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Few years ago I dated a Taurus girl for a year and a half. I'm a Libra. I loved her, partly because of all the small things she did to show her affection. Sometimes she brought me candy I liked, she would hold my hand in a way I like and stupid small things like that. Looking back those small things were significant because they always came in unexpected situations.

First few months were ok, and later we got along as I compromised hoping some thing will change. She had a habit of showing up late to dates which drove me mad. Also, she stopped compromising and trying. Sex was good for the some time until she stopped making effort. For a few months I hung around compromising in hope that things will come back or change, but people rarely change, especially if they are Taurus's I guess. After reading about Taurus women it makes sense now lol

I am a Taurus but right on the cusp of Gemini, though I still feel very much a Taurus - very homey, materialistic and love nice things also very practical. I had a relationship for several years on and off with a Libra male.. Strangely his birthday was the same as my mothers and one day ahead of my sisters. I get on really well with them and therefore - wrongly - assumed that we would be a match made in heaven.

Initially it was. He was incredibly romantic and thoughtful and made me feel as if I was incredibly special. Our sex life also was incredible. We were very inventive and made love all the time! However he was also very possessive and jealous. He could be quite controlling and once took a knife to a skirt of mine which he deemed too provocative.

He implied that I brought out the worst in him and that the behavior was my fault. Even now I have to remind myself it wasn't all my fault.. Our relationship was quite volatile and seemed to involve a rollercoaster of breaking up and reconciliation.

Quite often when we were on a break he would meet another partner and then very obviously flaunt her. This would break my heart as my self esteem was not great back then.. Like I said our best times were truly wonderful, romantic and sexy but the worst were appalling! We lasted three years on and off - mostly on to be fair but we could never have got married - it was like a fairy tale but there was no reality which is what I needed.

Thank god we never had children as he was so self obsessed I would have been so torn. I have had difficulties with Male Librans being rather flighty and childish as well as sexually charged. I am not sure if this is down to their star sign or perhaps I bring out the worst in them!

Strangely I have been happily married to a Capricorn for many years now and we have kids and lots of nice stuff in our nice home! Funny that!

Im a Libra Male and she's a Taurus. We've been together for 20 years and loving almost every minute of it!

I have been on and off with a Taurus woman (I am a Libra male), and after 4 years of being a see-saw, fickle minded Libra, her patience, enduring affection got me. I am now seeing the potential in our relationship, and seeing that we are inseparable. We are great friends, great lovers, and goofballs. If you're a Libra male, what you need is a Taurus woman, long-run.

I am a Taurus woman... with a Libra man. We dated a couple of years back, decided it wasn't our time, and just recently ran into each other again, and picked up right where we left off. The chemistry between us is amazing. We love to laugh together, and have an absolutely amazing sex life. he is very romantic, but deathly afraid of commitment and talking about the future.

After he finally opened up about that, I was able to tell him that I was in no hurry for marriage or anything like that either. I just let him know that we are in it to have fun and enjoy each other! and now he is the one begging me to "be more serious." Funny how that worked.... I don't know at all what the future holds for us, but I can say that this is one of the happiest, most fun relationships I have ever been in!

I have had an on and off relationship with a Libra male, I am a Taurus female. The sex was made in the shade; I guess that was because we are both children of the ruling planet Venus. My only issue was his uncompromising nature, and I noticed that he required a great deal of freedom.

I am a Taurus woman happily married to a Libra Man. We just made it over the 1 year hill, and BOY was it steep! LOL

When we were dating, I immediately fell weak at the knees for his mesmerizing smile and his irresistible sense of humor. And he says he immediately fell for my sweet compassion and my wise cracks. lol

But once we were married, things started getting so complicated because my husband was such a control freak! Everything had to be his way and I was expected to fall at his feet, which COMPLETELY clashed with my stubbornness.

But I loved this man so much I didn't want to see myself without him, so I strengthened my patience and my charm and we compromised. IT WAS DAMN HARD but DAMN WELL WORTH IT.

Today, my husband is the most loving and understanding Prince Charming I could ever dream of, and we are inseparable. I think I love him more than I love myself.

I absolutely love everything about my Libra man! hopefully some day he will marry me. I'm a Taurus woman and I will do anything to keep him happy. I would wipe his ass even if I didn't have to.. lol!

I am a male Libra (30yrs old) in love with a female Taurus (25yrs.) we've been acquaintances for 6 years (although in different cities), but have now lived in the same city for a year and a 1/2. We've always had a crush on each other and a magnetism toward each other (and have had a series of past on and off hook-ups) Within the last few months, things have evolved from just occasional, passionate 'hook-ups' to intense and more frequent times together (which have been great)

We've casually expressed that we like each other (I'm really nuts about her) and she has feelings for me but wants to take things 'slow' (which I took as rejection) and said she doesn't want 'commitment' RIGHT NOW (I think she still might have slight feelings from her ex from a year and a 1/2 ago, who lives across the country!) Bottom line is, I want relationship/commitment but I think that she might be scared???

Even her girlfriends ask if we're dating and have said she adores me, but every time I try to take it to the next level w/ commitment, she seems to want nothing but fun and space until she is in the mood to hang out again.

I guess I'm trying to discern how she really feels.... (please help :)

Also, what's the best way to pursue her and win her over by not cramping her if she is a female Taurus in this condition?

Thanks for the help!

I'm a Taurus woman with a Libra man. We've been friends forever. The reason--because we enjoy each other's company. We enjoy the same things.. music, conversation and romantic gestures. We do clash because our views are sometimes so opposite--but we talk it out and learn to compromise. He's the best and I love him dearly.

