Libra Men Are Obscure Objects of Desire

by D.B.
(Somewhere on the West Coast)

I'm a Leo woman. I met my Libra man at a party. I didn't know a lot of the people there, so I tend to be reserved with new folks (I guess that's my Scorpio rising). Libra Man was really the first person to introduce himself to me. He was very charming, intelligent, and witty. It really is true what they say about Librans - they can adapt themselves to any social situation and make anyone feel welcome.

Although there was another man there who was younger and better looking (Libra is 16 years older than me), I was attracted to Libra Man. We had a few drinks and started flirting. Within an hour we were making out on the dance floor. If I hadn't gotten so plastered we would've made love that night. Instead he took me back to his apartment and made me coffee to sober up. He was a perfect gentleman.

However, things were unbalanced in his life. He had only been divorced a year and had an incredible amount of baggage and because of this I tried to keep him at arm's length. I made the mistake of telling him about other men I was seeing and after a while it turned him off of me.

He was extremely romantic. When we went out on our first date he told me he missed me (after two days of knowing him). Then when we were at the restaurant he said the best part of living in the city was he could go out with a beautiful woman at 3 a.m. He asked me to give him compliments and gave me back plenty in return. He put his arm around me when we walked to his car. He always wanted to hold my hand and kiss me in public. After about four months of dating he texted me saying things were settling down in his life and he wanted to share it with me.

At the time I wasn't ready to settle down. He kind of scared me in the beginning, but I was fascinated by him. He dressed well and took care of his appearance. He also complimented me on my clothes, something men from other signs don't really notice. He was definitely a metrosexual and had refined taste.

I never felt bored in his company. He constantly discussed different subjects with me. He was surprised about how much I knew at such a young age. The best part about making love with him was the seduction. He knew exactly the right things to say to set the mood. His words were a soothing balm that eased my mind. He knew how to mix it up in bed because he was very intuitive and passionate. One session was slow and sensual, another was a little rough with lots of dirty talk. Because of his hectic schedule, we were only intimate a handful of times. But I never forgot every little thing he said and did to pleasure me.

But what worked in bed didn't always work out of bed. He could be so unpredictable. He blew hot and cold. He would send me a steady stream of texts (sometimes racy ones) out of the blue, then nothing. He could be moody. And there is the indecisiveness Libra is known for. One time it took him ten minutes to finally decide where to go for dinner. Everything was about "we" or "us". At times I felt like I had to do most of the work. Libra Man had a tendency toward flakiness. He seemed so scattered and confused at times. He was still very angry about the divorce and it caused him a lot of pain. You would never know it from his cheerful, happy-go-lucky demeanor.

I read that Libra and Leo can have trouble at social gatherings. I did have a tendency to monopolize his time to the exclusion of others. There was jealousy on both sides. We went through phases where we both clung to each other too much then pushed each other away. We reflected each other like a mirror. His feminine psychology and my masculine one complemented each other. In some strange way we were drawn to one another.

I was dating a younger Sagittarius man at the time and he saw our pic on FB. He said I should spend more time with him instead. When he started to pull away, I realized I was falling in love with him.

A friend of his told me he was a good guy and that I should take a chance on him. I wish I took her advice. Despite his problems I admired the fact he was a good father to his kids. He was always worried about them and concerned about their well-being.

We broke up several months later. He told me he didn't want to me to be just a booty call and it wasn't fair to either of us. He was adamant that a booty call was not what he wanted. He said I was a good person and if he wanted a booty call he'd pick someone less intelligent than me. He had so many problems and it was overwhelming him. He didn't know if he wanted a relationship or not. Plus the age difference bothered him. He never said it directly, but the fact that I wanted to keep it casual and rubbed it in his face about other options really hurt him. I wasn't ready to tell him how I really felt. I held back too much, but he still had so much baggage to deal with. Looking back, I wish I told him I loved him, but the timing was wrong.

I saw him from time to time after that at different events in town, but I never talked to him. I wanted to, but I felt I had to leave him alone. Then he moved away back east because he got a job there and he wanted to be close to his family. I got back in touch with him after he moved, but after a while he stopped communicating with me.

I was able to get in touch with him again recently, but he's going through something very personal. He was very sad and depressed, not at all like I remembered. I felt so much compassion for him and I let him know I would be there for him when he's ready to reach out to me. Hopefully he will. I have dated a Virgo and Gemini since he's been gone, but I still think about my Libra Man and how much I want to reunite with him.

So my advice to any Leo woman pursuing a Libra man: patience, patience, patience! Yes, he can be critical, exasperating, change his mind "like a girl changes clothes" just like Katy Perry sang in "Hot N Cold". Being with him is like walking an emotional and mental tightrope. He's a sensitive soul, yet he can also have that practical and logical side to him. Being a strong Leo woman you may have to put your foot down when he starts being passive-aggressive. He definitely admires a woman who can be hold her own, especially in a debate (something he loves to do).

Libra Man is a handful, but if you can stick with him through good times and bad, and he knows without a doubt he's the only man for you, he will feel so right and balanced when he knows he's found love and harmony in his world he will equally share with you.

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