and are straight shooters and find it hard to keep up with Piscean mind games and emotional rants. A Libra in most cases will never start mind games unless he himself is a victim of it.

We need to know how much a Pisces girl loves us so that we can match it and even take it a few notches up. Pisces should be open to Libra and share her inner feelings with him for this to work....also communication is challenging between the two, Pisces must understand that Libra men don't like to solve riddles and read between the lines because they suck at it, haha, while Libra men should understand that the best way to communicate with Pisces girl is through writing ... email, text or the good ol' fashion way, through letters. Both Libra and Pisces are so similar yet so different in many ways! If it works it could be a beautiful relationship.

I am a Pisces woman dating a Libra man. It's funny because it's our second time around. We dated in our early twenties.. he cheated and we broke up. It had lasted for about 5yrs. Now, about 10+ yrs later we met up again. He's now divorced and we both have two children. When we stated up dating again it was pure ecstacy. He and I got along great and laughed all the time. It's been about 7 months and we seem to be slipping. I feel like he wants to move on and he says the same to me. I think he might be seeing someone or interested in someone else. But he says he isnt. I admit all his free time is with me and visa versa. We just need to communicate and work things out. It's different, but I think it's something we can get past. I want HIM. I don't want anyone else. Hopefully we can rekindle what is lost. Yeah, he was a hoe in the past, but he's now a christian man and trying to do what is right.

Me being a Libra man just broke up the new year of 2011.ok I can agree I'm a 'A hole" sometimes,but she drives me up the wall a lot.I've read before that we were bound for destruction.I've notice she has pick up a lot of my Libra traits.I been trying to be honest and up front lettin Her know thAt I marry her.she want give end.She left me for another dude and then came back to me after she finds out the guy just wanted sex and had plenty more women on his team of passion.well I'm have move on we have two great beatiful kids together.I'm stress out.I really do love that I have a new Pisces girl I give her all reSpect as well as Space that she needs.if my ex could have understood I was seriou about being with here I wouldnt depise her right now I give up!

I'm a true-to-form Pisces (dreamy, idealistic, faithful). Spent 3 years in a volatile rollercoaster relationship with a Libran muso, but had to finally leave for good 8 months ago. We'd just bought a house together which I realise now was the biggest mistake, didn't listen to my Piscean intuition. He was so charismatic, but liked the alcohol and substances too much. As well as the women that were like moths drawn to the flame. He'd come home from gigs at all hours, and I tried to maintain an air of dignity and acceptance. But I was also not about to passively accept his behaviour, so bombs went off regularly. Even so, I adored him. We shared lots of common ground and it felt like PURE BLISS sometimes. Sexually we were very potent.. but I never really trusted him or felt safe. He really undermined my sense of worth. Had a scary temper (martial arts instructor) and there was verbal, psychological and a degree of physical abuse. He really lost it when I left, but I cou ldn't go back. The last 8 months has been total heartbreak for me. Am still struggling with a deep and profound depression.. but trying to move forward. He has a new woman, someone he already knew and I have to wonder about the integrity of all that. I was 150% loyal and true to him - I just don't do the extra-marital thing in a committed relationship. A clairvoyant told me "it should have been a very compatible union, the twin-flame, but there must have been something wrong with the brain-box". He was highly irrational and deviously cunning when I tried to get to the truth. My Pisces girlfriend has been through a similar experience. So, little fish sisters... a word of warning. This combination is not altogether good, but if the Libran guy is into mind-altering substances -- RUN AWAY!

I'm a Libra male I've been with my piscean marlin fish for over 9 years just like everyone else the good is heaven the bad we run the devil out of hell and the sex is out of this world fabulous but we all know that. Here's the keys Libra men need to mature and like said up top master body language riddles and patients for emotions. Piscean angels you must master not being so sensitive every now and then some straight talk although if you get them mad then you get a lot of straight talk followed by hell of fight lol afterwards the sex is even better if thats possible bottom line it can work and its worth it all air and water together rains of love.

I must say, my experiences with one particular man has been the same as my fellow piscean women. Almost to the T. I reconnected with an old co-worker, who is a Libra, and he just swept me off my feet.

We were strictly friends. Someone I can run too when I needed male advice and he was honest and straightforward. I loved that. Our sexual chemistry was insane when we friends. He's is sexy physical specimen. At the time we were in relationship so I didn't dare cheat on my man, but when we worked together, it was apparent that we wanted each other.

Long story short, I reconnected with him last year. It's been 2 years since I last seen him and consideraing that we were newly single, we took a shot at being friend with benefits. OUR SEXUAL CHEMISTRY WAS INSANE!!!!!.

But I must say, I felt as if he never gave me the chance to get to know him on a personal level. He was wishy-washy, only hung out with me during booty-call hours and made me feel horrible.

I broke it off with him this Monday because I didn't want o get emotionally hurt. I'm too sensitive to have benefits with a friend. lol. and now I feel a bit awkward. I get the feeling he's going to come back in my life for some reason.

My advice to all my piscean sisters, if he can't respect you, break it off with him ASAP. Don't ever let a man control you. Especially if the man is charming. Being pretty and having great sex isn't going to get you everything. Stand up for yourselves my loves!!!!