I am a Libra man and im in love with a Taurus woman who says she in love with me. Im not saying I don't believe her because she show to me that she is. I love her so much I can't live without her to me she my perfect match. However my only problem is she want open her self 100 percent to me, and I think its because of her past with her old boyfriends. But we have a lot in common we barely argue no more we are soulmates. To me to stay in this relationship I have to take things slow and be more patient when it comes to committing her self to me 100 percent she does commit herself but not fully. And being more compromised. Other then that me and her share a unexplainable love that's so passionate and untouchable. I pray we make it cause I damn sure im not giving up. Its to strong we can make it.

I am a Taurus woman who USED to be married to a Libran male. Yes, Libran males can have that charming smile, BUT, don't let it fool you! Because they are the scales, their minds are never made up, and they are very wishy washy. My ex was always changing his stories, lying to cover up the lie before. After over two decades and several children later, it was over for me. Double trouble if your Libran male's mother is also Libran, (mine shared his mom's birthday). My own mother is also Libran, so I had to deal with a lot of wishy washyness, LOL!! Taurus women are upfront, practical, down to earth and know their minds. That is me. I don't have patience for people who play games and lie, and can't make up their minds on just about anything. Taurus women are the opposite; once their minds are made up, that's it, LOL! Libran men, I have also found, are very vindictive if they don't get their own way (aka controlling), and won't stop until they feel they have won, and will do anything to get there. The physical attraction for me was gone fairly quickly in my marriage to the Libran. Since my divorce, I have met other Libran men, but for me, it's better to be friends with them.

I am a Taurus woman dating a Libra man, we knew each other as kids and hadn't seen each other in 16 years when a friend introduced us thinking we'd be the perfect couple. That friend was right, we haven't been dating long, but I've never been happier, just being with him, it's like we were never apart. Even when we were kids we had an undeniable attraction to each other. He's passionate about me and it shows. He does enjoy his freedom, but he's realized that being tied down to me doesn't mean loss of freedom and anytime I spend away from him drives him wild to see me again. He can be lazy, but I love to take care of him, and he likes that too. Our biggest problem? He can be a little too much into partying and spending time with friends and I'm (like most Taurus's) the jealous type, but he's learned when it's time to ask his friends to leave and I've been doing my very best at curbing my jealousy when his female friends stop by. I've also learned to vocalize my appreciation for the things he says and does, it seems we live to make each other happy. Any Taurus woman dating a Libra man has got to feel like the luckiest woman alive, I know I do!

Well what can I say...I just only share (As a Taurus woman) my feeling with my friends that I have a COMPLICATED relation with a Libra guy who was really sincere as well as caring in initial stage. After getting job he somehow might busy very much with his job and now a days he became a ambitious person. He ignored very much. When I asked him for marriage after 3 years relationship he just DENIED.I was shocked. So I also decided to break up with him but I couldn't, then I realized that we are really GOOD friends that's all. So now I am behaving like a friend with him. Suddenly he may again fall in LOVE with me and proposed for marriage.

What can I do? I am still in double mind. Is he really LOVE me or just a FUNNY GAME?

I am a Libra male dating a Taurus female, and I have to say, when I met her she was very defensive, she would show me that she liked me but yet wouldn't let me get close enough to even kiss her. when she became my girlfriend, she would tell me how much she had feeling for me, and I kind of stepped back a little because I have been hurt times before, and I just wanted her to be sure of what she was saying......2 months into the relationship, I have to be the one to always calling her, I have to be the one telling her how strong my feelings are for her, and it seems like it spooked her and she took a step back.......but yet my feelings are very strong and im not giving up( typical Libra I guess)

my Libra boyfriend got mad when I went off on him. He said he don't like that because he has been in relationship like that before. how do I get him to start communicating properly with me again?

I am a Taurus women married to a Libran Men for 9 years now & one child. It has always been a very unhappy & struggling years of my life.

Please do not get married to a Libra man if you are a Taurus women.

I am Taurus female and he is Libra. We've been dating 1.5 months and I have so much interest in him but he absolutely DOES NOT show affection. Granted, we met during a very busy time where he is on the road a lot. And, we have so much in common - food, wine, theatre, music - all the finer things. But, he cannot commit to one second of anything. I have never seen anyone like this. Very self-propelled and it seems to be all about him. While Taurus likes to be caregiver, I am getting exhausted of his "fear of being pushed" and it's hard to step back but today, I told him let's just be friends because it seems he cannot commit to anything but. I need appreciation and I am his biggest cheerleader and clearly, his fears create a lack of decision-making abilities. I have never seen anything like it.

me, Taurus, he, Libra, self-serving, selfish, intentionally sends mixed signals to get his way, is indirect and strings me (and I have witnessed and argued with him about stringing other people along to get his way). He calls it "trying to keep the peace" He lies and manipulates (using charm or guilt) DOB: 10-10-60 he is more like a self serving Scorpio...I am trying to get out but he doesn't let me go easily (and I suspect ex-girl friends, who he says contact him and he is "friends" with) or take me SERIOUSLY...and keeps calling/texting...he doesn't let it end with me or them...

I just met a Taurus women on Saturday. it is now Thursday morning (3 am) and I cannot stop thinking about her, ever! I am so infatuated with this girl, the most amazing person I have ever met, truly. I got out of a five year relationship a short time back and I wanted to take things slow, I don't what to get hurt again, but I find myself head over heels for her and doing and saying the things I told myself that I should hold off on saying and expressing feelings I never knew could come so fast. she blows my mind, just the way she is and expresses herself, how we are both so genuine and one of a kind, so different from everyone either of us has ever met yet so alike to each other. I sometimes feel like she tries to keep herself at a distance, then two seconds later she reaches out for me, bringing me right back into her arms. I don't know if I would call it mixed feelings or just her being cautious, but I do know I have never felt like this about anyone ever. granted I am only y twenty one, but I have only known her for less than a week and it is so very strange to feel this strong of a connection with someone, and she agrees. I have never connected with or felt more understood by anyone. its almost as if I wish I loved her already so I could tell her so, just to see those gorgeous eyes light up along with the smile that so delicately grows on her face every time she is taken by surprise by something said or done to make her feel special. I don't know, I am just ranting now I guess. she makes me feel fifteen again, butterflies, my heart melts over her, I cant ever hide the smile she gives me so many times a day. I will come back to tell the results sometime in the future

