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We Sag ladies really NEED a guy that can make us literally stop in our tracks to keep us interested, right?

I just started dating a Libra guy, and all that springs to mind is "Still waters run deep"! (We worked together, and he was always so shy...I NEVER expected him to open up like he has to show me who he really is). I'm AMAZED. Period. He's romantic, sexy, considerate, easy going, wonderful/easy to talk to, and his 'way of being' in general has me thinking about him all day! This has GOT to be one of the BEST MATCHES IN THE ZODIAC

Im a Sagittarius girl and my Libra man has me in ways no other has. probably cuz the sex is good, HA! =P

I'm a Sag with a Libra man in my sights. We've known of each other for several years flirting, and I have his full attention at every meeting. Then we got together. An experience I will not forget. Full of excitement, natural compatibility, great sexual union, and the talking. Exhilarating!

Problem is, I think about him all the time. This is driving me crazy! Because of my current status, the match was not made. Will it be in my future to be in such an exciting union after such a longtime of disappointment? Can I be patient? YES!!! YES!!! YES!! Why wouldn't he want to be with me if I was free! I know he felt it too.

I am a sag girl and I have dated a lot of guys of different astrological signs but I have never been more in love or more happy than I am with my current Libra man.

We lived a block away from each other for ten years, were best friends for two and have been happily together for six months and I have to say the sex is fabulous!!!! and the relationship is one that I can't imagine leaving (for once). We connect in a way that I never imagined could happen with another person. sooo all you sag ladies out there, Libra men are a wonderful and fulfilling choice.

I'm a Sagg girl in love with my Libra man. I have never felt so much love and affection, which I crave.

We've been together for 3 1/2 years, broke up and now we're back together and better than ever. I hear wedding bells!

Im a Sag woman dating a Libra man and he totally has my heart. I literally FEEL the passion between us when we are together its insane! I love how he always seem to make perfect moves... he's willing to do crazy stuff with me and at the same time he has that natural self control and calm aura going on. He totally turns me on.

It sucks though cause Im getting addicted to him and he's leaving the country for like... months or maybe years... Im going to miss him so much.... :(

I'm a Sagi girl and I love Libra boys even though they are kinda clingy, they even it out cuz they are so entertaining and charming and have a good sense of fun. I THINK THEY ARE THE CUTIES OF THE ZODIAC.

I am a sag involved with a Libra.

He is sweet and kind and loving all the sunshine & raspberries.. but he is too clingy for me, when we are talking, it is romance, love, future plans, romance, love .. and repeat. don't get me wrong, I do love romance, but dude, will you ever chill, tease, play with me.

I really don't know how to tell him that the best way to keep me is to keep me guessing, laughing and being teased and then loved.

Maybe I am being b*tchy, I know he is a great guy but he is too nice... I might end up marrying him for he proposes me on an average twice a day.

They are Great Guys, we have not had sex, so cant comment on it, maybe that will be the thing that make me go for him. haha

I'm a sag girl, my boyfriend is a Libra & he is amazing! his personality shines. I can't stand to be away from him. always want to fill my cup up with him constantly.

I'm a Sag woman and my man is a Libra. I must admit, this man has completely swept me off my feet. The sex is amazing. (the oral sex could and will improve), but he "THE BEST I EVER HAD" (like Drake) I love him. It's been 2 years, I'm 10 weeks pregnant, and I feel that we will only grow for the better. I look forward to the years ahead. Sag women, we need a man we can summit to, and that's hard to find, (being a sag woman), but no other had made summiting so fun and sexy. I love my Libra man!!

I have just started dating a Libra man, the sex is amazing!!. I can't stop thinking about him, we are like magnets as soon as we are in the same room, boy can he kiss!!! mm, weekend can't come soon enough, he is my drug!..

I'm a sag woman and people call me a tomboy cause I always try to hide from love and cause I'm athletic and don't like to hang out with most of the girls. I'm not dating or anything and the Libra guy is my best friend. My 2 best friends (girls) told me that they think he likes me cause we're always laughing together, he does things that no boy would do for their friend who is a girl, and he always find an excuse to work with me or sit next to me. He is awesome, I swear he isn't saying so but he really likes me!

