Libra men in bed

by Michelle
(Rocky Point, NY)

I am a Leo girl who was/is seeing a Libra man for a few months now. He is very skilled in conversation, as long as its something he wants to talk about. He never makes enough time or goes out of his way to do anything sweet for me to show me he cares and will only say he "cares for me" on the phone. The sex, however, is the most amazing I've ever had in my life and I've dated lots of men (leo, thats what we do.) Very sensual, passionate, and hot. Takes his time to satisfy. Outside of the bedroom, its almost as if he's a different person. I don't know where I stand with him and I feel as if I need to keep my guard up all the time so I don't end up getting hurt. It totally sucks as a Leo and a woman, to not feel the adoration that is necessary to keep me interested "mentally". But hey, if you're a Leo girl thats just in it for the sex without emotional ties, than go for it because that part of it is very, very good and he will not make you feel like a whore because you want it. Once you develop feelings, however, RUN because this man will not make you feel complete emotionally. It's very difficult to break it off with him because the love making really "IS" that good...but not worth getting my heart ripped out and stepped on...wish it was different but it will probably never happen...

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libra man
by: Anonymous

omg...they. are justlike this.the sex is canendup with. a. broking. heart or hurtfeelings

Totally agree
by: Anonymous

You are exactly right !! Im a tarus woman & I have never dated a Libra men its not worth they hardship because every woman needs more than just great sex...outside bedroom they are very isolated non passionate men & I hate takes a strong woman to understand & to be willing to move forward & get what she totally deserves.

by: Anonymous

Gues u have too be a libra women to understand I dated a libra male and it was the best sex was sensual and pleaseing to the very core he was romantic always bying me flowers and serinading me for we live on romance we llike beauty and love of life if we feel constantly honded on then we loes intrist quick so yes we hurt u but only if we feel hurt ourselves we r a very playful romantic sensative soul in bed
by: she devil

I met.a libra man he is.30.and i am 48 ..the sex between both of us is awesome ....know matter what.time.of it

Libra Man, My Thirst Quencher
by: Anonymous

OMG he is a bomb in bed. He quenches every thirst and extinguishes every flame. He takes me right into heaven's doors. I totally disagree with the later, mine Libran is extremely loving not only in words but displays it. Being a Leo Woman, he definitely knows my tune and he plays it without any effort. I always say to Him " you know my PIN(Personal Identification Number) Out of all the relationships I have been to this is one of the bests. I would not trade him for any silver or gold.......................

Im a Libra man
by: Anonymous

Libras are very affectionate and romantic..has the relationship between you been defined..if not..then he's probably just not interested...but talk to him if you want to know what the situation between the two of you is. Libras are very picky in who they choose to be with..but once theyre with you..THEYRE WITH YOU

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