JM 2010

Taurus woman In Love with a Libra man. I have adore him far away since we were teens. He was my first boyfriend at 14(him) and I was 13. I always carried a picture if him in my wallet until it faded away a few months ago. Then on face book he comes out of no were. He has been my hearts desire since I can remember. He's in Korea and In in the states we chat every other day. He may call me. Im married and about to be seperated (second marriage). Everytime something is wrong in my life he seems to appear right into the picture. Well he decided he's not leaving this tie-In getting myself together. so we may will finally be together. He strings me along doesn't answer my ?'s. But I have dealt with men my whole life and he's no different than them all to me. So I do the same to him. One thing about me thou I was taught my great granny a man needs his le-way and I will grant him that. He can see me and then I want call him or be there of rhimand make him think. He comes around that s with all men) I just long for his love. I don't ask him if he loves or cares for me. I feel he does with the things he say when I have to find it reading between the lines. I asked him could he feel my passion through the computer like I feel his and he agreed. other than that I don't ask him too much. but we have great convo's I love talking to him. we have never shared a bed yet. A couple of kisses way back when we didn't know what we were doing. lol I know this is the man for me he keeps coming back into my life for some reason and we both want to find out why.

I'm a Taurus woman, born on May 13. My Libra man is born on October 3. There's a 14 year age gap. we met and hooked up when I was 19 and he was 32. we are going on 4 years now this coming up august. I actually lost my virginity to him on his 33 birthday. Today we are still together but we are both very insecure about the relationship and each other. I show it way more than him though, he is more introverted about his feelings. we've done some things to each other which were very wrong. but I'm the more forgiving and I have a lot more patience. lately I've been feeling fed up with him. He said he still wants me around because he supposedly still loves me. I think he uses me for my youth. Now that I'm 22 I'm beginning to think that its not worth it anymore and I'm losing all hope to keep us together because really its me that's keeping us together. He acts like he doesn't care if I leave. I'm very much into 2 books called the "secret languages of Relationships and Birthday yes". I'm a Taurus 3, the week of the natural, May 11-18. He's a Libra 2, the week of society, October 3-10. If there's any couple that's born on the same week as us I would greatly appreciate hearing your stories, advices, pointers and if the relationship lasted.

This is a very interesting match. I work with a Taurus woman (Im a Libra male) and there was an instant attraction. After getting to know one another, there are definitely things that turn me off about her ($ driven, too much disclosure too soon, relationship-oriented) but these are very minor in my opinion. On the other hand, she has some unbelievable qualities that few other people I've met have. She's hardworking for the $ she wants vs. gold digging, honest as hell, beautiful eyes, and self-analyses her faults and shows ACCOUNTABILITY by trying to improve upon them. These are wonderful traits that few women possess and intrigue the shit out of me.

I don't know what will happen between us but I recognize it will be my fault if we don't start a wonderful relationship. I love partying and women, and women and partying love me. I can see her being a perfect wife but I don't know if I'll ever get married.

Hi...Im a Taurus and my husband is libra.. We went around for 2 yrs and married for 3 yrs...he is a great companion. and very loyal and sincere....whenever I fight without logic, he gives up opposing and tries to make the place calm...what in life a taurean women need is Libra men....

me and my Libra have been on and off but im always the one to break it off with him because he pisses me off and when Taurus gets mad we go off, but I still love him dearly and I always think about him all the time. We've been broken up for like a year now...but we still kick it and do "other things" too which I know is not good at all but his smile just gets me and uggghhhh I gotta let him go, but now I think I'm pregnant by him...what did I get myself into?

I'm a Taurus woman, dating a Libra man for about 8 months now, it starts out fast in between us, while I still had a boyfriend, but the Libra man seems careless and free minded like a new born baby, that just makes me want to melt for him. as it got more serious about our relationship and we were planning to move in together, we continued fought for different things. I didn't know why, maybe it's because of the age4 differences. I am five year older than him, I feel tired to have to worry about many things while I usually don't have to when I was dating other mature men. but still I love him, a and I am willing to try to work things out with him. I hope. I do hope that he will never cheat on my or lie to me about other girls, he's quite flirtatious with female friends, and that worries me a lot. I need to know if he's really in love with me still after so many fights and reconciled, only thing that I can do is to make myself better and not to fight with him anymore.

I'm a Taurus woman who dated a Libra male for about 9 months. I thought everything was perfect. We connected right away, was very honest with each other. And I was very patient, didn't push anything in terms of marriage or children, since he had already come out of an ugly divorce with a child. All of a sudden without warning, he wanted to break up because he was hesitant about starting a long term relationship with me and didn't want to lead me on any longer. I let him go without drama, and with a lot of self-respect. I was hurt, but it's only been a week and am feeling better. Sometimes if it was meant to be, it will happen very easily. I also believe in my gut, in order to " keep" a Libra, sometimes you have to "let them go". They need to sense that freedom, in order to feel secure to come back. Taurus people have enduring patience which is perfect. And you know what? You might just get over it, and find someone better while you wait for them. Life can do t hat too you know.

I absolutely adore my Libra honey he is the best thing that ever happened in my life. We sometimes don't see eye to eye on certain issues and it's hard for me to change my stubborn ways but he is willing to help me In any possible way. I admire him ,he's sexy and makes me laugh he's a little bit on the crazy side But I adore him . He will do anything to keep a smile on my face . We have our disagreements here and there but 5 minutes later were laughing again .. our love life is the best I have ever had ! We have spoken about marriage hopefully in the near future !'