I am a sag woman and I have been knowing my partner, a Libra man, for over 10 years. We were friends to start off and then things just went from there. We have been off and on for over 10 years and we always find a way to come back to each other no matter what the situation. He's like my best friend, I can talk to him about whatever and he understands when I say something I don't mean no harm. The sex OMG!!! It's awesome. He says I got the best and I know that he got the best. And from that we have 2 beautiful girls. In the future we do plan on getting married. I just don't want to rush into it and he know that and respects that. I love my baby and my best friend now and forever.

I'm a Sag woman and I have been with my Libra man for almost two years. He broke up with me 3 different times due to paranoia of me cheating on him or wanting to leave him for someone better. I have a lot of guy friends (who are like brothers) and he can't accept it. I'm not sure where we are at right now. UGH well if we separate again, I definitely will miss the sex! Best ever. I have another Libra in my sights who is different from my current Libra. In a better way.

It's true Libras are so addicting to me. I can't stand being away from mine. He's always busy with his friends though of course. I hope for the best with everyone and all you Sag chicks looking' for Libra men, good luck! :D

I'm a sag female dating a Libra man and we have been together for 6 years and it has been amazing the sex is always good we our personalities are so much alike we both love people having fun and just being us together. I mean we just have a great time together as a couple I mean of course there are times when we fight but we get over it to quick. I actually think that my mouth can be to blunt for him but I cant help it its in my nature...

Im a sag girl & my boyfriend is a Libra & iv never been so deeply in love with nobody but him. we have a strong but weird chemistry. we have a beautiful daughter now & this brought us a lot closer. we both think the same way, we are very adventurous we like to explore the world & have fun! we're best friends we tell each other EVERYTHING! we kinda hide our feelings from each other but I know he loves me & he knows I love him :)

there is a few problems though, because we are so alike we fight a lot. we both are really playful but have anger problems too so when I joke around with him he gets mad or when he jokes with me I get mad too. we been on & off because of this, but at the end we just end up getting back, I need him & he needs me. we both learned to understand each other.

HEY I'm back, Sag woman with the paranoid Libra. So I broke up with him, and started hanging out with the new Libra. He is amazing! We click on so many different levels. We can talk about anything, I'm so glad he has opened up to me. We are seeing each other and going to go on our first date tomorrow :D Dinner and a play. I'm so excited

Ok I'm a Sag girl that has just started dating a Libra guy so I came on here trying to see how compatible we would be by reading our compatibility report and seeing what other people on here have experienced and I seriously thought ..ya right the sex cant be that good or your only getting along that well because your in the honey moon stage ...but I was sssooo wrong!! We get along so well its almost disgusting lol and the sex IS amazing!!!! I thought I had, had good sex before but with him its 300 times better you Sag girls get out there and get a Libra guy! you will not be disappointed, I promise!

I'm a Sagittarius woman who MARRIED a Libra man. Where most of what you read about characteristics rang true, for a while, the Libra lack of showing emotions during any situation, i.e., marriage, birth of children, death of a parent, only showed with this one, ego and sex, self-centered actions, were the demise. Match made in hell. Dating was fine, but when it came to family and responsibilities, the Libra was self-involved. The need of the one, out-weighed the needs of the unit. Being a sag, boredom ensued, having to be grounded at all times. Just an observation. Both of us, intelligent professionals, with a bit of competition. Watch it....

I am sag girl n I m in love with a Libra man.... he is fantastic....... sex is so rocking with him... I just love him more than any thing in this world... we fight a lot but at the end of the day we get back. I cant stay without him an I no even he cant.... we started as a best friends he is amazing as a friend and even as a boyfriend.... he is too hot... the types that me as sag wants... one good thing is he keeps watch on my expenditures... so I have 2 control....

Is a Sagittarius girl that is a teen and a Libra boy that is a teen is a perfect couple or match? Is the sex good?

I feel such an attraction for a Libra man its almost scary.

When we are together he makes me feel like the queen of the world, he has insane sex appeal, and we laugh all the time, we seem to connect on absolutely everything!

Making out is incredible, I don't know for the sex..yet :P

I have butterflies just thinking about him.. :DDDDDDDDD

I'm a Sag girl, as many others lol.

