Libra Woman and Aries Man - understanding

by Sarah

I am a 23 year old Libra girl, I have been dating a 31 year old Aries man, for about 8 months. At first- we never had an argumant, instant attraction on both ends. We would just sit and talk all night, night after night.

We moved fast though, we moved in with eachother after about 2 months. Again, at first it was great. It still is great most of the time. However do we ever fight! We always end up figuring the issues out. However I am always the one that just gives in.

Is it typical of an Aries man to be so stubborn. He can never admit to him self being in the wrong. No matter what the situation is, it is always partially my fault.

It is getting to the point where it is effecting my feelings towards him. I want us to work out, I know we can work out.

But I dont know what to do or say to him any more, to make him understand how I feel about things.

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by: Anonymous

You ask yourself too many questions. It can get frustrating, just don't let it get you. I did that too, in the past, and moved from my Aries... I still regret it, but am too damn proud to go back. You either find a way to cope with it, or get out. It's like black or white.
Yes, Aries like to be right all the time, most of the guys like that... they take a "no no" so bad... So, if you're a smart girl, you let it go. It is easy to say but hard to do. Focus on the good stuff you two have, see the good parts, pay compliments... see how that works for instance. Be happy!

Some advice from an 31 year old Aries seeing an Libra
by: Anonymous

Hi there,

Don't accept stubbornness to be an inevitable Aries trait. It is not a quality, it is a sign of an immature Aries. A more confident Aries will not allow there to be such conflict, simply by being emotionally more independent. This way he will be far more subtle, playful and mysterious. He won't have to prove himself because he knows how to read the woman.

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