I'm a 42yo Libran male, and was engaged and living with a Taurean lady 4 years my junior, for 11 years long and very turbulent years. She's 3 children from her previous marriage - I became a step dad overnight! I love and adore my stepdaughter a year after getting together, I became a dad myself! My daughters 12 now, and the light of my life! She's Sagittarian, we're so close it's wonderful!

We hooked up one Christmas; she had recently divorced, I was looking for my first serious relationship, & things just kinda happened! It was as if a magical, spiritual hand had laid itself across us. I still remember our first, electric kiss. We had lots of fun together, and had very (VERY!) passionate encounters, our lovemaking was incredible!!

Most of the turbulence in the relationship was due to both of us being between jobs a lot of the time. Money was always tight, but we battled through for the kids sake. Things started going pear shaped in the mid-2000's. I couldn't keep down jobs. Eventually, we broke up - and I can honestly and openly say it was all MY fault.

I've learnt an incredible amount about myself in the 2 years we've been separated. Primarily, I should not have been so selfless in the relationship, and not lulled into a false sense of security and complacency. You have to work at relationships each and every day. Don't assume everything is alright.

For all Libran men attached to Taurean ladies, this ones for you. If you are in love with her, work at it EACH and EVERY DAY. DO NOT REPEAT DO NOT GET COMPLACENT!!!!!!!

You WILL lose her by doing so. I lost my girl, and am so very sad and lonely now - I miss her company terribly :(

Bright spot is we now talk so openly each time we meet, it's comforting to know I consider her my best friend now!

So im a Taurus women. This friend of a friend Libra man decided he was into me. So at first I wasn't feeling him. A few of my friends was like give him a chance. I'm like no he on the short side and I need this and this and that in order for him to be consider to be my man lol. So I fell back a little. Then he approached me. So I decided to give him a chance. Now I cant stop thinking about how charming he is and I barely know the guy at all. Sooo I just wanted to know if we was even compatible. I guess we not sure but I plan on giving this a go. If you have any advice please write. I'll be back to share how it all turned out. Thanks ;O)

I married a Libra man .. he was my best friend .. he listened to my neediness and spoiled me all the time I later divorced him not cause we didn't get along or cause of bad sex but because we married so young that we did everything wrong in the beginning that only young young adults do that grew me to resistant him and vice versa.. As a adult now I know what type of person I am and I know what is right and wrong in a married .. My stubborn has passed and I would marry a Libra again .. I'm dating one now and I couldn't be happier.. I think truthfully people themselves need to grow on there part before anything can really grow and happen .. I have ..

I am a Taurus woman married to a Libra man...Whom I am absolutely in love with! We have been married for 10 years now. I fell in love with him right from the start; it took a little time for him due to the fact that he had just come out of a bad ending marriage. My patience and understanding paid off after some time and we couldn't love each other more. He is everything that I could want in a man, kind, caring, very affectionate! Our sex life has always been amazing. We haven't always agreed on everything but we have great communication and always try and understand each other's point of view and compromise. We accept each other for what we are and it just works! He is the love and light of my life; I wouldn't want to be with anyone in this world but him!

S.D. 2010

How do I attract a Libra 14 year old? I am a girl who is in the same school year as him. How am I supposed to look classy and sophisticated in plain and shapeless school uniform? Please Help! :(


I feel old saying this, but it's somehow depressing to see 14 year olds posting questions like that. I'm sure we were all exactly the same at 14, but.. Enjoy your childhood while you can. You may be a young adult mentally, but if he's also 14 then being male his mental age is about 10. My Libra is 32 and he act's like he's 16 most days, so I'm actually being generous on that calculation lol.

I am a Taurus women who has had an on off relationship with a Libra man for the past three years. The last year of our relationship there was no intimacy at all. The last 12 months he still keeps in contact by SMS in a friendly manner , I have tried ignoring him, telling him to stop SMS but he still continues as I need to move on to get him out of my system. Why on earth does he still try to keep in contact when he is clearly not interested in a relationship with me?

I am a Taurus woman in love with a Libra man. My past relationships included much conflict and for the first time I have met someone who is "peaceful and harmonious". He is kind to others and does anything to avoid conflict. I have been conditioned to being with people who "react" he does not "react" to much at all. I feel that I can now be at peace in a relationship.

It has only been 4.5 months and I am very expressive about my feelings, where he is not. I am trying not to be insecure with the fact that he is not a good communicator about feelings. He came out of a terrible relationship and perhaps does not want to get hurt. I think I need to stand back and just be patient with him. Even though he does not use words to tell me he loves me, his actions speak louder than words. He is always doing special things for me when I do not ask him to.

The love-making is great and we are passionate and very connected. When we are not making love though, he is not sensual the way I am. I like to touch and be touched, hold hands, and just kiss.. He never initiates any of this and I am hesitant to be the initiator. What should I do?

In response to the Taurean woman above that has been in a 4.5 mo. relationship...I'm sorry to share this but unfortunately the Libra male will begin to show his true colors probably in the 6 or 7th mo. Basically as soon as he knows he has you "hooked". I was swept off my feet early in the relationship--he was so genuine and kind. I also thought he was the perfect fit for me as I finally felt that peace and harmony in my life as well. I was in fairytale land for the first several months. And then he started acting very aloof, unaffection, and I even started noticing his appreciation for other woman. Wherever we would go he would nonchalantly check out other woman in front of me. It wasn't just a quick glance. I'll never forget we were standing in line and this girl was wearing very short shorts and he tried to looked down so that he can get a quick look. I pretended to turn and then realized he was checking her out from her legs up to the top. My heart sank and I couldn't beli eve he did this in front of me. Oh and to also respond to the woman above...Libras don't like PDA. But eventually even getting them to be affectionate at home is impossible. They will never initiate this so if you're prepared to always be the dominate one in the relationship, the Libra man may be the one for you. He was also impossible to make important decisions with, he was like the "dreamer" in the relationship and I was the realist. He had a very unorganized lifestyle and horrible with his finances (which I also discovered later in the relationship). One advice...if you haven't gone on an extended vacation with the Libra male--make sure you go on one soon. You will see many new traits that weren't apparent while you're spending limited hours together. They have a very selfish (the world revolves around them attitude). But again, he is just "sweeping you off your feet" so you will not see these traits until later.