For what I've read here it's true that Sag girls + Libra boys are real magnets!! And I REALLY need to mention that the sex is simply... the best EVER! EVER! Both of us together in bed is such an art. He says I'm the best he's ever had and I say the same. Any of us with different partners wouldn't be the same.

And he caters to all my needs: both emotionally and physically. So loving.

I want him for myself for a long long time. If not forever!


I am a Libra man about to take out a sag lady on a first date. its a sort of bind date.. any tips ladies?

I'm a sag woman who has just recently met a Libra man and wow does he do it for me or what! amazing chemistry - and we talk non stop...butterflies in my stomach...I think it's a really good match...

I am a Sagittarius woman married to a Libra man..!! :) he is an amazing guy always making me laugh.. despite our problems he is always there for me.. we both love each other but I don't like it when he thinks I am going to leave him for someone better.. ugh..I just love our sex life it is WONDERFUL.!!! haha :)

im a Sagittarius woman MARRIED to a Libra man & we was separated for 3 years and got back together. I've never loved a man as much as I love my Libran husband it will be 10 years April 2011 for our marriage & we are extremely happy and the sex is great. happy in dayon ohio

just start with an sag girl I like her way of talking and laughing like her spirit she is literally living her life not just passing

Im a sag woman dating a Libra man

and we started out as best friends and he was always chasing me but me not wanting to be tied down always left him in the dust but he soon got me to fall in LOVE we just had our first son together he's 2 months and things are great and sex is Omg AWSOME!!!! but im not gonna lie in the beging are fighting was soooo out of control that r friends didn't even want to be around us! but we always made up the same day if not seconds after he's sooo in love with me but very insecure I he don't want me to do much due to I have a lot of guy friends he cant get over that we kinda have some jealous issues but im working on that but other than that yes were madly in love and I couldn't imagine without him! I love my Libra!!!

libran men are just crazy about their girl and want their girl to be very expressive . I have known my libran man for jus 3 months but I swear I cant live without him

I'm a Sagittarius woman engaged to a Libra man. He is the very best man any girl can ask for. Understanding, loyal, protector, provider, intellectual, sexy, a best friend, great listener and a great lover. I really love him to pieces and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

Wow...I'm so glad I found this site. I am a sag woman that is interested in a Libra co-worker/friend. I can tell he is hot for me, but I was not sure if I should give it a chance since we work together(might get complicated). But there is just something sooo sexy and soothing about him and now after reading and learning how great a Libra man can be for a sag woman. I'm definitely going to give it a try...see what happens :0)

I'm a Sag woman with a moon in Libra. I've dated 5 Libras, even lost my virginity to one.

I need a man that open's up, and expresses how he feels.

It usually starts out well. The sex is good, but the selfishness is not something I can tolerate. I'm far too giving. Good luck ladies.

I'm a libran guy in love(friendship) with a Sagittarius gal for th last 6 in every libra-sag relationship r just alike in every means of our life...but I c'ant understand wats goin on in her mind...and I want to propose her...can anyone help me pls...:-)

This is my first time on here, but I have always been interested in reading and learning about zodiac signs! Now that this is all about Libra men and Sag women it's exciting. I have an obstacle that I have recently encountered that I wanted to share. So I recently met a guy. We went to the same high school but never talked. Then one night when I had been at a party we started to talk there, not for very long but after that night we talked a lot. We would text and it even got to the point where we both told each other that we were interested in each other. Then after like a week he ends up telling me he doesn't want a relationship and is concentrating on other things. I never wanted a relationship but I just wanted to get to know him, you know? Well we stopped talking as much but we were still friends. Maybe a month past, then this past weekend we hung out and it was a lot of fun. We were both totally flirting and having a good time. He gave me signs as if he wants t o talk again, but then again I don't know if he just wants to have fun or actually want to get to know me. What am I to do? Talk to him about my feelings again, because they are apparently there or just wait and see if he says anything, and just have fun and not take things too serious?

ADVICE please!!!!