Excuse my English also please... I been reading all you women with Libra man and I'm amazed how much this sounds so much of what I am dealing with with my Libra man. I'm a Pisces obviously and tonight I've finally told my boyfriend of almost 6 years (the first 3 yrs was long distance)that I was done and tired. I can't do it anymore. I've never felt so stupid in my life. And he makes me feel like that. And what's sad is that I love this boy to death! As you see I said boy, I've finally realized why we are probably not working out from reading all yall comments saying that they need to mature. I'm his first real relationship. In the beginning it seemed like I found my perfect match. I would tell him OMG I am you without the male organ. Lol. I would come and visit him (long distance) and it would be utterly bliss. We would be on each other allllllllll day. We wouldn't even come up for air. But then it just got bad after a year of moving in with each other. He said I was ungrateful. Now you know that could not be us! A Pisces ungrateful we can't even say NO! Later on, it got to the point were he told me he couldn't communicate with me. And I swear I would try to understand him. It just seems like it got difficult to please him. It started feeling like I had to walk on egg shells. I don't know what to do? He says he wouldn't leave me down and out without anything. He will make sure that I have money to be able to get on my feet on my own. I put up with this guy for one year not working struggling to find a job and just my income. I've been trying to make this relationship work. It's true Pisces women. Go with those intuitions. DO NOT ignore them! Your hurting no one but yourself at the end. Now I'm stuck living with someone I'm not with anymore and still love. I got laid off and I have no car. I invested my time and money doing US! And now look at me I have nothing to show for myself. Even though he says he will make sure I have those things before I officially leave, how do I know that's true. Is it?? I don't know if I can deal with me living with him and him going out. I love him to death and it hurts that we are now living together and now today we are roommates. But I have a feeling that my "F it" attitude is going to be like like "Boo you can do this, just get yours and be out!"

So confused.....hurt......Libra man if you all are reading this, please do us Pisces women a favor and walk pass us....You all are definitely tooooo MANIPULATIVE.

I'm a Pisces woman who has fallen hard for a Libra man, and I have no idea what the future holds. We met when we were young, got back in touch, and when we reconnected there was an instant attraction. We're so connected to the point where we can finish each other's sentences most of the time. The problem is that he's very evasive and withdrawn. I know that he's got some issues and he's trying to rebuild his life, but right now he won't let me in. He seems like he's got time for everything else but me. He might be scared but so am I. I'm almost at the point of wanting to let him go, but I can't see myself with anybody else...

I'm a Pisces woman and I'm dating a Libra man... We've been together 2 years and while I can read him and understand him he doesn't understand me at all (even though he's convinced he does). I try to help him by suggesting we write/text or by simplifying my words but every time we end up arguing and he comes at me with irrelevant points to try and break me down. He also won't help me to get over the past, he's made mistakes and earned my forgiveness for them but not my trust and so I can't forget them. This whole time I feel like he won't actually care until I become who he wants and I'm not changing for him. I feel like I'm on the shitty end of our relationship but I know he mostly wants my approval and frankly he just doesn't have it. It's weird cause things we're so good at first. I'm done with the relationship I just feel like he still owes me.

I'm a Pisces woman and some of the best sex was with a Libra man. In my book they are second only to Cancer (trust)! Scropio may get the wrap as the freakiest sign (not true for reasons)but if you are a Pisces and looking for a lover that likes to please, that you can tell what to do and easy going and the bedroom then Libra is your man. For awhile...anything more serious than sex and just swim away fishes.

I am a Pisces woman who was in a relationship with a Libra man for over a year. He cheated on me with a coworker of his when we had a disagreement and didn't speak for 3 days. I found out about him having sex with his coworker when I went through his cell phone. I was so hurt and he blamed it on lack of communication because he thought we had "broken up". I took him back because me being the angelic Pisces forgave him. He improved but only a tad. He didn't express how he felt about me or the relationship ever unless asked. Leaving me to have questions & always wondering where the relationship was headed. I finally asked him if he saw himself marrying me and he said "Yea if we both had our priorities straight." How insensitive can a Libra man be? After me forgiving him for cheating and showing him that I am a quality woman of substance that was the response I got. We are now back at square one. I believe if a man wants you he will tell you as well as show you. You wo n't have to keep questioning your situation. Pisces women beware of the Libra man. They are charming, egotistical, nonchalant and inconsiderate. As long as you are pleasing them and not speaking up for yourself everything will be fine. But as soon as you voice your opinion or express your feelings you are considered a complaining nag when all your trying to do is be on one accord. The sex is great but you have to want more. Libra men take YEARS to mature & actually figure out what they really want. Pisces woman + Libra Man = Hurt Pisces & Really only care about themselves Libra. Please don't take them serious!

I met a Libra man and I am a Pisces women he pursued me. But we got along great . But we had sex the second night of knowing each other. Was that not good? I mean he stays out of town but he wants to see me sometimes but he really doesn't like to talk on the phone. I don't know if he really likes me as a friend or what? What you think?

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