The only thing I can say positive is they are very respectful to their waiters. But when you wait on them at home, eg. prepare a feast--you receive zero gratitude!

My advice...keep your options open!

I am a Taurus woman and my husband is a Libra. We've been married for 3 years now but counting from the time we dated it's been 8 years in total. Suppose to be 9 if we didn't break up the first year thinking I was too young then and he wasn't committed at the time. The first year we met, I'm not sure we were an item but definitely there were chemistry, connection, and a lot of attraction between us. Although (in the first year) he never told me how he feels toward me but his body language said a lot. But for us woman we need to be initiate, assure and some sort of security. He's the type who was very afraid of talking about his feeling. I wasn't the pushy type or anything but at the time my girlfriends were deathly worried about me afraid I was going to be play by this Libra man. Our thing lasted only for a month and a half. I was very depressed because I like him a lot. We didn't see each other until a year later and that's when we got back together and took our re lationship serious. The first couple years were very tough for us due to family differences and finance. It has been a struggle but we made it through tears, enduring, and patience. Today, we are a happy, loving, peaceful couple.

I'm sure every relationship is like a rollercoaster we still have our moments when we're not on the same page. We are so opposite! Our argument is very rare since I am very patience and enduring and he is able to forgive and compromise. Living with a Libra for many years I learned that they don't show their weak side to those who are not close to him. My husband, coming from a divorced family is not close to his family at all. It is only me who he asks for help. He is very nice, kind, and generous but he will never admit when he's jealous or controlling.

Those of you say Libra can't make up their mind, true, they are very indecisive but if the partner is dominant in making the decision like us Taurean, the Libran will admire us for our decision making. Also to those of you that are afraid Libra is very social-flirty they are only like that when they haven't find their right mate yet. Once they find their true love they are very committed, caring, understanding and loving.

We are the perfect pair like two halves find its whole because both of our star is the planet, Venus. It is true, we love fine dining, movies, and wines. We also like hiking, traveling, and we both are center attention of parties lol. We have a great special bond, incredible sex , intense attraction and amazing connection even to this day!

Myself as a Taurus, I am truly blessed and the luckiest wife in the world to be married to my Libra husband. I don't think Libra can last long with any other sign other than Taurus. We are meant to be.

To those of you; any signs, wants to be with a Libra man you need patience and enduring affection. It is hard work but it is well WORTH IT.

wow ive read a lot ... I'm a Taurus female and have known a Libra male for about 5 yrs now.. when I first met him I was 19 he was 23. I lost my virginity to him . we have so much in common we both are goofy so I think that is what breaks da ice sometimes.. we have da same initials except the first letter lol the sex is always on point.. da prob is im very shy and he has to initiciate and I think he kinda gets impatience with that but other than that everything is ok. well to make a long story short it was like love at first sight.. we live in two differant cities and there was no prob. for us to see each other .well our friendship has been off and on for 5 yrs. we have never been seriously commmited because basically we aren't ready but I do know he is very sexy charming and funny! can be very fickle tho and tempermentle... but no matter what happens and how mad I can get at him I kno he will always be a great friend... I don't kno what da future holds for the both of us but I know he is in my life for a reason.. :)

To the Taurus who wrote above saying Libra can't last long with any other sign than taurus. What were the body language signs he was showing you at the beginning and what was attraction signs he displayed to you?

Im a Taurus woman and dating a Libra guy..At first I was finding him really very charming and he had everything I always wanted to be in my dream boy. He has everything.. but time after time I started recognizing him and now it seems like he is completely different then I was expecting. Its taking long time for me to accept the way he is. He is yet charming and very sincere at times but I still think our romance could have been much better.I love going out and all and seems like he prefer to stay at home. This is becoming another big issue for me because I cant stop my self to go out so Im socializing with my friends and colleagues though I would have love to have his company with me. I think he thinks a lot and being as a Taurus I just prefer to listen to my heart. I am not losing hope because we still are at the beginning of the relationship and need to learn more about him. Im just hoping that Im able to tell him soon that he needs to show me some efforts and that mi ght help me to settle my mind. He does have some charming attitude which drives me crazy, the physical attraction is very high between us. The issues are very silly but getting on my nerves because its difficult to make him understand that how I feel. He feels pressurized if I want something on my own way and the biggest conflict is there that being a Taurus I do not like changes in my habits. Its really funny at times and more challenging for me.Im an optimistic person and up for trying harder because I really fancy this Libra guy. don't know how long it would take to be perfect or it might never be perfect we just need to compromise and get along with the truth!!

ok, I broke up with my ex about 9 months ago (he is a Libra I am a Taurus girl)i always wondered why it didn't work out, because he was my best friend, he took care of me when I was sick, listene to me when I was stressing out about something, yea sex was not that great (nothing like sex with scorpio)but his friendship and caring for me was worth more than good sex. after reading about Libra men I found out why I broke up with him; he never showed real commitment to me(even when we were living together)he was really messy and I hated that lol, he was always changing his mind about important things, but worse of all the last year we were together I had to take control over our relatioship and lifes because he didn't step up for the job, that was the end for us...

if you read about the Libra man it will tell you he does everything to drives us crazy at the long run, we are Taurus women we can only take so much before we start running to destroy the person or thing is making us unhappy and that is what happened to my ex and myself..