I'm a sag girl who has been seeing a Libra boy for 6 months on and off... When I first met him I thought he was cute and nice but I didn't think it'd get any where. But then one day it did, and after that we were inseperable. When he had to leave for a month or two I was completly bummed but thought that was it. Once I started seeing him again each time it just gets better and better, and yes the sex is AMAAAZING. Talk about gettin' wild. You first think its good, hott yes, but then more and more you get to know you realize he's up for anything just as much as you then it's like you don't know how it wasn't like this before.... I'm telling you. Theyll do anything for you. And are up for whatever you are! You have an "air" sign lighting your "fire". They totally love just seeing you be yourself. Can't wait to see how it goes, now I'm dying to see him again asap... relationship soon? I'd say so. I've never felt this way... I do not like being committed, I l ike roaming free- but I can do that with him, mutually.

I am a Sagittarius female. I have been with a Libra man for almost a year now. We broke up for about 4 months and it truly was the hardest experience. I am addicted. I am madly in love and curious to know what his beautiful mind is going to come up with next. He is brilliant, though he will never admit it. I have never loved a person as much as I love him. I am constantly blinded by his wit, his charm and those beautiful brown eyes of his. I would honestly write a book about him if I could. We get into quarrels sometimes, yet we look past them into a bright future. I have never wanted to spend the rest of my life with someone before him. I'm complete. He is everything to me. And the sex, jeeze, I have never had so many orgasms in my life. It's passionate and lovely. I'm lucky to have this man in my life. I will never regret one moment that we spend together.

Im A Sag Girl Was Involoved w/ A Libra Male

Omg it was cool while it lasted but to me my dude was so clingy, like always tryna be up under me, ughh cant stand that. We argued like everyday & night, but we both got what we wanted at the end of that arguement. SEX! lol but it's like now were freinds & he cant seem to leave me alone at all, he tells me to stop talking to him& then a couple days later he'll sendig me messages & all that.. Now all these other sag girls above saying all that I think im the most different sag girl on here, because I was IRRITATED by this Libra guy & still til this day I am

I am too a sagg. girl like this Libra guy very much..known him almost 7yrs, but havn't been able to pass a hug. Every time I try to get close to him he pull I started to use phycology and stop paying him any mine....he started to call and text me more now. I like him very much.. We are both christians. I know he knows that I like him...Libra men love gifts and their ego strokeed. they are moody and God know I have seen every side of it...I am however patient and is waiting for him to make up his mine. He been offering me a ride home and calling and texting I think just leaving him alone will bring him to me.

I'm sag woman who was married to a Libra man and I can actually say that he was the love of my life. He knew more than I knew myself, even though I was to blame partially for the breakup, till this day I still love him. I hope he can read this one day

Ive notice all information I read about Libra guy sag girl are only coming from the women I want to know how does Libra view sag

Awww you women are all so beautiful... I am a Libra man just recently broken up with a sag girl... And she was and is an amazing Stunning women, but I myself had to get some things in order... That's beside the point... I've dated two sags seriously, and both were so patient and intreging I couldn't resist. you love to try and figure out what makes us tick... And usually it's a very complex and challenging adventure... To all you sag when out there... Trust me just go along for the ride becuase he already has everything worked out in his head... We know what we are doing... And truth I personally love to spoil them women I'm with, it really is just my nature... At times it can be a wonderful curse or catch 22 lol

I am a sag woman who is attracted to and so in love with a Libra man as well.I'm 5 years younger than he is, but I like it that way.We have such a good time together andgreat chemistry, I'm never bored with him.I never am quick to fall for someone AT ALL, and I usually get annoyed quickly and easily, but not with him.he's funny, handsome, sweet as can be, has a smile to die for,and just an overall good man any woman would want.the sex.... OOOOOOOMMMMMGGGGG!However,he can be moody and distant at times but I think he is just the type who likes his space when he has free-time because he works 24/7.i use to get mad at him about this at first but now I really don't because if I worked as much as that man does, I would be the same way.I want to keep him in my life,but not chase him and be clingy at the same time.I feel it in my heart that he is the one for me, I hope I'm right!

I'm a sag woman Nov 29th and was with a Libra man for 7 years. This is an awful match and steer clear. The Libra Man will TEAR your Sag heart apart and eat up the pieces. At first you will be mesmerized by your Libra man (proof in all the posts from female Sags above...not one post from a Libra male). Libra men are self involved and have difficulty showing emotion. I think what initially intrigues us sag women with the Libra man is the chase. We love freedom and flirting and there's a whole lot of this happening at the beginning of this relationship. Once were in this relationship we find ourselves wondering what is the next level only to find the Libra man is wrapped up in his own needs (once he think he has you). As the sag is always looking upward and thinking positively for the couple the Libra thinks of his own interest and you Sag are left feeling depleted.

