Libra man relationships

by LEO
(Pomona, CA)

I met him six months ago at a club... at the time i was in a messy relationship and just recently got out of it... he knew all about me and my ex! but he would still take me on dates and call me and treat me like a queen! he never acted as tho he wanted anything in return... he seemed as tho he just genuinely wanted to spend time with me... when i finally got out of my relationship i began to REALLY pursue him... we had "relations" the other night but that was only because I was the aggressor! (the leo in me) our phone conversations are ALWAYS short and light... nothing to deep... he is soooo reserved! and im not sure if that is because he is a Libra or because he is a MARINE or because hes just not interested in me..... i mean i just don't get it! i thought that if i could just get rid of my ex we would be able to start... something! but things are the same as always! or maybe its just ME trying to move to fast...? what do you think this man wants from me...?

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Take it slow
by: Anonymous

I suggest with Libra man you should take it slow. Give him attention but just enough to let him know how you feel. Let him do the rest. Libra man don't open up to anyone unless they really like and trust that person. They are charmer so they will act to kind and loving. They tend to put you on a spin. They sometimes needs space. If they really want you they will so it. They do just about anything to get to you. They are crazy sometimes when it comes to love. But they can be confusing sometimes. You want your libra man you have to be extra sexy, extra intelligent and witty. If he doesn't see that in you, he'll still spin you in his web. But he will never pop the question. If he truely in love with you , you will know. He'll tell you he loves you and will pop the question sooner than later. If he doesn't better find someone more into you. Cuz with Libra man , they will stay with you until they find a better match.But once married, they are pretty committed.

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