Replying to the above question. I hope my story don't mislead any of you to think the body languages were sex. He actually was very respectful. He didn't force me at all. He respect me. And I don't mean to offend anyone here. What I really mean was he didn't have to tell me how he feels toward me. He was comfortable with me to show how he feels such as holding hands, cuddling, shouldering, legging, all those little flirty things that a couple do. That's what I meant. If you are comfortable with each other you just feel right for each other. And we both did!! :)

I am a Libra male Libra 2 week of Society getting ready to date a Taurus for the first time and I already see sparks flying and haven't even seen her yet, I saw those big Taurus eyes and that shy smile I knew that this woman is going to bear all my children !! Yea I sometimes can't make up my mind but when it comes to who I am loving and caring for it doesn't take a genius to see that these signs under the Venus planet where born to love each other and coexist as if one soul !!

im a 14 yr old girl who fell in love with a 16 yr old libra. we meet by music. we fell in love . he always let me get my way... we always did physical things like cuddling(the best moments). he would tell me stories about the stars and how he would never leave me(i didn't bevieve him im not stupid) than 3 weeks into our relationship, he transformed into some dude who loves to write music about me...the only problem is that he was always so busy writing music that he was always ignoring me...i think he was using me to make good music!!!lol but when he kissed me my knees went weak and I forgot what was going on

I am a Taurus Female and he a Librian. He recently broke up with me for another woman, also Taurus. And before me, he dated a Taurus. So clearly he is attracted to Taurus! However, I think where the problem lies is in our moon signs - I am Pisces moon, he is Sagittarius. So I am over sensitive and he is flighty. His previous girlfriend was a Leo moon and his current is an Aries moon. It seems that both these moon signs compliment his better than mine did. Leo and Aries make for a more fiery, independent, optimistic Taurean combination, whereas Pisces is more sensitive and lacking in confidence - from what I understand, a complete turn off to a Libra/Sagittarius man.

What is your experience? For those of you whose relationships worked, what is his moon sign and what is yours? And the same question to those if you whose relationships didn't work. And if you don't know your moon sign, what were your personality characteristics that worked with him and against him?

I am a Taurus woman and my fiance is a Libra guy. We are madly in love with a baby. Libra men and Taurus woman are made for each other.

im dating a libra, and from the first moment we seen each other...we wanted each other...but I was dating his best friend..."oops I know it looks bad..but o'well"but thanks to facebook, I found him and we are very happy with eachother, we have the opinion about everything.....he loves everything sexy,heels,taurus women keep it sexy fun and fly for the Libra not letting him go....we are in the same working field.....o yeah the sex is the best I ever had...

I am a Taurus female who is wild over a Libra male. After a year of flirting we are still not even in the same state, and he captivates me. The initial attraction when we met was electric, we talked for hours, but I decided that more than two years younger was too young so I didn't talk to him for months after we parted. I have little tolerance for men with low maturity. He contacted me and after a few emails simmering in unsaid tension. I was hooked. The only weapon in my arsenal is modesty and indifference. It is true what they say: you can not be jealous!!!!! He wil resent it. This Libra male is constantly talking & flirting with beautiful women. Here is a hint: most of them are friends and he can't help it. Lucky for me or him, however you look at it, I am a bi-sexual Taurus his constant flirting with women really just turns me on. If I am honest, I would admit I'm doing it too. Talk about passion. No sex yet either. I am feeling an urge to keep him. Unfortunat ely if I cement the plan I'll have make sure he doesn't know it until he's in our well appointed house eating a homemade pie off of fine silver in a dining room I just cleaned. Who can argue logic with a mouth full of pie?

i'm a Taurus and he a libra. We have been together for almost ten years and married for four. We have two children together. We have always been happy but I think once the economy took a turn for the worst so did our relationship. We have never split until June of this year. We are back together but everyday seems so different. I wanna restore the love that I once had but it seems so far away. Am I just doing it for the sake of the kids. Confused.

Libra boys always seem to be attracted to me.. I'm a Taurus girl and we always get on well but it's never been turned into something secure. For example, my best guy friend in middle school for awhile was a Libra and we were so damn flirtatious with each other, and eventually got closer. But we never went to the next level, never dated. Three years later, a new Libra guy has taken the place of my BGF and even if he's a great friend, something is always missing with him.. like he's too shallow.. and flirts around way too much.. never taking it seriously.. and my latest ex (we didn't even last for a week!) was also a Libra and he was too immature.. fake too. The attraction is always there but it's never been deep or profound. :/

The Libra male I (Taurus female) am dating is quite a quandry to me. We met online 7 years ago and went on a few dates. He was always a modest gentleman, polite and easy going. When he kissed me, I did not feel sparks or an instant attraction. After 3-4 dates I sort of lost interest and moved on. We have remained friendly and in touch. Six months ago he sort of came back into my life and began doing small things like helping with my honey-do list and various little things. I am a single mother and thought that was charming. I had just broken up with a man who I'd been dating for over a year. We became closer and I saw a possibility of a future with this man. Though I am sell trying to decide where I am at with my feelings, I can tell you this Libra's drawbacks: he cannot make a decision to save his life. He is wishy-washy over any big decision. He is not an adept communicator. He does not verbally express his love, nor does he take charge sexually. He seems to want hugs all the time while I want to be physically close and share passion. You can count on him for small things, but he has fear of commitment in other more serious areas. He is very self-involved and a workaholic. He loves his mother to the nth degree and he is somewhat immature. Taurus woman wants security, passion, dependability, and a very close emotional connection. I get fed up with his immaturity and he makes the same dumb jokes over and over and over. With him I would be financially secure, but our relationship would lack the stimulating emotional connection that I want very much to share with a mate. I think I may be going back to try again with my Capricorn male, who is very exciting and expressive and with whom I share an unbelievable soul connection. Capricorn makes me laugh and feel good and we do fun things together, but Capricorn has far to go with his finances which is troubling for a Taurus single mother! No decisions made yet, but I think Libra will vote me to pieces and leave me wanting more that I will never receive.