I'm currently with a Capricorn male Dec 29th bday. At times I do find him boring and not social enough, but he is a sure thing compared to an empty promising Libra. I know I am Caps everything. Libra sex was amazing to me at the time, but will start to bore you Sag girls. Capricorn sex blows my mind away and is still solidly explosive after 4 years. Our relationship is filled with passion and intimate adventure. I've been with my Cap for 4 years. It's a roller coaster ride at times with us wanting different things out of life. But this relationship is 10x better then with a Libra.

Best of Luck to you Sag girls...may your run quickly away from your Libras.

My Libra man is my addiction, and I am his. I was absolutly stunned after reading about our campatability. Nearly everything was true. Sometimes my blunt mouth can hurt his feelings, but we are always quick to solve confrontation. He knows I don't mean to hurt him, things just come out wrong sometimes. The sex really is the best I've ever had. We are so intensy attracted to each other its almost unbelievable. I've never considered marriage as an option for myself, but with this Libra man... I think I could change my views. He is amazing, and the love of my life. YOU... : )

I am a Sag woman who met a Libra man about 3 months ago...the time we've spent has been AMAZING. When we met we agreed that neither of us were trying to rush into anything to serious. Tho, as time progress and we begun to like each other we still continued to say we're going to take things slow but are willing to just see where things end up between the two of us. Things were still amazing!!!

I continued to care for this man, then all of a sudden my world was rocked when he informed that an Ex-girlfriend had resurfaced and he was now going to try to rekindled what that had....he said he had to see if what they had 'was actually something'. This was about 2 days ago, since then I have been MORTIFIED! As a result he suddenly begun acting extremely cold and detached, which is the complete opposite of anyway he's ever treated me. Tho we had only been seeing each other for a short period of time I feel like i've lost a life long friend. IT FEELS HORRIBLE NOT TO BE ABLE TO TALK TO HIM and its only been few days. I really want to respect his decision to try to rekindle with his Ex, but I cant imagine not having him in my life!

I'm so stuck and need advice... ;( I would love to hear from a Libra Man

I've been with my Libra guy for a year :) it is like literal electricity when we touch, and its never boring. He can be passionate and silly and deep. The sex is amazing! Haha ;) Libras are quite experimental. He has settled me down quite a bit, and he's the first guy I have actually imagined in the rest of my life. Word of advice: snatch a Libra, and keep him x

WOOOW.. This is crazy this is site is so true in many ways...I met this Libra man about 5 Months ago..Instantly I felt the deep connection that was crazy..I first acted distant which was not intentional I was going through a bad long drawn out break up with a virgo..Sag grils stay away from Virgo they are soooo bad for us..very loyal they are but ugh 5 years with that man lived and learned but any way back to the libra.. I agree just being around him was like omg and he seemed so mesmerized by me it was the best feeling in the world ...No man not even Leo mad me feel that way....but it did seem like a chase now that I look back...First he was chasing mee I was distant because I had my ex to try and break up with ...Then when I finally break it all off and completely through with ex and ready for my Libra ..He seem distant this time around ...I was ready and excited and now feel like im chasing him...Then last week I found out his ex was pregneant so that explained it ..Idk I havent heard from him in 2 weeks since I told him I heard that she was and I don't know ...I miss that feeling like hell but only time will tell...He seemed too good to be true but It was crazy ...The sex was amazing he was so charming and made me feel so special at times...I hope to ever find a man that makes me feel how he did I swear...

