Libra seducing a Libra

by Dream

I am a Libra woman dating a Libra man for the first time and I must admit this is the most challenging relationship I have ever been in. Because we lived in two different states but still a short distance the conversational piece for a few weeks was covered but once on the first date we really didn’t have much to say. I found myself reaching for a conversation but it didn’t matter to me much because I was really on the date test the physical attraction and it was very hot we were both sizing each other up to the core from head to toe (but very discrete). All I could think was I wonder how big his D@#$ was and images of us having sex kept flashing through my head.

However the classy factor is true about us I never let on to him nor did he let onto me that we were thinking this nor did I make any sexual gestures towards him (although he made a couple of sexual jokes towards me) but because I am eager to see where this goes I held back. Especially being that I always tried to avoid dating other Libra's but from what I have been reading and seen so far I am even more curious to find out if the sexual chemistry is there.

Word of advice for those dating Libra’s we are very loyal and faithful although most find it hard to believe because we do tend to flirt a lot and most Libras are very attractive and well aware of what makes us sexy and are able to use it to turn our mates on. So if you are a person who enjoys doing things in routine especially in the bedroom I will give you a good three months before you fall in the friend zone. Sorry no more nukie! We love spontaneity, adventure and surprises!

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