I am a Taurus woman (25) dating a Libra man (27) for 8yrs its always up and down with us and Im getting to the point my patience has ran out...We 1st started out as friends (5yrs strickly platonic) and I got to know and love him as a friend 1st. We would go out and he would pay no problem and has always been a gentleman for the most part, which I always found to be a very attractive trait. We were so open and honest with each other that he even would tell me about the ladies he would date (mostly 2 or more at a time) and I would give him advice when he asked. I was even honest with him and would ask him for a male propective on issues with a guy I might me seeing at the time..we had a lot of fun together and I talk a lot and I like to research politics and other weird topics so we would never have a dull moment..I soon saw him as 1 of my best male friends, even as a self-proclaimed "womanizer" at times he would tell me his secrets like he had a "only hit it 2 times" policy he would use for women that he deemed "not worthy of a relationship status" he would always joke but I was sure that was always some truth behind that...There was a yr period when he got into a serious relationship with a woman (not sure her sign) but it ended really, really badly and I could tell he was heartbroken...his life was a mess, and he was visably depressed, his usually neatly kept appearance turned into a hairy hermit man (lol) I guess my naturally nurturing nature comforted him and we started spending more time together. He started finding excuses to stop by which I found cute and he would bring me lil gifts when he came by for me and my son and I started opening up to him..eventually after we had been friends for 6yrs we had sex after a long friendship and mutual sexual attraction and it was great! I felt like I had my best friend, soulmate, and future husband all in 1! This soon faded...he lost his job and started goin back to drinking and being depressed..he slowly stopped with the gifts, calls, and became later in the evening visits that would be brief, or him just coming over drunk which started to turn me off (and it affected his sex drive if he had any at all). I then started to get worried that it was other women back in his life, knowing his past, but I was soo in love I tried to not pressure him because he would say I worry to much, constantly asking him questions, or what I thought was showing that I care would just send him back to hermit mode because he would then go off, disappear for days at a time, or accuse me of doing the samethings like cheating, so I tried being supportive even looking for new jobs for him, be a good woman, show him that I can be his friend and lover..that didn't work eitha, lol...he said that I was trying to pressure him into a relationship, control him, didn't understand him, made too many assumptions so his withdrawn attitude left me feeling hurt most of the times and blaming myself when I didn't know what was going on...Since then Ive tried to find other things to keep my preoccupied, I work, have my own house, car, and care for my son as a single mother but I cant say that I don't see him being the best father figure to my son going down the road that he is traveling...I would have to say that what hurts me the most is knowing that after having someone in your life for 8yrs, a rollercoaster ride to say the least, it starts to wear on you, loving soo hard, investing so much time and effort into someone that doesn't show you their appreciation (let alone even pay you a compliment) and still not ready to be serious is a big problem with I have to go back to bull beast mode and let it go...unfortunately I cant switch off love like a light switch and there is no "easy" button to push to get me over this, so I have to leave him alone cold turkey...

I am a Libra male, dating a Taurus female for one year and four months now. I absolutely love her with every ounce of my heart. I love buying her thing and doing all I can for her. My only problem is she does not show affection that much. I often feel the need for more affection. She told me she is not very affectionate, but sometimes its hard for me. The sex is amazing, and I always want to have sex with her. I hate it cause sometimes I feel like the female when it comes to the time we spend together. I don't let her know how I feel, cause I don't want to come off as weak.

Hi know this is weird but would like some advise I am a Taurus (18) I am independent graduated early working two jobs love working and do everything. Anyway I don't know why but I am and always been attracted to older men.. Anyways just a couple months ago I met a older Libra and I guess maybe that he was giving me attention and maybe I enjoyed that. He's really charming and sincere and I find him really good looking. I felt so attached after a couple times I went to see him at work where he is a manger at a bowling alley. That I would go to bring him yummy salads but truthfully to see him. It is such a close attraction I mean I have had some encounters with a few older men. But nothing that I went forward with because I feel like I'm really different from everyone else. Anyway I felt like I couldn't be away so I wanted to visit more and stuff. So I figured he had an idea that I was interested so I had taken some pictures on my iPhone and one day last week I went th ere and was showing him the pictures before the sexual ones and pretended to use the restroom anyway he saw them and said was I supposed to look and I pretended to say Omgosh no way but secretly planned it and I was trying to show I was embarrassed and I knew he liked it then he kept pacing back and forth. So then later on in the night I was sitting and he came and sat down and said do you have more pics and I said yea and showed him then he said so why did you show me, well it's weird and I don't know how to express myself but I find you very attractive and have a close bond with you. Generally It would take forever but I felt this bond fast. Anyways he's (55) And married I know thats bad know old but I like him a lot. So he I guess I didn't want to drive home in the rain so he said he would follow me to make sure I get home alright and that we were going to park on the side before entering the freeway so we stopped at jack and the box and stepped in his car while talking for thirty minutes. He felt very close and I am very attracted so then he said I want to kiss you and I am little shy in that field so we kissed like the French and man I felt turned on and uhhmm.. Ya so we wentfor a drive then came back to the same parking lot where my car was and kissed again and man it stuck to me. So I got home safe and couldn't stop thinking about the kiss and everything. And I can just visualize everything I don't know why I feelrhis way but I really hope it doesn't change. But we text a lot. And I will try to keep this thing we have.

I am a Taurus Woman who had my heart broken by a Libra man.. When we first met, he adored me. It was almost too much. He always called me first and contacted me first. He always wanted to be around me!! Hed show up at my job to see me when I didn't get back ro him quick enough.. But I had trust issues.. and he would flirt with other Girls. And when I mentioned it to him he got upset and said "I didn't want to be in a relationship wiht him but get mad when he flirs with other girls.." And It wasnt until I realized that he really might not want to be with me because of my trust issues is when I really wanted to be with him! But by then it was too late! And he left me for the girl he was always flirting with.. who happened to be married!! And He also said some horrible things about me that I never imagined him ever saying!!! And I retaliated and said some horrible things back.. And he had the nerve to come to my place of work with the girl he left me for!! That previous night I called him drunk telling him I loved him and he left me for her and I didn't understand" He just kept saying that I put it on myself because I didn't trust him and didn't want to date him... This was almost a year ago. I havent talked to him since... Im still not over it!Honestly I don't trust Libra people period after this

Answer to the question from

I am a male Libra (30yrs old) in love with a female Taurus (25yrs.) we've been acquaintances for 6 years (although in different cities), but have now lived in the same city for a year and a 1/2. We've always had a crush on each other and a magnetism toward each other...........