I am a sag girl with this strange libran guy around..he's my ex colleague..i met him at a point when I was recovering from a break all started with lil tea breaks near a chai wala wch he used to couple with, with a few smokes over all stupid discusssion one could possibly have..gradually those 10 mins break created the crave to spend more time with each other..true enough..i have never been so mesmerized by nethn till date as his smile..he would all possible things to make me feel special..!..but then I dnt knw..he salways surrounded by girls..hes classy with an awesome persoality and winnin any gal is just a cakewalk for him..this makes me feel insecure at times.However I have realized that ever since my break up thn made me happier than his company..time flies we I m with hour passes by just as a minute..he always tells me that he likes me a lot..but I guess this isnt enuff for a sag girl..i have seen him doing things for me which he wouldnt do for oth ers yet m so unsure..dont wanna get heart broken again..he wants me to tell him how I feel about him..inshort he wants me to take an initiative but my sagi traits doesn't allow me I will try and not meet him as much as possible..i leave the rest on destiny..if we are bound to be together he would come to me else....i surrender everything on Lord's feet.

I am a Libra man, through and through at various levels of evolution. I met my Sagittarius woman while on a business trip. We sat next to each other and our hours together felt like mere minutes. I have not ceased to think about her for even a minute... she is the first thing I think of when I wake up.

I am absolutely fascinated by her. She is more than I'd ever imagined I wanted in a single woman... unbelievable. I am in love with her personality, in lust with her hot, sexy body. I value her intellectually and care for her emotionally.

She perfects me. I am the best as a human soul and a man and a lover because of her. I continually thank the universe that she exists. I am enamored by her.

Her presence makes me feel instantly at home and I have lost all interest in even acknowledging the possibility that we won't spend the rest of our lives together.

She is my universe and the center of it as well. Loving her is like finding religion. She is my savior and my idol. I want to praise her and lavish adoration and attention on every inch of her body and being.

My only fear is that I will completely consume her with my passion... I continually need to ensure I provide her space to reflect, to rest, to simply be. She has been slow in warming to me, but vocal in acknowledging that I have made her feel like the most beloved woman alive.

Each token of affection and acknowledgment of her love for me deepens my sense of security and encourages me to actually enjoy our moments apart wherein she may pursue her professional and personal responsibilities.

I've never experienced such dimensions of emotion... and each day they widen and deepen. I cannot begin to express the impact she has had on my life... she has become my life's major definite purpose and I am utterly possessed by her. We speak for hours like they were mere minutes.

All I want to do is spend my hours in service to her: kissing her, caressing her, loving her, listening to her, laughing with her, relaxing with her, wrapped up in her...

My life revolves around my Sagittarius woman and I feel that I was born to protect, to serve, to love, to provide for, to pamper, to cherish, to honor, to devote myself completely to her.

She is my destiny! XOXOXOX

Hey :) I am a sag woman who was involved with a libran male for almost 4 years... honestly, a really bad match. In the beginning, you are so addicted to him that you really can't make out his flaws.. and almost 2 years down the line, we ended up fighting a lot. He was really possessive and suspicious. It is really unlike a sag to cheat on her guy. The contstant questioning and criticism is too much to handle. Another thing that a sag mentioned above.. the empty promises. He will promise you everything in the world (but will always have some problem.. no time etc etc) but none of them are actually fulfilled. The sags are soooo mesmerised by them that they don't realise that he is just making empty promises. If he says "i want to write poetry for you, take you out etc" sags will feel as if he is actually doing it and will be satisfied at that. Unfortunately, He will never do it. Sex was great, but it became repetitive and boring over time. Great short term relationship- long term- don't EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!

I met my Libra man in high school and then didn't see him again for 27 years...when our eyes met it was like an explosion! I have never had such an amazing connection with anyone in my entire life. We talk for hours on end about everything imaginable, he is kind, considerate, attentive, tells me all the time how beautiful I am, but yet he does his own thing and encourages me to do mine. The sex is totally mind blowing. I have never in my life opened up and let go with anyone in this way before ever....the communication, honesty, trust and respect have just made all of my walls come down. The only issue is that he is push and pull....he seems to think that this is so perfect that I'm gonna end up hurting him. I never want to leave him...i think about the moment my eyese open in the morning and all day long. I feel possessed by him....even if we ever split up, I think I am going to be with a Libra man....This union of signs is perfection!!!!!!

