Libra men are confusing

by Cookie Davila
(Bronx, NY)

I have dated Libra men well twice, I am a Scorpion woman my first time he was absolutely romantic in every way. At times very jealous and always tried to justify his reasoning though I think its the latin in him on this one. I found myself always in a debate with him and due to my personality I can't shut my mouth but never the less we are still friends 13 yrs. later. I can say he is one of my best friend so now for my second Libra man, I just ended a relationship with him who supposedly was married but not married. He can be a giving person but with intent in other words "what will I get in return", extremely lazy and into himself. Actually not at all into the social circle in fact barely had any friends. Always made me feel as if I had to second guess him my gut feelings were always on guard and leary about him even when he was attentive to me I was suspicious. Two Libra men and quite the opposite of each other, the only one thing I found they had in common and according to the Libra sign is they like to dress nice and shopping is definitely true. Out of curiosity I wanted to read about the signs and compatibilities and to see if maybe just maybe I should go along with the choices that are recommended for my sign. From what I have read Cancer and Pisces is one of my perfect match as far as Cancer they talk too much and very moody. Ahh yes then there is Pisces how I know them well, I married one for 10 yrs. and he tried to cheat on me and I know this Scorpio woman was not taking it lightly, I believe one of our qualities is loyalty. If I become jealous you can best believe it's for a reason. I am not a overly jealous person, that for me is too much work to be on a constant watch towards you partner.

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no go
by: Anonymous

I am also a scorpio woman and my libra man i've been dating for 10 months is also rather introverted. He doesn't like to go out and ignores his friends alot because he would rather just hang out with me one on one..which seems nice but when we just sit and watch tv and he cant come out of his shell to just conversate with me its frustrating. I'm actually the social one yet he has impeded on my social life because he is so jealous, suspicious, and controlling. While he may shower me with nice occasionally, telling me I'm beautiful all the time, opening doors etc. I find I'm always craving a deeper connnection b.c ours feels rather superficial. Nice gestures and good sex do not cancel out poor communication, lack of trust and respect, and consideration for my feelings. He seems very self absorbed and knows how to manipulate with emotions to get what he wants. For months I put every ounce of effort into our relationship and it became exausting, and when it come time for him to step up and give in return he is always hesistant or unwilling. We are in a long distance relationship and he NEVER calls, and his texts are often one word answers or simple msgs which really bugs me b.c i need to feel emotionally close. He just seems so aloof to what I need to be happy and when I try and mention things he could do he accuses me for making him seem like a horrible boyfriend and nothing gets resolved b.c in his eyes he is perfect and so is our relationship so nothing needs to change. This inability to compromise is extremely frustrating and his posessiveness is hard for me to handle. He is also very hypocritical and cannot take the blame for anything...always turning it around on me when I try to discuss an issue I have with him. LIBRAS AND SCORPIOS ARE NOT GOOD MATCHES (I have begun to realize this, but it is hard for me to break it off with him cuz he always uses his charm to talk me out of it). Any good stories seem to be when the libra male is more mature and willing to be understanding, communicate and compromise. My 21 year old libra is definately NOT.

Dating a Libra Man
by: Leo Woman

I've been dating a Libra man for a couple of weeks now. Since he works in the justice-related field, like the Libra article implies is the best workfield for them, he might be leaving soon so we're keeping it light.
My initial reaction to this guy was that he was a walking ego. He definately doesn't like to be argued with so it was pretty rocky in the begining since being an egotistical sign myself who likes to argue for the sake of being right, it definately has taken some getting use to his character. He is the first Libra man I have dated.
As far as I can tell, he's not the jealous type. But then again, that might be due to the fact that we haven't made anything exclusive yet, it's only been about 3-4 weeks.
The Libra article did say that fairness as a big thing for them so maybe that's why one of your guys does things for you but still has that "what will I get in return kind of mood".
My Libra guy is slightly the same way. It is true that he seems to really enjoy the finer things in life: he likes going out to eat to fancy restaurants and doesn't mind spending money on lavish activities. But he also had that "what's in it for me?" kind of prespective.
Now that he knows I'm not into him for what he has to offer but because I like him, his attitude has changed drastically and now treats me how a woman should be treated.
He's very caring, thoughtful, and generous.
But since we are still in the early stages, I can't know for sure that it's all real.
Well Scorpion woman, I wish you luck that you will make the right decisions and that they bring you happiness.

is he "into" me?
by: Anonymous

fellow leo i cant tell you how glad i am to see your post! lol i am also in the "early stages" with a libra man... well to tell the truth i met him six months ago at a club... at the time i was in a messy relationship and just recntly got out of it... he knew all about me and my ex! but he would still take me on dates and call me and treat me like a queen! the only difference is he never really showed that "what do i get in return" side to me... he actually seemd as tho he just genuinely wanted to spend time with me...when i finally got out of my relationship i began to REALLY pursue him... we had "relations" the other night but that was only becus I was the agressor!(the leo in me)our phone conversations are ALWAYS short and light... nothing to deep... he is soooo reserved! and im not sure if that is becus he is a libra or becus he is a marine or becus hes just not interested in me..... i mean i just dont get it! what do you think this man wants from me...