Ha this is exactly what I am doing to my libra!!I hope maybe he feels the same as you and thats why we are having problems. I know ive told him I was scared to start a relationship and wanted to take things slow because I thought he felt the same way. He already has a kid when I have never had many serious relationships in my life at all!

I like him so much that im too nervous to start a relationship,I have been thinking that with all the space and time he has givin me that he was not ready for a relationship either or he would have already made me his girl by the way he showed affection in the beginning. Call her, if she doesn't have a phone drive to her house, if she isnt home, find her! Me and my Libra got into a fight a few days ago, I miss him soo much but have no idea what to say to him, I was going to just go to his house and see him and pretend like everything was normal and we hadnt been fighting just so I could see him but I still havent, maybe today I will, I feel like maybe he doesn't wanna see me.

I feel like if he wants a relationship and has as strong of feelings for me as I have for him he will come tell me , and I will be his girlfriend happily :D, but I have a feeling if I am not the one to go after him this time, that he wont be coming for me either.

because after reading what you wrote I think he has it all wrong, I wish he would call me, even if he is still mad, or even if he's not sorry, just so I know he still cares, then maybe I can take it from there. I think I will go find him today and tell him how I feel so at least I know I wasnt the one to mess things up with mis communication . then again I will probably end up trying to go to his house and just driving past it instead, just like I did yesterday haha. Even when we wernt fighting I know I acted like I didn't like the cuddling and the romantic stuff sometimes, but I really like it more then he could ever imagine I just cant let him know that because he can already sees when his charm is working anyways, and now I feel very alone and unwanted now that he has "Slowed things down" like I thought I "wanted" . I was wrong . I am wrong. I really hope he notices how much I still care if I cant find the nerve to tell him, I hope he runs after me no matter how far I run, be ecause when you are a Taurus girl and in love you seem to run farther away just to make sure he will still follow , just to make sure he is still in the race even . Wow I don't think ive ever thought so hard in my life, maybe this guy really is special to me, if I am answering some strangers question on a blog I have never met. In a perfect world you would be my Libra and you would know now how I feel so I don't have to wait around untill one of us does something about it! I hope this advice helps you, I hope my Libra is thinking the same way as you or im screwed lol. im going to sleep for a while now, my brain hurts, but I hope maybe today will be the day I see him again and we can become closer then we ever were even.

Good luck please let me know how things turn out. Please find her , because if she is like me, she is probably thinking about you this very moment wishing you were with her :(

I(Taurus) am, 24 years old, dating my Boyfriend(Libra) for 2 years is very weird day we can be happy another we are both moody...we don 't fight a lot...but some pressure is there...cuz I hate fighting, he hates fighting we talk trough everything... he is total control freak...after 2 years I don't have much friends, cuz he hates them...i don't go out cuz he gets mad...but now I am fed up... want to break up...but somehow he is always there...breathing to my neck..

to the Libra that said he was a Libra 2, so that means your Taurus chick was a Taurus 3 !?!?!?!? Because I've only heard of one case that a couple has the same week as my guy and I. For those of you who don't know a Libra 2 is a Libra born in the week of oct 3-10 and a Taurus 3 is a Taurus born in the week of may 11-18. I want to hear those particular stories ONLY!!!! experience, insights, come on people!!!!

I'm a proud Libra and Dated 3 Taurus women. Oh boy! Something about Taurus Women attracted me was their Patient, Sensual and thier Beauty. Libra women are boring and too easy..

Taurus gives ya spice and excitement in your life.

Have a great day fellow Libra's and to all the Beautiful and stubborn Taurus women.

im a Taurus gurl dating a Libra quy. I feel like im totalli head over heels for himm.I feel like he's been threw a lot in his life and I just want to be there for him. I remember when we first met and we just couldnt get our eyes off each other .. and after a year its still the same way lol. even though we have our fights .. we always figure them out and end up laughin aqain .. (after he admits im right! lol). I feel like he's my perfect match . we are very passionate and loving for each other. he's a very loving person . he gives me advice when I need it .. he makes me lauqh alot..because he loves to see me smile. I can see myself one day married to him with a child (still deciding on that!) lol. im madly inlove with him.I feel like he still teaches me things that I should already know .. sorta like he's teaching me how to love aqain. considering my past isnt all that great and I just want to get away from it , and he's helping me with that .. im qrateful to have him he brings joy into my life .when I have a problem I feel like I can escape away from it threw him.. he takes my pain away. im usualli known as an outgoing funni crazy gurl .. but he sees threw all that right into my emotional side .. I remember when I first started dating him and I kept my guard up I thought he couldnt be trusted .. I gave him the cold sholder and he still ended up falling inlove with me.. he's my perfect match and no1 could ever replace him. I love him forever and alwaysss!!! P.S if yu have a Libra guy .. don't let him qo. your the luckiest gurl ever.. I ammm.. and if you do .. youll reqret it..

I just met a Libra male on pof, a dating site. I am a Taurus woman. I have never dated a Libra before so I came on here to read what others relationships were like. It seems as though most are happy with the pairing while there are a few who say run. lol. I have only spoken to him once so far on the phone. I do know this. I felt so comfortable with him instantly. I did not want our conversation to end. We are going on our first date on Sunday. He seems like a gentlemen with a good head on his shoulders. I really hope it works out for us. He said he is a committed person who falls hard and does not cheat. I am interested to see where this will lead. I will post the outcome of our date.

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