WOW, is all I can say, quite simply , wow, I am a sag and I find that I an many Libra males do click, though it is alwaysshort term. I went out with one tywo days ago, he is cute, sweet, intelligent, and the rest, I later found out that he faniced me, this is after I stormed out of his house, after a night drinking sambuccas at various wine bars, I stormed out in only the way a Sag girl can....oh dear. We may meet up again, maybe not, tiem will tell, he IS very very cute, then we have Mr Cappy man on my case. He is younger than me, I am 29 years old, he is 23 years old, and Libra dude is 36 years old, so in many ways I am more "drawn" to the Libra man. Cappy guy approached me in a shop where he works, he is sweet, cute, I thinkm actully I know, that he is not ready for a girl like me just yet, I do not mean to sound arrogant. I just mean, I would consume him, I know this for a fact, I can be quite intense, ( my Pisces moon, as well as general life experiences. Maybe I am not sure what I want in my personal life at present, but another date with Mr Libra could be cool, though if not, the show goes on.

I'm a Libra man who has my eyes set on a sag girl who I work with. We've worked together for about 12 months and have become really good friends, but I am suspicious that she feels more than that. I know I do. The chemistry between us is electric, she is always smiling and laughing with me, and displays body language signals that she is attracted to me etc.

We tease each other playfully and constantly flirt with each other. My problem is understanding her intentions. I'd have figured she would be direct about her feelings, maybe even to the point of making the first move, but she says some things that confuse me. ie she doesn't want to be in a relationship, doesn't date work colleagues and emphasises that we are friends. Then she basically indicates the opposite...we get on so well together, is fiercely cruel to any other woman I may mention, tells me she dates older guys (which I am). All her physical responses suggest she does indeed fancy me.

From what I've read on here it seems I should be straight up with her and tell her how I feel, as there is a chance it won't spoil our friendship (which I wouldn't want to lose either) and that she is possibly playing 'games' and throwing out 'tests' to me.

Do her actions mean more than her words? There is no doubt in my mind that we would be great together, although as stated here her busy life is something of an obstacle too and we don't get to see each other outside of work, which she seems genuinely sorry about, we have to REARRANGE time together outside of work more than we actually get to spend it - but she doesn't CANCEL!

Anyway thanks to reading these comments I think I have to tell her how I feel and risk ruining our frienship as I think about her relentlessly and want to spend all my time with her. It seems it would be totally worth it if all goes well.

Well, I wish I could say I have had everyone else's positive experiences. I am a Libra Man and dated a Sagittarius woman. She was fun, exciting and absolutely captivated me from the beginning. But, she was always borrowing large sums of money, convincing me to pay for things and buy things for her, lying to me, and in general using me. She would convince me to give her my last 20 bucks for something she "needed" then she would not want to get together again until I got my next paycheck. I loved every moment I spent around her but in the end, she was just using me for money and kicks. Finally, I couldn't stand being used anymore and broke up with her. After which, she still called to ask me for money! My sister is a Sag and has a wonderful relationship with her Libra husband. But, there are bad apples in every bunch!

Libra Man here ready to give the Libra Man point of view on Sag Ladies. Sag Ladies are extremely beautiful both inside and out along with being patient, loving, The Perfect Woman. I believe fully that any man not only a Libra man would be very blessed to have Sag-Angel in his life as a wife, girlfriend, best friend, etc. Libra Men will forever love Sag-Angels I thank God for blessing me to be born to a beautiful Sag-angel they are also The Perfect Mothers. I love all of you Sag-Angels continue being your wonderful caring selves and loyal to us Libra Men because Gods knows we need you. =)

im sadge woman and very ,very involved in Libra man,we both have many happy moments,sharing philosophical conversations,loves travel,we mostly spend our times with group of good reputation in town friends,(he loves sports and he's time very full than mine , but thats okey,ill understand).we don't have dull moments,and never argued since weve been together,the most amazing part in sex!oh my god!my Libra man made me feel like I forgot to breath!!!(funny to say my Libra loves to talk while having sex,lol).moreover,i heard a millions times my Libra says I love you sweetie!thats why I love him too,hes mine and im he's woan too forever!

Am a Sagittarius Girl and I have about a month or so seeing a Libra guy he is the sweetest guy I have ever meet. He makes me laugh and smile every time he texts me or when I see his face. There's something about him that attracts the hell out of me! I want to see him every day there's not one minute that I don't miss him or don't think of him. OMG and Sex is Amazing Amazing

Amazing !!!!! he turns me on like crazy!!!!!!