This is to No Go...
by: Anonymous

You hit the nail right on the head. TOTALLY! I too am in a long distance relationship and mine is EXACTLY the sme as your's is. Hoever, he will not commit to me. He does spend every weekend with me though. How totally weird! Whatever you do, you MUST have your own life and be able to be fulfilled with your own life to be with one of these guys. Have your own friends and hobbies that make you happy. Because they will only go so far and then put on the brakes.

by: Anonymous

You have to dump him and show him that you don't need him. He's playing a game with you, and using you to fulfill his insecure ego. With Libra men, it's always about THEM, never about you. Subconsciously, he prefers a strong woman, but because he NEEDS to be reassured all the time he strings along women who are more open and expressive.

From a male libra
by: Anonymous

Libra is the only sign depicted by an inanimate object. We have a very real ability to take our personality out of the equation when considering things. This is often misunderstood as indifference, I assure you it's anything but, even if we say it is.

Silence is comfortable for libras

Never lie or be misleading, we know we always know and if we don't 'know' we have a good idea and do know how to find out and that's the quickest way to lose the libra

The social butterfly and flirty characteristics of libras are generally defense mechanisms protecting an introverted personality thrust into an extroverted environment, were close to very few and libras partner is the epitome

We will treat you exactly the way we perceive you treat us if there is contention or animosity otherwise we are hopeless romantics and nothing short of the very best from us is good enough for you. ( this is important really consider what that last phrase means )

Think about the things you say to us and HOW you say them because were going to think about it 5-6 times as much as you did.

Libras are not not natural leaders. (Yes that is an intentional double negative) we can lead & we will lead, but only when we have to (behind the scene leading is our method)

Sex and intimacy are VERY different things to us. With regards to that think of us kind of like women. If you want us to be a certain way and it's never been that way before it's not ever going to just one day happen, you can either lead by example or breach the subject in a very non confrontational way and allow the time for us to process it, but our aim for our partner is to please and we are more than willing to, we get the hints ladies, but we (ir)rationalize the hell out of them almost to the point we see them as hints or traps. Straightforward and blunt about what you think may be difficult topics for us is exactly the only way to get us to open up.

Commitment scares us not because we don't want it but because we take it very very seriously.

Do not baby our personalities, but don't ever push to hard. Or force hasty decisions (use this one at your discretion please make us chose what to have for dinner relatively quick. But give us a good amount of time for bigger things)

The libra loves to show off the soft velvet glove, but underneath that glove is an iron first that will act when forced. How often do you hear " I'm sorry " from a Taurus, Aries? If the answer is ever you're probably a libra.

Last thing ladies and this is important. If you're dating a libra you are just as much a part of them as they are. You, as cheesy as this is "complete" the libra man. We pick those that have traits we lack, or push us (the right way) to develop our lacking traits (this is what we want) balance and harmony are essential for our lives.

Ps: we can come off as manipulative, libras don't harbor malice but will push and direct if felt misunderstood, don't think of it as trying to control

dating a libra man
by: Anonymous

Ive been dating a libra man for a little over a year the beging he treated me like I was his everything, suprised me with gifts, told me he loved me all of the time, was so nice , and we communicated very well. . But over time. . Now all he has done is start talking about my weight,(ive been the same weight since we first started dating) and putting me down all the time. . Seems like he never has anything good to say about me. .and everytime I tell him it bothers me he gives me the"im just playing hun you know I love you"..he has became very insecure, and always thinks I'm cheating or doing something behind his back. .smh we have fallen with our communication because everytime I try to talk to him about something he doesnt feel like talking..he doesnt help with anything around the house..I have to clean everything..and cook dinner...I also take care of his 3 kids get them up for school..pick them up from school them with homework all of the laundry..and i take care of my 3 year old all day while he is at work..he doesnt like to spend money on me anymore..he complains if I gotta buy my monthly femine products for god sake. And if I do anything nice for him he thinks I've done something wrong. .And sex used to be amazing..but now its a wam bam thankyou mam ..and he literally says thankyou after we are to the point where im ready to leave but dont know if im strong enough to stay gone..libra men have that "charm about them..I did give up my apartment. .job..and car to move an hour away to come be with him and start our life together..#torn

by: Anonymous

I was with a Libra man for 14 months. He was very affectionate with me and would done anything for me. The signs of him loving me were definetly there. But, I broke up with himmafter the 14 months because he said he "wasn't there", as far as loving me. We are both in our 50's, both divorced. He has been divorced the libra man for 8 years and had one relationship for 2 months and one for 4 months. Right before he was to marry his ex wife he called her on the phone and told her he didn't want to marry. I think he has serious issues with commitment.

by: Anonymous

My libra guy is real nice and generous he commits to me and everything we spend everyday together we basically live together, but I feel like we are not connecting on an emotional deep level because we don't really have deep conversation I talked to him about it but he doesn't see a problem with it. I feel like I don't know him and I don't like that at all!!! He has like one set emotion nothing really ever stirs him up and I don't like that either I want him to show some emotion like a regular human being. I mean we have not been going out for long but still what is taking him so long

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