He knows how to make me feel special..

I know am not the greatest looking person but I feel like a princess when am with him, even when I have no makeup on. He gives me so much attention, omg the little things he does to be with me ok not little big things, like wake up super early to go to the gym with me or spending time with me every morning without me even asking him.yeah its a bit overwhelming but in a good way! He understands my needs, wants and feelings. I appreciate him so much and admire him a whole lot! I Adore Him.

Dam never thought I would feel like this in a month knowing him ha ha ha ha and my favorite part is that we can both be dorks and not care about how silly we may be! I can truly be my self and have the freedom I need with a Libra!

And also he can handle my honesty and that I am a bit blunt! OMG also I love when he sings to me AHEM AHEM. lmao! =D I wish I can give him so much more.....he deserves the best. MR. A.R. your the best!!!!!!!

i've been married to my Libra husband for almost 10 years (we've been together as a couple for over 13). I'm Sadge with a Scorpio Moon (yikes, right? lol) My husband is very patient with me, and he is very jovial. I can be pretty outgoing, and say outrageous things that shock but also humor people. He just goes with the flow and is very supportive of me, it's really very special, and I don't think anyone else could be as sweet and specialt to me. He says the right things...all the time! In this bad economy I've suffered up's and down's in my career (which has been difficult for me, given I like to make money) and he has been so supportive, nice and encouraging! Truly, he understands me like nobody else. I feel that he completely accepts me for who I am, and nobody really previous to him was capable.

I call him my fuzzy bear, because he generally has a great sense of humor, a warm disposition, and is very funny. If something bad were to happen to him, my world would end!

My friends accuse us of being newlyweds, even thought we've been married almost 10 years. I cannot wait to talk to him on the phone, we call each other all the time, like high school kids who can't wait to be together. We do not have children, selfishly, I just want to hang out with him and he with me, so we have lots of pets that are hilarious. We're a pet family (which is also a mark of Sagittarius, to save every animal...ok, that's me! and my husband, once again, is supportive. although we had to limit it to 5 pets because of the size of our house, he loves the pets and is so great with them, it's awesome).

What some of the ladies say about Libra being self-consumed, is true. They do have that side to them, they can be self serving. I find my husband can be a workaholic. But I'm so independent that I don't really care! He loves to work, so I don't interfere with that too much. Frankly, I have my own interests, so if my husband is feeling into himself or wants to work, I just roll with it--we always come back together and can manage to have a great time just folding the laundry.

I do exercise like a maniac, and he has never ever complained like other men before him. Many times I train with men, again, my self confident husband never said a peep of negativity, only asking if I had a good run or bike ride and would I like to have pizza for dinner. Perfect!

I really feel that nobody would be as understanding, supportive, nice, and funny like my Libran husband. We have a wonderful life, 13 years and counting!!

OMG!!! Libra men are the perfect men for us Saggitarius girls!!! My one is amazing, Everything that the others have written up there is correct!!! Passion, feelings and the rest. I met my one when we were 12!!! lol but after all this time, years later, its all gooooooood!!!

okay I've read almost all the comments ,Def Im a saggi gurl who is been with a Libra man for 5 years,im still counting ;) ! my Libra is the world to me,he says im his everything we talk for hours fight a lot im surprised how everything up there is so true , but take my advice sag ladies,Libras love it hard to get,classy and feminine Sex is THE BEST! uhhhh!! NEVER LIE TO A Libra like NO NEVER ,If he knew about it he'll never forgive you

I am a Sag woman in a relationship with a Libra man for almost three years now. I can honestly say never ever did I expect myself to step beyond the limit of just being friends with this man but after slowing down to actually think about it I said heck, why not? Why not give the nice guy a chance? I felt as though to other girls he was the perfect friend and he was to me as well but boy did it really pay off when I took it a step farther...not the first time or even the second but WOW everytime since then;) I love the SEX! I also am a natural teacher so teaching him how to express his emotions better was the perfect job for me! He is honest always, I know I can trust him above all else. We have a eight month old baby boy now and things have only got better! So all you Sag girls that thinking that Libra boy is only good as a friend, you are missing out my friend! So glad I gave my Libra man a chance to be my everything! Because he is all that and more:)

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